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Constructive suggestions on next steps for gun owners in Virginia.

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  1. Let me reminisce about Tennessee’s experience with a wacko governor: About ten years ago a Republican governor had the stupid idea that Tennesseans needed to get with it and pay state income taxes like the majority of state stick onto their subjects.

    As expected, the common folk were easily riled up and led by a coterie of radio DJ’s, the word spread for everybody who could do so to drive to the state’s capitol building, drive around the block it sits in, laying constantly on their car’s horn.

    The horn honking ensued while the legislature was in session. The honking began about 7:30 AM and continued to 7:30 PM each night. The resulting cacophony and vehicular gridlock were so powerful that none of the state employees could sleep at their desks, like they usually did. They could not drive out for lunch, leaving only on foot, and had to put their fingers in their ears to do so. Postal delivery trucks couldn’t deliver or pick up mail. The big bosses in the bureaucracies couldn’t make telephone calls to their mistresses and bookies. Even judged by slovenly slothfully low standards, no work was getting done anywhere near or in the capitol building, nor in the administrative buildings nearby.

    After about three days of this wonderful example of the people speaking with car horns, the Speaker of the House went to the Governator and informed him that none of the Representatives wanted to face lynch mobs upon returning home and the state income tax was a dead issue. The Governator grumbled, cursing the people who elected him and who prevented him from being both tarred and feathered and then lynched for good measure before being staked down on an ant hill…….

    Why am I telling this tale ? So that your readers can copy it and send it to everybody they know in Virginia. The cops will not arrest anybody and will not be able to think in the face of such deafening noise. The minions in the state offices will begin calling in sick so as to not have to listen to the noise and the bureaucrats will very quickly tell the idiot DemonicRats who want to undo the Second Amendment exactly where to shove their legislation.

    HINT: The offices where state paychecks are prepared are very quiet places so that fewer mistakes are made. Their sensitive ears are excellent candidates for a full ration of the peoples’ collective voices/horns……

  2. I’m not in VA nor do I know the wisdom or temperament of the VCDL members or its leaders. At this point, provided the VCDL leadership can demonstrate that they’ve thought this whole thing through, including downside risks and contingencies, I’d be tempted to follow their lead. I certainly wouldn’t come in from out of state as that might have significant downside PR risks, with the only possible exception being those individuals in border states that might be SIGNIFICANTLY affected, i.e. traveling to or through the state frequently. “Oh look, they couldn’t muster enough of their own so they had to bring them in from out of state.” If I were the VCDL, I would closely monitor the situation and would pull the plug the minute even the slightest hint of a shit show started to show as the downside will far outweigh the upside at that point. I would do it something like this: “It has come to our attention that there is a high likelihood that there will be agitators and other people of bad standing at the upcoming Lobbying Day. In the interest of the safety of our members and of the Commonwealth at large, we have decided to cancel the event. Instead we will send two members of each county to Richmond for our redress of grievances with our current government. We urge all of our members to hold local rallies instead and to prepare as they see fit. We realize that this is not a popular decision and did not take it lightly, but understand that given the likely outcome, we need to conserve our strength for later and can’t afford to risk it at the Lobby Day in Richmond.” It overtly states that the public safety comes first and leaves everyone guessing as to what action would require everyone’s strength. But, like I said, I’m not from VA so I can’t realistically judge the risk/reward ratio.

  3. Since we know voting doesn’t get it done,
    and we know (as Thomas Jefferson said) blood must be shed to get it done,
    WHY would any true American MAN oppose a historic assembly where our armed good guys will vastly outnumber the bad guys?

    No matter what happens, many cameras will record the event for internet disemination. The (((liars))) will lie, as always, through their big media and govt. More people will realize (((they))) are lying. OUR truth will gain a wider audience, inspiring more men to be MEN.

    This would be a major battle victory blazing the path toward winning this war.

