The Point Of It All

From a reader:

I am writing to everyone of you, anonymously, yet still individually, to thank you for your efforts to restore our former republic and for being in the fight. Many of you I trained with, supported you in your efforts, and I thank you for supporting mine.

Today was something of an exercise in frustration – I see the war with Iran happening, and that will likely involve China and Pakistan. We can counterbalance that with our long-standing alliance with Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, and Israel.

We have been courting India for some time, as a counterbalance against Pakistan. India, of course, has no love for Pakistan, nor any other Muslim nation, even though India has more Muslims than Pakistan. India most certainly has no love for China, with whom they had a border war. India remains somewhat aloof towards the USA, especially given that they have a much longer standing relationship with the former USSR, and Russia still. Nonetheless, they have long been in love with the opportunity that the USA represents, so I am confident we will have their support. What ever intellectual deficit the Communists have wrought against our country, I believe we can depend on our Indian allies to provide backfill for. You don’t have to scratch very deep in Silicon Valley before you unearth an Indian.

By the terms of the NATO alliance, any attack on a NATO country is an attack on all NATO countries. Currently, that includes Turkey….by some accounts, the third most powerful military in NATO. In our previous war with China, conducted in Korea, Turkey proved not only a staunch ally, but incredibly fierce. The drill sergeant I had in boot camp who taught bayonet fighting would relate stories of how the Turks loved knife fighting in Korea and would creep into Chinese emplacements to slit the throat of every other sleeping Chinese, so that the remainder would live to tell the tale. Now that’s terrorism done right.

Framed in those terms, I am confident that we will prevail in a war with China. Although the price will be heavy, nevertheless, it just may be the death knell to the dark forces that plague us currently.

So, what turned the tide for me today? I went into Wal Mart to return something and, butter my buns and call me a biscuit, there was no line at Customer Service. I thought about buying a lottery ticket, luck like that may come in waves.

So I then took my refund to go buy a pre-paid card for one of my burner phones. The past couple times I have refilled the card, I have had problems. The most recent time it took 2+ hours on the computer arguing with a telerobot until I could finally put it right. I put it down to the carrier’s desire to upsell one of their smartphone plans.

The phone cards were locked up, so I asked this incredibly cute young woman, gosh maybe in her twenties or possibly still in her teens, to unlock the cabinet for me. There was no sullenness, no eye-rolling on her part…nope, just had to wait a moment while she tended to some
other customer and then sure, right on it, no worries. So I asked her if she has had complaints about this carrier, since I have had a difficult time with them the past two times. She said no, but then volunteered…yes, volunteered….to help me refill the phone. Sure I said. So she gets on the phone, goes through all the dialogue with the robot, and then writes on my pre-paid my new expiration date. I told her I have the phone out in the parking lot and I’ll check it when I get there. She said sure, and if I have any problems to come back.

So I went to get a couple other items and the customer in front of me at the check out had four young children, every one a dead ringer for their Dad, who was wearing a “We The People” hat that had a Betsy Ross flag on the side. The kids were well-behaved, wide-eyed, and curious….especially about the old coot standing behind their Dad. The old coot was grinning like a monkey.

So I goes out to the car and, sure enough, the phone has not been updated. Back into Wal Mart and I explain to the young woman the situation, who is now joined by another young woman. They both explained that, yeah, the carrier is trying to upsell people on their new phones and it might take 24 hours or so for the update to take effect. Then, she volunteers once more to get on the phone with the carrier to solve the problem. Took about 5 minutes, but she succeeded.

I told her that if I had a granddaughter half as kind and helpful as she has been, my life would be to the better, and thanked her.

So that, my friends and compatriots, is the point of it all. So that young people like her, and the young children with their Dad, can enjoy the same freedoms and happiness we (once) did.

Excuse me now while I go clean a rifle or two.

Pro Patria Vigilans

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  1. fucking CUCK

    • the amertrad family is done for

      they are the minority now

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      they aren’t going to leave you alone

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      how much for the little girl?

      • You are doubtless the sickest, most degenerate, worthless, sad waste of skin and oxygen I’ve ever seen ceaselessly flaunting his mental illness in public.

        I’d wish you to Hell but that is a foregone inevitability.

        • and?

          the funny part is my kind will inherit the Earth

          your kind are already DEAD

          suck it old man

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I find it interesting how people turn their Christianity off and on like a light switch.

          • dmv gringo

            Yeah, ‘ncrenegade’ and T.L. quickly come to mind.

          • I find it interesting, sort of, how those who aren’t Christians lose no opportunity to find fault with those whom they presume to be.

            Not that it matters to me what you think, but in what way did I dispense with Christianity? I didn’t damn the rotten shite, I merely pointed to his likely place in Eternity, seeing as how he’s there now and shows no inclination to repent of his hatred and venom. If ever Satan had a mouthpiece, he is one.

            Furthermore, before I realized the futility, I used to implore and encourage him to realize his error.

