Police Mentality

Read/view these accounts of the Miami “innocents are bullet shields” shootout:


Miami ups shootout wrong kiddo

Then watch this piece:


Now read PA’s article, plus comments:


All of that was your preparation for this question (and of course, all of this speculation is moot, given that Mr. Greenwood has assured us that we shall be eternally free because of ‘Murka and the Consteetooshun):

What should be the default Deplorable attitude towards popo in the Big Igloo?

The simple and wrong answer is the obvious one.

Consider the spear analogy seen periodically in these parts:

– The spear point (popo) is the action element of Executive Branch power (and, by derivation, Legislative and Judicial Branch power as well).

– But the spear point does not travel to its destination and mission on its own accord. It cannot do so, nor, as a single purpose tool, does it have any inclination to attempt (especially dangerous) unilateral action.

– The spear shaft (logistics, transport, and comms) enables the spear point to be effectively dispatched on its pointy-stabby-killy mission, and thus is an essential (read “vulnerable”) element in any assertion of government power.

– However, the spear itself must be launched and targeted – at least at a concept level – by the hierarchy of Exec/Leg/Judicial government actors. The spear shaft/point assembly does not ever launch itself on any serious action.

Once again for emphasis:

The spear shaft/point assembly does not ever launch itself on any serious action.

Ergo, there is no reason whatsoever to have as a Boogaloo objective the destruction of the spear points, unless in particular situations, such is unavoidable.

Instead, degrade/destroy the spear shaft.

And focus in your initial campaign on the morally-culpable spear launcher/targeters (See? I didn’t call them “spearchuckers”. 🙂 ) who started the whole damned mess.

Local, local, local.

Bi-partisan accountability files, updated as the orchestra finishes its warm-up.

And whatever you do, don’t expend your very limited resources impaling yourselves in an unsuccessful frontal attack on the most dangerous, cohesive actors on the .gov stage.

Places, everyone.

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