Sympathy For The Millennials

PA sends.

Boomers are getting creaky.

GenX is getting cranky.

Try to be helpful to the young folks.

It is a bad time to be in that condition.

29 responses to “Sympathy For The Millennials

  1. Creaky my ass! It’s just more Zoomer Maoist propaganda!

  2. guns for me

    but not for thee

    Wei Xu- sounds murkin to me

    “When investigators searched Xu’s home in February, they found more than 250 weapons, including 41 machine guns and two short-barreled rifles. None was registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, officials said.”

  3. Oldtradesman

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the “Right” in this country is comprised of indolent cowards, always looking for a savior (Ronnie Raygun, Trump) to do the heavy lifting for them. There has been no creative thinking, strategizing, above and below ground organization, willingness to labor (save bitch-blogging about the unfairness of it all), institutional control, networking, or money. Yeah, I know: these things are risky. But the fact is these things were far less risky in 1964. There is a huge difference in the risk levels between that time and now. As I see it the American “Right” has always been averse to risk and quite creative about rationalizing its aversion. It has been this way for 55 years.


    The political Right in this country is comprised of conservatives. Their conservatism has less to do with political philosophy than it does with nature – that is, they are conservative by nature. I call this “foundational conservatism,” which means that a foundationally conservative individual in Russia might be a Communist. The foundational conservative is not a K-selected lion. Rather, he is an r-selected rabbit. Rabbits believe whatever the grifters they call “leaders” tell them to believe. These “leaders” know that believing in a thing is easier, less risky than actually doing something. Add to this the inherent appeal of indolence to creaky old men (source of Donor buck$) lacking energy, vision, and physical courage, there is no wondering why the white “Right” in this country refuses to identify its greatest enemy and has had its ass routinely kicked for 55 years.

    Those youngsters suffering cognitive dissonance on the Left have vision, energy, a sense of purpose, unity, and a secular moral code (The Platinum Rule) congruent with much of Christian teaching. Jews made this available to them; whereas the cowardly, indolent,science-hating gentile Right could only respond with business propaganda, “Let the free market decide,” “muh consteetooshun,” or quibble about the finer points in the Bible (which nobody save evangelicals and a few Catholics really give a shit about). Fuck. Power is what mattered. The indolent Right allowed nepotistic Jews and their gentile tools to take over banking, publishing, the academy, the legal profession, key government agencies, etc. Now, in 2019, it is what it is.

    The masses of white and brown asses lower down on the social ladder need leaders, so of course there is a bit of cognitive dissonance among white Leftinists aiming for a pleasant life in upscale gentryville! Do they care what you think? Of course not! Some pigs are more equal than others. That’s a given. It is better to rule in hell than it is to serve in heaven. That, too, is a given. And Because Fuck You That’s Why!

    We’ve got 1.25-5.25 years left to get our act together. Won’t happen, imo. The indolent, cowardly rabbits on the Right will whine, comply, and rationalize, as always. A handful of brainwashed, ineffectually led (Alex Jones, Spencer) recalcitrant, atomized, Gadsen-flag-waving types that fancy themselves “lions” will be crushed. Remember Randy Weaver’s wife Vicki and son Jimmy?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You nailed it.
      As I keep saying, the irs is proof of their compliance and brainwashing.

    • {{{Jews made this available to them}}}.

      Of the 2.1% living in the USA, and the 0.2% living worldwide, how many of them Der Jews are responsible for Der Jew Der Jewdi Mind Control of {{{those youngsters suffering cognitive dissonance on the Left}}}?

      So this is what it comes down to, the action plan of a bunch of pussy-ass White Boys is to blame 0.2% of the worlds population that there are White leftists… because… {{{Jew}}}.

      I’m betting all them Tory Loyalists were Der Jew Der Jewdi Mind Controlled too. And then those damn Der Jews began to sign treaties with various Der Jew Der Jewdi Mind Controlled German princes to supply units to aid in the defeat of the American War of Independence.