  4. Charley Waite

    This is a sad exercise reading these responses. You guys will never accomplish anything if you don’t stop slapping dicks together. If I were Aesop and Matt Bracken, neither of which deserve the scorn being heaped upon them, I would walk away from all of you. It is one thing to strongly disagree, but another to be totally immature about it like a 14 year old.

    Lobby Day has a high potential of being a goat fuck for outside reasons, but seeing how some of you react to perceived criticism of your own points of view, the goat fuck will most likely come at your own hands.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      I suggest you sit back in your Barkolounger and crack a beer as this unfolds.
      Be sure to send in a check to the NRA.

  5. Retiredarmy65

    What needs to be done can’t be posted. The time for action is overdue. We allow the criminal politicians to operate with no consequences. They ignore the Constitution and nothing happens.

  6. There’s only one real reason to go to Richmond, and that’s to persuade legislators to vote down the proposed legislation. A big demonstration will change nothing, we’re looking at a few swing votes in vulnerable districts, those are the people to influence. And if there’s a big riot with lots of arrests – and God forbid, gunfire, that will achieve precisely the opposite effect intended – and will be very costly for those arrested.

    A better plan would be the one suggested by Bracken – keep the main effort local, and send two or three people for every Senator and one or two for every delegate, figure about 150 total – people who have political clout in those districts. I’m talking about former legislators, and people who have the influence and resources to swing elections, people conversant with the legislative process and the workings of the law. 150 people are enough to pack any hearing room. And, figuring that hearings might last three hours, it’s easy to pack a speakers list. But the real emphasis is going to be on the swing votes, and that’s where connections and individual persuasion will come in and really count. I assume they will work the bills this week and try to rush things as much as possible, to have a fait accompli by Lobby Day, so the intervention has to take place starting tomorrow, if not already in progress. But 1000 or 2000 people in each county would be far more effective than all of those people in Richmond, and the chances of a good outcome far better.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      The better plan is again doubling down on stupid FYI.
      It would accomplish nothing.

    • Your first statement was false.

      There are plenty of other reasons for people to stand up in their state capital.

      Changing the minds of their legislators isn’t even top 5.

      If you can’t see it- maybe you’re still inside a little box.

  7. Big_Dik_Annon

    What Bracken is saying in a not so clever way is it is not the VA state police you have to worry about so much but it is the weaponized federal government alphabet gestapos that you will be at the mercy of on the 20th in VA.

    You know, the same group that just tried to remove Trump in several coup attempts, broke all kinds of laws (felonies) pissed on our “sacred electoral process”,bullshitted and disgraced our “honorable” “justice system” and “courts”,engaged in illegal surveillance of a presidential candidate for partisan political purposes,international espionage, committed perjury in front of federal judges to move their coup plot to the next level…… and then Trump let them all get sway with it , scott free….So exactly who are we supposed to blame when these fed government alphabet stooges show up in Virginia to commit their political terrorism and nobody respects their authority anymore because they are exposed , criminal scum enemy combatants?

    Now that these Fed alphabet gestapos are the official, undisputed, 100% above the law, 100% unaccountable, weaponized arm of the American communist party that are operating with no moral restraints, under no legal or constitutional restraints and only exist to carry out the DNC’s criminal agenda of cover ups , attack their political enemies and murder…….See the problem here guys?…Trump apparently does not or just doesn’t give a shit.

    Bracken and Alex jones have their own agenda’s of selling whitening toothpaste and books…..Jones for Example has decided to abandon objectivity all together and be shill for Trump and his fat ass, deepstate , cover up artist attorney general…Simply so he doesn’t lose a significant portion of his audience and $$$$$$$$

    As previously discussed, “false flags”, recruitment of a trigger happy psycho, snipers opening fire to kick off the festivities, antifa meth head instigators, Feds dressed up as patriots, drone strikes……..There are endless scenarios on how they can create an acceptable political “event” and provide the necessary excuse to commit mass murder on all the patriots gathered there and get away with it…..Because of the conditions of lawless and a constitutional and rule of law vacuum that Trump and Barr have created ..if it doesn’t happen in Richmond it will happen somewhere else…Your enemy demands it.