            There are no perfect humans, and Christians are human, struggling daily with ll the same faults as, for example, yourself. To try to pillory Christ and His Church with the implied hypocrisy of Christians is itself hypocritical since you also are not without the same flaws.

            • my rightly place in eternity is already in the History Books

              what about ewe?


              yes christ walked the earth- but not the water…
              and there is NO god at all

              interesting, so-called critical thinking people toss all logic aside and believe in fairytales when it suits them

              a lot like voting…

              • i’m thinking christ was a lot like tfA-t

                except tfA-t has fought, fights, and will mercilessly and viciously kill when needed


                not so much…

                but not everyone can be like the highest of high

                tfA-t IS the God of FUCK

            • SemperFi, 0321

              Looks like you just proved my point. Click, click……

            • dmv gringo

              I am not criticizing Christianity.
              My previous comment is a factual remark about how those aforementioned individuals fervently, and with much reverence, began disingenuously kneeling at the Cross, in a desperate attempt to increase profits. Being that the business model of Patriot Inc. they were using had failed to turn a nice dollar, or gather a sizable base of reliable cultists.

              • What a boob, you say your not blaming Christianity and then heap the sins of venal mortals upon it as if it’s Christ’s fault that men sin. Cultural Marxism has had it’s way with you and then tossed you aside like an infected urchin to infect others. We are all sinners, some sin with intent; grow-up and see the light or become what you hate, your choice

        • Don’t feed him. He does little in life aside from sitting on comment sections and screaming at people. Ask him about body fat measurements and how tall he is. He enjoys screaming about that.

      • dmv gringo

      • Bonaventure

        Ave María,
        gratia plena,
        Dominos tecum,
        benedicta tu in muliéribus,
        et benedictus fructus ventris tui Iesus.

        Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
        ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
        nunc et in ora mortis nostrae.

        • Wendy Stringer

          Holy Mary,
          Full of Grace,
          The Lord is with you.
          Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.

          Holy Mary,
          Mother of God,
          Pray for us sinners,
          now and at the hour of our death.


          Did a Google ‘Translate Latin to English’.

          Having been raised a Catholic I am quite familiar with the English version.
          Made some edits in the translation to reflect the version I remember.

          Personally not a fan of praying to the Mother of Jesus, or any human “saints up in Heaven” for that matter.

          I can’t see the sense in praying to dead people, no matter how special or holy they were when they were alive and the whole Mary, Queen of the Universe thing seems to me to be a carry over from the Pagan religions.

          I am no longer a Catholic (to say the least). However, I do respect other people’s spiritual beliefs, to include sincere Catholics and their prayers (praying the Rosary, etc.).

          And I do see your point as it relates here to ‘the point of it all’ and families and raising kids (I think).

          • Bonaventure

            You’re no longer Catholic as much as you’re no longer a man.

            • Wendy Stringer

              Well, what can I say to that but… Thanks for your response and God Bless You. 🙂

          • Pagans having a glimpse of the truth disqualifies the full truth??? Go figure.

            The point of praying to “dead people”—The Bible and Apostolic Tradition both teach us that Mary and the Saints are our family:

            Romans 12:5: “So we being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.” No exception for the dead!

            1 Corinthians 12:26: “And if one member suffer any thing, all the members suffer with it; or if one member glory, all the members rejoice with it.” We are one family in Jesus Christ, the living and the dead.

            The Bible esteems asking the angels and saints for their intercession:

            Apocalypse (Revelation) 5:8: “…and the four and twenty ancients fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints.”
            Tobias 12:12-15: The archangel Raphael intercedes presenting Tobias and Sarah’s prayer to God.
            Zacharias 1:12-16: Guardian angels intercede with God on behalf of the living of Jerusalem and the cities of Juda.
            2 Maccabees 15:7-16: Jeremias appears alive with Onias to intercede for the people and the city

            Lastly, “All heresy begins below the waist.”

          • See also Luke 1:26-55, the source of her titles, our “Hail Mary,” and Magnificat:

            “And in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God into a city of Galilee, called Nazareth, To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’ s name was Mary. And the angel being come in, said unto her: Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women. Who having heard, was troubled at his saying, and thought with herself what manner of salutation this should be. And the angel said to her: Fear not, Mary, for thou hast found grace with God. …And it came to pass, that when Elizabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the infant leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost: And she cried out with a loud voice, and said: Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. …Because he hath regarded the humility of his handmaid; for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.” Because he that is mighty, hath done great things to me; and holy is his name. ….”

    • Charley Waite

      your shit is so TIRED, dude.

      • cuck

        how’s your wife and my kids doing?

        • vermillion

          LOL tfA-t. Very good, nicely done. Love it. Keep on keeping on and reel them in! Cucks….. absolutely!

        • Bonaventure

          That joke was funny in “Major League” circa 1989.

          Maybe come up with some new (and original) material?

      • dmv gringo

        And who exactly are you?
        Most likely a regular commenter, pretending to be some other triggered cuck.

