Thoughts On Richmond From A Reader


Here are some links so that you and your viewers can keep tabs on how this is going:

Lee County group to take part in Richmond gun rights rally

Second Amendment rally at State Capitol

Now… something totally different to consider: every person showing up to any of these things is going to be known no matter what due to extensive use of IMSI Catchers. Just google ‘IMSI catcher”, “DRT Box” & “STINGRAY.” Understand, even grok that electronic warfare is largely about listening to signals, and that device in your pocket is a tracking and locating beacon that creates a trail wherever you are. As well as all the other guys. Of whom you know precious little. Some of whom will be agents provocateurs.

And no, that coffee vac pac bag will not prevent it from getting interrogated by IMSI or regular cell towers. From this data, and what is aggregated from the crowd, you will be known and linked, certainly to people you don’t know.

Now, go re-read Bracken’s Buffalo Jump articles (mandatory reading). He is right. This issue belongs before SCOTUS, not before groups that are ill informed or delusional as to the nature of the operating environment. For those who are interested in understanding what I mean, here:

In sum, don’t get suckered.


As a pointed reminder as to the impacts of overarching personal data collection, here is the practical application. Apply this to the apparent shitshow that Richmond appears to be shaping up to.

You can “pause” data collection from Google. Not all data will be stopped but as far location, search history, photo auto-uploading can be stopped in your Google Security and Privacy settings…. Yes such a page exists.

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