      My favorite paragraph —->

      Won’t happen, imo. The indolent, cowardly rabbits on the Right will whine, comply, and rationalize, as always. A handful of brainwashed, ineffectually led (Alex Jones, Spencer) recalcitrant, atomized, Gadsen-flag-waving types that fancy themselves “lions” will be crushed. Remember Randy Weaver’s wife Vicki and son Jimmy?

      <—- I'm betting that {{{It's the Der Jews}}}.

      Yep. It's that Master Race called the Der Jews. The Der Jews are blamed for why we have Tories, and the Der Jews are blamed for why the Whigs refuse to raise up 300 Spartans.

      No wonder nothing gets done… {{{It's Der Jews}}}!

      My favorite from the article: Many are most definitely not liberal. Many, however, are.

      Many {{{Boomers}}} are most definitely not liberal. Many {{{Boomers}}}, however, are.

      People are too busy creating cop-outs as a reason for, and not for. A reason to, and not to.

      Rather than A saying that the problem is point B, it says the problem from point A is B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J… Z. and you all sit around divining the meaning of each letter of the alphabet and… {{{It’s the Der Jews}}}!

      No. The problem is you. You’re just to much pussy to admit it… so {{{It’s the Der Jews}}}! Okay… okay… the reason why you are pussies… is because {{{It’s the Der Jews}}}!

      • Oldtradesman

        This person with a suspiciously Jewish name – Elder – has an opinion. How nice! If he is truly interested in resolving the issues raised by his kindergarten critique of those critical of the Jews’ culture of critique, he could read Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique,” or peruse the good Doc’s website at

        I strongly suspect Mr. Elder Son knows this already. But I thank him anyway for providing me with the opportunity to mention, once again, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, his work, and website.

  4. Oldtradesman

    The death of Leonidas and his 300 shamed Greece into opposing the Persians. The death of a handful of white boys in Montana, North Carolina, or Kernville, CA will shame nobody in the rabbit Right. Guaranfuckingteed. No matter the outrage or how honorable/glorious your death, the Right will demonize and isolate your ass. They are incapable of doing otherwise.

    If our white great-grandchildren survive, it will be due to their energy, courage, vision, a secular moral code, a definition of community, labor and self-sacrifice for that community, organization, networking, samizdat, and a willingness to suffer/die. These are not foundationally conservative traits. You’ll not see them in most baby boomers. They are the traits of properly led white revolutionaries and racial nationalists.

  5. Plankton67

    Spend a few minutes watching this remarkable drone footage of a MOH in the process…
    MSgt John Chapman, Combat Controller, USAF… I am in awe.

    What to take away from this… proper prior planning is necessary, but not sufficient to be victorious. This video is what happens after Murphy’s Law happens and everyone has to “f*** it, we’ll do it live.”

    • A nine minute video of a guy fighting and dying. And at the end, he shows a picture of the book instead of the dead soldier. “Dan Schilling” – what a fitting name.

    • ah!

      the cuntrys highest award…

      does anyone see a resemblance?

      • also interesting to note is the Greek Goddess of war Athena who adorns the center of the Baphomet er.. MOH…

        The modern depiction of Baphomet appears to take its roots from several ancient sources, but primarily from pagan gods. Baphomet bears resemblances to gods all over the globe, including Egypt, Northern Europe, and India. In fact, the mythologies of a great number of ancient civilizations include some kind of horned deity. In Jungian theory, Baphomet is a continuation of the horned-god archetype, as the concept of a deity bearing horns is universally present in individual psyches. Do Cernunnos, Pan, Hathor, the Devil (as depicted by Christianity) and Baphomet have a common origin? Some of their attributes are strikingly similar.


        why would a “christian” country give it’s most gallant soldiers(mostly dead already) a symbolic occult figure if it weren’t actually a rooted in satanism?

        things that make you go HMMM

        • SemperFi, 0321

          hey T’
          I had a guy tell me one time “you think too much”. Wow, didn’t know it was a crime.
          Now I’m going to pass that on to you, you think too much, and it really pisses the proles off. They don’t like anyone giving them ideas that conflict with their default position. And then they hurl insults because they’re like poo flinging monkeys. Primates at play.

