VDARE: Race Differences In Psychopathic Personality Disorders

But…but…muh magic dirt!

Muh proposition nation!

Fun game: Drop a note to your local public library offering to donate a volume of this work and The Bell Curve as contributions to the Sociology section.

Laffs will ensue.

38 responses to “Hatespeech

  1. Donny Corleone

    And yet when this well researched information slaps progressives in the face like a dick they will still ignore the facts and scream RACIST! in a Pavlovian response that they have been taught for generations.The truth is not in them and never will be.
    This country is so beyond fucked that any thoughts of fixing it in the normal way should be discarded. The normies on this blog and elsewhere had better realize that just because “It’s fine on my mountain” and they believe that the country as a whole is just full of good, red blooded americans who will step forward and save it that the reality of the situation is different. Ain’t gonna happen.
    Whites have been singled out for genocide and you had better wrap your head around that fact and come up with a plan to survive what’s coming. Control what you can and don’t obsess about what you can’t. Regardless of this advice you had better be doing something to prepare for what’s coming.

    • I expect that you’d know what the progressive war against the US is about.
      Know that the evil of the world is creeping upon your children, talk is cheap be prepared to excel beyond the norm

  2. dmv gringo

    Because…….even their training isn’t a cucking LARP.

    • dmv gringo

      And for you inbound fags itching to hurl hateful invectives, born of your craven cucking………not being a cuck means you know what the fuck you’re doing.

    • Hey, it is THEIR technique. If ya wanna end a hostage situation, just kill all the hostages along with the bad guys. It depends on your values.

  3. dmv gringo

  4. Just requested a copy via interlibrary loan, along with “Unmasking the Administrative State” by John Marini. Suggest that you also read “Morality and Abstract Thinking: How Africans may differ from Westerners” by Gedaliah Braun, an American who has taught in several African universities and has lived in various African countries since 1976. It’s available online for free.

    • dmv gringo

      Yeah, that’ll teach the communists and their foot soldiers a lesson.
      Get em’ cuck…….sic balls!

  5. BUT, MAGIC DIRT!……….

  6. 3%ers at the ICE Gulag in Tacoma yesterday – read it and puke.

    In other Tacoma news, a little before noon today, a didin du gets pulled over in da hood, jumps out with an AR, and pretends he’s the kangs ‘n shiete of Waconda. He’ a good ‘un now….

    I’m sure glad I stay up here on the plateau, where the night riders are very active…. Get ’em, boys!

  7. Berglander

    Damn it feels good to be White.

  8. Actually I’ve 8 First Editions of “The Bell Curve” which I’m leaving to my heirs with the admonition that if held long enough they’ll be equivalent in value of holding 8 First Editions of Darwin’s “Origin Of The Species”.

  9. Old Gray Wolf

    Learned all I need to know about niggers by working in their ethnic zones. Which is why I live where they rarely visit, even to stop for gas. And when I move, it will be to a place even more conspicuously short on them. Life is too short to tolerate the stench and noise of the American ape. Or his genetic cousins from the dark continent. Gonna be a long hike to my place from where they’ll start, with hikers dropping like flies along the way…

  10. Donny Corleone above is right about them lying and screaming RACIST, but it’s irrelevant. The whole panoply of media supports them and silences us to the point of being overwhelming. The Big Lie has always worked. Trump’s election was a black swan event to them. The coordinated mindless ferocity of the attack is proof that it scared the shit out of them. At this point in ’15 nobody thought Trump was even a serious candidate. Just sayin’ that we aren’t lost yet, and it’s likely that nobody can predict what’s coming with the situation being as it is.

  11. Walter Sobchak

    OT, sorry to have missed the DSR this year. I actually came so close to making it but I wound up doing emergency transmission surgery in Denver so we didn’t arrive in the vicinity of Yellowstone until Sunday night. Still was happy as hell to save our vacation and pull off an in extremis vehicle repair for very little money. So I came close to making it, although I spent most of the time on the west side of Yellowstone. Digital detox. We built skills, tested lots of gear and had a great time. If there was any interest in a Midwest DSR, I know some spots around KS that I think would be very conducive to such an event. I recommend early spring or fall, it’s hot here right now.

