The Execution of LaVoy Finicum: Lawsuit Dismissed

You have been briefed.

Plan accordingly.

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  1. Unreconstructed Fenian

    I hope someone will remember the judge’s name .

  2. Shinmen Takezo

    Wait, wait!!! –but, but, but Sean Hannity said that the ‘rank and file’ are on ‘our side.”


    Actually, what this proves is that US Alphabet-law (less)-agencies (meaning the rank and file therein) are just ‘paycheck pigs” who will do, and are capable of doing anything they are instructed to do–because they are assured of ‘immunity’ and of getting their fat, retirements in the end.

    Wrap your fat, on-your-knees sniveling (we support law enforcement) to Jesus minds around this fact please.

  3. Here’s the cocksucker


  4. Another judge who needs a Come to Jesus meeting on the “laws” in the FUSA. He stuck a fork in it, so… those lists updated? A Come to Jesus meeting is thorough. I’d make sure that all involved parties, ie-the FBI”, the State Troopers, etc, attend with the judge. It could be a real source of light-then salt.

  5. A reminder,
    How many informants were at malheur ?
    would it be wise to consider that pretty much every web site is being monitored for wrong think & hate speech.
    why is it only “right wing” whites being demonized and prosecuted daily while leftists are allowed to get away with assault, arson, attempted and actual murder with a slap on the wrist at most?
    Fed post at your own risk.

  6. pgt beauregard

    i know this will be an unpopular opinion, but stupid is as stupid does.
    lavoy, rest in peace, acted like a dumbass at the worst possible time.
    lesson to learn: dont be that guy.

    • Maybe Lavoy was right. One thing is for certain, choose ‘the hills you are willing to die on’ wisely.

  7. Well Judge Michael Mosman does live somewhere… Oh and 5 children, how nice…..

  8. Hmm, so has Jennettes suit also been dismissed? ” Lavoys Wife?.

    I’m not surprised the others suits were dismissed. They read like a fucking science fiction project, prepared by Jerry’s kids.

    The only person with standing in Lavoys death are immediate family.

    Tic Toc.


  9. O yea, now the rest can refile on Appeal. On to the 9th Circuit!.


  10. Publish the names and addresses of the agents that fired the shots.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Comments? Really? It’s not just a memedump anymore? Wow.

    Speaking of fedposting. If you aren’t making Anglin’s place a regular stop, this is definitely worth a read.

    Christopher Cantwell came up here a while back, and Anglin’s accusation that he is a federal informant. Somebody here said that wasn’t true, that Cantwell was merely cooperating with authorities. I am now convinced that “cooperating with authorities” does, in fact, mean “federal informant”. For more information on precisely how this happens, I strongly recommend the Ralph Retort episode featuring the mystery guest, Andre Wang Lin:
    direct link:

    He goes into specifics and details – details that I am ashamed to admit I knew ever since the Martha Stewart conviction, but I had not put 2 and 2 together.

    Yes, Cantwell is a federal informant.

    Yes, is completely corrupted and subverted.

    Yes, if you interact with these people, you are in deep, deep shit.

    Yes, you should keep an eye out for any such behavior among those in your other circles.

    And if somebody you are interacting with admits that they are “cooperating with authorities”, or, worse, simply refuses to answer any questions …

    Act on your own initiative.

    • Recommend accessing DS through Tor. He gets shoahed off of the normieweb quite often. bbs.dstormer6em3i4km.onion

  13. Incidentally, CA, the first DS link might be worth a front page link. The whole story is pretty informative regarding how the feds infiltrate and subvert targeted organizations.

  14. Kent Phillips

    The man was murdered

  15. To be clear, the suit brought by his wife HAS NOT BEEN DISMISSED. Try supporting them if you can.

    I did it by buying his book. This was a good man executed for being a good man. He knew they were going to ace him, that’s why he started sleeping outside the building. I suspect they whispered it in his ear long before they actually did the deed and he was decent enough to not want others to get clipped on his behalf. He knew they were serious and went forward anyway.

  16. Owned the book before he was murdered. And there is zero doubt that the Oregon State Police Murdered Levoy.

    I’ve published the OSP Captains name and the station he commands here o WRSA, at least five times.

    It’s my belief that Jennettes suit will be won. And if you hadn’t read the othere suits, you should. Not saying their not worthy, just saying whoever penned then had a poor mentor, for some reason I don’t recall attorneys being involved at the time the suits were presented.

    And,,,,,the chick,mShawna? in the truck has been beaten up. When I went to Lavoys funeral, I was shocked to learn via the local rag, that Shawna’s brother had burned to death days after Lavoys murder, in their hometown.


  17. believe it when I see it


    No one’s gonna do a thing to the perps. How many more reasons do you need ?

    Just ask Randy Weaver, the folks at Waco and Gordon Kahl for starters.

    • That is the sad truth. This old coot thought for sure we would fight when with the stroke of a pen the Republicans’ NDAA gutted our Bill of Rights. That was 8-1/2 years ago. Silly me.

      We are ‘clingers’. We cling to Republicans, Washington and a system intent on destroying us.

      Like Bill Buppert said, ‘The only vote that ever mattered in history is secession’.

  18. Remember what Sam Hyde said about journalists.

  19. Folks,
    This is going to sound like I am blaming Mr. Finicum for his own death.
    That’s not exactly the case but before I go into deeper detail let me state, I believe that Lavoy was a great American and someone that could have been a major leader and inspiration. No doubt that is why the Feds wanted him dead or in jail.
    Now to address the incident itself and what lead to it.
    This was a cascading failure that could have been avoided with basic operational methods and security.
    This operation was a goat rope from the get go.
    They had no plan to initiate a siege or at least they had no plan beyond a couple of days. That left them making it up as they went along, and it left them open to exploitation by folks who didn’t have their best interests in mind and had their own agenda.
    With these elements within the inside of the operation the concept of leaving the refuge for a meeting should have rejected outright. That should have never came up as a possibility.
    The route to the meeting obviously was not looked at prior to departing.
    They should have recognized the potential choke points and ambush sites and rejected that path. Alternatively they could have split up and moved by different routes keeping the option of one group moving to support the other that got into trouble or had a follow on group 5 minutes behind the first group. A lot of options that could have been utilized to put the thoughts into the feds minds that they could present a dangerous scenario if the feds didn’t act a specific way. That may have been enough to make them rethink the takedown.
    When the roadblock was encountered it was already too late to prevent any other outcome except arrest or death. I appreciate that Mr Finicum was exiting his vehicle with the intent of drawing attention and potential fire away form those still inside, but he caused them to open fire. Not intentionally but by simply getting out he gave them the opportunity to claim that he was reaching for a gun and shoot him. When bullets start flying there is no guarantee that people in the truck would not return fire, or the cops just start blasting into the truck and still end up getting them all killed. This all points to the fact that they had no idea that a roadblock was a possibility an had no plan for what to do on contact with one.

    Let it be a learning moment guys.
    You can respect the man for what he stood for and still be critical of his actions and the outcome. None of that removes the responsibility of the shooting from the cops.

  20. It is difficult to find the words to express the way I feel about this. The murder of this wonderful man was a blood sacrifice to the Satanist! Lavoy will have justice in Gods court, Amen
    Big Banks are going under ! They has borrowed $350 Billion this week @ 10% from the FED. Get your assets into a credit union today, or risk having it stolen by your bank! They passed a law in 2009 that they can seize assets from their customers if they get into trouble like in 2008. Reference search, “Fed repo “

  21. white, christian, believes in self: the highest crime one can be guilty of in deluded amerika and one which carries the death penalty (for as long as ‘citizens’ allow it to, anyway).