Deep State Wins!

Explainer at Cold Fury.

Harmony by Z Man.

The Flaming Twenties will be as dangerous as any period in American history for everyone who believes in individual freedom, personal responsibility, limited government, and private property.

A reader sends this example: is a video that was linked to by Wirecutter at today. This video illustrates the swarm nature and functional differentiation of antifa in crowds.

Of note, they are more coordinated than I had considered. I do wonder how/where they practice their tactics. US Military forces do a series of rehearsals for actions, where do these “people” do this? How have they solidified tactical roles?

Whether or not the blue hat guy was bait (or not) is a point of debate. The antifa mob is stepping it up and have apparently decided that they will do this. 2020 is going to be spicy.

You already are a hated minority.

And you will not be tolerated.

There is no political solution.

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