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Bootygig: I’ll Sound More Reasonable Than Beto, But It’s The Same Old Crap

An Action Plan to Combat the National Threat Posed by Hate and the Gun Lobby

From last summer, but with extra relevance now that he’s the “front runner”…

Think national.

Plan to act locally.

A Communist revolution is not implemented from the capital city.

Nor is its counter-revolution.

“We can have free elections or the NSC.”

More than a trifle hopium there on that “free elections” anachronism (absent a return to only paper ballots), but the NSC needs to go.

Root and branch.

Just like the FBI.

A Good Read On Psyops In Guerrilla Warfare


You may not be interested in war in your area, but war is most certainly interested in you.

Plan accordingly.

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When Antifa Comes To Your Sleepy Little Town – Part VII

Prior segments

Latest from our correspondent:

It’s gone. The fuckers worked overnight to remove the statue (I figured they would do it soon, and at night).

It will go back up in time, but for now the part of the war in my sleepy little town just stepped up a notch.,3982

Money quote:

“Like a thief in the night, under cover of darkness, the Chatham County Confederate Soldiers Memorial has been illegally removed…”

More to come.

They Seem Nice

From over the transom.

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OODA, The Mexican Cartels, & A Big Win For 4GW

Money quote:

“…The drug cartels represent the future in many respects. They do not seek to replace the state or openly capture it, which would make them vulnerable to other states; rather, they hide within its hollowed-out structures and are protected by its formal sovereignty. They make lots of money while states go begging. They provide social services the state is supposed to offer but does not. Their highly-motivated forces with flat command structures have a faster OODA Loop than the state’s. And locally, they often appear more legitimate than the state…”


You don’t have to sell narcotics to use that structure.


New Woodpile’s Here!


And go calibrate your dosimeters.

GoV: We All Knew This Would Happen – We Just Neglected To Tell You

Great Replacement confessions.

The videos of such confessions a bit more down the road will feature more screaming, I’m sure.

Georgia Battlespace Prep

Read the Bolshie tosh.

Know that the Reds are serious.

Will Georgians be so?

Diplomad: Level-Setting On Yovanovitch And The Impeachment Clown Show

Straightforward observations from a “been there, done that” chap.

Purge the State Department lifers.

What is the vital US interest in Ukraine?

When Antifa Comes To Your Sleepy Little Town – Part VI

Prior segments


More to come.

Getting On The Trains

Hong Kong protesters being transported to the mainland for special processing, via and one of his commenters.

The North Americans who want to murder you and your family for your beliefs are allied with the filthy ChiCom bastards.

Those North Americans are winning.

Do you understand yet?


werf i must mit mein flammen thrust

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SLL: The Builders

Robert’s latest.

There will be a morning after.

Plan for that as well.

F&F: The Zombies Are Already Here

Their latest.



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Gab Group For WRSA Comments

Kudos to the guys who did the work.


Long live badthink and hatespeech!

A Call To Globalization

Herschel sends.


There will be blood.

Plan accordingly.

Abolishing Whiteness Has Never Been More Urgent

Your betters instruct you on the sin of your existence.