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‘Coexist’ Molotovs Now Available

Get yours while they’re hot.


Z Blog: Unraveling Impeachment

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Speculation on madness.

Good news?

If they are focused on each other, they can’t focus on you.


Earl: Little Bobby DeNiro


Related CNN fluffer

3Green Sends

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BLOAT – Buy Lots Of Ammo Today (Supplemental)

A couple of reax to Saturday’s Do It Now post:

Reader #1:

CA, Noticing your blurb about bulk XM193, thought I’d mention something.
I would seldom use ARFCOM as a source but there is a thread there RE next year’s switch of operating the Lake City plant from ATK (Federal) to Olin (Winchester).
Fairly short thread (so far) is here:

You’ll recognize chaff from grain but there are a couple of relevant posts, and the gist of it regarding direct impact (NIL) is correct. ([PERSEC] corroborating, who work at Rock Isl where the command is that manages the ammo plants.)

* If you don’t feel like citing ARFCOM, here’s the direct link for the PR blurb on the transition.

The alarmists on the webs will likely flail arms generally, and some will take a run at Fed XM193 because “election” but that will happen regardless of the type of ammo under discussion – herd hysteria. M193 is still a decent MILSPEC ball to buy and will be for some time – and no time like the present since the really nice Win/Swedish mfr’d 62gr match over-run stuff ran dry & price has now gone up slightly, not bad, just went up a bit. In my experience M193 is also more accurate than M855 “green tip” – YMMV. As our sage from Wyoming said, “velocity is a thing.”

Tip on M193 if you’re buying the Federal stuff. Federal XM193 is all same-same GI regardless of packaging. The bulk 1000-packs do sometimes have more cosmetic issues with dented cases, etc due to how it’s packaged (dumping). One can often get the same thing on sale at PSA by actually buying the 20-round packs and then buying 25 of them (500-rds, indiv packs in nice box) to get the free shipping. Order 50 and it comes in 2 boxes, makes 1000 rds but not bulk-dumped in the box. Yes you have to unpack individually to put into a big bag or strippers or however you store it, but the ammo is good. And the 2 500-rd cartons it comes in will store as they are too. PSA will do the 5.99/20-rd box periodically with free shipping over 25. And, no, the ‘X’ in XM193 doesn’t mean “seconds” or defects; just happens usually when they produce more on a delivery order than was called for because they’re allowed to sell the stuff commercially as well. Same as a contractor making too many canteen covers…

How Olin chooses to package it commercially in a year is not known at this time.

Just tryin’ to get ahead of the RUMINT. Happy trails.

Reader #2:

I dig Palmetto State as much as the next guy. Especially fond of their “Beto” lowers.

But the online ammo bots are generally better for ammunition. The special you posted was 0.29/round, AmmoSeek gets me down to almost 0.24/round, brass cased, without any special rebate.

At one point I compared the top 10 ammo search sites. AmmoSeek ended up being the best overall.

It didn’t always have the absolute best price on the net. But it was never farther away than 3% from the best price.

Of note, as the ammo you want gets more specific or rare, the better it is to look at multiple sites. Bulk .223 will be the same, to within fractions of a penny per round. “147 g +P Critical Defense with extra Zombie” will vary by 5-10 cents per round.

The link I sent was specific to .223 brass cased, to better compare with the PSA deal you posted. Would use instead the generic

Side note: you can also do a custom search by caliber, bullet weight, manufacturer, or key word (such as “match”). Which almost always returns dozens of hits.

Happy ammo day!

Herschel: Disarming Lessons From Iraq

The vast majority of LEOs are following orders today.

They will continue when they are ordered to take your guns.

Deal with that reality.

And plan accordingly.

Socialism, Simply

Cappy boils it down to its core.

Harder to accept – and still harder to change – is that the vast majority of FUSAns are just fine and dandy with socialism as practiced in this country for more than a century.

Keep that in mind when dealing with the Greenwoods in your circles.

Caption This Pic

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A Terse Big-Picture Summary

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A related reminder, via MB at Gab:

Do It Now

Details here.



From the Insty shop, a primer on how it was and how it will be again when the Communist Convergence in North America reaches full bloom.