  8. Christopher Sinclair

    Has anyone tried praying?

    • Well reading the comments here I said “Jesus freaking Christ” a lot, does that count?

  9. Matt Bracken made a very reasoned argument that the Richmond Rally is a PERFECT situation for the (((communists))) to Incite Violence. His suggestions for More local activism are Correct as well, for it will be the Counties where ‘Active Resistance’ takes place. Where I have to strongly Disagree with Mr. Bracken is his contention that the Rally should be Cancelled and everyone ‘stay home’. To do so is to Forfeit our First Amendment Rights, and give the enemy a Cost-Free Victory and reinforce their belief that they can Disregard the Constitution.

    It is a Given that if there is ANY Violence at the Rally, it will be Instigated by the (((communist))) or government forces (including federal agencies). This will be Definitive Proof that the Enemy wants a Civil War, and a Clear Signal to All Men that it is Time to Fight, ‘voting’ having Failed. No Patriot really wants this Outcome, but if it is Imposed upon us by the Enemies of Liberty, we shall have to ‘Deal with It’.

    Like a previous Militia Commander, John Parker said, “Don’t Fire First, but if they want a War, let it begin Here.”

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  11. WE must dictate to all infringement violators that we will not CONSENT.

    ALL “gun control” laws (State & federal) are infringements on our Rights!

    We will not CONSENT! Our RIGHTS are UNALIENABLE!

    “Our God has endowed us with un-a-lien-able rights. This is the proper context and no government can put a lien on them (unless we allow it).” — David DeGerolamo

  12. Ed Grouch, MD

    Geez, people. If it weren’t for the energy you expend calling each other names we would be winning the war.

    Getting back to the topic at hand.

    The point is to use the strengths and hide the weaknesses of FreeFor.
    –Moral high ground–but nota bene that this is only true on your home turf, and not in Richmond or DC.
    –Possibly more numerous than OpFor
    –Definitely better armed, with better skill sets than the average city boi
    –Have the potential–potential only–to become a legendary 4G group.
    There are probably others, but that will do.
    –Not at all organized. No obvious goals, No leadership of any kind, no intelligence gathering operation, poor if any comms, puny logistics, no real funding, nothing.
    –Large egos (please see almost the entire comment thread above) and inability to be ruthlessly rational about reality.

    Re: the future mess in Richmond–dear VCDL, you are going into one of only 2 places in the state where you will NOT have the moral high ground. Per Boyd, you CANNOT WIN in that area.
    Suggesting that a turn towards a different strategy would be in order.

    Do stuff where you do have the moral high ground.
    And for the love of all that is holy, please please please set an actual goal. Right now it’s all piss and vinegar. I suggest something like this: “Goal is to defeat–either in the legislature (unlikely at this point) or at the Supreme Court, the current gun-grabber laws-in-utero. We then have to vote out all of those that voted to pass them.”

    If you can’t accomplish either of those two goals, then what? Are you gonna start the Boogaloo? Keeping in mine the weaknesses above, how on earth do you propose to accomplish that? Do you even 4G, bro? Have you done your homework to know what that entails? What does Chairman Mao say on the issue? Michael Collins?

    Focus on things that you can more directly control. Your county/district sent a rep to the VA congress. Where do they live?
    DON’T send armed men to picket their place. Too overtly threatening. Instead a mix of the carrot and the stick would be in order. How about sending a letter, to that politician’s home address, from every 2A person in the voting district, informing said politico that you are a single-issue voter and will vote against him/her if they vote with the Governor? Point out that the pile of letters is several hundred more than his margin of victory in the last election.
    Invite that politico to something nonthreatening–does VA make good BBQ?– and let him realize that these folks aren’t all that bad.
    Is that likely to change his/her tune? Nope, but that’s not the point. It needs to be part and parcel of a coordinated, multi-pronged plan.

    Please review Aesop’s fleshed out idea of actually implementing the Sheriff’s threat to deputize everyone.

