15 Fighters: What PMCS (Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services) Are You Doing Now? (Comments Enabled)

Whether it’s an annual, a “cold weather so work inside”, or a Spicy Time Approaches thing, what are you (or what should you be) working on now?

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  1. Winterize service rifle/pistol; inspect winter kit/clothing; adjust all kit to winter overgarment sizes.

    The usual.

    • Get a q-tip and some oil and dab every snap on your molle gear. Check your Alice clips and make sure your cable ties on your rig are good to go.

      Check all your waterproofing bags in your pack, especially the insect repellent ones.

      It’s a pita, but simple shit done now is a lot easier than dealing with it later when you’re all chips in.

      Best of luck guys
      The Mayor of the Lunatic Fringe

    • What is the difference between winter and summer on your irons?

      Serious question, lest I wind up in a place that has real winter like your neighborhood.

      Thanks in advance!

      • Summer – lubricated per platform specs.

        Winter – EXTREMELY light lubricant on all bearing surfaces – essentially dry.

        I use Gunzilla to clean, so once clean and wiped down, I skip the summer lubrication step, and is winterized.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            RemOil has a very low freezing point, I spray it on, then use an air hose to blow off excess, re-assemble.
            An old Korean war Marine told me the M-1 carbines didn’t function well in extreme cold winter when they were all snow/ice encrusted, they mainly used their M-1 rifles with Vitalis hair oil for lube.

  2. Today it’s swap out the mags on my EDC rigs. Put a lightly oiled patch down the bore of them scary black guns. Do some stretching as I went kinda hard this weekend. Climb up on top of my RV and start the roof membrane conditioning process. Then go for a motorcycle ride up in the hills for some piece of mind PMCS.

  3. Darrell Cloud

    I just put 20 pounds of dried pinto beans in the oven at 200 degrees for an hour. I will let them cool and put them in another 5 gallon bucket with a screw on lid. The beans I put up in the same manner in 2015 are holding fine. It is cheap insurance and I may need to feed some of my extended family.


    I am: Zeroing the .22 rifles. Making sure everything is clean, functioning, and serviceable. Checking and rechecking intel sources. PT and vigilance. We should all know what is on the horizon, vis-à-vis the coming events in the Old Dominion by the end of the month. Bleib ubrig.

  5. I’m working on not caring anymore. I have my guns and ammo and will protect my family as best I can.

    This clown world is a shit show. Flaming 20s indeed.

    Trump got compromised.

    I won’t vote again until we get a candidate to the right of Hitler, which is obviously what the people want. We need a candidate who expressly advocates for white people.

    • Man I would vote for Hitler like…six gorillion times.

      • Don’t Murdoch me unless you mean it!

        • I always mean it!

          • SemperFi, 0321

            We won’t see it in our lifetime, but the truth is slowly making it’s way out. More and more people are waking up thru the internet that they’ve been lied to their entire lives by a cabal of Bolshevik banking/media criminals. Eventually people will have had enough of this insane crazy lifestyle the left is pushing, and another Leader will emerge. A true leader, not a tweeting fence riding egomaniac like Trump.

            Also some vids on YouTube;

            • It’s unfortunate that a tweeting, fence riding egomaniac was the only choice barring the completely corrupt, venal and insane megalomaniac HRC, which despite the ills of Trump, would have been a disaster of biblical proportions.

              • SemperFi, 0321

                So you’re saying you only had 2 choices and you took the lesser of 2 evils? HRC would probably been a repeat of Obama x3, but still not enough to get most Americans off the couch. And Trump, in spite of his popularity, still hasn’t done anything for the common man. Most all of his policies are in favor of Israel and the bankster community. We have no business in the middle east, not one American should have to die while protecting Israeli interests and our own border is still a sieve, illegals and refugees still swarm across our border and are rewarded with $2-4k/month per family, while I still can’t get VA benefits after yrs of appeals.
                Our entire political system is a media show, and I’m not too sure this isn’t all a scripted show from the beginning. Nobody gets arrested, nobody goes to jail, it just keeps playing out while billions of dollars change hands and fill political pockets. And the masses now scream for war because the media told them to. What a nation of idiots, controlled by their TV sets.

