Comments Open: Seven And A Wake-Up

Constructive suggestions on next steps for gun owners in Virginia.

Moderation should be light.

Be judicious with your comments.

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    Stay away from crowds. Thoroughly analyze any threats to you and yours in your own A/O. Keep prepping. Stay vigilant. STFU.

  2. Bracken posted some comments on Aesop’s latest piece: Worth a read.
    …Any more “Coonman” memes?

    • Of course he did. As long as you’re in the good graces of Cuckservative Inc., ‘Freedom of Speech’ is never denied.
      CA, I know you’d like all of us “like minded” individuals to fair and equitable allies, and contrary to many of my previous comments, and disparaging personal attacks, I agree with that sentiment. However, I stand by my previous comment that it was Bracken, who got the fear mongering ball rolling, on the annually held Richmond event. And because of “As long as you’re in the good graces of Cuckservative Inc., ‘Freedom of Speech’ is never denied,” his schlock spread like a sycophantic firestorm.

      • Matt Bracken

        Yeah, don’t listen to me, listen to the idiots (and alphabet agency provocateurs) getting you lined up into ranks behind General Pickett for The Great Buffalo Jump.

        • I have asked you what you suggest we do to reverse the tide. You have yet to reply other than,”Don’t be the buffalo”. Playing defense is a losing strategy and you know it. Come up with an active plan to win and reverse our losing hand, please.

          • Matt Bracken

            It’s linked down thread, keep reading.
            Basically, be like Mosby’s Rangers, and not the poor troops behind Pickett.
            The same idiots who thought C-ville would be great, are not touting the Richmond disaster.

            Did the patriots in Massachusetts march into Boston in a mob to scream at the redcoats? Yes, it was called the Boston Massacre.

            It was a LOT more successful to wait for the gun confiscation to begin on better ground at Lexington and Concord, and then snip the redcoats all the way back to Boston.

            But there are some on this thread who know this history, but they WANT a Richmond disaster, hoping that it will lead later to a Lexington or Concord.

            I think this is stupid. It’s ALWAYS stupid to charge off a cliff because some smart Indians are waving blankets at you.

            Mosby’s Rangers, or PIckett’s Charge. Your call.

            • Wait. THat is you game-plan. What if they don’t do the “Confiscation’? Then what? Wait is a death by a thousand cuts. THey don’t have to go door-to-door to neutralize the good-guys; they can audit them, deny them medical care, their children entrance into college, home-loans, etc.

              Then what do you suggest?

        • Bracken was wrong about the “Muslim Tet”. But

          he’s probably correct about Richmond. VA state leg and

          Coonman are (((Bloomberg/Soros))) properties. So

          their hired communist thugs will be out in force, and

          local police + snipers will be supporting them.

          OTOH, if like Haxo UR an accelerationist, a

          bloody riot in Richmond would be most useful.

        • Don’t be EITHER the buffalo or the ‘non-native natives’!
          Be the Cowboy who rightfully kicked the shit out of

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Aesop is a drastically clueless boomer normie.

      • Wow, jealous much?

        O, if only blogs were completely free to anyone on Google, even those with grade-school level potty mouths and mid-double-digit IQs, and you could somehow create your very own site, based on your own sheer talent and rhetorical brilliance, where six or seven people – at least – could see you blast your self-pleasuring ejaculatory spurts of wisdom out, without anyone to stop you or censor you.

        Oh wait, never mind, blogs have been free on Google for 15 years or more, and it takes about 2 minutes to set one up. Maybe you can find a tech-savvy five year old to give you a leg up there.

        So maybe stop crying about your problem, and change your diaper.

        And you should probably start with cat pics, just to build up three or four faithful followers, before you branch out of your depth into…well, pretty much anything else.

        Best wishes on your future endeavors, and stay classy.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Couple days ago had a comment deleted by Aesop, he has to have the last word on free speech ya know.

        • ya

          a lot of the statists are like that- no, all of them are…

          cappy joynal did that to me

          didn’t like hearing the truth- nobody cares about his nuclear horse hockey creds

          guy can’t find wirq because he has no real skills

        • Howdy SemperFi, 0321
          Hope you and everyone else here has had a enjoyable
          and productive weekend.

          Isn’t it interesting that certain people that SUPPOSEDLY
          champion ‘free speech’ recoil in terms of emotionally driven
          women when truth about historical events are presented
          to them that successfully challenge their indoctrinated
          world view and ‘narrative of reality’?

          Seeing that the film ‘1917’ has just successfully eclipsed
          ‘The Rise of Slut-Walker’ at the sheeple’s ‘Temple of
          Visual Big Brotherism’ (may the eeeviiiil mouse gag and
          choke on the reported $2 billion loss..bwaahaaahaaaahaaa!!!)
          here’s the truth of ‘The Great War’ for those who haven’t
          heard it and are still flaling in the dark of ignorance and
          bolshevist jewish style indoctrination…speaking of which,
          Matt Bracken and others have been right to rail against
          the ‘Deep State Globalists’ [in his terms], yet Matt and
          others have NEVER actually said who or whom those
          ‘Globalists’ were and are….interesting, no?)

