Primary Arms Optics Report

Via JC at AP.

Got reliable optics?

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  1. i have 4 different PA optics. all with the acss reticles. fucking love them. the rest of the fam was able to pick them up and shoot unknown distances without any trouble at all. no stopping to mil a target and do math. use the reticle, and bamalamadingdong done. I’m shooting 1k yds on my spr type rifle with one, and using a mk 262 type load. the reticle is spot on

  2. Yep, great scopes, and not just “for the money,” but for rugged reliability and The Reticle!

    Customer service and fast shipping second to none and far in advance of most.

    • Plankton67

      I concur, Primary Arms customer service has been excellent for me. Nothing broke, just an external part was misplaced during cleaning – but still… they were responsive, timely and sent me the right part immediately.

  3. Well done. You and a few others here, have stood proudly by these guys for awhile now. I do trust your judgement regarding good solid kit.. It’s time I give em a go.

    I’ve sadly seen a decline in Vortex kit, unless it’s their newer Gen II stuff.

    Interested in a new 500/600m, unit for an 18 in m4.

    Nicely done Dodge.


  4. Grenadier1

    They consistently get good reviews, and have a good price point.

  5. Prepperdaddy

    General question from the weeds – any thoughts on whether ANY illuminated reticle optics will survive an EMP?

  6. just add violence

    Been wanting to try the PA stuff, the reticles are awesome. Some have told me the eye box is a little tight though and I can’t stand that.

    No idea if this is this case or not. Anyone experience this issue ?

  7. I had one, 4-16 and loved it, gonna buy more. FYI: if your using a 24mm Obj lens scope for serious work you either do not need an optic or are making a huge mistake

  8. I’ll pass. Proven is reliable and has been places and done the hard things, over and over and over and over and over and over. Safe queens and square range commandos don’t stress equipment. I’ve seen the best shit made fail eventually. The lower end stuff don’t make it off the line. To each his own, not hating just passing on my take….all.02 worth.

  9. Don’t have any of the specific optics mentioned but was reached out to once by one of their prod development guys as to how “I” use a red-dot, holdovers on cheat sheet or committed to memory, size dot, preferred physical size which is often a compromise of weight vs. objective dimensions etc. What that told me was that they were switched on in the field input mode, vs. designing in a vacuum.

    Will add that, based on some other purchases, I can attest that their cust service is superb.

  10. Dodge, in reviewing the literature over at optics planet, I can’t determine if a PV 14 can be run in conjunction with. Anybody know the answer.

    The unit is the 5.56 unit a bit bigger then an aimpoint pro. With lense covers I can not run a 14, which leads me to this question. ” easy fix” for us. a 14 on the rifle is critical.

    The PVS 14 would sit on a TM-14 nod mount “TNVC” within 1/16th of an inch off the rear lense.


    • @dirk….peq 15c works fantastic. Badger makes fancy widgets to attach pvs14 to ocular end. Or the objective end of mk4 spotter . Personally the pvs 22/30 on your rig gets shit done. Pvs 14/ ir laser-illumination. Magnified optics/ pcs 22-30 and peq15 again. McMillan makes a fantastic rail/mount for bolt gun shooty -in-the-dark.

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