  12. Shinmen Takezo

  13. “Blessed be the Lord my God, who instructs my hands for battle, and my fingers for war.” Oh yeah, and my Irish ancestors whose genes made me not give a Fuck for life and death when the chips are down. In the end, it’s big balls, not big Dicks that win the day

    • Lift much.
      Ruck far.
      Shoot to kill.
      Wear the armor of God.
      400 rds of defensive pistol on Friday.
      .40 & 9.
      5 miles of 40 lbs. backpack with my GSD today.
      5 miles of continuous bicycle cranking (with my GSD)
      Great Lakes Swim x 10 (ice cold this wknd!)
      Nunchaku drills x 500
      Wing Chun x 5 hrs.
      Knife sharpening x 5.
      Diet minus bs carbs and sugars.
      How was your weekend?
      Chop chop

    • What about your other ancestors? Or are you 100% Irish? Or, did your “Irish genes” beat up your other genes?

      It is amusing how everyone is “Irish”. Maybe it’s just the cool leprechauns.

      Or, everyone is a “Viking” cause cool horns. And axes, don’t forget the axes.

      {{{Fuck for life and death when the chips are down}}} are pretty much what keeps you alive… LMAO… and in some instances, is what shrinks the {{{big balls}}}!

      • All you can do is mock. To date, I have done my part and much more. I have much blood and treasure in the game. When the time comes, laugh if you will, but by God, don’t be in my way.

  14. South Africa’s Waconda.

    • Difficult to spot the vermin under the mounds of rubble and detritus. The little bastards are the same dominant species that populate cities around the globe. Carriers.Transport mechanisms. Harbingers of death.
      The Norwegian Brown,rattus norvegicus ,along with his trusty sidekick, Black Rat,rattus rattus have flourished. Retardation leads to plague.
      Death bearing minions of Satan disguised as niggars.
      The relief valve on the percolating shit-pot has reached capacity. A new strain of rip your fucking face off disease is coming your way.

      • Berglander

        Luckily, the rattus judeaica is highly susceptible to transport by boxcar and extermination by gas. It’s coat is often repurposed as lampshades, it’s fat for soap, and its hair makes great rope for submarines.
        Sadly, the ones that survive never shut up about it.

    • S. Africa is what it is today because a bunch White Europeans and White Americans had the feelz badz for the blacks, so they punished White S.A. with boycotts and sanctions. Squeezed it into submission.

      Oh crap! I mean the Der Jews! Okay, okay, okay… because the Der Jews Der Jewdi Mind Controlled White People into it!

      Well, at least Israel did what it could for Apartheid S. Africa. But, but, but… Apartheid Israel!

      And at least former Israeli special forces experts are teaching White S.A. farmers self-defense. But, but, but… only for the Der Shekels!

      • In case no one has gotten the clue, yet. Plan as if your the only MF that’s coming to save you. Don’t matter how loving and Christian you are, don’t matter how many chilin of color you’ve saved from the Hood, Don’ matter at all! Look to Central Africa, look to it’s sons in South Africa and what happens there!
        Christ may save your soul, but it’s the part between the Take Down and blessed death that you have to take into consideration.

      • Oldtradesman

        I see that Mr. (((Elder))) Son, a gentleman with a suspiciously Jewish-sounding name, has been triggered into sharing another bit of critically important snark by another gentleman who is proud of his Irish ancestry/genes.

        Let us now turn to Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s excellent website, http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net, so that we might understand Mr. (((Elder))) Son’s difficulty and modus operandi. Further illumination on the matter may be obtained by purchasing Dr. MacDonald’s book, “The Culture of Critique,” and reading his paper, “Jewish Involvement In Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review.”

