Taste It, Catholic Boy

Ace learns about the justice system.

Other lessons are pending.

Plan accordingly.

43 responses to “Taste It, Catholic Boy

  1. Since the judge in this case made determinations of fact, and not merely law, it is VERY likely to be overturned on appeal.

    Enough with the daily panic.

  2. Looks like being a journalist just got a lot more risky

  3. Having retired after spending close to 40 years in the “practice of law,” this dismissal on mere motions does not surprise me. As I tell people: “America has the best justice that money can buy. If you are a millionaire with a bag-man or are a “player,” in the system, you will get ‘justice.’ No one else will.

    My introduction to the legal system in 1974 was a dead-nuts winner PI case I brought against a regional trucking company, whose drunk rig driver ran my guy over and crippled him up but good.

    Behind the closed doors at the first appearance court mandated “pre-trial” conference we addressed the ‘first issue.’ The judge laughingly asked the trucking company defense lawyer how he played the sixth hole at the last golf tourney they were both on at the common country club they attended. My guy, sitting in his wheel chair in the empty courtroom didn’t count a whit. I got the message loud and clear. Motion to Disqualify–“DENIED” and then I’ve got a trial judge like wet hornet. But, I won the case–eventually.

    Late in life, I did some real “post graduate” legal work in the 2007-2008 financial meltdown on Wall Street, DC, and the too big to fail banks–suing their arses for outright theft and deception. Took between 8-10 years in courts across the good ‘ol US of A, but the scoundrels we pursued finally paid up. I was lucky, plus working 24/7/365 on the phone, emails, pleadings, court work, travel FOR YEARS–kinda takes a lotta fun outta life. But, I’m back in trim.

    Let me close on my experiences of the legal court system with a quote from the Ghost in “Hamlet.”

    “I could a tale unfold whose lightest word
    Would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood,
    Make thy two eyes, like stars, start from their spheres,
    Thy knotted and combined locks to part
    And each particular hair to stand on end,
    Like quills upon the fretful porpentine:
    But this eternal blazon must not be
    To ears of flesh and blood. List, list, O, list!”

    My free advice, if you care to “list”


  4. When you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent change inevitable.” – JFK

    This sort of horseshit will have both the Washington redskin and the crooked judge answering to Rule 308. The Post is mostly ready to fall over and die already, but I suspect it’ll go a lot faster once accelerants in bottles are involved.
    Nothing less will suffice.
    And yet the other side thinks they want to open that ball.

  5. Matt Bracken

    “Just an opinion,” eh? That works in all directions, then.
    For one example, let’s stop being so polite, and call our enemies what they are, COMMUNISTS.
    Every DemSocRat today is a COMMUNIST who is just lying, flying a false flag until they gain sufficient power to pull the hammer and sickle out from under their bed.
    Every time we engage with these Marxists who want to force us all into one-payer government “health care,” give 100s of billions in reparations, open our borders even wider and give voting rights to uncounted millions of low-IQ 3rd-world illiterates, etc etc etc, we should drop our conservative politeness.

    Just ask them, “How long are you going to lie about being a COMMUNIST? How many more tens of millions are you willing to murder to force COMMUNISM upon us?
    Etc Etc Etc.

    • Well said – broken down to the most elegant and simple form. Words matter. Message matters. Delivery matters. One only needs to read Edward Bernay to get a basic idea of how the ‘mass’ are manipulated (seemed to work well for pre-WWII Germany, the old and new Soviet Union and dare I say it? the good old US of A). I use to ask folks, “…have you ever had an original thought or an idea? and where do your ideas, concepts and such come from?”. Dwell on that and it becomes easy to seen how the ‘system’ works by those who control the population ………… no surprise that creative thinking is not taught at any level in our current education system.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      We need mass arrests of traitors.

      We need trials. Highly Public.

      And we need arrests of foreign operatives.

      What is the purpose of joining the military and fighting for this shithole?

      I spend almost ten years fighting GWOT and the whole time muslims are selling coke to all the women in the bars and at my schools.

      They have moved in an conquered us.

      I am not a quitter; but there’s simply nothing to fight over and fight for.

      Unless there are arrests.

      1.1 million retards a year for 50 years isn’t sustainable.

      • dmv gringo

        What GWOT?
        It was nothing but MIC’ing for dollars, at the expense of many, not all, men we can not afford to be without now.

  6. This is just round one. Be patient.


  7. dmv gringo

    So you CF miscreants may (or may not) have been aware of the recent banning of the latest in a long string of annoying comment-section blowflies, a human carbuncle yclept “dmvgringo.” Now, trolls and troll-banning aren’t any kind of big deal at all; just part and parcel of the blogging game, that’s all. Having been at this game since the very dawning of the modern blog-era, I’ve seen ’em come and I’ve seen ’em go, by the numbers. It’s always the same, as predictable as the sunrise, almost as if the trolls were following a script or guidebook or something. http://coldfury.com/2019/07/27/comments-conversation/

    • Speaking of communists, DMV, who’s bitch are you. Fucking communist. Ain’t no such thing as a socialist, just a commie in drag, kinda like you Dildo.


      • dmv gringo

        Hmmm……..I’ve never commented about “socialists”, communists, yes.
        Intresting. Go ahead and run with that
        nonsense. Whatever gets you over the
        rainbow, cucking felcher.