          These essays are by M.S. King, investigative journalist
          and author:

          The Truth About World War 1

          1917: A Very Bad Year

          The Balfour Document: A 100 Years of Evil

          The REAL Story of World War 2

          This is shared here since the events of W.W.1
          did lead to this new war that was spearheaded
          by such monsters as Frank ‘The Gimp’ Roosevelt
          and Winston ‘I’m a drunk Sodomite Crossdresser’
          Churchill and former bank robber Josef Stalin.

          Woodrow Wilson – Warmonger

          This short treatise by Benjamin Freedman ‘fills in
          the gaps’ that exist in M.S. King’s Woodrow Wilson
          book, through no fault of King:

          Zionism – The Hidden Tyranny, by Benjamin Freedman

          It’s important to note that Mr. Freedman was an eyewitness
          to the events at the so called ‘Treaty of Versailles’ and that
          he personally knew such key individuals as the industrialist
          Bernard Baruch and attorney Samuel Untermeyer among
          others. Here’s a speech that he delivered in 1961 at the
          Willard Hotel in NYC where he tried to wake up fellow Americans
          to the threat that the zio-talmudists posed not only to America
          but to the world:

          Benjamin H. Freedman – “The Hidden Tyranny”
          – Willard Hotel Speech – 1961

          Here’s a transcript of his speech:
          A Jewish Defector Warns America:
          Benjamin Freedman Speaks

          A lot of what happened a century ago is STILL having
          concrete effects on America and the world today. It’s
          more important than ever to learn the truth about history
          that has been deliberately hidden from all of us.

          As for Virginia, what will transpire there will happen, one
          way or another. What is critical is that people there and
          outside of Virginia understand that ‘gov’ has NO legitimacy
          to declare ANYTHING regarding the tools and other implements
          that people possess and use to safeguard their lives and freedom
          and that people don’t owe ANY obligation to bow or follow any
          pack of jumped up festering parasites that claim to be their ‘betters’!

          Just my .02 adjusted for ‘feral reserve’ “inflation”….

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • Sup doodz. I miss all y‘all.

            • Like a local friend and Vietnam Vet likes to say,
              “You can’t FIX stoopid!!”

              I told him, sure you can, with proper application
              of either a ballpeen hammer, ax, .308 bullet properly
              delivered or high explosives or proper application
              of a personally owned flamethrower.

              He laughed his ass off and agreed wholeheartedly btw.

              Those remedies also work great on commies, parasites
              and their enablers and supporters btw…for informational
              purposes only – DO NOT taunt the Happy Fun Ball!

              NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

            • Who?

            • SemperFi, 0321

              Berg and NG, get my email from CA.

              NG, the Fallschirmjager book is set to be released end of Jan. on Amazon!

        • Uh huh. Really.
          There’s only a couple of lifelong Tourette’s victims (DMVGringo, call your psychiatrist) who’ve made my instant >poof!< gone! list, and even he took about twenty posts to get there. So it's not like I'm thin-skinned about it. But rules iz rules.

          I've had running disagreements with people in my Comments for days, but they stayed on topic. So I'm guessing you didn't, and/or thought you could say anything, and that didn't work out for you, despite the policy on the front page.
          Posts that open up "Hey, asswipe" can expect a very short half-life.

          And you signed it, of course?
          No? Sounds kind of chickenshit whiner to me.

          Gee, welcome to Not WRSA: Don't Shit In The Host's Punchbowl, especially anonymously.

          You want to make a point and stick to the topic, have at it.

          You can run your blog as you see fit (of course, you'd have to make a blog, which costs all of $0/yr on Blogger), IDGAF, but rest assured if I bothered to comment on it I sure wouldn't run in here all butthurt after I got shot down for cowering behind anonymity.

          Your blog, your rules; my blog, my rules. Not really that complicated.
          Don't be a troll, you won't get treated like a troll.
          This was too hard for you…how exactly?
          If it was a rude shock to you that my blog isn't quite the free-for-all CA tolerates here, bummer for you. His blog, his rules. You might note a trend here.
          But if you've got something to say without flinging shit, and you're man enough to sign your usual handle to it, I bet you'll have no problems expressing a point of view there.

          Your ball.

        • so did Haxo: Aesop the fabulist doesn’t like being reminded about all the
          chicken little stuff (Ebol-chan, Hurrican Prunella, etc.) he’s put out about numerous topics. But

          he and Bracken both likely on target re Richmond.

          • Haxo, let’s be fair: you’ve been banned everywhere but here, because you can’t help your neo-Nazi ramblings, and because you couldn’t staple two facts together if you cut and pasted a mathematics textbook.

