A Week Without Politics

H/t to GVDL for this reminder that all sound and fury leaves one feeling empty.

These are the good old days.

Enjoy them.

31 responses to “A Week Without Politics

  1. “public displays of moralism are the worst people in the world”

    must have read some of Dirt ‘the rotten and corrupt’ cops bullshit…

    “Just like religion is the false idea that people can be redeemed”


    burn the whole fucking thing to the ground

    tfA-t has shown the way forward

  2. Some of the comments over there at Murkan Digest…cringe. No matter what kind of smiley face it comes with, the weighted reality pipe of WRSA usually dashes out a row of teeth.

    • dmv gringo

      “Some of the comments over there at Murkan Digest…cringe.”
      That’s an extreme understatement.
      The avatar photos, if legitimate, are far worse.
      Especially the one with a direct link to a boomer cucks (expression artworks) website.

      • a bunch of weak old geriatrics suffering from chronic “head up their ass ‘ syndrome

        how embarrassing for them to actually think they matter anymore

        assholes have shit on everything good and then they die

        a lot like my step-brother.. the 60 y.O. fuckwad died owing me $20K and i’ll never see a dime

        the cucks will pass and leave whatever they have of value to the NRA

        fucking RETARDS

        • you still owe me $23,000 for my 1989 ex-taxicab Ford Vicky. It

          now has 320,000 miles on it and the hood pop doesn’t work so you will have to drive around with the hood open.

          • i rode around in one of those finally

            Jim Klein has a few

            nice riding iron

            reminded me of my old Lincolns


            it never arrived so the contract is null and void

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “a lot like my step-brother.. the 60 y.O. fuckwad died owing me $20K and i’ll never see a dime”

          Can’t remember which mobster said it or the exact quote, but basically – always use other people’s money. If they die, you don’t have to pay ’em back, so you win; if you die, you don’t have to pay ’em back, so you win. Looks he won.

        • 20 large should be nothing to a well paid private island four shit owning hardcore perfect push-up pushing bad ass like you.

          The real issue is mom always liked him better. He probably was a quarterback at your high school and drove a Camaro. He was taller, naturally.

          Did he make selection?

          Your whole life you’ve been striving just to be noticed, poor little fella.

          Have a pleasant evening thinking about me.

      • Dam DMV, were did you get the pic of Tfat after he blew his wife. Still got man sauce dripping from his soup coolers.

        Which reminds me my racing sailboat is named, Dirk Digler, male prostitute.

        My cruising sailboats named DirkaDirka Stan. Clever hey.


        • dmv gringo

          You worthless, illiterate, simping chimp. I didn’t post a picture, that’s a video clip. Damn, you’re stupid.

  3. A go suck your husband lil doc, maybe he’ll do you a reach around you pathetic fuck.


  4. Grenadier1

    I have been burned out on it for a few months. Shits just old. I got a home repairs to do. I got other projects to think about and mess around with.
    Cant be “turned up” 24 /7. Just not natural.

    We have to dial it back every now and then and actually look around us and enjoy the view. Its not all storm clouds and churning seas.
    I am bolstered by the growing movements I see on video sites.
    Young people are making shit again.
    Young people are very much beginning to understand the appreciation of quality and hand crafted. That does not mean they will all take the logical steps that follow but for those of you who don’t get it yourself. Recognizing craftsmanship is one of the pathways to awakening the mind to freedom.
    Take for example the project I have been following called “Project Egress”. This is something being done by Adam Savage of “Mythbusters” fame. He runs a YouTube channel called “Tested” now. They began this project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with the Smithsonian Museum. The project is rebuilding the hatch for the Apollo 11 capsule. They had a young engineer student create 3d renderings and shop drawings of all the component parts of the hatch. Then they broke those drawings up and sent small individual parts to 50 different YouTube Machinist and Maker channels. Each individual builder filmed their construction of the part to post on their own channel, then they shipped the pieces back to “Tested” and those pieces were assembled live from the Smithsonian into the full Hatch. VERY cool project that demonstrate a few things.
    One: The power of distributed networks of skilled craftspeople who invest themselves in their work

    Two: The complete and utter failure that Boeing is experiencing right now due to their outsourcing of development to inferior worker bees who can barely even speak English.

    Its a doubling down on the lesson if people can make the logical conclusion.

    • You make an important point that is lost on men who have a fascination with the word ‘cuck’ here.

      Living and enjoying life is NORMAL. Do it, and do it more. There will be plenty of time for misery if and when it comes. Do what lots of NORMAL men across the country are doing now – calmly and quietly preparing.