  6. robroysimmons

    You think essays and logic will break the spell that sits over the masses? Emotional pain must be brought upon them from the Left/establishment direction, and there can be no pain free costless virtue signaling.

    When a leftist dog shits on the carpet you take a virtue signaling fool and shove its face in the leftist’s pile of shit. Trying to educate said fool only serves your ego, and who really gives a fuck about your ego?

    The Glen Reynold’s quote is gold, why I’m not a big fan of the current Russian syndicate of crooks, what a data dump they could give us on who and what.

  7. arthurhsido

    There is nothing less productive than people in older generations endlessly scolding Millennials for acting as one would expect from people raised the way they were, by the same people who now scold them.

  8. Donny Corleone

    “Progressives” (communists) always have to lie to themselves and others in order to justify belief in this insane set of values. They cannot believe their own bullshit so they have to screech RACIST! at you whenever you try to engage them with the facts. I no longer argue with them or even talk to them as it is just easier to deal with them properly when the time comes.
    Off topic but pertaining to a previous post this week about .380 loads, I sat on a jury this week dealing with felony murder. Aside from the usual obfuscation coming from the “diversity” I came away with an unexpected finding.
    A bystander was shot in the chest by a stray bullet (so hard to aim holding your piece sideways). It is assumed that the weapon used was a .38 caliber revolver as it was never recovered and it was described as a revolver. Also, no brass was recovered.
    The bullet entered the victim below the collarbone, punctured the bronchial tube, severed an aortic artery, struck two vertebrae, and lodged in the spine. The victim was essentially DRT.
    I was able to examine the recovered projectile. It was an non jacketed round nose (not wadcutter) bullet which appeared to be of a hard lead alloy of some sort. It was undeformed and the only mark on it was from a bone saw used to recover it.
    The takeaway i got from this was that any caliber can ruin your day if you are unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    (Oh, and Shitavious was guilty on all four counts)

  9. Wow, that thread was special. I’m truly amused. If the Americans here didn’t catch it, this single thread is a clear indicator of Americans vs our enemies.

    The exposure of communist leftists and outright sick motherfuckers in this single thread is outstanding. Great work to the author. The hatred of this country by a dozen here is sad.

    I just want to say God Bless this Great Nation, may it live forever. Unlike your sick fucks, I recognize the problems, yet have zero intentions of turning my back on this country.

    I’ll fight and die, to protect We The People. Your leftist here, you communist here are interesting. A couple of you deserve special mention.

    DMV Dildo, your a fucking coward, thru and thru.
    Hexo, Your a fucking Communist thru and thru.
    Tee, your a fucking cockroach, an opportunist. Sadly your gonna make it.
    0321, I’m truly dissappointed in you. Although from afar, you have taught me a lot. Most importantly, I never want to be what you are. A very important lesson. Thank you.

    I’d like to stay and chat, but, ” I Got mine” I’m not worried. I’m again amused at the reference here, of redistribution of wealth. Life in the US, is still full of opportunity. You squandered your life, and now your angry at your piss poor choices, and your mad at folks who made it.

    Your mad at the folks who hired you at a wage you excepted, you didn’t save, you didn’t excel you squandered you life’s opportunities, and now your angry with your employers, the people who did plan for the future

    fuck you loosers.


    • well if it isn’t the BADGEDTHUGTRAITORSOOPERCUCK stopping by and spreading his abysmally poor grammer skills- again

      what a “looser”

      • Tee, you wanna see what a looser looks like go look in the mirror. Your morally and ethically corrupted.

        No worries, hey you use to live in the greatest nation on the planet, now you just visit it weekly. Go pray to your Goat head alter.

        Have a good one, gotta go clean a boat.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Sorry Dirk,
      you don’t know me. I’ve had many wealthy friends, as did my parents, talked to an old motorcycle racing buddy 2 days ago at the store, he’s worth about 20+ million, never treated each other in any way but good friends. We both rescued each other whenever needed. I don’t hate or begrudge him an iota for being a self made man.
      I’m pretty happy living in my small log home, everything’s paid off and I don’t have to go around bragging to others how happy all my toys make me, you show signs of an inferiority complex and just plain stupidity, All your reading hasn’t helped a bit, must not have any reading comprehension.
      Carry on, your lifestyle alone will put you under the dirt.

      • NorthGunner

        As,was said in ‘Cool Hand Luke’, “What we have here is a failure to communicate — some men, you just can’t reach!”

        Stay well there in Wyoming brother and enjoy a virtual bottle of chilled FrancisSkanner on me!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Afternoon, yup I don’t know you”. Was a time I thought I would enjoy meeting you, break bread with you, learn from you. No more. You’ve turned into everything I’m not interests in, sadly you have become a hater.

        You have the world by the tail, yet you chose to be like them, the haters. Sad that.

        What a waste of what I once thought was a dam good man.

        0321, the glass is always held full. I’ve known many men similar to you, each was a very wise man, each quit, just quit. Imagine that, quitting in the middle of life.

        Best to you.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      BTW Dirk,
      I’m as anti-communist as they come, the Soviets annihilated my family in WW2 Germany. I’m also against corruption, the same system that feeds you every month, the people you vote to support your lifestyle, the politicians and banksters are what I despise for they use us as cattle and tax slaves. And they use the police to stay in power, to punish those who speak out against them.
      You can’t seem to differentiate between America the people, and America the evil political class. America is a wonderful country, composed of lots of great people, most of whom keep propping up an evil gov’t and can’t pull the wool from over their eyes. I’m not one of those sheep who blindly follows the fool in the White House. I want better for this country than ignorance, slavery, and corruption.
      So you keep voting and calling us names, it’s all you know.

  10. Good words here. Many have much to be grateful of what
    our fathers and mothers instilled in us.

  11. Oldtradesman


    I, too, miss the old nation of the 60’s. Problem is, it’s not coming back. There will be no Making America Great Again. Ever. The only thing we can do is bring forth a new nation. If successful, the new nation will be smaller (unless we decide to take a part of Canada), and won’t include most Jews whose behavior has disqualified them from membership, post-80’s diversity, and gentile traitors. Sorry about that.

    There are many reasons for the old nation’s failure. You are one of the symptoms of that failure, as was I back in the day (mid ’60s, ’70s, early ’80s). We believed in a universal morality, which was wrongheaded and dishonest in the extreme. We believed in a fairy tale Creation that was anti-science. We believed in a proposition nation and other vague abstractions. We believed in a founding document that was undermined from the very beginning. We adopted business propaganda that promoted white social atomization as political philosophy, thinking that was the way to counter interracial socialism. To escape we “worked hard” screwing over our racial kinsmen and even our children, so that we might live in the big house “up on the mountain” without giving a flying fuck about our kin down in the valley. We elevated our race’s worst enemy to rule over us, without critical examination, because our new-found notions of a universal morality and older, anti-science notions of a Creator instructed us to do so. We were/are intimidated by the words “racist” and “anti-semite.” In 2019 the nation is what it is.

    Haxo is not responsible for what was lost. tfA-t is not responsible. DMV Gringo is not responsible.

    You are responsible. I was responsible. But I woke the fuck up many decades ago. It’s long past time for you to do the same.

  12. Tradesman why is it men like you don’t just get to killing ” Them” ?

    You Guys gonna talk those fuckers to death, what’s the plan?.

    Most here want shit to happen. The problem is, they don’t want to kick the party off, na don’t want to fuck up their lives. Better so,some else.

    I’m not interested in starting the fight, until then I’m going to go play, do wtf, I want to do.

    What’s coming will get here when it gets here, us pissing and moaning isn’t going to change the time table.

    I recognize your passion for, and your concern. That your concerned enough to school me, speaks volumes about you position.

    I do appriciate it. I do have book shelves full of all those history lessons, problems and solutions and I’ve read them. All many times. I just don’t have the horsepower to change anything for anybody but my people.

    If your in the valley and need a place, this is a big county you get here, we’ll find you a good place to thrive. Doors open lights are on. I may not be your cup of tea, but can intro you to a crew you may jell with.