            Peddle your twaddle on your own blog, where no one visits and no one listens, and polish the framed pictures of Adolf and Heinrich above your mantle.

            You’re an ignorant twat about most subjects, but don’t sell yourself short: no one cares about your pathetic opinions, and you don’t get to have your own private reality, so until you deal with your delusions, they’re just going to keep sabotaging anything else you say.

            It must gall the hell out of you to be silenced everywhere you go, and today’s hall pass by CA is like letting you out of the basement for a day in the sunshine to play.

            Enjoy it while it lasts.

          • And some say that a broken clock is POTENTIALLY
            right twice a day…..

            Nope, not good enough in the real world for me and mine.

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. 2nd Amendment counties should secede from Virginia and join West Virginia.

  4. Matt Bracken

    • Yes, Mosby’s Rangers played offense, not defense. What is YOUR plan to win?

      • Anyone who might have any real operational plan, even in a conceptual stage, for anything anywhere, and speaks about it on forums such as this does not understand the concepts of EEFI, OPSEC or INFOSEC or any other sane practice to keep one’s enemy from knowing exactly who, what, when, where, how, how many, and so on, which gives the enemy a decided edge, let alone gift wrapping the element of any surprise about anything and handing it to the opposition.

        Anyone who doesn’t think the opposition in Richmond isn’t coming here to fill out there own SALUTE reports is living in la-la land and needs to sit back and read, listen, and learn to those who really know what they’re talking about. There are a good number of that type here, but there are also a good number of blowhard types. Remember the maxim, “The guy who tries to get you to do something or stokes up the crowd is usually the CI.”

        People need to actually think about things like, “end state,” “mission objectives,” “return on investment,” “Best Course of Action,” “Least Likely Course of Action,” “Most Likely Course of Action,” and all their cousins without emotion if they really want to make what they do count. As someone above said, “NEVER EVER fight on your enemy’s home ground – they have all the advantages and you’ve got all the disadvantages.” I bet GA Custer wishes someone would have slapped him in the head and gave him that advice prior to his 15 minutes of fame…

        Might be prudent to remember a couple of Pete’s favorite sayings, “Meatspace, baby!” and “Need to know upon pain of death” come to mind. Sorry, Pete, if I paraphrased.

        • Readers can waste their time like t-fAp with a case of Jerkens or they can read these two posts; the one above by DTG the other by Bracken. Then download a field manual on your <—-LEFT side of WRSA and start studying.

      • Matt Bracken

        Mosby never formed up all his men and charged into Washington DC to make a damned point about Southern courage by getting mowed down.

        He bled the Yankees white in his own territory, and if Lee, (the gentlemanly loser of Gettysburg and Pickett’s Charge), had not surrendered on April 9, 1965, partisan warfare would have eventually made the Yankees quit. General Giap understood this in Vietnam, and he won. General Lee would not “sink” to a partisan warfare, and he (and the South), lost.

        Instead, Gen. Lee marched his best troops out of the South up into enemy territory (PA in 1863, like Richmond today), to make a damned point to Lincoln, but he lost, and the south never recovered.

        Gen. Lee preferred “honorable” surrender to guerrilla war, which was well known after the Peninsular War in Spain between Britain and France. They all studied it at West Point. Gen. Lee would not do it. He preferred an “honorable” surrender.

        Mosby, Forrest and some others knew how to win, but it would take years longer. Gen. Lee ran the Southern gas tank down to empty after the waste of Gettysburg, and surrendered.


          Word. Thomas Jonathan Jackson could have vanquished Lincoln’s Marxists and the Red Republicans right after First Manassas. Lee and Davis would not allow it. Read: TROOPS SUCH AS THESE by Bevin Alexander. Try to keep the bile from rising in your throat. As far as guerilla war is concerned, The truth is out there, vis-à-vis Quantrill, Anderson, Cole Younger and the James brothers. Whatever happens, never stop resisting. Bleib ubrig.

  5. Matt Bracken

    • There you go again, pointing out the obvious truth.

      But you left out the true archtype of Richmond:
      Let’s get an untutored mob to pick a fight with armed redcoats by throwing snowballs at them! That’ll work!!

    • “They waited for the British to come to them”. Exactly. Patriot own 97% of the land mass, why go to their Turf. Makes no sense. Not to mention every Instagram gun slinger says they’re going. Not to mention a bunch of IDPA shooters. It’s going to be a zoo.

  6. i don’t think you can say “coonman” it’s racialdicial.

    • Naw, it’s just like Zippity the dinndu says below:

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Matt Bracken

    If anybody cares to check the Richmond Kill Box photo, you will note that the Federal Building is only 2 city blocks from Capitol Square, so all the FBI and ATF agents (including 100s more brought in from out of state for the event) can just walk over to the Buffalo Jump in both their tacticool and undercover garb.

    (The Richmond Jail and PD HQ are just out of the top of the image on the other side of I-95.)

