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A twitter account that bears watching is: https://twitter.com/demosisto

The TTP and the presentation of this ongoing protest… the HK people are engaged in this in ways different than we see in contemporary American “protest theatre.” Note that HK participants do not get adorned in comic-book like costumes, unlike what has become the expectation of antifa and counter-antifa groups in America.

It is not a far leap to make to wonder if the costumery is being intentionally stage managed to maneuver the political street theater in some sort of morality play. The right wing costumes at this point… the participants may want to consider that the costumery is a separation between the protestors and normal people, the costumes (see recent Portland events for illustration of point) render the protestors as infantile clowns.

Those who are taking part in such street protests should more carefully consider what they wish to portray… if they look like respectable, professional adults, they will be regarded as such. When they cavort in capes and LARP as whatever, it looks non-serious.

Back to the twitter account mentioned… the HK protestors are facing down a much more brutal, all-encompassing establishment opponent than Americans have seen domestically. Only when American protesters absorb these lessons and gain mass (consider MOOSEMUSS…) will they be able to rise above the intentionally stage managed distractions.

Consider the impact and results of the broad based, unarmed protest… it has a better track record than the “being a nail to the establishment hammer.”

Matthew 7:14 Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

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