        • OOOHhhh Got me me dude with your laser perception. LOL you the MAN CUCK! Playing into the hands that we give you. LOL so easy, so simple! LOL FOOL! Nope. I am vermillion. Nothing more, nothing less. I do not hold myself out to be anything but a simple commenter responding to various posts. I am nothing more than what you think I am. I am the boogie man you make me out to be!

  2. Great to hear some “Good News” for a change!

  3. Que in the resistance is futile trolls, the chicken shit surrender gamma’s, and all is lost idiots it will never work we are all doomed! 1..2…3….
    You pathetic motherfuckers. You all aren’t gonna last long because you all are too scared to stick up for your kind and Liberty. Pity you. You all put those chains on yourselves. You all got whats coming to you. Sucks to be you.
    Yet, you still have time. May you see the errors of your ways before it is too late to redeem yourselves.
    The rest of us will at the least “die with our rifles in our hands and our faces towards our foes” making them pay dear for their human extinction movement ideology.

    Indeed, it is the point of it all. It is our duty to protect and defend our precious little legacy’s of the 5000 year leap.
    The Honorable Resistance is alive and well.
    That there what this guy is saying here is the best reason why the Old’s, the precepts and hard won long learned things we cling to so bitterly work.
    Patriarchy & Matriarchy really work.
    We got a long row to hoe but that never stopped good people. And how is that different from any other day?
    We get to seriously fix some bad shit, but that never stopped Good Americans.

    I finally began to find “wisdom” in my “old” age. Or just had enough of everyones fucking bullshit these days and got zero use for it.
    I may not be able to hump a ruck thru miles of woods hard up cross graining ridges and hollows defending freedom and loved ones if there be armed conflict with the dirty stinking commies, without darn near having a heart attack. It will not stop me regardless. My wisdom has taught me to work smart not hard. My humble word here and there and knowledge is finding reverence among my clan and compatriots, and I too learn, more from others than I may pass to them. That is wisdom too.

    But, you really do not want old geezers like us pissed off blood spitting mad. We don’t waste time. We have laser like focus. We have made piece with our mortality. He is not to be mocked for we trust our cause we leave to God and our rifles
    We have a certain cold anger that is afraid of nothing but for the grace of God we go, we have made that peace. For there is something terribly profound in The Sacrifice. No evil can stop it.
    We got the killers eye. You see that cold merciless glint you best be on the right side of things.
    Most of all and what makes the difference we know what matters most cause we have learned & understand in no uncertain terms you have to fight to defend those things, and we have zero compunction on that score.
    Most of all we have the patience of Job. Perseverance in the face of the overwhelming.
    We look upon these precious childs, these miracles, as every life is a miracle, and we know what is worth fighting for, it is why we smile and are overcome with an affection that causes our spirits to soar, our hearts resolve is strengthened. It is the reward for a life of toil and hardships, what makes it all so utterly worthwhile.

    We are the most dangerous White Men imaginable.
    The most you can do is kill us. First. If you can. Good luck. There is a lot of us.
    Scalawags are correct to fear us.
    We derive a certain quiet satisfaction and pride from that I might add.

    We ain’t out of this pickle by any measure. But neither are we toast. Not by a long shot.
    We ain’t even begun to fight.


    • There is no “resistance”. You and yours forgot to breed. Each day Red team gets stronger and Blue team gets weaker, grandpa.

      • What a sucker. So predictable.
        You all have a serious tell. None of you resistance is futile useful dupes have anything positive or good to say, nor constructive to contribute. You all never start a comment thread of a positive nature. You are like vultures, sitting in a dead tree waiting to pounce on road kill. Everything is intended to demean or be hateful. Fact is everything is about hate, human extinction, bigotry, did I say hate?
        You all bath in hate.
        Then ring it out and wear it like a skin suit.
        How much do they pay you all to sit in front of your keyboard and spread discontent and hate?
        Do you donate your hate free of charge?
        That would be noble now.
        Do you teach your marxian crap ideological talking points to your brainwashed students?
        You come here to polish your NPC hive approved mind think?
        How do you find the time to set aside your pedo porn to grace us with your hate? Must be difficult.
        Hope it is worth the pieces of silver you are paid in because Faustian bargains always cost in blood when the final tally come in. Only your eternal soul satisfies Satan’s marker when he calls it in.

        Remember too, when your usefulness is done, you get the dirt nap because you can never be trusted because you betrayed your culture and civilization.
        This is why they call you all dupes.

        I sleep like a babe at night knowing you and your kinds comeuppance will fit your betrayal.

    • if someone were to hook you up to an oscillating device it would cool the masses during this heat wave

      damn near 80 degrees up here

      • Dude, you find any dingleberry lint in that navel of yours today?

        • tfA-t just fell a small 60ft Maple, logged it up, moved, and stacked it right before rain began to fall, and that was after a trip across the island to the trash transfer site, and a quick looksee at one of my beach properties

          prolly more than most here will do all month

          what was your question again?

          tfA-t is lean, mean, and strong like bull

        • once again, a realist states the obvious.

          once again, MAGA guy responds with insult.

          tells ya who’s on target.

