Z Blog: Thoughts On Civil War In Modern America

On spicy times and their likelihood.

The Reds are sure that they will prevail.

And thus, Cataclysm approaches.

Do you know which of your neighbors plans to shoot you and yours?

Best figger that out.


11 responses to “Z Blog: Thoughts On Civil War In Modern America

  1. Better yet, if you have any neighbors planning on shooting you and yours, maybe you should find somewhere else to live before it is too late?

  2. If I have any neighbors that are planning on shooting me first. Well, how bout I just shoot first, whether they plan on it or not and get it over with. Hey, that’s what swat does! Whats the bid deal, they never get prosecuted, and I can always say I learned it from them. Sides, ifn I shoot the neighbors first, who’s left to tell………

  3. The average ‘red’ in the neighborhood will do absolutely NOTHING that is ‘kinetic’. ‘Reds’ believe that is the government’s job, and the ‘reds’ control the government. Thus, you will be faced with Fighting the .gov Thugpigs, just as you are now. If things were to go “Kinetic” on a wide scale, the small numbers of .gov Thugpigs will be barely able to Defend the .gov ‘Green Zones’ never mind make the Thousands of Door-Kicking Raids that actual Gun Confiscation will require.

  4. I think Zman has a bit of normalcy bias going on there with his theories about the future being mostly non-violence.

    • I put his observations about what action could be taken as more in the suggestion category than the prediction category.

  5. robroysimmons

    For examples I think Hezbollah is a fine one for some of the parallels to our sad ass state of existence. I think the Shiites were the Deplorables of Lebanon, the farm labor ect, ect and so forth. If anyone can recommend a decent book or something on that order would appreciate.

  6. I think the homeless problem is going to start the whole revolution redo. In my area, with a plethora of well heeled elites dodging various piles of needles, excrement, tents, and the mentally ill at work and at home, there is a lot of tension lately. It’s one thing when Deplorables have to live with unpleasantness, but no Kartrashian wants grubbiness on her doorstep. Now, the Sacramento Bee just did an article on how NO ONE, NOR THEIR DOG OR KID, should be anywhere near the Sacramento river, it’s tributaries, or many of our numerous lakes. Why? Well, it seems that our moving domicile-challenged folks like nothing better than camping along water, 💩 in said water, and thus entire miles are contaminanted with E Coli. With SF. SJ, LA, & other large areas enjoying the same cultural experience. I’m thinking California will get a pandemic of extreme size long before Antifa attempts a winery take over. The minute that Sutter Hospital has cholera in mass numbers is the time we will see heterosexuals back in SF. Be prepared, because you will hear the shrieking in Ohio. Suddenly, I see the entire Golden State getting a dose of common sense-among other things.

  7. Darrell Cloud

    As long as the lights are still on, it is all good. When they go out, the supply chains break. People do not starve quietly. They will do whatever is necessary to feed themselves and their families. Your immediate threat is your next door neighbor. None of us are ready for this.


      Well spoken, Darrell Cloud. There are legions out there who do not give a rip about politics. But, when it starts breaking down, they will come. We saw the previews with Rodney King, Katrina, and Sandy. I do not buy the “tank of gas” theory as there will be plenty of delivery and rental vehicles parked about to replenish their fuel supplies for distant foraging.
      The bangers in SoCal have been planning this for years. School counselors and probation officers were hearing the rumblings right before the Rodney King fiesta in 1992. Let the cucks, Normies, sheeple, and other clueless Eloi get culled first. The ones who will be doing the culling have shark’s eyes. I have dealt with them face-to-face. Harden your own hearts. STFU and plan accordingly.