    Also note that the Richmond Convention Center and Richmond Coliseum are just a few blocks away as well, so if mass-arrests result, they can just march the arrested over for triage and holding while the prison buses are rolled in.

    And if this is not enough, check out who the Boss Fed in Richmond is:
    FBI National Press Office / March 8, 2019
    David W. Archey Named Special Agent in Charge of the Richmond Field Office

    FBI Director Christopher Wray has named David W. Archey as special agent in charge of the Richmond Field Office. Mr. Archey most recently served as a deputy assistant director in the Counterintelligence Division at FBI Headquarters and was assigned as the FBI senior lead at the [Mueller’s] Special Counsel’s Office. /snip/ Mr. Archey returned to the Baltimore Field Office in 2010 as the supervisory special agent for the counterintelligence squad. In 2012, he received the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Award for Excellence in Counterintelligence Operations. In April 2013, Mr. Archey led the Baltimore Field Office’s counterintelligence and cyber divisions as assistant special agent in charge. He was promoted to section chief at FBI Headquarters in September 2014, where he oversaw the Global Section in the Counterintelligence Division. Mr. Archey was then named deputy assistant director of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate in October 2016.

    Archey probably plays poker with his pal Peter Strzok and other coup leaders. Both are SES-grade FBI deep state counterintelligence pros. Archey must be licking his chops at the chance to finally expose and smash the “dangerous domestic terrorists of the evil white nationalist movement,” and finally elevate their national threat posture to the top of the list.

    Too many on our side just so stupid.

    The matador waves the red cape, the brave but stupid bull charges at it, and the bull gets a sword in the neck.

    That is the short version of Richmond, January 20, AKA Pickett’s Charge 2.0, or Charlottesville X 10.

  8. Never fight a battle on ground of your enemie’s choosing; Remember that Charlottesville was just such a contrived OP. Far better to have a 1000 protestors at 50 county seats than 50,000 at the Globalist state capitol (no matter how rad that sounds) Best of luck and God’s Blessings to you all. Tread lightly and carry a big boom stick.

    • Matt Bracken


      • James R McKenna

        great recon Matt…

        • Matt Bracken

          “great recon Matt…”
          Thanks. And did you notice any of the dolts promoting the Great Richmond Buffalo Jump do any area study first?
          Hell no.
          That should tell folks something right there.

    • This. It is a waste of time to appear as supplicant’s to legislators who have announced their plans to violate the fundamental law of the land. They will ram the votes through no matter how many people show up in Richmond. Far better to show them in every county the force they will encounter if they attempt to enforce the nullity that the proposed laws are.
      It is also time to prepare genuine resistance with local production facilities, underground or overtly defiant, to counter the supply restrictions that will be faced. No tax should be paid to the state after these laws are passed and every county should declare that state and federal employees have no authority at the local level. They eyes of the state, ubiquitous surveillance cameras should be taken out, etc.
      It is highly unlikely that Virginia will commence confiscation of firearms. They will use the Red Flag laws to target individuals and will use the “laws” to compound penalties for other “offenses.” All such enforcement efforts need to be met with organized resistance.
      Lobbying Richmond is the equivalent of begging the King not to tax your crop.

  9. You’ve got mail WRSA
    It’s okay to be white
    Rock n Roll when you Lock n Load

  10. Shinmen Takezo

    As much as I like Matt Bracken and Aesop’s stuff–they are completely out to lunch on this subject. Way out to lunch.

    What they are advocating is surrender, rolling over and letting the degenerates in black robes decide what is good for you.

    Listen to these guys and you are done–stick a fork in you.

    • Saw a great comment on FB.

      “I always laugh when I see “advocates” saying “well it’s just going to take one idiot…”. You know what you’re saying? You’re saying people cant be trusted with guns in public. Great job.”

      • No that not it at all. One person who is willing to be a martyr and wants to spark a fire is not the same as a person carrying a weapon day to day.

    • Louis Jeffreys

      What Va. and we all need, is lawyers with a spine, cajones, functioning right/wrong switch, correctly swung moral compass, active cause, and effect genes, to fight these communists on their own turf, and beat them. The Constitution is the source law. Any violation of the Constitution is a crime, any any law passed to the contrary is illegal. Any politician who violates his oath of office is operating outside their scope of employment, and loses all job related support, or protection, becoming common criminals. The corrupt fbi should be enforcing all Constitutional violations- what’s up with that. Any LE who attempts to enforce an illegal law/ order is operating outside scope, and becomes a common criminal. Any LE, or political management issuing an illegal, and unconstitutional order has effectively quit their job, is acting outside scope, and becomes a common criminal.

    • Kindly cite chapter and verse to support that recockulous contention, Shinmen.

      We said don’t step on your dicks and do something stupid and futile.
      We did not say “roll over and submit”. Not once. Not ever.

      I’m not anti-action.
      I’m anti-stupid and anti-futile.
      If that shell fire landed inside anyone’s perimeter, I hope it stung and drew some blood. They have it coming.