    • dmv gringo

      “We are the most dangerous White Men imaginable.”
      Yeah……….sure. The communists daily, ongoing, unchecked, and increasing victories (based in reality) prove otherwise.

      • No need. The Truth has no agenda.

      • dmv gringo

        “We are the most dangerous White Men imaginable.”

        • dmv gringo

          “But, you really do not want old geezers like us pissed off blood spitting mad. We don’t waste time. We have laser like focus. We have made piece with our mortality. He is not to be mocked for we trust our cause we leave to God and our rifles
          We have a certain cold anger that is afraid of nothing but for the grace of God we go, we have made that peace. For there is something terribly profound in The Sacrifice. No evil can stop it.
          We got the killers eye. You see that cold merciless glint you best be on the right side of things.”

  4. “The Republic” died a very long time ago. Like sometime around 1860. Unless you are into the black arts. You will not be reviving a mummy so long dead. “The coming fight” is to keep me child from being sent to Pedoville . (DC”) Or whatever they call the death camp for whites in my state.

  5. The first order of business is to make sure as few American white men as possible die in any war that the US government gins up with Iran. Let the US Swamp government fight it’s own damn war using Hessians, Sepoys – and whatever other detrius it can scavenge up. Maybe that’s why Pence was down on the border – he was checking out a cage full of potential recruits to fill the ranks of the cannon fodder Corps to be assembled and sent overseas to fight the latest war the US intends to lose and lose badly.

    White America should sit back on this one. It’s going to need all it’s men for later when the war is lost – and the US empire crumbles.

    For a reference point: got watch the series “The Last Czar” on Netflix. It makes the point quite clearly that misadventures of Empire – led by incompetents , usually end VERY badly – and in revolution and civil war.

    • they’re coming for your school aged kids next

      and you know what?

      they’ll get’em


    • SemperFi, 0321

      I don’t think any German mercenaries are going to be helping out Uncle Sugar in the near future, they can’t keep their own country nigger free right now.
      I get your point, but you fail to realize that most of conservative America will still step up to the plate and enlist if FedGov tells them to. It’s the liberals who are actually smart enough to ignore the call of duty, just like the last draft which ended in 1973.

      • If you get my point – then you should have gotten the point that “conservatives” need to start pulling their heads out of the collective asses and stop fighting globohomo’s wars for them.

        Maybe Antifah will step up to fill the ranks. But I doubt it.

        I’ve been arguing against war with Iran for probably almost 20 years now – and it’s ALWAYS with right wing “conservatives” , who apparently don’t feel good about themselves unless they’re fellating a circumcised penis and waving an Israeli flag.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          ” unless they’re fellating a circumcised penis and waving an Israeli flag.”
          Believe me, I’ve been trying to get this same point across for years, it just falls on deaf and stupid ears. The Christians are trying to suicide themselves off in numerous ways, too ignorant to see who controls them. Anytime you mention the (((media))) brainwashing they argue they’re not brainwashed and then prostrate themselves in front of their handlers for another dose.
          Ya just can’t fix stupid.

  6. Shops @ Mal-Wart.
    Believes Saudi Arabia and Israel to be allies of Americans.

    Utter fail.

  7. Yes, ” Total War” is an effective model. Iran is crippled, I still have friends who ” babble” around that part of the country. The sanctions have brought them to their knees.

    Their citizens don’t like it, the leaders, the miltary are pressed into action, their being pinched by the u.s. And those inside the country. This IS the formula, for admin change.

    While I would not have predicted Iran until a year ago, the Middle East will be the kick off point. Face it the Oligarchs, the world banks are desperate for a re-set.

    We live on a mountain, not near critical infastructure, ” however we do have the NW power transmission running south 30 miles away. And I shared the story of someome or so,domes probing that series of lines and stations.

    When reported to the FBI, they were not concerned, they were more concerned with pure water over private sales on Mt Shasta. Bottled water.

    We all know the drill, stay away from crowds. it’s really simple to say and practice here on the mountain.

    Tic Toc.

    Headed back out to the boat float party, we came in and moored, at the club last night, which was another raging party when we arrived. 27 boats rafted up, like an island, had a blast. I can hardly move this morning, life’s good.

    Lastly my target packages include I believe EVERY sand nigger in my urban growth boundary area. Ol Dirt ‘s had a clue, their strategic locations around the air force base is no accident.

    They don’t do enough business to keep those business open. Na their’s a much bigger foot print project in that picture.

    i grabbed an akand an FAL, out of my truck. I’m going to practice shooting from my North River Sled, today, out at one of the islands. Haven’t done this in years.

    Tic Toc.


    • dmv gringo

      “We live on a mountain, not near critical infastructure,” The entire planet is an interconnected infrastructure, you foggy geriatric.
      For almost ten decades, it’s been commonly known, that anything in the Middle East has the potential to be a global flashpoint.

      Oil is a national security policy and MIC imperative. You stump dumb cucks never learn, too busy bragging (at this later hour) about Depends swilling geriatrics partying the night away. I’m sure the faggot mating call of “Tic Toc” echoed back and forth all night.

