New Woodpile’s Here!


9 responses to “New Woodpile’s Here!

  1. What a deal! All tech companies and govs win! Your data is cheap! Thanks and the USA people! The system worked. This place is incredible.

    Can one imagine if Mexico had this type of infrastructure and open access information for all of its citizens?

  2. the way tfA-t sees the world is much different than the murkin family guy CUCK sees it

    the cuck just wants to raise his? retard spawn and support his BBC whore wife and watch sportsball with the other wimpy cucks in his sphere

    tfA-t wants fucking CHANGE

    a lot of fucking change

    so much change, it’s going to uproot and destroy everything the weak and neutered americuck holds dear

    and tfA-t WILL get what he wants

    you can bet your life on it

  3. Tee tee, it’s obvious your a gayster, woman hater. How about you take a break, you know the drill, perhaps an hour on your lil Indian boys tower of power will bring you back to your senses.

    Wendy, yes some ARE trying and living that life style. What you do in your home, your bed with whomever, ain’t my business.

    Here’s the problem, In the beginning that circle of folk, just wanted expectance, slowly thru persistence they got expectance. Then they wanted inclusion, slowly they got inclusion.

    Now they want to stand on every fucking corner of the world and shout loudly and flaunt their gayness, their twisted mental perception of men being girls, and girls being men.

    Me a straight male, has to stand by and listen to this sexual perversion, na na I don’t. I don’t shout from the roof tops about my ” straight sexuality” cuz it’s nobodies business but mine and the lil woman”

    Wendy, like anything their’s a line in the sand. There’s a time coming when the moral majority are going to fix the problem.

    The sad part is your kind will have nobody to blame but yourselves. Your kind could have kept it in the bedroom, and lived right along side of Main Street America, but your contemporaries didn’t, they made an issue of it.

    Some day men like me, will ” address” that issue. Ain’t nothing personal, it’s just part of the solution. If we’re going to, fix this mess, it’s not just the left who will swing from corner lights, posts it’s also all the perversions, all the perverted in the world. AKA the Turner Diaries.

    Wendy your a good person, live your life, don’t flaunt your sexuality, and we’ll get along fabulously.

    By the way tfats looking for love, think you can ” hook him up” clearly with his woman hatin, he’s gotta be punching that man pussy regularly.

    Life’s good Wendy, PEACE.


  4. “they will be chanting ‘Send Them Back’ no matter how Trump disavows it. He has unleashed…(etc., etc.)”

    Nope. These are the same White MAGA’s who chanted “Lock Her up”. Then went home, turned on the Jewbox, and watched monkeyball.