    • You are so retarded and self absorbed that you don’t smell the least scintilla of the raging stench of the irony of you linking to your own vivisection at the hands of a master….

      Then you clip vulgar juvenile sound effects which, by your limp and incessant repetition of them, prove beyond doubt that Mike’s got you by the numbers… and by the short, curly gray hair ’round what might once have been your balls.

      The stark truth of this would kill an honest man, but you are neither.

      • Oughtsix, is there any doubt which team DMV Dildo’s batting for. Mans a straight up communist.

        Has this turd, EVER posted anything other them propaganda, backed up by YouTube propaganda?.

        When YOU Speak their Language, you have become them.


        • dmv gringo

          Hmmm………okay, when you’re able to see your dick again, without lifting your potbellied, slop-gut, I’ll become a communist.
          Honestly, I’m more interested in how many citizens you’ve snitched on to the cops.

        • dmv gringo

          “Has this turd, EVER posted anything other them propaganda?” Only a propagandizing whore would realize when they see one. Wait a moment, that wholly describes you, Soyflake.

      • dmv gringo

        A statist turd devoted an entire(whiny cuck) posting to ME. I was chosen over tfA-t! I’m better than tfA-t!
        Also, you will bow down daily, hypocrite.
        Giving thanks to CA for a “freestyle comment area,” you back alley, cum burping, censorship Slut.

  8. The Usual Suspect

    Judges have expenses too, and they love Mercedes.

    • NorthGunner

      They may love their Mercedes..whether they
      still love them after ‘corrective measures’ are
      employed is another matter… not even mentioning
      if such robed shitweasels happen to be in them
      during the ‘lesson’….

      Too Fucking High (Used Cars)

      Then there’s the ‘Complimentary Wyoming Flying Lesson’
      as shown in “Neither Predator Nor Prey”.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. At least he still has the constitution!

    • And this is why he, you, I, and everyone else doesn’t have the… constitution.

      But at least we still have the 2nd Amendment.


    So, the deck is obviously stacked against ANYBODY who does not fit the MSM-Infanticide Party paradigm. What else is new? I hope everyone has their plans in place. The Roaring Twenties will be here before you know it. Bleib ubrig.

  11. Last I looked, the Catholic boys were the heart and soul of the Army in the days of the Indian Wars.

    Since this is a Zippy judge, there’ll be an appeal.

  12. dmv gringo

    Sarajevo cometh………

  13. ghostsniper

    Who doesn’t yet realize the whole thing is coming apart at all seams?

    None of it can be trusted.


    If you aren’t living like a criminal, you’re wrong.

    • Ghost, yes it’s actually alarming just how quickly this things coming to a head. Initially thought we would have another four years.

      Now, not so sure.

      I’ll NEVER live like a criminal. Pre planning mitigates, having to do so.


  14. that people like gleen beck and senator like paul and cruz think they are actually going to turn this tide at this point is foolish.
    the usa has had group think for at least 10 years, it just needs for it to become enough of the population to get serious enough that any dissent may end up in actual concentration camps amd not these nicely air conditioned centers so many seem concerned about

  15. When virtually all parties agree that speech should be restricted – with only the types of censorable badthink still at issue – there is very little left of the America taught in post-WW2 civics classes.

  16. I was in litigation with a big regional bank because they gave my construction money to a contractor that they had sign false affidavits stating that the work was complete and the subcontractors had been paid. The bank knew these affidavits were false because their own inspectors told them the work was not completed.
    When I sued them, they judge shopped until they found a judge that had sent inappropriate texts to a female defendant in the Judge’s court. They had him by the short hair. He dismissed my suit. I lost the farm and went bankrupt. Law enforcement would not touch it.
    Today the contractor runs the building department and his wife is superintendent of schools.
    There is no justice there is just us. Screw it. I have recovered. Life is good.

    • Divine retribution.
      “from Gods mouth to your ear.”
      Vengeance demonstrates Gods righteousness. Infliction of punishment is your responsibility and duty under the power given to you by decree. I declare the fucking asshole who ripped you off to be fair game and all the bad shit that pours down on him and his family is declared just and right. The folks who wait for eternal damnation to exact revenge and justice have it wrong. God wants you to eliminate the spawn of Satan.
      I paid my dollar,lit the little red candle,spoke to God and he said ,”grind the lying prick into dust.” Many people have turned the earth red in Gods name.
      Invoke and awaken the great God,Morbark. Grind the motherfuckers into pulp. Bless you.

  17. the grubbermint and the Pooplice have turned against the People

    they are mortal enemies of all that is good and just

    they laugh at you and your predicament

    while they enjoy luxury, wealth, absolute power over the oppressed common man

    tic toc tic toc tic toc tic toc


  18. Yet another example of how federal “judges for life” was a huge mistake. 83 year old idiot appointed by another idiot Jimmy Carter 40 years ago.

  19. Anyone who is ‘Surprised’ by this has been Asleep, like that Rip van Winkle guy, for at least a couple of decades. If you Don’t Know :
    It is (((their))) ‘just us’ System.
    Most ‘judges’ are (((them))
    There are two “Laws”. one for (((them))) and one for the goyim slaves.
    No form of ‘political activity’ will change (((their))) system.
    You don’t have enough Ammo.