      Do what you feel you must for your family and your friends in the face of gathering clouds, and then get on with the picnic because it’s not raining yet, and every picnic has ants.

      Every media out there (including lots of the commenters here) are telling you every day that you’re the one with the problem, you’re not the ‘normal one.’

      Sometimes it takes a step back to clear your head and shake it off. Unplugging regularly is a good thing. We go to the lake, spend time with friends, cook good food and have fun watching our kids play. NORMAL.

      People who scream ‘cuckservative’ at every opportunity are not the way out, or through. They are the way to go around and avoid.

      Don’t buy their poison and don’t let them suck the normal and the good out of you.

      • “NORMAL”

        normal for a cuck you mean

        now they’re on the defensive and still don’t quite understand what’s happened

        yeah sure unplug and enjoy your week-end off…


      • Jimmy the Saint

        An hour of playing ball with a dog is always good for lifting the spirits.

        • Yes it is…without these, we lose our humanity and wind up calling every normal person a ‘cuck.’

          That is not life, it is mental deficiency.

      • dmv gringo

        The cuckening is strong with you.

        • dmv gringo

          The treasonous shitbags of the D.C. Uniparty, and their communist foot soldiers approve, because they don’t have home repairs to do.
          Charlie don’t do normal, you cucking Mangina. But you go ahead, keep on losing, for the sake of being respectable.
          Tyrone has been switch hitting, since the first time he was locked up. He can’t wait to buttfuck you, in between bouts of passionate luvin’ with your mud sharking daughters.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Brings up an interesting point.
      How many old school machinists are there left who can build things from scratch vs those who program a CNC machine and walk away from it while it does all the work? Same as old school map and compass artillery vs new school satellite/GPS artillery. Which will fail first in a grid down environment?, which is coming BTW. We are not immune just because we’re the greatest.
      The Soviets and Brits were masters of small shop fabrication during WW2, it was a skill they had to develop to survive.

      • Without 220/230 volts all those machines are dead iron – Do you really want to file a piece of 4140? Get yourself about 40 18 volt lithium batteries for quality hand tools, several hundred watts of solar panels to charge them, and some basic 3rd world tooling to mount those tools in to have an improvised mill and lathe. Or a small steam engine to spin an alternator. Without electricity, you’re going to be pre-1900 in 2 seconds.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Actually, a great many of my skills are on pre-1800 rifles and hand tools. I can still build log houses and guns without a computer or solar panels. Gunpowder might be an issue, but there’s still hope.
          And you?

      • bet most of them have NEVER even seen an Aiming Circle

        much less know how to use one

    • dmv gringo

      The cuckening is strong with you.
      The treasonous shitbags of the D.C. Uniparty, and their communist foot soldiers approve, because they don’t have home repairs to di.

      • Grenadier1

        You keep using that word, but there is no doubt you don’t know what it means.
        So why don’t you explain it to us all?
        Why don’t you tell us all how advising people to take a step back and care for their own shit for a little bit, while enjoying some normal measure of life’s daily pleasure constitutes “cuckening”.
        Did I tell you to let Tfat fuck your wife?
        Is tFat fucking your wife?….that’s rhetorical BTW.
        Did I tell anyone to give in, or stop resisting?
        Did I tell anyone to blame other people for their problems?
        No THAT would be a cuck thing to do. Just ignoring your own role in your situation and telling yourself it will all be okay cuz once dem juice are gone Daddy is going to let you have some of the loot!……

        YEAH….SURE buddy. That guy with your wife is her yoga instructor.

  5. Writer takers “a week off politics” by writing about politics….

  6. Big business isn’t based in moral ethical or legal doctrine, it’s based on profit, greed.

    This I know, the human, would sell the very last widget on the planet if they could profit, greed is learned behavior, is taught in business college doctrine.

    What you have left is your tribe, embrace them.

    Politics is like a daytime tv drama. Turn it off, in three years, turn it on for an hour, and your right back up to speed. Same with the net, it’s unhealthy. Don’t embrace either.

    Politics was designed to consume us, push us to one side or the other.


    • and cops were designed to extort, terrorize, kidnap, assault, molest, rape, cheat, and murder their fellow countrymen

      way to go!

      rotten fucking cops

  7. See we do agree, dirt cops should be shot.

    EVERYTIME I see you go into a pathetic rant, I can’t help be think what a fucking pussy your must have been, you must of taken one hell of a poopoo beat down. Think I’ll start calling you TIGER, cuz your such a terror.

    How’s the new wife? What a cute couple you two make. Can’t wait to see the puppies you to produce.

    Have a good one!.