                • you’re still having no luck with VA? I told you to speak with a Marine Corps League service officer fuck DAV.

                  I just got appts with a rheumatologist and a dermatologist after finishing 5 months of physical therapy for lower back and knee pain- just for asking 🙂 (i exceeded the goals set by the PT). wtf did you do wrong?

                  get your chainsaws tuned-up and extra everything that goes with it.. same with spare plow parts. a lot of things you take for granted may not be available as easy as they are now.

                  • SemperFi, 0321

                    3 trips to neurologist last yr 2 in June/July then Nov again (400 mile rd trip), each one of them flew in from out of state just for my appt, then eye Dr. for headaches (TBI) and another gen prac Dr. for eval, still waiting on 2nd appeal. Over 3 yrs now.
                    WTF, I really don’t know, except they didn’t say no this time. Should hear something soon, with a nice check.
                    I’ve rebuilt my own saws, sharpen chain better than most, got that covered. Stocked up as well as possible, reload all my own and custom gunmaker to boot. Do my own vehicle repairs too. Lots of restored antique hand tools, many from my Swiss grandfather 100 yrs ago. All is well.

                    • roger that

                      i do most everything myself also- always have.. only way to stay solvent
                      it’s all pretty easy anyways- those folks at the “repair shop” are NOT rocket scientists

                      still haven’t learned to re-load, but i don’t have to 🙂

                      good luck and cash that check faster than a nigger chasing a wagon hauling watermelons and fried chicken

            • Hail Victory.

    • Hitler was far left. That nazis are right wing was a liberal left Democrat Party thing, propaganda.

      • Wrong.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Why is it so hard to understand you’re the victim of propaganda? Some of the greatest lies were told against the Germans from WW1 thru today, even the Germans have been brainwashed to believe every one of their grandparents were Jew baby killers and war criminals. Before WW1 all the uniforms were copied from the Prussians, before WW2 all the world leaders spoke highly of Hitler, except in the US and British press, because it was controlled by the Bolsheviks. Americans had no idea of the atrocities going on in the Russian Revolution, because it was censored by the Bolsheviks. Lloyd George and JFK spoke highly of Hitler, but that can’t be true, he was the devil himself.
        And you wonder what is going on today in the media war against Trump? Same shit, different day. They control our minds.

    • The problem is that you’re not going to get to vote for Hitler until the country gets as bad Wiemar was — which means millions killed in war, military defeat, mutiny, abdication of the government, occupation and geographic dismemberment by foreign powers, complete debasement of the currency, hyperinflation, unemployment, and Jewish communists openly fomenting revolution and seizing control of local governments and getting shot dead by militias comprised of demobilized veterans.

    • Swimologist

      Got that right. Whites only

  6. Lance - Colvard

    Lance Colvard
    Please explain why you put your pinto beans in the oven for an hour at 200 degrees? Thank you.

  7. mistermisfit01

    Sort, clean, rearrange and throw away the bad.

  8. My preventative maintenance checks were done on the job this past week. I took what I generally travel with, added a couple gallons of water (can’t store it this time of year), and tent camped on a National Forest in Montana for three nights.

    It was cozy enough. Winter camping sets a higher bar for eliminating small mistakes. Especially when, as the saying goes, “nobody is coming to save you.”

    I did have an improved 2-meter antenna, if things were to go North and last-ditch comms were required.