  8. The first, and every one, of you sour, cynical, bilious, detestable muckrakes who uses the word “cuck” in an assault on this writer can eat shit, roll in it, sod off and die.

    Skepticism is a useful tool and certainly warranted in all human affairs.
    Cynicism is poison to the mind, body and soul.

    Wars are not won by pessimists, nor by fearful, cringing fear mongers and defeatists. We know you by your rotten fruit. Take your hate and foregone defeat and go. You are not our countrymen and may as well be playing for the other side.

    • CUCK

      problem is you amertards are losers

      sad that

      now pull some dirt around ewe and go to sleep- forever

      you old shitbags are the ones who ruiuned America

      now it’s murka! land of the cuckolds

      • Bonaventure

        Ave María,
        gratia plena,
        Dominus tecum,
        benedicta tu in muliéribus,
        et benedictus fructus ventris tui Iesus.

        Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
        ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
        nunc et in ora mortis nostrae.

    • dmv gringo

    • Oldtradesman

      Fuck the propaganda. Leonidas’ crew is long dead. The remnant are few, unsupported, and will be hunted down like criminals and executed (along with their wives and children). All we have now are retired, overweight, wheezing loud-mouths with high blood pressure and diabetes living on their “mountain” in Orange County’s Laguna Hills-Aliso Viejo-Lake Forrest axis.

      55 years of head-in-sand cowardice, cucking, parroting the atomizing greed sold as political “philosophy” by jews, Christian zionism, and failure to do anything but lower taxes on capital gains does not inspire confidence.

      As a child in ’64 I stood on the streets of Crenshaw and Century, handing out cans of Goldwater. Campaigned on foot for Wallace in ’68 and John Schmitz in ’72. Attended several dozen rallies, passed out brochures, spied on the opposition in their midst, conducted opposition research, monitored polls, wrote many articles back in the days of W95 and XP, confronted law enforcement, etc. I could go on, but won’t. The fact is, I showed up. The cucking Right did not. “Racist! Conspiracy Theorist! Wing Nut! these faux Right retards called my comrades and I. And those were the nice words those smug, self-righteous assholes declaimed as they retreated so as to not be “contaminated” by our presence.

      During and post-Ronny Raygun it was Mornin’ in ‘Murica for these worthless fucks.

      Back in the days when showing up could be done without “doxxing,” these asshats didn’t show.

      I was a goddamn fool for thinking I had a stake in this country’s well being.

      tfA-t has a point.

      My mind is open to change, but propaganda coupled to LoLbertarian political philosophy and Alex Jones won’t do it.

      • i honestly can’t remember how many times i have been arrested for standing up for myself

        well over a dozen I AM SURE


        FTR- no felony convictions

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I’ve found that most of us don’t wake up until we undergo some kind of mental tragedy that shakes us to our core. Sometimes we dig deeper into our default beliefs and sometimes we search outside the box we were once comfortable in. And some people never leave that box, fat, sassy and king of their world.
        But those that look outside find a whole new world of truths, always growing and never looking back. I’m one of those and looks like you stepped outside the box too. It’s like losing your virginity and you want more.

    • Fascinating that you immediately recognize cuck culture, and then denigrate anyone else who dares to mention the word.

  9. God bless you and yours.

  10. Sounds unlike every single Wal-Mart I’ve been in the past couple of decades, anywhere in the country. I doubt Sam Walton would be very happy about the state of customer service in his stores.

