Imperial Capital Chimp-Out

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Plan accordingly.

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    The game is pretty near up. I hope your plans and preps are in place. We are definitely headed into the Roaring Twenties.

  2. “Imperial Chimpout” captures the essence of the moment most exquisitely with great brevity.

  3. But, but, but diversity is our strength! Right?!🙄

  4. If I were beaten like that I would be dead.

    Notice how the guy that came out to help backed off as soon as he was confronted. The gang was leaving at that point, he could have grabbed the punks arm and dragged him into the revolving door and broke the punks arm.

  5. I’m sure there were some white kids in the group of yoots that assaulted that man but the camera angle didn’t show them. Anybody buying into that?

  6. The one sided race war continues…

  7. JFC..OOGA-BOOGA! Huh, I reckon that qualifies as cultural enrichment, or in other words ‘Welcome to D.C. you white muthafucka!’ I think there’s something to that maxim of : Around Blacks NEVER Relax. Some real lessons in that few seconds about situational awareness and the need for a KFC bucket Claymore.

  8. Yea fuck the police. Those two white guys deserved what they got.

    Na, that pack of savages need some discipline. Exactly what they ain’t getting at home. Pack animals are a dangerous commodity.

    At a minimum the alpha dog, needed to be dropped quickly, would expect that ” puttin em down” to catch the rest of the packs attention. If not, dog number two gets to feel the heat. Pretty much anyboy in your sights. Your golden.

    In a major city, zero situational awareness, not armed. Strike 1 ,2, and 3.

    Thes ” kids” will be charged with misdemeanors. The assault is a felony for all the attackers. ” two or more” attacking another, with weapons. ” feet shoes”.

    Tee please please tell us how your manliness, would handle this situation. I’d like your expert opinion. Enlighten us mortals.


    • no one in their right minds fucks with tfA-t

      he is very liable to explode with great anger and fury

      bodies have been known to cease to function where tfA-t presents

      humans still have natural survival instincts and…

      they just “know”

      tfA-t is “not a cuck”

      be like tfA-t

    • Donny Corleone

      Yeah, Dirk, fuck the police. If this man had been armed then maybe he could have defended himself. Maybe.
      Who patrols the streets of this “wonderful” city? The police. Who would throw this man in jail if they found him with a gun? The police. Who was not around to protect him after assuring that he would not be armed? The police.
      If the police would get out of the way then we could straighten this shit out. Whom should we probably remove first? The police.

  9. hmmm. tourist savagely beaten in a well established part of DC. I might want to move up my estimate in a previous post here of it being 10 years before things like this is a regular occurrence.

    • Cougar, I regret to inform you that those things are already happening daily. And have been for a long, long time.

  10. Seems similar to a mob attack on two homosexual men (a “gay couple”) in Washington D.C. last month:

    Same basic lesson applies as mentioned by Selco at SHTFplan. Don’t look weak in rough areas. A.K.A. Don’t look like food, don’t look like a target, etc.

    There is a lesson here that people need to be aware of: “transitional spaces.”

    You may be safe in cab and you may be safe in the hotel, but you still have to get from the interior of the cab to the hotel lobby through a hostile area.
    Same with leaving work with badge access and security guards to your vehicle, you still have to walk out to and through the parking lot / parking structure to get to the safety of the inside of your locked vehicle.

  11. “Youths” and/or teens; newspeak for youthful miscreants of the black community.

  12. If only there were a constitutionally protected way that a man could defend himself from this type of thing…

  13. Disgusting animals. By that I am referring to the DC politicians and police who won’t do anything about the gangs of feral young animals prowling the streets.
    Yeah, I’s their own people.

  14. jaquebauer

    The quality of posts, in my opinion has been degrading. Cartoons, doctored photos, and general garbage has become the norm. Is it the lack of a moderator, or has the cartoonery pushed away authors who have abandoned westernrifleshooters for other blogs ? Or maybe the base of readers has changed, readers who prefer cartoons over guns, training, preparedness, and other topics relevant to this blogs name. I used to look forward to a daily read of this blog, right after stopping at Sipsey Street Irregulars. Then westernrifleshooters became my first stop of the day. Not so much anymore. I recognize that a blog takes time and effort to moderate, and writing a quality piece takes time and effort. Maybe jobs and family and chores has limited the amount of “educational” and informative postings authors can produce. I think this blog is too valuable to see it fail.

