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ZH banned by Twitter over this post


Use the About section for info/RUMINT sharing.

Open thread likely Sat am.

RSM: The News The MSM Won’t Report

“Whistleblower”, my ass.

Enemy info ops.

To be regarded as such.

Pig feed

Buppert: History’s Most Expensive Paper Tiger

BB’s latest.

Wait ’til FUSA is even more insolvent.

At $1T+/yr more spent than collected, things are already frisky.

Wait until the bill comes for imperial arrogance.

Treasury Department spokesknob Greenwood had this to add:

Busting The Bugout Myth

An AP classic.

If you want to be able to move then, you gotta start moving now.

Tempus fugit.

VA Update



This train is coming to your state.

The Reds are serious.

Are you and your people?

Northam explains

144.1 Sends

Appeal to Heaven, in both OD and Dark Earth.

10% off still if you use code “sicsempertyrannis” for the Resistor and Virginia collections.

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With Holstered Drum Mags, No Less

Via Gab.

Pompier Joker approves…

A Potent PDW: PSA’s 10.5″ AR Pistol

You will be working out of cars.

You will be sneakypeteing in urban and suburban environments.

You will be operating in non-permissive situations.

You do need an AR pistol plus decent optic.

And a good amount of practice with same.

Tempus fugit.

A Time For Choosing


Failure is as much of a choice as is success.

But if you want something you have never had before, you have to be willing to do things you have never done before.

Keep building skills, strengths, stores, and shooters.

Man vs slave

Aesop: Latest On Corona-Chan


Wash your hands.

Cf. this Black Pigeon vid via Bracken:

Of Course

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Winnie The Pooh Sends Via Proxy-Chan

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Haz mat pooh


From A Reader: RIC Comms AAR

Rattlesnake Rally Comms AAR


Think about what you and your action team need to have in terms of gear and skills for the next hurry-up event.

Then address those issues.

Tempus fugit.

Kung Flu Fighting

What a time to be alive.

TL Davis: Battlefields, Allies, And Efforts

Via NC Renegade.


RI 2A Fight – Part II

Via AP.

Pray that Churchill was right.


From a reader.

Babylon Bee: California Governor Newsom Declares The State A Coronavirus-Free Zone

Cali no corona

From the batshit, a Hero rises…

What a time to be alive.

Codevilla: Why The USA Is Set To Lose The Next War

RTWT and pass along.

DOD spokestool Greenwood had this to say: