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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Of course, the brave soul who posted that to Twunter has already had their account suspended by the Zucker Stasi.

    The question is valid, though. The Line needs to be delineated sooner rather than later. As was pointed out elsewhere, the Left has their War/Governing structure in place already. We Deplorables need to get ours (or some reasonable facsimile) up and running soonest. The sooner we can begin treatment of the infection, the sooner the host will start to recover.

  3. Walter Sobchak

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  4. Walter Sobchak

    Personally, I’m out here smack dab in the middle of flyoverland, and whatever happens it is coming here last. Still, the progs are making inroads. We have a D governor here now, we have a D mayor as well. The progs are still a big time minority here, really they are only of any significance in Sedgwick county and Johnson county. They are motivated, and they are cohesive. I don’t think anything will happen until the economy collapses. If things start happening it will be on the coasts. I can’t help but to be cynical and think that in the end, nothing is exactly what will happen in the end. So the line is still where it always has been, economic collapse and gun control, and the PTB are working on insidious ways to implement their plan without confiscation, and by the time everyone realizes that the line has been crossed it’ll be too late. I think CA has suggested before that usurpation of freedom of speech is the real red line, and I’d agree with that. And twatter ALREADY pulling this post for TOS violation is just one more in a litany of examples. Thinking local, building community this is the way. FWIW in the interest of furtherance of these I’m still definitely interested in hosting a DSR Midwest next year, if there is any interest in such shenanigans.

    • Drop me a line, Walter.

      I’d like to do a proposed DSR calendar blogpost for at least the first half of 2020 by 31DEC2019.

    • Walter,

      You’re forgetting WyCo, populated by almost entirely minorities, who either speak Ebonics or Spanish (but no English). I’m curious about the percentage of that county who’ve served hard time too. My guess is way over 50%.

      And last but not least, Douglas County is populated with about 100,000 “people,” and north of 90% of those are the reddest of the Pure Red Commies. Lawrence is just a hive of scum and villainy. I need to look into what their Anti-fa chapter looks like too.

  5. as long as ‘happy wife happy life’ is the slogan of the day

    murkins are cowards and are not going to jeopardize one damn thing

    they just want to die in peace

    they love their “steak”

    • Or, I suppose you could go with ‘no wife, no life.’

      When families are not your main concern, or rather, the making of them, the cycle will continue with or without you.

      Additionally, some say that the real cowards are those that can not stay married. Especially after the ‘second’ time.

      As they say…

      • funny, that everyone i talk to is jealous that i actually DID have a life and wasn’t cucked into supporting a bunch of dependent and hungry mouths- who mostly turn against you anyways… and that i am financially solvent

        i can do anything i desire- bet ewe can’t even dream of that

        i’m actually tired of buying shit and going places

        ho hum—BORING!

        let the war commence- it will be exciting to see who survives

  6. So, in 2014 Mr. Taxicab wrote a compelling piece about the sorry state of things and a ‘pig trap’. Four years later he comes up with ‘Who, Whom, When’. Exactly! Well how about you Mr.Taxicab and at a time of your chosing. But don’t take too long. Or are you waiting for someone else to step up?

  7. Can’t believe the comments are open

    • Before you jump all over MR Taxicab, answer this. Have you read all his blog posts from the beginning? He was a working man just like the rest of us just trying to get by, probably still is, drove a cab just to make ends meet instead of going on the system like many. He only observed and reported, which is more than our reporters do. Don’t see anybody else stepping up, even with the bad asses on here. I myself am lucky cuz I also live in fly-over country and am out of the mainstream of the BS. I’ll wait for it to start here before I get involved, other than contacting my congress creeps.
      But no surprise Twatter suspended him.

  8. SemperFi, 0321

    I ask myself this same question every day, what is America’s line in the sand, what will finally have to happen to open the show?
    I hardly know a soul who’s willing to leave their couch and do something, too complacent to even lift a finger for the cause. But then again, most don’t understand who or what their enemy is, since the TV leads them on a squirrel chase of all the wrong suspects. And if you understand history, nothing’s changed in a 100 yrs either.
    As a good friend of mine said lately, we’re fukd!

    • SemperFi,
      If MEN won’t stand up when someone else says, “Your 5 year old son has decided that he’s really a girl, so we’re putting him on puberty blocker meds and estrogen therapy so he can become the girl he truly is” and put an IMMEDIATE stop to such insanity, then America IS fucking done!

      Patriarchy and manhood have been under assault since 1920 if not before and it’s way past time for MEN to set things right by taking away women’s vote (note, I did not say, “repeal the 19th Amendment” – just do it!), stop empowering women – no education past high school – NO career or job outside the home; women’s job IS to be the homemaker and dutiful wife under her husband’s responsibility and authority, and finally, end ALL welfare, both domestic and international (yes, this means NO more socialist insecurity or medi-scamcare for anyone..I can already hear the fellow boomers virtual screaming and reeeeing!!).

      Of course other people will claim the ‘solutions’ lie elsewhere..but what else is new?…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. I spent my weekend visiting the Crossroads show at the Arizona State Fairgrounds.