  11. Plankton67

    That is a heartwarming encounter, and may that young lady go far in this life.
    A point concerning imported labor. The presence of many non-U.S. personnel in the American tech sector is not a function of filling an intellectual deficit. Rather, it is a way of improving corporate bottom lines. The “intellectual deficit fixers” are hired on H1B visas and work for significantly less than an American of similar experience and education. They are here in short because companies save money (and read the wealth of Croesus) by doing so.
    The costs to Americans of these corporate incentives are not zero. That seat in an engineering school, that seat in a calc class that was unavailable for your own child. The cost is not zero. Think of the recent and ongoing Boeing 737-800 MAX imbroglio. Boeing hired software engineers at $9/hr who were either from or in India, engineers with no relevant experience in aviation, but they saved a lot of money (at the time).
    The immediate impact to Boeing was a 40 BILLION stock loss of value. The ongoing costs will continue to mount as 737-800-MAX sit idle on aprons and in the Boeing employee parking lot. Backgrounder here
    Here is the core truth of the issue:
    “A recent report in Bloomberg has tied the Boeing Co.’s 737 Max crisis to Indian engineers working for HCL Technologies and Cyient Ltd. The report said that American plane manufacturer company Boeing and its subcontractors relied on temporary Indian workers from the two companies, who were earning as little as Rs 620 ($9) per hour, to develop and test the 737 Max software.” (source:
    Well… take a look around you. Those H1B visa holders in your office or at the vendor’s work space… are they really solving your problems? Take a look at the engineers who have an American undergraduate engineering degree, then an American Master’s degree in engineering. It would not be as horrific if the foreign students went back home to make their homelands great, but they often can out compete Americans who are carrying greater student loans and school related debt… therefore they can undercut American labor rates and still come out ahead (think Doctors, Engineers, etc.)
    Compare what an American would be making to what you may deduce about that H1B engineer’s salary if you know their residential situation, family size, vehicles driven, etc. Take a look at what they bring for lunch, and the general gist of conversations. Will that engineer let the company park an occasionally used support vehicle on his property for $50/month? How thirsty are they in a financial sense? If you take your time and listen to them, there are plate loads of spaghetti getting spilled daily.
    The H1B visa program is a taxpayer subsidized trap, where we are closing doors and opportunities for Americans who want to go to school for these careers, yet get priced out by fire sale level wages that the H1B crowd is all too willing to absorb.
    At some point, Americans will have to face the music regarding corporate profits (lets be serious here… the savings on wages by paying H1B workers really has not translated into aggregate lower consumer costs for any of us. At best, it has provided cost shifting from consumer items like flat screen LCD TVs and cheap clothing into added costs for housing, automobiles and some food items) and having a future for your progeny.
    Bottom line- if American businesses have outsourced labor, manufacturing and indeed everything, do we still have a nation? What is it that we have? I have read an excellent comment elsewhere (source unknown) where American citizenship has been reduced to a Costco membership, or that America has become a “Loot Box.” Prove me wrong, “fight me”… pro tip, you can’t.
    I have no broad solution to the dissipated, atomized state of America. Boeing is just a symptom of the larger disease infecting the body politic, where management and corporate boards have become insatiable, infected “bulls” infecting hordes of willing ideological “poz pigs” who seek to further globalism at the cost of Western Civilization. The roots of this are found in Burnham’s work on the Managerial State (1941), read about that here: and further, here:
    In closing, it is not the fault of H1B holders (not the root cause, anyhow). It is the diseased, corrupted and rapacious management that would steal the pennies off a dead man’s eyes.. those who will and have sold us off on the auction block as they find new dupes to toil for them may have their eyes on the bottom line, but they have lost contact with what looms over the horizon.

    A M E R I C A N J O B S F O R A M E R I C A N C I T I Z E N S.

    In short, “Make America AMERICAN again.”

    Post script- A video that provides an allegory of the American worker, the managerial state and our current co-dependent relationship:
    (Rammstein, “Sonne” 2001 (colorized))

  12. Good write up. Every sentence reminded me of brush strokes on a Norman Rockwell painting, which is now unrecognizable by a corrosive patina as it hangs next to an old broken grandfather clock which the owner notices is right on time twice a day.

  13. Kill all boomers

    >shops at walmart, depends on chinese goods
    >thinks a war with china would be just the ticket to reclaim the good ol usa
    >thinks h1b indians are here for any reason except extracting loot from us and destroying generations of white professionals
    There will not be peace in this country until the last boomer is strangled with the entrails of the last banker

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I’m a first generation boomer and fully agree with this comment.

      • Well then maybe you’ll be the last boomer, maybe we will let you off the hook.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          No one has bothered to remind your generation they suck ass 5x worse than mine. What has your generation ever accomplished besides whine about how their parents stole all their candy. Everything your gen has was stolen from mine, you’ve grown up riding on the coat tails of other generations and never bothered to learn what to do next when your turn comes, you can’t even come up with decent music, you steal it from the niggers. And as if tats and body piercings are some great cultural achievement. The entire system is collapsing as your gen takes the reins, you all think you’re instant experts with no experience to back it up, and keep reminding yourselves how exceptional you are while demanding millionaire salaries for doing nothing.
          My gen dropped the ball on their watch, you people are too fucked up to even know what to do next. Will be interesting when the boomers are all gone what you fucks will accomplish,( this entire infrastructure came from 50-70 yrs ago, you don’t even know how to replace it) but then again a total war might be your saving grace. You can then blame it on the boomer war and sit around whining and starve.
          Your exceptionalism will reward you.

          • Best damn comment on this thread

          • “The entire system is collapsing as your gen takes the reins,”

            This is a curious statement. Boomers make all the problems, then make them worse by the second, and now that the shit is about to hit the fan, they want to shift the blame?

            Not flipping buying it grandpaw.

    • dmv gringo

  14. Oh please give me a video of the little girl pulling the trigger on the BMG 50. Her wafting thru air would be timeless. Not that I wish her harm.

    • Wendy Stringer

      Actually, I looked for a video of “girl shooting 50 bmg” and was myself surprised to see that It doesn’t happen anything like that. Of course, daddy is going to be right there with her to make sure she does everything right and nothing bad happens.

      How many little girls can say “I shot a .50 BMG.” 🙂

      Actually, I would think if things ever did get serious the little girl (or any young person) most likely has a place in an overwatch position with a pair of binoculars or watching a video monitor linked to a remote camera set up somewhere and a radio to communicate with the adults if she sees something of interest. The younger members of the group can also learn to operate drones with a video camera and keep the adults informed of what they see.