  9. Typical Winter chore here–reloading virgin and once-fired brass. The usual flavors: 7.62mm, .30/06, .45ACP. The 5.56mm and 9mm inventory has been store bought, it was that cheap. Thereafter, making sure ALL the rubber gasket seals on my M2A1 .50 cal ammo cans are soft/supple; some may need a light wipe with 100% silicone grease (NEVER petro grease/oil–seals will swell.) Toss a desi-pack into each can with the reloads anticipating the usual rainy, damp, boggy Spring. Re-waterproof the footwear. Oh, and check the batteries in all the red dots.

  10. What is the effect of temperature on ammo stored in a vehicle for one week? Extreme heat or extreme cold?

    • We would take mags out of the Land Cruisers every month or two at shoot it while in Iraq and Afghanistan-it all worked fine. I haven’t seen failures from it getting too hot, but we weren’t testing for accuracy either.

      • Berglander, thanks. I had heard that heat could reduce muzzle velocity about 100 fps. Unsure about cold.

    • Steady Steve

      I’ve left battle packs of .223 and 9mm (PMC) in my truck over a year in Florida. Used them at the range as practice ammo, no ill effects.

  11. Weather is what it is. Routine goes on regardless. Feed cattle, check stock tanks, finally begin to move crusted drifts on one road access that has been impassible [after making a new fuel filter gasket for the blade]. Wind is still frisky. Nip of Pendleton now and again keeps projects from getting high centered. MY SAE 10 wt.
    Indoor equipment maintenance and supply chore opportunities are a seldom seen luxury. Behinder and more behinder……

  12. building m4s again, upgraded my jig, ordered a 10 pack of 80% er’s, my friends doing the machine work on his end mill. Put four together so far, using Vltor A-5 recoil systems, and CMMG, lower parts kits, ” actually I used Colt parts kits on two I’m keeping. I’m running BCM uppers, on mine, the other guys I think purchased PSA, uppers. Four of the ten in this batch are mine. We’ll do two more 10 packs between now and summer.

    I have major spine surgery this coming Friday down in Reno. Be in the hospital for five days, then in the VA facility for a few more.

    This is freaking me out. They cut my throat and work from the front of the spine. Grinding and chiseling out two joints, cutting several Spurs and straightening out the spinal colum, so my spinal fluid can cover my entire spinal cord.

    Then they put a couple wedges into the joints and tap them in until my necks squared up with my body. Then they glue it orCement both wedges in place. Then they refuse my existing fused neck, plus fuse the two directly below the existing one.

    Then they place titanium metal plates on the front of my spine in two places, in the throat area.

    To say I’m not happy about this is an understatement. 97% recovery rate, which is remarkable in itself.

    Heck it’s winter, here, what else have I got to do.My crowd is planning on riding our bicycles from Washington to California this summer, stopping and drinking beer all along the Oregon coast, while camping.

    We’re also in the planning stages of riding motorcycles down the Ho Chi Mien Trail end of summer in Vietnam. One of our crew was a Ranger back then, belonged to CCN, has boot time in physical Cambodia, where he got the shit shot out of himself, he’s the one pushing the trip. He’s a retired school teacher here in my town. We’re all ex mil, Need ten people, to get a decent price break. This is an organized tour. At this point we have two seats not spoken for, if anybody here’s interested.

    Dr’s tell me I should be gtg, for the cycle trip. So that’s something to look forward to. Dr’s do not like the idea of me riding a small motorcycle down a trail in a country far far away. It was Vietnam, or a South America trip, way up high in the mountains, I bocked on that one.


    • Dirk,
      How do we get in contact one on one? Can CA fwd my contact information to you I wonder? Would love to hear more about the motorcycle trip.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      With all sincerity, good luck with the surgery, and a speedy recovery.
      Hope you make the VN trip, something that has also fascinated me.

      I’m also looking at back and foot surgery from a horse wreck 7 yrs ago. Not something to look fwd to, but now it’s a necessity with spicy times coming. Going in this week to arrange the foot surgery for a neuroma and then figure out how to fix a pinched nerve in my lower back. May help out with the severe migraines too.