    Which is a solid plan, but focuses on what to do if the two goals above are not achieved. It supports the development of alternate means of governance, which is a pre-requisite to changing the nature of the state of VA. And the other states too.

    What else could be done? Some ideas below, none of which are exclusive, and many of which apply across all goals.
    Goal #1: the law must die
    1. Take up a collection to support the legal expenses and family support of the guys that get arrested for possession.
    2. Find a really clean test case–a squeaky clean do-gooder will be needed, helpful if minority, gay, etc–and set up a legal ambush for TPTB, take it all the way to the Supreme Court. Please note, it’s generally accepted that taking a case to the Supremes costs about $1,000,000. Anyone have a cold million laying around? Best be getting busy. Might help if anyone knows some good lawyers in your area that are shooters and on your side? That are willing to do a little pro bono to help out the cause? Can you crowdsource the legal team between various areas?
    3. You need someone–or a group of someones–that have some control of the message. You need to set up your own means of distributing that message that does not rely on folks that hate you, such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. You need to be able to disavow all the crazies–Nazis, KKK, etc that will suddenly come out of the woodwork to get attention. Yes, I realize that makes them a target. Yes, I understand that a “leaderless resistance’ is more resilient. Right now the movement is not so much leaderless as “rudderless”.

    Goal #2: vote the bastards out
    1. Network, people. Set up a clear means of communicating and coordinating within the group, and with other nearby groups
    2. Find some snarly repressed teenagers to make some dank memes and shitpost the hell out of every social media account
    3. Do you know who are the power players in your county? Who pulls the political levers?
    4. A bunch of these Dems ran unopposed. A complete failure on the part of the local Republicant’s. Find a candidate that can beat the local Dem and support the heck out of him/her.

    Goal #3: Failure prep:
    1. Do you know where the local AntiFa (or equivalent) guys hang out? Have you infiltrated their group?
    2. Same for the local police. Even if they are friendly, you have an obligation to make them more friendly. Friendly enough to drop a dime to let you know the ATF is in town and where they are going. If not friendly, then you still need the intelligence.
    3. So…anyone in your area been to Pineland? Any chance they’d be interested in some…informal teaching?
    4. See Aesop’s plan above
    5. Your local sheriff is going to come under serious pressure. He will need some support. Make sure your local mayor or equivalent is on board and solid as well. Can they stand the heat when the state pulls funding? What about when the law passes that fires cops if they don’t participate?

    I’m not going to enumerate all the crazy long list that would be involved in creating a true underground movement. Lists of books don’t capture all of that. Just know that it’s far more than this movement is currently capable of doing. Don’t like that assessment? Prove me wrong, and show your work, as Aesop would say.

    • Too much sense in that comment so will probably be ignored or condemned…

    • I wonder what would spur the public at large to start doing most of the things you’ve talked about by 08:00 today, if that late.

      Maybe if the ‘murderous, tyrannical, oh so heavy handed state powers’ did exactly what so many people here are evidently so afraid of.
      I thought I was kind of a realist about what’s going on in the world and in America- but I somehow have missed the genocides of people assembling publicly in the North East in the last lifetime or so…

      Which would very likely be a major strategic blunder. Which is why everyone can probably stop acting like hysterical women over a freaking rally.

    • Lots of good ideas in your post, Sir and I agree with you except that I must address one nit in your last paragraph:

      Please don’t confuse the 2A/LIberty “Movement” with the readership (by and large), here. The sincere members of the ‘movement’ lurk here and elsewhere to get good information or to validate their thoughts on comments such as yours. In my very humble opinion, the best case is many of the ‘regulars’ here are simply contrarians who enjoy slamming others’ opinions and validate themselves on how vitriolic their comments are to others; worst case is many regulars here are purposely engaged for the ruination of any consensus, and, in my opinion, any value that WRSA as a site may have to others wanting to discuss the more academic side of contemporary events and/or training methodology. The facts probably lie somewhere in between the two extremes.