      Not everyone has to be a member of an assault team / special forces recon patrol / or a Rambo. There is a place for everyone. The important thing is to get everyone together working as a team.

  15. Pete, what a great discourse in these comments, Liberty has been furthered here for certain.

    Used to be that your house was a place of intellectual honesty and truth.

    Now it’s monkeys flinging poo.

    I miss those old days.

    • dmv gringo

      The only thing you’re missing and yearn for, is censorship, you statist turd.
      Float your comments back over to
      ‘ncrenegade,’ where censorship, Bible cucking, and tampon filled manginas reign supreme. Maybe T.L. will cut you in for a share of his book profits.

      • The poster is correct. You add very little here, and can only seem to behave poorly.

        It’s not hard to make an intelligent point and not act like a pouty adolescent all the time.

        This is one of my favorite sites, and I’d prefer not to have to expend the effort scrolling over your worthless comments, yet here I am.

    • obviously a jewboi

  16. dmv gringo

    Because………you cuck and they don’t.

    Video:Dramatic moment Iran seizes Brit oil tanker as balaclava-clad commandos abseil onto deck from helicopter in the Gulf

  17. Jonah Kyle

    The burner phone minute reload “glitch”…that doesn’t sound good. I sense within a few years that burner phones, along with cash, will be as illegal as cigarettes, while men’s tampons will replace the candy shelf at 7/11 checkout points.

  18. We should attack Iran because they didn’t forget that we overthrew their government in the 1950’s. We shot down one of their wide body civilian aircraft over their water. We got Saddam to invade Iran. That cost the Iranians 1 million dead. We support and arm the MEK terrorists that attack Iran. I wonder why they don’t like us.

  19. Kascynski was right…we just didn’t listen. His version of direct action was cowardly but at least he didn’t sit in front of a keyboard saying nothing and doing less. FEDGOV makes sure he is securely caged and his thoughts controlled. He lived what he believed and his fate will be ours soon enough.

    All of our bickering and name calling amuses and emboldens our future overlords. If we can’t put our differences aside we can never unify…but that’s probably the point of it all. Our gadgets and toys are our chains and they have the keys.

    We are allowed to rent space (our property), play with our toys (2A for now) and but if we make too much noise we will be put in our rooms without supper.

    Vaginas now rule the land, we meekly ask permission instead of taking as we please and encourage the dilution of our tribe by traitorous sluts and whores. Men who suck cocks are celebrated and pretend to be women…women are portrayed as super heroes and role models for our young men. They too want to menstruate and have abortion rights.

    Is all lost? For the vast majority…probably so. For the outliers who never plugged into the matrix…maybe not however they will be isolated and forced onto unproductive lands with no hope for any better than day to day subsistence.

    Argue and bicker and blame while you can…the power will be cut soon enough. We are witnessing…no participating in the end and all we can do is spend our energy dividing further until they finish us off. The warriors are old and grizzled but instead of being revered and consulted they are denigrated and told to get out of the way and die. Enjoy your loved ones while you can…you will soon be separated when the cattle cars reach the camps. History repeats itself…we are reaping what we have sowed.

    This is how the world ends…not with a bang but with a whimper.
    Col Kurtz

    Alpha Mike Foxtrot

    • dmv gringo

      “All of our bickering and name calling amuses and emboldens our future overlords.”
      The commentariat streams posted on this site don’t interest them in the least. They’re too busy boldly winning, independent of us.

    • Sgt. Schulz

      Was ehr sagt ^^^^^^

    • “Vaginas now rule the land, we meekly ask permission instead of taking as we please and encourage the dilution of our tribe by traitorous sluts and whores. Men who suck cocks are celebrated and pretend to be women…women are portrayed as super heroes and role models for our young men. They too want to menstruate and have abortion rights.”

      100% spot on, but you’re missing the growing anger and resentment in normal men and women. It manifests sometimes in bickering, or in a middle finger in traffic, but it is there.

      Hopefully it can be channeled. “Let it turn to something else….”

  20. dmv gringo

    Because……….you cuck and they don’t.

    After Algeria Wins African Cup — Migrants Terrorize Women, Taunt Marine Le Pen, “It Took Us Just 3 Hours!” to Take over Paris (VIDEO)

    By Wayne Allyn Root

    My last column was about “BLEXIT” and “JEXIT.” Those are the two movements by Candace Owens and myself to get blacks and Jews to leave the Democrat Party and support President Trump.

  21. Shinmen Takezo

    FYI–in any war with China, the USA will not prevail.

    Many militard’s in this country believe that there will be set-piece battle, time to build up forces, men lining up at recruiting stations to defend their country and a crash program to arm-up this country as was last seen in WWII.

    Bull shit.

    When it breaks out, it will be all over in a matter of days with burning carrier attack groups sinking live on TV.

    Be prepared to have the USA not exist as it is today.

    • dmv gringo


    • Mark Matis

      And the Red Chinese will be WELCOMED with open arms into the various ports around the country.

      • damn straight they will. SF, LA, Seattle, DC, etc. will roll out the “red” carpet.