      We don’t have enough friends to sacrifice any for asinine braindead Children’s Crusades, just because someone isn’t bright enough to science the shit out of this.

      Anyone who cares to argue for a really foolish and doomed attempt, have at it. I suspect the response you’re hoping for is going to be underwhelming at best, but probably just enough to embarrass everyone, when the unsurprisingly paid-for and planted trolls show up to monopolize the coverage, and feed the pre-ordained narrative. That’ll show TPTB!

      The script for this event has already been written, at ten network HQs.
      The only thing missing is the cast of characters, and half of them will be provided by your enemy, with full wardrobe, right out of Central Casting, and brought in by Rent-A-Mob Inc.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        You live in California as do I.

        In Kalifornia–there are more firearms owning citizens than the entire population of Virginia. More than the entire populations of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana combined–yet, CALAPRA didn’t organize and do jack shit when the gun laws were passed here. Nor did the NRA.

        They took your approach of—let the lawyers work it out and send in more contributions.

        This tactic of ‘trying to appear more reasonable’ than the leftist-communists don’t work anymore–because the leftist-communist know full well that this is the default position of conservatives.

        None of the majority of the conservative counties here in California declared themselves sanctuary counties. None. And the conservative counties outnumber the handful of leftist controlled, populated counties.

        In Virginia this sanctuary movement is the first clear shocking signal that the leftist-communists have received in this country for the last few generations. It is an organized act of defiance which made them react outrageously.

        A massive protest needs to take place in the heart of their seemingly safe power areas now in that state. Something that shows them that the 2nd Amendment civil rights activists truly mean business.

        Sitting in your own turf, wringing your hands, rocking back and forth, weeping and praying and sending in checks to the NRA won’t do jack shit.

        If there is a massive protest–and the leftists and alphabet agencies do decide to start a conflict/violence it would be the worst mistake made by the power structures since Kent State. Actually it would greatly benefit our cause and this would ignite vigorous, kinetic activism nationwide in our favor.

        You and Bracken are just off the charts wrong on how to handle this.

    • Matt Bracken

      Well said, General Pickett. You are surely going to teach them Yankees a hard lesson with your big charge up that hill.

      • Alright, Mr. Bracken, since you and Aesop have done an admirable job justifying a POV with solid rhetoric, point taken.
        Now a question:
        Just where are your limits, and what do you do personally when they are exceeded?

        • Limits for what?

          My limits for steak are medium, not medium rare nor well done.
          My limits for sticking things in my ear is not to put anything smaller than my elbow in there.
          My limits for blondes vs. brunettes, like vanilla vs. chocolate ice cream, is “Both please, thank you.”

          So, did you have something more specific in mind, are you playing coy about it, and would you like to be more specific in your question?
          Or are you just trolling for indictment material for a warrant or a grand jury?

          Just wondering.

          • absolutely not trolling.
            given the topic at hand, the question is not coy.
            i know Solzhenitsyn spoke about the limits they missed with regret.
            so, in that vein.

            • Solzhenitsyn was pretty clear that when they get to rounding up the usual suspects, you’ve got nothing to lose by beating the hell out of them the minute they come through the door.

              Personally, I’m rather fond of the entire Bill of Rights, although about seven or eight of them have already been so butt-raped they’re hard to recognize.
              But when a government gets to taking away weapons, in the same manner Solzhenitsyn described, or telling you what to think, how to worship, or what you can and cannot say, there’s really fuck-all left, and you might as well start shooting the bastards.

              And after the first one, the rest are free, because they can only hang you once.

              This is why Northam’s schemes are skating right up to that line (and I have no doubt he’d happily leapfrog right past it), which is why I suspect if he goes there, he’s going to die from terminal buckshot to the face poisoning.

              Which still isn’t a reason for anyone with two brain cells to walk into a set-piece ambush and volunteer to shoot their own dicks off, just to entertain the MSM and the people watching TV in L.A. and NYFC.

              If folks are serious, don’t be a mob. Be a political movement, with a militia.
              Either the need goes away, or you fight. Because much as he might wish it were otherwise, I don’t think Gov. Babykiller really wants to play Cowboys and Communists for keeps. But if he does, and he makes overt moves (not just jaw-jabber) in furtherance of that, the only reason to go to Richmond is to pull him out of his bed, stand him up against a handy wall, and un-elect him with some finality. And not after telegraphing that play for a month beforehand.
              Ditto times the majority of the statehouse.

              Then hold new elections, and turn the ship right-side up again.
              The age-old rule applies:
              If you would shoot at the king, don’t miss.

              And if you’re not ready for that, now, you’re not ready for some half-assed, no-brained Tard Army PR stunt that’s not only going to shoot your own dicks off, but also hamstring everyone of similar political bent in 45 other states, before they even get started.

