Z Blog: What Comes Next

Money quote:

…The proper response, what must come next for those on this side of the great divide, is to accept the reality of the situation and act accordingly. That means getting involved in social activities that allow you to recruit, building social networks of likeminded people and working to always be the reasonable voice in the room. The vibrant future may look like a dark age, but the future is not written…


14 responses to “Z Blog: What Comes Next

  1. Feh,whites “being reasonable” got us in this mess to begin with. Secondly It’s hard to see the light when the orcs and communists run the shop and have decided to ethnically cleanse whitey like they did in Rhodesia and and now South Africa

    Look the Left has openly stated they want us dead and gone in their periodicals. Being reasonable with brown skinned savages who want you dead just isn’t possible.

    Sometimes I wonder about Z.

  2. Great post by Zman, as was yesterday’s post. Those of us who have to keep our political beliefs somewhat concealed will have to think harder about how to go about doing this.

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    Yea he’s wrong about Trump losing.

  4. Berglander

    Damn frenz make it happen IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITIES. Work with whatcha got. Or, like move, or something.

  5. We are phucked. Go down fighting.

  6. Been listening to that money quote from 40 years of survivalists. We should all be ready by now.

  7. Detroit III

    Ugh, yes the future is written.

    Nice try.

  8. Shinmen Takezo

    I cannot believe all the suck-ass, lame-dick responses to this guys OP.

    Yeah–the answer is to ‘build social networks’ –like that is the answer.
    Also you should pray more and more.
    That’ll help a lot.
    Maybe we should tune into CBN more? Huh?
    Orrrrrr…. how about voting more?
    Or how about trying to convince the left that we are right?

    Ohhhhh–that works fine huh?

    Perhaps it’s time to face facts that none of the above works or will work.
    Maybe it’s time to realize that it’s 1776 all over again–huh?

  9. It’s been 1776 the past thirty fucking years.

    I can see ” We” got ” Them” talked into a corner. And their terrified.

    Yea, that should hold em.

    Tic Toc