    • Death to Murka!

      Death to all Murkins!

    • US military policy (at least recently) is to retaliate with nuclear strikes if a carrier is hit or sunk. So we’ll see if China thinks we are bluffing on that.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        Bullshit on your ‘policy’ –there would be no ‘nuclear retalliation’ if and when a carrier is sunk.

        The USA will in fact be the first one suing for peace.

      • A.B Prosper

        By the time we would go to war with China, which we won’t, they will have around 500 deployable warheads . They probably have around 300+ now

        Also the US is in a tritium crisis right now and by 2030 we simply will not be able to make tritium triggers for our nukes, That substance has a half life of 12 years so its quite possible the US simply won’t be much of a nuclear power in a fairly short period of time , maybe before we can muster a war with China

        This makes a nuclear exchange highly unlikely.

        There are plenty of other ways China can make for a bad situation for the US as well, so odds are we won’t have a war with them either.

        pakistan has a few nuke, enough to be a threat.

        The current ruling class, Neo Cons and Neo Libs alike would love a war with Iran but thus far we have avoided it. We simply lack the resources to do it and more importantly risk escalation on all fronts

        Russia if dragged in has 1600 operational warheads. Assuming only half work and nukes are not 100% reliable , that is enough to basically end the West completely

        we won’t risk that.

        If we can convince them to stand down, maybe.

        On topic, anyone answering the call of the current US to go to war has very questionable judgment. The threats we face are our borders, especially south and D.C., not Iran

        The enemies domestic the founders warned us about

        I won’t use the word cuck but your a damned fool not a patriot.

  22. dmv gringo

    And a Cuck shall lead them.

  23. Kazakhstan National and Migrant to US Captured in Syria as Top ISIS Sniper — Is Latest in Long List of Migrants to US Who Joined ISIS

  24. dmv gringo

    ‘I offered to personally vouch for his bail’: Trump honors his promise to call Sweden’s PM on behalf of jailed rapper A$AP Rocky in effort to get him released

  25. dmv gringo

  26. And if anybody thinks that North Korea isn’t watching what we’re doing to Iran, they would be naive. Everybody and their mother is going to want nukes now.

  27. robroysimmons

    It’s great you conservatives are trying to cheer up your family, that’s good but basically you are selling them into white slavery. They will be called “racist” and you cucks have no defense, you participate in evil while you think you are doing good.

    See the Marianne (((Williamson))) slavery apology sermon, it’s all over the interwebz. You Cons might as well get it over with.

  28. Sure is a nice change from the usual bombardment of millennial hatred you see from the oldfags who seem to forget that for every idiotic, leftist milennial you come across, there is another one out standing on the wall fighting your wars for the last decade or more.

    I’ll tell you what, those oldfags sure love to hate on milennials, but the first time you take a shot at their generation, they get bent out of shape.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Our wars???
      You can say no anytime, there is no draft today. So you obviously volunteered just like I did, and want to blame your stupidity on the boomers?
      Looks like the blame game is all you know, just like the rest of your pathetic generation.

      • You are the ones who brought all this to bear. That is not a ‘blame game,’ it is a fucking fact you want to pretend is not real.

        There was 100% nothing this generation could to to stop the bullshit that they’ve been forced to inherit.

        You flung open the gates to divorce and remarriage at will, you gobbled birth control like candy, and you turned over the reigns of the country to women. What did you expect would happen?

        In fact, you knew exactly what would happen, you just didn’t care as long as you got yours – and you’re still doing it today.

        But hey, “you millennials are ruining the country!!!” seems to make you feel better about it all, so rock on I guess.

    • Oldtradesman

      This war was never mine and I love young white folks. I don’t understand my fellow boomers and their “be like me and adopt my fuck you I’ve got mine” attitude.

  29. Thanks y’all, I needed this reminder of what a shit show the WRSA comments section (usually) is.

    • don’t go away mad…

      just go away

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Go somewhere else and start flinging shit at the boomers, see how long your reception lasts.
      Antifa is full of youngsters with a hard on, maybe they’ll take you.

    • Brat Macken

      They seem to be in a douche frenzy. Must be tough to try and maintain self perceived relevance in a comment section.

    • Augusto Pintobean

      And a few could use an editor.

  30. NATO’s Article 5 does not impose an obligation upon member Nations. That is, there is no requirement for any to come to the defense of other members.

    Article 5 merely permits such actions … that members MAY choose to come to each other’s aid.

    That’s my understanding, anyway.

    “The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all and consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defence recognised by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Parties, such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area.”

    They inserted those weasel-words … ‘such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force’.

  31. robroysimmons

    Let the old Boomerposter know that Lockheed Martin is basically Bangalore with air conditioning. Boomerposting is some sad ass shit, fuck now we get some guy posting about India our great ally while Indian engineers are delivering the F-35 to the military to fight Walmart suppliers, but in fact the Indian government laughed at the idea of buying the F-35.

    You Boomerposters make T-fat sound logical, and that is some sad ass shit on its own.