    • Berglander

      Ever think of starting your own blog? I’m sure you’d run one perfectly. 🙄

    • or…

      mebbe all the bases have been covered and the need for more AR vs AK and file or wedge formation tutorials has been beaten like a dead horse?

      this shit isn’t that hard peepul

      find the bad blue thug and take him out

      lather rinse repeat

      just saying

    • Five or six short years ago when I first stumbled upon this blog a post such as this was pretty much unheard of. The Three Percenter movement was growing as well as Oath Keepers etc. The common theme was “we all bleed red” and “We’re all Americans”, which led to them never making an impact because they cucked just like the Republican Party. America doesn’t have “Magic Dirt” that makes negros into Americans, and by Americans I mean we who founded this Nation. White Europeans who built, created and forged a new Nation.
      As the Left moves farther to the left, the Right will move farther to the right-with the exception of the current crop of Republicans who are cucked to the core. Before the War starts in earnest, we’ll see the birth of an unapologetic Right wing political party that will represent the soon to be largest minority in America…. Whites.
      Literally everyone can see the writing on the wall at this point.

    • I for one agree with you. Seems the broad spectrum of ideas has shrunk to meme’s and one sided presentations (mostly). I do appreciate the time and effort that must go into hosting sites like this but, ………also include the ‘comments’ seem to have grown (or sunk) to crass opinions: use (for the most part) to be somewhat educational and presented with well thought out insights. State of affairs these days, I guess ……… sad that ……….

    • JB, Pete has encouraged the nonsense on his blog. He says it makes us stronger. It makes me wonder how Pete survived in New York.

  15. Repeat after me…

    They’re just like us.
    Race is nothing more than skin “color” not genetic.
    Humans are the only mammals on the planet with only one species.
    Africans make America a better place.
    If all Africans disappeared tomorrow, my life would be negatively affected in the following ways: _______________
    Africans voting is a great idea.

  16. looks like a couple late-nite urban White faggots getting jumped by local ‘boons…she-boons particularly aggressive. May Ebola-chan visit them all.

    but, yeah, as I know from direct experience, situational awareness will short circuit a lot of trouble. Situ awareness + gun even better.

  17. Berglander

    Niggers gotta nig. It b they nature o sumtin.

  18. Blazing Apostle

    I’m in my 60s. I am no longer active duty, but I am still a Marine. I am armed everywhere I go, all the time. This makes me quite angry. The young female (I think) spitting on him at the end, caps it off… If this is how the monkeys want it, I believe many of us are willing to participate – but on our terms. Seeing this, I do know “all lives matter”. Yet, I do hope these “youths” understand – I grade on a curve. And they fail at life, as in ‘continuing to exist’. I didn’t purchase all this ammo for nothing…

  19. Nothing will happen to dez youtz.
    Fucking chimps!! See the last bitch spit on the beaten? This type of behavior has begun to be rampant all over the country. The animals have nothing to fear. The .gov system is rigged to escalate these occurrences as the left imports more third world shit.

    This would not happen in a society we’re all men carry guns.

    When the fuck does hunting season start?

    22lr BOTH

  20. ahhh … the wild wonderful world of negroes.

  21. Darrell Cloud

    Pretty hard to prepare for that eventuality.

  22. it still comes down to white amertrads being cucks

    they have allowed themselves to be controlled by wimyn, debt, servitude, corrupt perverted cheap empty suits and their near retard level IQ badged armed thugs who force compliance under the threat of imprisonment or summary execution as is where is…

    i can only imagine the shame ,dishonor, and anguish a married cuck with chillun must live with every waking moment knowing he has sold out his manhood, integrity, and the future of his spawn who will be enslaved till death because of it..

    all for a handful of fiat sheckles, a smartphone, and a F-250 with bluetooth, cup holders, and 10 USB ports


    tfA-t has no sympathy for weak individuals who won’t fight for themselves or their loved ones so he’ll just sit back and watch the show

  23. Around blacks, never relax…

  24. Hives bee dangerous yo.

  25. They are what they are.
    What are we prepared to do?
    Each make his own choice.
    Me? I never with a capital N go unstrapped.
    I avoid niggers at all costs.
    When forced to deal with them, I’m ready to deal with them.
    And I’m willing to accept the consequence of my action.
    I sleep well at night.

  26. Willy Brown dumping loads of goo on Kamelas saggy tits. The most important qualification to become Americas first woman,niggar president. Certified cum dumpster.
    How do you put a value on the level of commitment shown by Willy to evacuate his wrinkled ball sack on a daily basis. Thank you to a true american patriot and sperm donor. They just don’t make niggars like Willy any more. Goddamned home grown hero. The Feds should give Willy his own national holiday. God bless the USA.

  27. Walter Mitty

    If you are White ( Anglo Saxon, Celtic, Nordic , Germanic, Slavic etc) and not a White Nationalist, you are just wrong. If you will it, it is no dream. A White Nationalist Homeland out of some part(s) of the former USA
    is necessary for the survival, safety and propagation of our Race. While desiring no harm to others, separation is necessary.