    Seemed to be a more than respectable turnout to me but overhead several old duffers manning their tables that there were fewer visitors than the last two years. Of course there were several tables where folks were extolling the virtues of 4 more years of drumph and his accomplishments so far (hmmmm…no ‘wall’ ‘draining the swamp’…no actions on pizza gate/Epstein & Gislane Maxwell’s mossad child sex slave operation…nothing substantial on ‘Making America Great Again’).
    Oh, that’s right…israel has ‘the wall’ and under the direction of both his spoiled brat of a daughter and her hubby, Jared, drumph is ‘bowing to israel again’…and again..and no again..

    And the folks at those tables and others wandering about still BELIEVE that a ‘political solution’ to the rapidly growing cultural/social divide is still possible because “we’re a nation of laws” and “we must respect the outcome of the political process because we’re a democracy”..and “muh constitpoopshun and Jesus will save us all!”

    And fwiw, it looks like governor Ducey is getting ready to sign in the ‘Red Flag’ law for Arizona…word is that he’s looking to try to move up the pecking order to sit at the parasites table and wants to prove his loyalty to them thru this.

    For myself, I bought some steel targets and other essentials…looking forward to throwing more lead downrange.

    Gotta keep those edges sharp.
    Keep your powder dry and mind your ‘6’!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

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    Yeah, what he said….🖕

  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all WRSA! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving as well. We sure did.

    Also to those of you who’ve not taken up hunting yet I say don’t delay start today! Although many big game seasons are ending or have ended there are still countless opportunities to get out and kill something and put meat on the table or fur on the shelf. Maybe consider some predator hunting.
    Controlling predator populations can help your efforts next spring or fall and just plain feels good. You’ll be helping your local farmers too! Everyone wins when you hunt predators!

    Remember dark humor is like food, not everyone gets it.

    Oh and as always, no one is coming to save you!

  12. As always it will have to be imminently deadly, personal life-extinction to motivate the magic three percent.

    GovFor will have to burn another 80 or so men, women and children Christians to death in their home, then maybe a professional outlier will retaliate. As has been, will be again.

  13. Nothing will happen on the level of what needs to be done.
    The Media will chew up and spit out ANY event the Right goes forward with.
    The Right is going to need a “underground railroad“ and “the will” too live under those conditions.
    Should something happen….Terrorism will be the Charges. And that will place a Liquid Nitrogen Freeze over many.
    You can’t undo over night or a year what has been happening for Decades.

    Fact-though we mock them…those in power and those with connections to that power on the left ain’t stupid.

  14. Answer: nothing

  15. Let me tell you how a nation dies from Crypto-Communism, it dies one life at a time, one small, incremental little regulation at a time. The right will never be given an obvious target. The legacy media is now under total control of the Globalists and the inter tubes will soon follow. When the nation falls into selective and controlled ruin the perps will be hiding in HI and NZ comforted by the bodies of your children and grand children. Justice will only come to TPTB via tactical nukes.


    I cannot disagree with the article. It is spot on and I grind my teeth at the rampant cluelessness still swirling around me. There are, however, straws in the wind. No one connected with the NJ Leviathan is naming or describing the “suspects” in the police shootout the day before yesterday. I have yet to read anything out of Fayetteville, AR about who exactly ambushed the cop behind the police station and what was the motive.
    NICS checks were at an all-time-high on Black Friday. The sheriffs of the sanctuary counties in the Old Dominion continue to initiate push back. You may want to consider the situation of a whole bunch of angry patriots getting ready for the trigger effect. It’s not that people are doing nothing, it is just still a little too early in the game to go full Red Dawn.
    I drink coffee to help me change the things I can. A shot of brandy with a Bud Lite back in the evening helps me to realize what I cannot change or effect. And, I still prep. Right now it’s time for a little snow shoveling PT so the girls can go earn their debt bucks. Bleib ubrig, my friends.

  17. Be responsible for your own AO. If non-locals come to your AO, the advantage is yours. Come at them sideways, their logistics. Beans, housing, transport, where they take a dump. Local, local.

    Moving on. 1) We know from Neil Barofsky’s (TARP Special IG) book “Bailout” that IGs only check that the department being investigated followed their own rules and procedures at the time. Now apply this knowledge to Horowitz. We can see why Durham and Barr disagree so strongly with Horowitz’ conclusions.

    2) If Biden (“moderate”) is the nominee, watch who is the VP (Harris, Warren, etc) nominee. Biden will be declared incompetent under the 25th amendment. Socialist VP takes over.

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  19. We just won’t to make the rifles cumftabul. …

    Gov. Buckwheat , Virginia.

  20. Some things never change. Open the posts and the naysayers come out in droves. I’m only one man. I can’t do everything. But I have been busy. Arming the living crap out of all the young people I know. Providing ammo for future spicy time. I gave the gift that keeps on giving. And I have lawfully not paid any state or federal income tax in over 15 years. Life is but a dream.

  21. For those who’ve never seen, or heard of (don’t know how), a very prophetic comedy; HBO’s The Second Civil War (1997). Only found one clip on youtube, not surprisingly.