Bracken: On Drones, The Saudi Oil Field Strikes, And You

Go to the AP link for the vid.

Good news?

The tech genie is already out of the bottle.

For everyone.

12 responses to “Bracken: On Drones, The Saudi Oil Field Strikes, And You

  1. All infrastrucure is vulnerable and unguardable, or has essential elements which are unguardable.
    Electric grid.
    Buried pipelines (water, natty, crude oil, refined petroleum products).
    Telecomm buried cables, aerial cables, the entire outside plant.
    Roads and rail.

    All of it is totally dependent on good will. None of it can be effectively guarded.

    • Absolutely! A strike at ANY switch yard, transformers on poles, gas pipe lines, virtually anything on a telephone poles, and as always cameras. You see them every where now. Take out the spy in the sky. BB guns, 22s. Nothing big. Hit and go! No bragging no nuffin. You get the point! Stay low and quiet. Do what you can. Nothing outrageous. Stay small and simple. Resist as you can, but resist!!

    • If we were a unified nation ala 1940s it would be no problem. The nearest KKK chapter would be instructing the locals on the finer points of lynching for the ragheads and commies they caught. Nothing like an aroused public to say ‘oh hell no!’ and defend the assets themselves. Sadly that is not the case anymore.

  2. Bracken on Jones… see vid. Finally Bracken can go on the schill pile with Jones and the rest of the controlled op crap he and his type spew. For any body who still gives AJ an ounce of respect or time all I can say U deserve what you get…. Had all his books and gave him his due but Bracken has been living off his BS, and controlled op tripe, long enough, yet here he is again. Must still be [plenty of newbies around to put the mind screws too.

    • Are you this JT Smythe?
      Just wondering if it’s a real name, or just a fake name you are hiding behind.

  3. Tried to go to the source but Wordfence stopped me. If you have a chance, please tell your contributor that they have to get rid of that POS if they want eyeballs from whose who wish to remain anonymous.

  4. A sobering read, related to subject: https://vocal(dot)media/theSwamp/this-fictional-memo-to-the-president-from-1989-predicted-terrorism-in-the-us

    This is from 1989, by G. Gordon Liddy. Published in Omni Magazine. Go have a read and see why this issue is important to all Americans. If you were in Iraq circa 2005-2007, you will recognize the issues with infrastructure immediately.

  5. We can comment again? Neat!
    BTW, I’m in ID at the moment looking at properties, any suggestions?


      I recommend Kootenai County. It’s close enough to a major airport(Spokane) if you have to travel. It’s very close to major health care facilities if you need them. ID is still very 2nd Amendment friendly. Stay out of Coeur d’ Alene as it is slowly becoming a Blue Hive.
      Keep your kids out of the public schools. If you can’t, try to live in the Lakeland School District. They have not been completely corrupted, yet. There are numerous private Christian Schools here; and a nationally recognized Charter School. The Catholic School is Novus Ordo and obtains its student teachers from the syphilitic-thinking, Masonic Jesuit Illuminati over at Gonzaga. Oh, and buy a snow blower, shovels and warm clothing. This winter is predicted to be rather unpleasant. Bleib ubrig.

  6. I’m good. Let’s do it.

  7. robroysimmons

    Not a techie but I will assume that anti-radiation missiles guidance tech and infrared terminal guidance tech is about at Chinese fire sale prices now. And what a coincidence it would be if it leaked out to those currently resisting the American Empire of Eternal Motherly Goodness, that would be bad.