              But the internet blowhards and some local halfwits are proving that our side is as weak as the biggest dumbass goober in Virginia. it doesn’t matter if his heart’s in the right place if his head’s jammed way up his ass, but there we are.

              That’s some weak sauce right there.

              Brighter people than I have observed that the switch in question for about half the country’s population is marked “Vote” and “Kill Everybody”.
              The other side has been yapping for three-plus years that they no longer have to abide by the “Vote” setting.
              That switch is going to flip at some point, given current course and speed, and they won’t get what they like, nor like what they get, but they’re going to get it good and hard.

              Answer your question?

              • no question, your position is well thought out within the enemies’ bounds, and in fact i plan to put the question to my local sheriff, with whom i attended high school. he’s in office as a (D) and your county centered plan posed to him without risk to me will be to ask him what he thinks of the Va sanctuary-by-deputy movement. i’m not giving away much, but if CA were inclined, he could reveal me to anyone given the details i put here in order to post – so i am not interested in flinging shit or winning arguments. regardless, no way can i live with sinning an asshat sin by not respecting those with whom you disagree and that you ridicule. they got to where they are in their shoes, not yours.

                but i did ask whether you or mr. bracken have principled limits. as gentlemen, we may disagree on what those limits are, but i cannot respect anyone who has none, or allows them to slip as the world around him appears to change. my grandfathers would likely have already done a battle of athens by now – and no, i am not fit to tie that generation’s shoes in this light. but at some point, and i don’t know what that is, enough of those quietly resolved limits will be crossed by some event. perhaps this is that event, which will cause scales to fall from many eyes.

                so, if our overlords allow things to go kinetic and large, which would be a fail given their winning incrementalism, all bets, as you point out, are off. so they will continue to skirt that edge, always trying to make sure the action never gets ahead of the narrative, to the limits of their capabilities. this is their major weakness number one.

                that being the case, their weakness shows in their confidence that we all come as a blank slate. Wishing that 100 years more or less of gaslighting will render all of us pliable flies in the face of human and especially American nature.

                vanderboegh’s commandments were, moral high ground, no fort sumpters, no innocents. i hold by that, but not everyone will. So will our sins, past and future, still divide us? gandhi, saw 1000’s of his country men beaten and killed, standing as a unified wall, gaining the moral high ground to expel the british – a workable tactic when facing an oppressor claiming to be moral. unlike our post modernist, solipsistic atheist bettors.

                in 1775 most people hated the fact that the troublemakers in Ma were spoiling for a fight,and when 4-19 came to pass, much fiery, flowery rhetoric, which came to be our sacred history, was penned and spoken in order to overcome their weak, sustaining normalcy bias.

                you may be right, lobby day may turn into another buffalo jump, but if it does in a huge bloody way, the nature of their control of public optics will not hold, and i think they know it. so they want ever more divide and conquer while its possible and necessary to keep this crapwagon rolling.

                people appear to me pissed off enough to not care anymore, because many of us have gotten to the point of nothing left to lose. anyone aware of the white male suicide rate should be clear on this. it isn’t just about 2A, its about everything.

                so, i’d accept that Va as you paint it at its worst might be inevitable, but instead of using that razor wit rhetoric to denounce, maybe its time to reflect on how to accept a very nasty outcome and use it to win hearts and minds.

                there will come a time that this becomes bigger than any of us, and refusing to come to terms with that, live with that and plan to use the best of each MSM defined clusterfuck will be a necessity. game charlotteville with me for a moment. if they had quit right after the torchlight parade and disappeared into the night, the ptb would have absolutely lost their shit, because it would have shown an impenetrable unity of hearts and minds, and if done on a moment’s notice, an astounding level of discipline.

                it is quite clear that this enemy wants one thing above all – an entirely divided and therefore easily herded culture. this is their second major weakness.

                i do know we do not have forever to watch the increments tick, because an impenetrable panopticon will someday be imposed – the beginning of a high tech dark reich of 1000 years is their dream. how can an imposing and opposing level of hearts and minds unity and discipline be gotten now and grown unstoppable in the future?

                so you’ve signed that declaration at the risk of your life wealth and honor, and admit you have a personal limit out loud – i don’t think any reasoning person would condemn you for keeping the exact nature of that limit to yourself. i have one myself, and its violation would occur locally – at which point i’d hope that brothers would see the same. are we not brothers here?

                i bet many in Va are coming to that point just now. Unity will very soon be clearly more important than being perfect, enemy of the good it is. if your plans don’t account for that, you’re not leading.

                God bless you all.

          • an no, would never consider soliciting entrapment material – but you both are now somewhat public figures, and if someone wants you, they can probably already gin up something sufficient.
            for myself, i am not interested in being a public figure, so no one would be interested in any keyboard commando limit i might assert.

