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The Five-Gun Theory

Baseline for your arms locker.

Or more probably, your BIL who just realized that things are FUBAR.

SLL: Enemy Assets

Robert’s latest.


Violence Versus Aggression

The latest at AP.

The Reds plan to rob you, imprison you, and eventually murder you.

Best be planning and training how to stop them.

Tempus fugit.

Snapshot, Fall 2019

Your fellow Americans.

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

Pour encourager les autres.




H/t ZH:

Your Superiors Have Declared Such Behavior To Be Hateful And Unacceptable

So whatever you do, do not even consider printing and spreading this kind of genocidal poison near and far in your AO (click on image):

Z Blog: Ethics & Authority

Candidate for Quote of the Era:

“Democracy is the suicide pill for a people out of reasons to live.”


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New Woodpile’s Here!


They Got Sabo Today

Via Gab.

One of the great agitprop artists of the era.

Help if you can.

His website:

On Marksmanship And Choosing The Right AR

Hint: you have to be able to run your rifle off the bench and outside the square range.

(H/t BB)

When Antifa Comes To Your Sleepy Little Town – Part III

Part I here.

Part II here.


More to come.


Via Vox Day, this story on the FBI/IC’s connection to organized child abuse.

The FBI report

Your tax dollars at work.

Fog Of (Many) War(s)

A reader sends:


As absurd as this is, it gets weirder if (IF) Baghdadi was effectively a contractor under the T1MB3R 5YCAM0RE program. Legit target, tying up loose ends, both? Neither?

To add a layer of haze to this already shady conflict, is it conceivable that the conflict between DoD supported elements and Langley supported elements is not really a proxy battle for Syria, but rather a proxy battle between DoD and Langley? Unknown and perhaps unknowable.

There really is no clean end by which to pick up this turd. That, and nobody has articulated a clear purpose and end state to this kabuki theater.

Operation Timber Sycamore And Washington’s Secret War On Syria

(Via Gab)

DSR South 2019: Go For 8-9 November/Anniston, Alabama Area

Too many plates spinning in meatspace with work and family obligations.

Have decided to proceed nonetheless.

The plan:

8 NOV 1800 Local (i.e., CST): Meet and greet/chow down if you want at a local restaurant; details to be announced closer to meet time for obvious reasons. PLEASE DO TRY TO MAKE EVENT, AS SOOPER SEKRIT EVENT INFO WILL BE DISTRIBUTED.

9 NOV 0900CST: Meet up at CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park; ranges are cold until 0900 and first-time shooters at the facility will need to watch a (decent) 10-minute safety video before you can go shoot.

(Click to enlarge)

Rifle shooters: Before you can proceed to the 200/300/600 range (Range #1), you must take the rigs you plan to shoot to Range #2, receive a line-safety briefing from the LSO, and demonstrate to the LSO that you and your rig(s) can confirm zero/shoot a decent (4-6 MOA) group from supported bench at 100 yards. You will then be cleared to proceed to Range #2, where you will be assigned either a prone or bench position and be instructed on the electronic scoring system.

Other shooters: Call the CMP at (256) 474-4408 for details on the other ranges. The facility is open from 0900-1700CST.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: The CMP staff are wonderful, salt-of-the-earth folks that really want every visitor to have a good (and safe) time. Treat them right, because this place is an almost-impossibly great combination of world-class tech, terrific facilities, and Southern hospitality.

9NOV 1900: Return to Anniston area for chow/refreshments at another local facility.

Lodging and all expenses will be at your end; one of the topics for discussion will be how to make future DSRs better.

Please drop a headcount at

As info:

Hope to see you there!

Captain Capitalism: The Shipyards Of Men

Read it, then make sure the young people in your life read it.

Young men need to know the odds against a happy marriage, and then route around the traps.

Young women need to know why a barren, cat-and-box-wine-filled existence awaits them.

And it will get worse.

Z Blog: The Sham Of Democracy

Universal suffrage democracy.

No moral structure.

Nothing but magic dirt.

Enjoy the decline.

The landing is going to suck.

Bracken’s Latest

Via AP.

Share it widely.

Sunday Morning

The West is crumbling towards death

Only Christianity Can Save The West

What Kind Of Christianity Could Save The West?

Thinking Through Life After The Calizuela Event(s)

A useful post from ChicagoBoyz on the resilience of a post-event (“normalized”) third-world society.

With nigh-unto-worthless currency.

Got friends with guts and skills?