Plan accordingly.

And harden your hearts.

The Annual State Of The States Report

The whole country is bankrupt.

Good luck with those pensions.

Herschel: You’re Never In More Danger Than When The Police Are Around


Copsuckers aside, you really should have a copy of this classic as a cautionary tale on what pension-driven LEOs will do come Spicy Time.

Never forget the following:

Buppert: The Deep State And Unmasking The Wizard

Bill’s latest.

Think of the Flaming Twenties as the Communist Convergence in North America, underway for a century-plus and only now coming to fruition.

Death to all Communists and their supporters.

3Green: A Reminder

It turns out that the Reds really are going full-coup.

Keep your local GOP and Democrat accountability files up to date.

Usurpations, indeed.

Emergency Medical: Wounds & Lacerations In The ER

From over the transom.

Got medical professionals?

You’d best be recruiting.

Tempus fugit.

SLL: The Illusion Of Control

Robert’s latest.

Hold on tight.

These are the good old days.

And what will follow will be disturbing.

To everything and everyone.

Comments Open: Questions From The Author Of “Faction”

Thanks again for your promotion of my novel Faction. WRSA-related purchases appear to make up the bulk of volume so far!

Could you indulge me one last time in a post addressing your readership? I knew that this crowd would “get it.”

A WRSA reader commented to me:

“… I finished the book last night.

“I highly recommend. It’s a real page turner, and was hard to put down as the hours grew late.

“…Other than a good engaging read your description of tactics, process and other bits gave me some new things to contemplate and perhaps use for later festivities as the Flaming 20s progress.”

Reception has been 100% positive, with one four and nine five star reviews on Amazon between Kindle and print versions. The consistent theme has been that it is a compelling story, well-told, grounded in reality and providing practical food for thought.

I wrote Faction for several reasons. First, as a love letter to a time and place that no longer exists, save in our hearts and memories. Secondly, as an exhortation to our people to ground themselves in a smaller world, stepping away from the light infantry paradigm found in most of the literature. Faction’s skin-of-the-teeth moments are actually feasible, with no “woo,” rooted in practical preparation and equipment within the reach of every single reader. The tech is simple, extraordinarily so, focusing on weapons that the average gun porn fan will proclaim as obsolete, or boring, or… “huh?”

Could you indulge me one last time, and share the following survey for your readers?

1. Why did I select the M-1 Carbine as the standard weapon of the Filipino “neighborhood watch” group? Why did I even go there?

2. What comms / infosec lessons did I spell out in the story?

3. Why did I focus so heavily on .32 ACP suppressed weapons, and what were the takeaways, good and bad, spelled out in the story? How does this apply to the average reader?

4. Why was there zero actual use of “assault rifles,” save one incident, by Our Heros? What rather exotic weapon was unnecessary, but served to spell out a moral dilemma facing readers in the upcoming unpleasantness? Do you agree/disagree with this choice?

5. Why does Our Hero go with what I call the “Modern Liberator” pattern – which we’ve discussed on WRSA in the past – based on the events of the story, as a standard mass-issue resistance weapon for The Club in Barcelona and beyond?

As an aside, readers can contact me at with individual feedback, or if they’d like a notification when I get my website with bonus material, articles about the small arms, historical info, etc. up and running (very soon). The sequel/prequel is underway, focusing on Josef’s entry into the trade during the Spanish Civil War.

Thanks again.


“Karl Dahl”

DTG: For The Common Good

Communists versus anti-Communists.

The Reds win if you don’t arm, train, and supply your team.

Time is indeed flying.

Are you preparing for life during wartime?

NYC Red Dad Whines About Commie Schools, Others Chime In

When The Culture Wars Come For The Kids

When the Ideologues Come for the Kids

9 Revelations In The Atlantic’s Essay About NYC’s Kafkaesque Schools

These are the type of people who scorn home school.

These are the type of people who believe that money should be taken at government gunpoint from you to educate their children.

These are the type of people who believe that “government, and then more government” is the only correct answer to all questions.

These are the type of people who must be politically isolated from trad Americans and forced to live in the Bolshevik utopia a century or more of collectivism has created.