      Showing one’s work to prove your assessment inaccurate would involve divulging information that could dox or otherwise render individuals/groups/teams unusable as the opposition would either zero in on them or at least be able to confirm any rumors. Further, doing so here or via email or via cell phone or anything outside of ‘meat space’ with any party that’s not properly vetted would be ill advised as it would violate every rule of successful operations ever used. OPSEC, INFOSEC, PERSEC, EFFI, etc.

      Thank you for the thoughtful ideas on how to engage.

  13. Horseback Battle Hammer

    All tactics can and will be used against you. If you aren’t already in victory mode then don’t waste your time.
    Our ancestors didn’t bleed and give up the best years of their lives so we could piss it all away.
    Keep situational awareness going always. Trust no one even if they have the same last name.
    Liberty is not free and nothing worthwhile ever is.

  14. The Tree of Liberty requires the blood of tyrants AND patriots but it seems to me that there is one side (here) trying to push the patriots into the KZ with the gusto of those paid to do so. Jus’ Say’n

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yeah, it isn’t just a bunch of bubbas in a gun club, and the dumb sheep can’t understand they’re being led to slaughter.
      But then again, stupid is a self curing problem.

  15. This united murkan commentariat(!) sure gives hope!
    (Hope is not a plan)
    Still so many who can’t seem to notice or willfully deflect from (((…)))

    It’s not hard to notice who’s pushing this the hardest. ALL OF IT.

    Foreign and Domestic.

    Gatekeepers are duly noted.

  16. Jeezus! What a travesty! Aesop and Matt Bracken have raised serious considerations that should sway ANY rational person. I (having knowledge of previous VCDL Lobby Days) thought they were being alarmist, initially. Upon consideration of their reasoned arguments I am convinced that the best course of action is for VCDL and all of the other rational actors to withdraw from this ” event”. Unequivocly.
    Aesop has outlined a typically well thought out plan that would result in success for our side. It needs to be implemented by all of us, NOW.
    The rest of the yapping dogs can be disregarded.

  17. Okay, someone stop me if I am wrong here………isn’t the point of all of our prepping, memes, discussions, plans, et al… win?? How the hell do you plan to win, if you’re locked up? The only thing that you can do when you’re dead, is vote Democrat. So, let’s rethink this whole idea of swarming into a closed off area, surrounded by every 3 letter agency ever created by the Deep Swamp, all the while chanting, “Shoot Me!!”. THIS is not a plan! Stay in your protected home-front, and plan to win. Showing up on buses (already-you are on the bus!); with guns that you will need later in this war, ready for confiscation; and family/neighbor/friends side by side for easy identification, arrest, and detention; is the most foolish thing ever. STOP using their game plan as a pattern for success-it won’t lead to our success. Sabo does not confront cops, property owners, or the media when putting up his art. By the time these folks see it, the public has already seen it, and Sabo is a myth. The Patriot movement needs to rethink strategies.

  18. Aesop,

    If you’ve got some nutty cheddar or cammerbere I’ll take a glass of chilled Mosco ‘de Astri, thank you very much.
    Your reply was posted, AFTER my response btw. Thank you for clarifying things above.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  19. Last Friday, the Virginia Legislature passed a law prohibiting the carrying of weapons on Capitol Hill and places adjacent, including Virginia government buildings and the surrounding area. I’d assume that LE would be doing access control, and probably routing VCDL and other busses to an off-site location where any weapons can be held under close control or something like it. So if people wanted to keep their guns, the best option is to not bring them. And the best option over and above that is Bracken’s Option.

