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Impeachment Lynching 2019

Nadler Driving Towards December Impeachment

(H/t Bracken)

Codevilla: FBI Diagnosed With CIA Disease

NKVD more like it.

Burn both agencies to the ground.

Along with the rest of the Interagency.

This Is Why There Will Be A Violent Separation In FUSA

Read the above from Joe Huffman, then segue to a cold-blooded, clear-eyed assessment of how many control freaks like her live within your local polity.

There is no voting our way out of this.

Plan accordingly.

144:1 Sends


New designs, too.

Second Amendment Sanctuary: Step by Step Guide to Make It Happen, Example Resolutions

A primer.

In concert with creation and maintenance of bipartisan accountability files.

Pour encourager les autres.

FO: Thoughts On Whiskey Warrior 5.56 Incident

There will be more craziness.

Repost: A Working Man And His Tools

A Bracken classic for Thanksgiving Night.

Plus a musical variation from a reader:

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff: Truth Is No Defense


Evil is winning.

And the West is barely in the game.

Thanksgiving Day

There is much reason for gratitude.

Enjoy the day.

Usual programming resumes tonight.

Buppert: Unfuck Yourself

Tempus fugit.

werf i must mit mein flammen thrust

Herschel: It Begins

Virginia Senate Bill No. 64: Declaring Tactical Training Illegal

Z Blog: The Trip Down The Stairs

The country of your birth is already gone.

And we’ve only just begun.

The Boogaloo: Extremists’ New Slang Term for A Coming Civil War

Goodthink from the special folks at the ADL.

BOLO for white hetero men in your neighborhood.

They are boogaloo carriers.


Via Gab.

SLL: President Trump’s Defense

Robert’s latest.


IT Stuff

Via Gab.

And remember:

Two From Mosby

Campfire Chat

From The Library


New Woodpile’s Here!


The Maximum Practical Range of Slugs & Buckshot

Pay no attention to the inherent low-forensic nature of the loads.

Especially from a double.

With extractors, rather than ejectors.


More movement towards the Yugoslavian breakup of FUSA:

Schlichter: Fire The Admirals To Encourage The Others

CTH: Blackmail Confirmed, Navy Secretary Richard Spencer Removed by Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper

You are watching the FUSAn military break into the pro-government and the pro-American segments.

If you doubt that premise, re-read this.

One of the several factional conflicts coming soon in the Great North American Candid Exchange of Views And Culling Fest.

Plan accordingly.