          • sorry for the multiples, but the thought evolves.
            so yes, stalin’s security operatives took the action they did because it fit their times, and they knew it. it won’t happen that way here.
            incrementalism seems to be the way they beat a generally compliant, high trust society.
            assuming they don’t veer from that course, will my son thing of freedom wistfully, or is it idiocracy and inaction and overlords forever?
            more of the same is not any more of a plan than hope.

            • And the ball is in both Aesop and Matt’s court…
              Waiting for return serve and intelligent response….
              Still waiting…..
              *Crickets chirping in the twilight*…….

              Need one say more?…….

              NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

              • You’re an hour late.
                Would you like some cheese with that whine?

                • Aesop,

                  If you’ve got some nutty cheddar or cammerbere I’ll take a glass of chilled Mosco ‘de Astri, thank you very much.

                  Your reply was posted,AFTER my response btw. Thank you for clarifying things above.

                  NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • Just plain old common sense would dictate, stay away from crowds. Especially ones that contain government snipers.

            Matt and Aesop are demonstrating what common sense looks like. Even without them, I wouldn’t attend. I’ll bet the deep state enforcers say to each other: No more Bundy Ranches.

            • … word …

            • SemperFi, 0321

              That one got away from them, and boy did they lose face. let alone clout. Time to be top dog again, and fuck the cost.
              And another reminder to those of you insisting on attending, get a current first aid class and bring lots of Band-Aids, you’re gonna need them.

        • Matt Bracken

          I’m sure not going to advice buffaloes to stampede at waving blankets and intentional brushfires that are in front of a cliff.

          Mosby’s Rangers or Pickett’s Charge, your call.

    • Name (required)

      If now is the time to begin the boogaloo, if the state capitol is the place, if nobody cares anymore about who fires the first shot, then Bracken and Aesop are surely out to lunch.

      If you are trying to avoid violence, if you are going to march and picket, don’t those legislators have district offices? Don’t they have homes? Do the legislators want you picketing their local offices and homes, or do they want you picketing the state capitol, where they can more easily arrange false flags and biased news coverage?

      Don’t do things for the cameras. You aren’t going to get good coverage no matter what you do.

    • And where have those ‘stalwarts of gun freedom’ the
      NRA and Wayne ‘I’m ‘ze Virginia French Surrender Monkey’
      LaPierre been, let alone others..don’t even get me started
      on Stuart ‘Roadshow’ of ‘Oathslackers’!….

      *Crickets chirping*…..

      Yeah, thought so…..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  11. conversationsingw

    As someone else wrote on Hershel’s blog:

    Deny, Defy, Deceive, Evade, Resist, Smuggle, Defend.

    I’ve encountered those powerful words somewhere else, too. Might be worth a revisit to re-read some solid advice to apply in 2021’s events throughout Free and occupied Virginia.

    Remember, ’21 is also going to be an election year in the Commonwealth. All three legislative systems are up for legal mayhem and positive results, with enough 4GW mixed in to make the progressives look weak, hypocritical, and unable to deliver any results they promised to their NOVA or POC base. This will be a matrix election not seen in the state since the 1870s. Or if one thinks of Europe, the early 1930s. Be involved across a variety of political levels, always thinking of the PR aspect of such actions.

    Reduce that Blue voting bloc just 10-15% in turnout, and get 90-100% of the Free Virginia bloc to show up after a year of action and strife, and things will become very stressful for the Marxists in 2022. Arrests must be made of these legislators, and their responsibilities for what they caused to the state when they abused their powers must be assigned and punished by county/state judge, jury and public opinion.

    The game will soon be afoot. I wish my old home of Virginia the best.

  12. Shinmen Takezo

    What is needed in Virginia is a mind-blowing demonstration that brings the capitol to a grinding halt for 48 hours–round the clock straight. A massive protest without permits or permissions from the keepers of that state which tells the wonks in control who the ‘keepers’ truly are.

    And when I mean massive–I am talking about hundreds of thousands of men and women completely ignoring the orders and requests from LEO’s and alphabet agents, swarming the state capitol and surrounding areas bringing that whole city to a grinding halt.

    This is needed because the real meaning of 2nd Amendment rights need to be shown in force–and that does not mean the ‘right to hunt.’

    Matt Bracken seems more afraid of the reactions of the MSM –rather than forcing a point with mass actions. The MSM is already the enemy and I don’t know how much worse it could get. A massive protest would invigorate 2nd Amendment civil rights activity throughout the county.

    Strength not weakness needs to be shown at this moment.

    If the leftists-communists and their enablers act with violence–so be it.

    Let them reap what they sew.

    To let some degenerates in black robes decide what your rights are or are not is a weak strategy and I am surprised that Matt is advocating this route, rather than advocating protest and organizing strategies.

    • never thought i’d say it, but, the French have shown you all what BFYTW is all about. they have brought their country to a stand-still

      • I see reading comprehension is not your forte.
        I know, Ike. Let’s try a spelling bee!