    • Good luck with the surgery. I will be thinking of you.


    • hey dirt.

      picked up a kel-tec sub 2000 in 9mm
      bought the mag conversion kit to fit the same mags on my 5906- which i have many of… fun little shooter

      even tho ur a cop- good luck anyways on the OP


      Dirk: You’re on the family prayer list. God be with you.

  13. 1) Fill propane tank just before November election, sooner if sudden increase in turbulence.
    2) Hard-pipe roof sprinklers (instead of using garden hoses).
    3) Get 5 yards of washed sand for filling sand bags.
    4) Test manual well pump monthly.
    5) Install security doors outside of existing doors, front and back.
    6) Test connecting Ham HTs to all local repeaters monthly.
    7) Increase bike rides to 40 miles over next 2 months. Try to get to 100 pushups.

  14. Red in OleVirginny

    Continuing medical training for some of the younger folks. These folks are generally not rifle shooters but can be sent into local communities to treat upper respiratory infections, etc which get worse in bad weather. Provide coats, hats, gloves to little ones that need such items among the local people. Toys and coloring books for the very young.
    If you treat a sick child the mother is your friend for life. Treat a man’s sick family and he and his wife will support your cause. Perhaps they will provide the info that saves your life.

  15. Shinmen Takezo

    I will purchase a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos and relax on the beach in upper Malibu… after that is I sort out my carry-around gear stash on my everyday vehicle.

  16. maintaining your gear is equally important to maintaining your contacts in meat-space. there is no year-end bonus for doing either. there is no off season. your AO is constantly changing. and rarely in your favor.

  17. Firewood.

    • ditto

      been burning the stove in the great room 24/7 since Sept 1st, still a solid 4 months to go. emerald ash borer has killed most of the giant ash trees here- which burns hot and clean- hence chainsaw parts..

    • Tell me about it…

  18. Now is not the time for preventive maintenance, it’s time to train. Get your kit out, put it on with winter-appropriate clothing wherever you live, and get crackin. Things are heating up at home and abroad, and instead of putting away gear we should be pulling it out of storage and making sure it and ourselves are ready.

  19. Working on everything I can, especially dental. Petitioning Websters to get my image next to term: Malcontent.

  20. Joseph E. Postma

    I’m working on trying to help people understand just how much they’ve been lied to, and how their trust has been so taken advantage of.

    But everyone here already knows this. Most here are acutely aware of how this isn’t just some intellectual exercise, but has resulted in the wanton murder of families, cultures, and millions of innocent bystanders, all merely for shits and giggles, for the worst of possible people to demonstrate their whim to themselves. Their whims murder millions, and this is what they wish to demonstrate to themselves, for no other reason.

    Nevertheless…this is my own intellectual exercise, if you wish to know just how much they have lied to you:

    But see all of my other videos too on my video list. For me…the millions of dead, the sicko’s running things, the wanton destruction of the good just for the fun of it…these are things we can survive. It won’t be pretty, it will be bloody, it will be horrific…but, we could survive these things. But…what they’ve done to science, what they’ve done in science…this to me we cannot survive. This for me is the red line…this for me denotes a devolution which we cannot survive. Of course, that m.o. is precisely what all of the other stuff fits in with, and is the point. They do not want us to survive. Whoever “they” are and whatever their purpose is. Or maybe they do want us to survive…

    *or maybe they’re just making the point: if we are to survive, then here are your weaknesses, here are your errors, here are the thing you need to fix…it’s hard work, it’s bloody, you will have casualties…but what are you to become? If you’re to join the Gods, you save yourself and fix your shit.

    No one is coming to save you.
    Everything is your responsibility.
    Kill who needs to be killed.
    Save who needs to be saved.
    Always be working the problem.*

    Graham Combat Killhouse discovered the motto of the Gods. Stalemate is victory for the enemy and death for us.

