When Antifa Comes To Your Sleepy Little Town

A reader sends this ongoing story (light OPSEC/PERSEC edits) of how The Bad People will do The Bad Things to you and the other TradAms in your area, step by step:


9/28: FYI there is a kerfuffel recently over the Confederate Statue in front of the courthouse in the county where my land is (Chatham). Several panty-waist liberals got elected county commissioners a couple of years back and they voted to remove the monument. Tempers are flaring and there will likely be some escalation in the next month. That monument is dedicated to many, among them several direct relatives – one my Great Grandfather who owned the land that I now own.

Folks are not gonna take this kindly, and some of us might have to get arrested at this rate.

Just thought you should know.

Background links:



9/30: Chatham County Chairman, Mike Dasher, on the Confederate monument:

“Just want to clear up any confusion over the monument, the recent protests, and how this all plays out.

I’ve seen and heard that if the Commissioners leave the monument alone, then these out-of-county groups will stop coming here raising confederate flags and let us get back to normal.

Folks – the deal’s gone down and what’s done is done. There is not a discussion or negotiation left to be had, unless you’re the UDC and you want to talk thru the particulars of how/when/ where you’re moving it to.

Perhaps instead of planning rallies and finding land for flags, these people could’ve been working thru logistics and finding and preparing land for the monument.

Barring any legal challenge, there is zero chance that the Board of Commissioners revisits this issue. Zero.

So all you’re doing is hurting local people and businesses, and convincing more and more people that monuments and flags glorifying the confederacy are horribly out of place in 2019 Chatham County.

Of course, people are free to express their anger over that, provided they do it peacefully and legally.

But to what end? Whatever your cause is, you’re not furthering it. Chatham County’s moving on. You should too.”

See this link for the above:

Chatham commissioner Mike Dasher issues a tone-deaf announcement on the statue

GOP local party statement:

GOP position on the Chatham courthouse statue


Today, 10/19,1254E:

Antifa / BLM folks showing up on the monument protests. Pics to follow.


Lots of shouting, cursing, and general unpleasantness, mainly from the foul mouthed Antifa things. Some derision back from the confederate side, but noticeably more polite language. The Antifa thugs drove in from God knows where, while the Confederate crowd were a mix of locals and some from surrounding counties. Chatham Sheriff and Pittsboro police keeping opposing parties on opposite sides of the street for the most part. A tractor-Antifa madman standoff in the middle of US 15-501 (Jefferson Davis Highway) was slowly defused.

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