  20. Why is it that the people in here, both fed and citizen, go after each other? The commies only have one enemy, us. We seem to view everyone else as the enemy. This has to stop. Period. Bracken is correct, as much as I like the idea of a march, simply because the communists control the news cycle, the police forces and the ground. I’ll bet t’fat would agree that choosing to fight on enemy territory with exactly zero advantages is a bad plan. Every. Single. Time. Instead, send in those who want and demand their rights to assemble. But, keep a very large group in reserve with binos, recording equipment running and comms. Use them for exfil, evidence gathering etc. It will be needed after the shit show begins. And use those people to balance things out. Rather than be corralled like the proverbial buffalo. Aesop is very intelligent, and I think has honest intentions, so instead of attacking him, possibly expand on his ideas. Instead of acting like little kids and calling names. And to those going to VA, do it, but be smart. Gather intel, use comms, organize and support those marching. The commies will be doing all of these things, you can bet your ass. Now, back to our normal gew -hating tripe, can’t have any posts on here without that stupid shit. Just try to remember who your real enemies are, and it ain’t us people.

  21. Well, here’s a thought: it seems Oath Keepers is on it in Virginia. Don’t say you were never warned. From their website:

    Raffle – AR 10: Help Us Defend
    the 2nd Amendment in Virginia

    Help us with our vital mission of putting boots on the ground to defend the 2nd Amendment in Virginia, while you also have a chance to win an awesome Diamondback AR 10 .308 rifle.

    $25.00 per ticket. Buy as many tickets as you want.

    Purchase tickets on our website.
    Tickets are $25.00 each. Purchase as many tickets as you like.
    The more you buy, the better your odds of winning and the more we can do in VA.

    What your purchase of raffle tickets support:

    Oath Keepers has issued a national call to action and is sending in our most experienced national leaders and trainers to Virginia to help organize and train armed sheriff posse and official county militia in each county, and to form up Spartan training groups in each county to train all citizens who are loyal to the Constitution and advise and assist them to establish strong, armed neighborhood watches in each community, as well as strong church security teams. This effort has already begun and will be a long-term mission over the next several weeks and months.

    It is NOT just about one day at a rally. It’s about organizing and training up Virginians in each town and county to make their Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties truly strong, united, and capable of actually defending their lives, liberty, and property. Two Virginia counties, and counting, have passed formal resolutions to form official county militia – something we have been advocating for years. It is finally being done. We need to assist in getting them formed up and trained.

    Our military and LEO veterans are also doing direct outreach to the VA National Guard and to the VA State Police & other VA LEOs, urging them to refuse unlawful orders that violate the people’s right to keep and bear arms. That will also be an ongoing campaign over weeks and months.

    Oath Keepers will also have a significant presence at the upcoming January 20 VCDL Lobby Day rally. We will be putting our current serving and retired LEO members on the ground to help keep people safe and to directly liaison with local and state LEOs to help mitigate or prevent problems. In our experience, when local LEOs know beyond a doubt that brother police officers are present in the crowd at a rally, it changes their behavior for the better. It helps to encourage them to do their job more effectively, when it comes to keeping rally attendees safe from leftist violence. They know that brother officers are on the ground, in the midst of the rally attendees, and will be directly harmed if violent leftists are given free reign via a “hands off” policy or order from politicians. We will be bringing as many of our patriot police officers to Richmond as we can. Your raffle ticket purchase helps make that possible.

    Our LEOs will be joined by significant numbers of our military veteran members as well, who will assist in that mission while also lending their voice in support of the rights of the people of Virginia.

    Our LEO and military members will also be providing volunteer escorts for vulnerable rally attendees (such as disabled veterans, elderly, etc) to prevent possible assault by Antifa and other radical leftists, just as we have successfully done at ten Trump Rallies and counting.

    And, of course, many of our men will be staying in Virginia after the rally is over to work that organizing and training mission down at the town and county level all over Virginia.

    The more tickets you buy, the more volunteer trainers we can support (with food, lodging, fuel, and training supplies).

    Read all about our call to action and this many-pronged mission here.

    ****Not much more to be added. Just MHO.***

  22. We need to be thinking about how the Globalists and their lackeys in the Democrat party and the MSM are intent on pushing us to the point where one of us finally shoots back, just so they can justify real confiscation. They know they can’ take over (blue hats or not) until they disarm us completely. Make no mistake, that IS their intent. My worst nightmare is when those of us who MOST respect the Uniform find ourselves looking through our sights at a uniform intent of violating our Most Sacred Right.