    Anyway…I have another paper in peer-review in a major journal…we’ll see if they allow it to be published. If it gets out through “peer-review”, it will make a mark. It will be a contribution to helping fix this the peaceful way. I know…we’re passed that. But it’s the tool I have at my disposal. If people can be made to wake up to just how much they’ve been lied to. But I know…we may be passed that.

  21. Joseph E. Postma

    Forgot the book link:

  22. We’re spending a fair amount of time in the cold and quiet woods “coyote hunting” [sic. patrolling with our RECCE rifles]. Good time of year to get outside and embrace the suck. Plus cardio base training in winter pays dividends when the thaw arrives. I _know_ my stuff operates in the 90s of summer and -20s of winter.

  23. zeroing applicable rifles @800

  24. Ordered a Rasp Pi just now… going to work on both OTP and digital HF. Thanks to the recent article at AP.
    It’s really blowing here today, so won’t be erecting the RC-292 today.

  25. Lone voice of reason

    What am I working on now?
    Attempting to combat through facts, logic, reason the current narrative re: Iran being spun through the globohomo media and the FUSA zog cabal. To wit, that being the insane cheering section evident even through some of the WRSA blogroll and commentators. The premeditated murder of a foreign national proves once again trump’s willingness to put Americans last, by demonstrating his felching prowess of Zio/Saudi interests. And the cheering section, not to be left behind does the same thing.

    Unwilling, perhaps mentally unable to grasp and process FUSA’s role in being the ZIO/Saud bitch in the middle east (since 1954 in Iran) these mental defectives prove PT Barnum’s observation again and again. It ain’t just the kids sucked in by the globohomo media. If Faux Schnews, CNN & ZOG say the same thing, it is all lies. Not a scintilla of truth. Recently WRSA had a pic of Trump saying America wasn’t doing enough for Israel. A statement of intent?
    Incapable of learning lessons of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and so on, these cretins cheerfully applaud those foreign actions which they would forcefully with manly firmness denounce when applied in CONUS. Think Waco, Pittsburgh, Ruby Ridge and so on.
    That’s what I’m working on. See Gen Butler, Spooner, Nock et al for more info. Want to replicate those efforts?

  26. I am still working on a scheme to get a grant from the Soros foundation. The wrinkle is how to justify the purchases of NVG’s, sets of body armor and metric tons of 5.56mm. I think I can write that down as “protest materials” and it will get approved but I am not sure.

  27. US troops pulling out of Iraq. Probably tactical redeployment to nearby countries.

  28. Increasing speed with pistol red dot, accuracy with RMR burned in now. AR platform intermediate action drills to prepare for combat carbine/pistol course in southern AZ in April this year. Prep for marathon to learn F-Class shooting this year.

    PT, PT, PT.

  29. Johnny Paratrooper

    I am doing Johnny Paratrooper things.

    Also, the “Winter Gear Kit” can, and should, double as your summer kit.

    Putting on two sets of BDUs can keep you warm.

    But a good hat, scarf, and gloves are vital when combined with a poncho

  30. one thing you cannot have enough of- SOCKS

    buy lots and lots of socks

    who doesn’t go thru those things on a monthly basis?

    great barter item too

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Buy DarnTough socks. They replace them when they wear out. For free!
      I recently sent in 2 pair for exchange, got at least 5 yrs out of them before the heels went out, and that’s almost everyday wear. I get them in all thickness and height, from summer anklets to winter hunting weight. They outlast Smartwool by at least 3x. Worth every cent.
      And I do like Smartwool glove liners, they’re awesome too.

  31. Cleaned, and sharpened pioneer tools (shovels, axe, picks,etc) then applied a light coat of oil to the metal, linseed oil to the wood.

  32. https://armypubs.army.mil/ProductMaps/PubForm/Details.aspx?PUB_ID=1007342 US Army Publishes TC 3-20.40 w/Change 1 – Training and Qualification, Individual Weapons

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