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Wilder: Happy New Year – Maybe?

His latest.

Heads on a swivel.

Radio Contra: Episode I

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From Over The Transom

4gw ACW2

Food for thought.

Spread far and wide.

Kunstler: Evidence Of Absence

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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves.

Two From PA

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We Don’t Have To Live Like This

The Coward And The Mudshark

New Woodpile’s Here!


Open Comment Thread

Topic: Top 3 Priorities For The First Half of 2020?


A Question From Herschel

Read first this post.

Then consider Herschel’s question, especially the garbage-people government lowlifes that read both of our sites:

So here’s a question for the controllers. If this “opposition” is merely symbolic, and if they plan on turning their guns in to governor Ralph “Kill the babies give me all your guns” Northam, why would they be spending their hard-earned money on buying more guns?

A quick follow-up:

What if trad Americans are smart enough to use open-source information to hold accountable the legislators and senior staffers responsible for human rights violations while completely disregarding their knuckledragging uniformed hired thugs?

SLL: Shattering The Overton Window

Robert’s latest.

Money quote:

“…Part of something is better than all of nothing. Texit or Appalachexit would be far easier than restoring a Constitutional republic to the whole of the United States. And there’s a tactical advantage to advocating for peaceful secession rather than violent revolt: the former won’t get you thrown in jail—yet, unless you’re in Catalonia or China—the latter might…”


Buppert: Evil Is As Evil Does

Federal law enforcement, regardless of agency, is a tool for your masters to use against you.

Plan accordingly.

What Happens When A Government Fights A Dirty War Against Its Own People?

Some thoughts on a likely reality in the Flaming Twenties, via AP.

Some additional considerations:

1) You may not be thinking about the Boogaloo, but the Boogaloo is thinking about you.

2) Your heart needs to be hardened against those who would inform or otherwise act against you – be they “friends”, family, work associates, or the local government officials who will be bringing the pain.

3) All sides will be smart enough not to leave mass graves.

4) Sitting inside your home sperging “Muh consteetooshun” will ensure your demise; once Spicy Time arrives in your AO, don’t be where they know you live and work.

5) Food, water, and meds – think through these issues in detail, and have multiple contingency plans for each.

You also should read this ZH piece carefully.

The game is afoot.

And the new decade will bring much excitement.

Read at least one of these books in the next 30 days as part of your Boogaloo training:

Food For Thought

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Good Questions

Cut the cord yet

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BPS: Here Come The Flaming Twenties

H/t MB.

Thoughts On 1/20 VCDL Lobby Day

Valid points.

Political demonstration?

Training opportunity?

Or ambush?

You make the call.

Either way, have a plan.

Virginia is not an isolated case.

And you will have this issue in your home oblast.


Censor beagle

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REBOOT: You’re Gonna Love Our New Country

Back from detention:

You’re Going to Love Our New Country!

Herschel: Listen Closely To Your Local Sheriff

He might not be as firm as you hope.

Don’t Forget Enough Ammo For Each

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This Dude Is Ready For The Boogaloo

Are you?

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