    • WM … agreed. Western Civ is the product of Balto-Slavic, Greco-Roman, Celtic-Teutonic cultures. Race is not a social construct, but society is a racial construct, and the tract of humanity is not out of the Perpetual Turd Circling the Bowl that is Africa

    • LargeMarge

      This makes sense… although a lot of good folks are behind enemy lines.

    • not. going. to. happen.

      the white race are “law-abiding” jelly-spine’d wimps who have enthusiastically handed over their rightful authority to serve justice as needed

      instead they love, support, and foolishly count on their brave and fearless pooplice ‘protectors’ to the the job for them

      in murka, coproaches are the only ones allowed to defend themselves from hostile attackers without repercussions and penalty

      interestingly, they never seem to be there when you need them

      the simple answer to niggers and blue thugs is too dispatch them quickly, harshly, with no emotions or remorse- and then promptly walk away…

  28. Sandmann’s lawsuit against the WaPo dismissed quickly-quickly. Ace of Spades sees red. Might deserve a front page link:

    Because, you know, this is totally proof that you totally have your constitution.

  29. robroysimmons

    Our blessed enlightened elite establishment should thank God for conservative stooges who when they view the 10,000th chimpout video say the same shit over and over.

    Fuck that stupid as conservative shit I hope them youths beat the living shit out of every D-voting, RINO voting white pussy they can get near and then burn down the city.

    Once the Great Chimpout of CWII happens all the white pussies you white knight clowns want to save get driven out into Flyoverstan for country living we take their shit and drive them back to the blue hives. I like stuff.

  30. Brat Macken

    Sad is the companion who left his friend to be ass whooped while he watched from the revolving door, then came shoo them after the big ones left.
    Most likely a couple of fags coming in buzzed from being out on the town.
    I kinda hoped the car at the end was going to mow them all down.

  31. A Well Trained Citizen

    This was a gang attack on a single individual. That is immediate disparity of force. Disparity of force attacks move the assault to that of a violent foricible felony.

    Headstomps and kicks to the head are the use of deadly force. In this case, illegally by the gang. There was no physical self defense threat to the gang. It was likely an educational beatdown against “whitey”. This is a second factor moving the attack to that of a violent forcible felony.

    Headstomps and kicks to the head can cause grave bodily harm, crippling injury or death. We can legally articulate x2, our immediate use of deadly force in defense of the victims life.

    Should they choose it, a bystander can immediately use lethal or deadly force to stop the attack. In group/gang attacks, anyone in the gang is fair game for the use of deadly force. They are all deemed “as one.”

    We can act immediately and start solving the problem.

    Shitbirds are task fixated on the victim. Start with whomever. Shoot him in the plane of their ear/nose in the head. This gets the copper or lead hollowpoint right where it needs to go – the shitbirds brainstem. When he drops like a marionette with its strings cut, move on and solve the next problem – one at a time – until there are no more problems.

    When the shirtbirds scatter, stop. Monitor for anyone pulling a gun and pointing back. Engage if you have a clean backstop and can shoot accurately. If not, put gun away and apply first aid to victim. You’re trained, right? Hold head steady until paramedics arrive. Offer support if conscious.

    To responding officers: Show them the victim. Tell of the gang attack/group disparity of force attack and headstomps. Show them the witnesses of which there were plenty. Tell him you feared for the life of the victim and acted in defense of life. Tell them you will sign the complaint against the perps. Then, ask to speak with your attorney who is a specialist with the affirmative defense of self defense (few attorney’s are). This is your legal sherpa. You have this specific type of defense attorney’s card in your wallet, right?… case of fire break glass? (Armed Citizens Defense Network is a good place to start)

    Expect to potentially be arrested and take the ride. It can happen even if you act legally. This happened in DC-istan so if you were carrying you will take the ride. And high odds favor your prosecution there. Other areas of the country not so much.

  32. One group tells us they are the only thing standing between us and this happening everywhere. Truth is, that group, at the behest of its paymasters, works against you 90% of the time. If it uses brute power against you and works in coordination with your enemy, it’s your enemy as well. Nothing changes until the majority sees that.

  33. Stupid is as stupid does. Stay out of the cities.

  34. Mike Nomad

    I rode the DC subways home at night in the 90s finishing up my education. Boy that was an enriching experience. I had a blade and a .22 Raven auto on me. The blade was in case that crappy Raven jammed, but it was all I could afford at the time. If I had to use either weapon, the DC police would have crucified me, but damn, better than ending up dead at the hands of animals.