      • Oldtradesman

        How cute! ,Mr. (((Elder))) Son, a gentleman with a suspiciously Jewish-sounding name, is having a marvelously prolific, snark-filled day! 🙂

        Let us now turn to Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s excellent website, http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net, so that we might better understand Mr. (((Elder))) Son’s difficulty and motivation.

        • NorthGunner


          Another source of information for one to possibly
          understand Mr. (((Elder))) Son’s difficulty and motivation
          is Dr. E. Michael Jone’s “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit –
          And It’s Impact on World History”


          Dr. E. Michael Jones on “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit”

          Of course, es, shooter, knuckdm and a few others here STILL
          refuse to understand the history and facts that people like Dr. Kevin MacDonald and Dr. E. Michael Jones have researched and shown to be true.

          The zio-communist indoctrination and brainwashing over their
          lifetimes via ‘education’ and the ‘media’ have rendered them into
          completely docile programmed shabbos goy cucks that are
          willfully blind, deaf and dumb to reality.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  15. But none of this matters. Sure, we can point out facts all we want, but the commies don’t care about facts. If they did care about facts, they wouldn’t be commies. Even the individuals in question, if you point out their shortcomings, what are they to do? They disagree and do not care about our assessment. Remember, the definition of crazy used in the research is a western construct; the idiots view their behavior as normal and perfectly acceptable. Most of the urban rat nests are too stupid to fully read and understand the implications of this material.

    If you want another reason why today’s Democrats and leftists and commies are trying to replace and kill us, fine. This can be reason 1,439,871.

    Doesn’t change my outlook. Avoid crowds. Avoid crazies. Be ready at all times.

  16. @Haxo & Pat Hines

    MauricePinay https://twitter.com/MauricePinay/ and HereisJorge https://twitter.com/HereIsJorge have resumed their investigation of Judaizing in Russian and Greek Orthodoxy.

    • That’s complete and total bullshit.

      • NorthGunner


        If you have a disagreement with what Al has offered,
        please offer a rational and logical counter-argument
        based on facts and history that buttress and prove
        your assertion that he or his information is wrong
        or in error.

        Please show your work.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • NG,

          I can only furnish references about the Orthodox faith, which began in 33AD. It is the Christian faith, there is no Talmudic influence in the Church. Al posted assertions that are negative in nature, he proved nothing and did not show any support of that assertion.

          Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: Finding the Way to Christ in a Complicated Religious Landscape

          Orthodox Church: 455 Questions and Answers (A concise and comprehensive handbook on the Orthodox Faith. Indexed for easy reference)

  17. Co-sponsored by a Jew and a negress.
    H.R.3285 – Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act

    • NorthGunner

      And that anyone should expect anything different from such
      thinly disguised communists?…

      Just finished doing a quick read of the boilerplate and
      it’s current motions/actions. IMHO, it’s a commie ‘feel-
      good’ measure that has very little chance of passage
      (have to watch myself there…some probably said the
      same about the passage of the 19th Amendment; one
      of the MOST destructive legislative acts to poison America!).

      It’s good to keep an eye on it but I give it ‘a snowball’s
      chance in Hell’ of going anywhere.

      And even if it does pass?…

      Fuck them – circumvent, ignore or otherwise
      make their made up legislative bs non-functional.
      We DON’T owe such scum ANY obligation – they
      have no legitimacy with me nor should they with you
      or anyone else!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  18. there is NO god

    there is only tfA-t

    all will bow to his greatness or fucking die violently

    you have been warned


  19. “Donate”??

    Hell, no. The SJW librarians just shitcan ’em.

    Contact the publisher, and purchase a case of library-bound editions.

    Just drop by the local libraries from time to time, and put a copy on the shelf, in the correct section.

    This can be done with all sorts of books. 😉

    If someone’s going to try to subvert the culture, they should expect to have that turned back on them the same way.