        Nobody told anyone not to assemble. Not once. Not ever.
        We said don’t assemble there, then, when God and everybody knew you were coming, and when you won’t accomplish fuck-all except showing up to be the guest of honor at the cannibal village for Missionary Stew – as the main course.

        You want to assemble?
        Assemble in your home county, on your home turf, with your friends and neighbors, where you already got your own county to declare it a 2A Sanctuary, and get your sheriff to declare full support for an armed auxiliary to stop unconstitutional confiscations. Times every county and city that voted for those “Sanctuary” resolutions.
        Then give it teeth, train up, and make it a real deal, instead of a frothing moonbat mob. Weed out the plants and tards beforehand, instead of waiting to see who shows up in the after-action photos toting fresh-out-of-the-bag Nazi flags, just for the media photo op.

        You don’t like that plan?


        Come up with a better one. No one’s stopping you.

        But what neither you nor anyone else cannot do, ever, is explain what Richmond is going to accomplish besides blowing up in your face.

        Still want to do that?
        Take a blow out kit, bring bail money, and settle your affairs before you go.
        And probably tie dog tags to each foot, just to be sure they can identify the body no matter what happens.

        • That reply was not intended for t-fat.
          It belonged to Hedge, as it appears below.

          For t-fat, the obvious answer to you is, when did France shut down?

          Oh, wait, never.
          How inconvenient for your narrative.

          Every weekend the Yellow Vests show up, run around in circles making rude gestures, the cops chase them, and then at 5 o’clock, everyone knocks off for wine and cheese, and that’s it until next week.

          But if it works so well, maybe people can try the same thing in Richmond, once a week, on a non-workday, and see how it fares.
          It would probably be cheaper and more effective to just send their state reps a postcard that says “Boo!” every week.

          But I give you full props: you got out an entire reply for once without the obligatory retelling of how utterly awesome you are. Maybe this no-comment period has helped cure your planetary rotation problem. Keep it up, man. I’m proud of you.

        • Shinmen Takezo

          What your are saying Aesop is to…. assemble on your home turf–standing on street corners, pumping your hands in the air in futile gestures, waving the American flag while shouting ‘Murica’ to the passing cars.

          Yeah–that’s worked in the past (not).

          While we’re at it–we’ll pass out flyers and VHS tapes with patriotic shows.

          Yeah–that’s worked in the past (not).

          While were at it, we’ll have more meetings in our home towns, again shouting ‘Murica’

          Uh-huh! That should do the trick.

          But let’s say there is a massive march on the Virginia capitol–and there is a “Kent State” type of incident–how do you think it will play out with out crowd (our guys) nation wide?

          It will play out like France–but on a much larger scale. It will play out definitively in our favor in the long run.

          Look at the massive protests right now in Iran–with the catalyst being the shooting down of an airliner. I am thinking now the regime will be toppled.

          Or we can all do what you want to do–is to crack your bible, drop to your knees and weep and pray.

          Yeah–that’s worked in the past.

          • No, pumping their fists in the air and yelling “Murica!” seems to be the gist of the TardEx planned for Richmond.
            When 27 plants whip out their Klan flags, and start fights, and the police open fire like it was a biker rally, most of the country will figure gun owners and outlaw bikers are about the same thing.
            And you’ll roll back those gun laws and CCW rights in 35 states in weeks, not years. people won’t be marching anywhere, they’ll be hiding in their closets.
            But to act like all I’ve suggested instead of the TardEx is to get on your knees, pray, and resolve to taste bad as they throw you to the lions shows that you’ve not read a single fucking thing I’ve written on the subject at any point it time, and are thus either talking entirely out of your ass from sheer ignorance; or you’re simply a moron.

            I give up; the question is so perplexing that unless you can give me a hint which one is correct, there’s insufficient evidence upon which to base any conclusion.

            • Shinmen Takezo

              Everything I have read from you today displays nothing cowardice and fear mongering. I am beginning to believe you are a government plant.

        • Aseop, wait til you and Ackbar see this….since we’re all
          on the same crazytrain together.

          Granted, you being in Califrutopia, this probably doesn’t
          even raise an eyebrow..except for one to ask where the
          ‘wardrobe’ was purchased (and for how much??) and
          where to get tips on makeup and wig styling.

          Something tells me that’s not going to be all the ‘tips’ that
          are being shared….the song, “Lola” by the Kinks comes
          to mind…..

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Name (required)

        BFYTW might be better impressed on the legislature by picketing their homes in the middle of the night. If you have a sympathetic sheriff, it should be possible to arrange that he never gets there in time to catch anyone.

    • The best idea I have seen.

    • “..Matt Bracken seems more afraid of the reactions of the MSM –rather than forcing a point with mass actions. The MSM is already the enemy and I don’t know how much worse it could get. A massive protest would invigorate 2nd Amendment civil rights activity throughout the county…”

      For Matt and others like him it’s all about “We have to ‘maintain our
      principles’ and sustain the moral high ground” and “We can’t do that! It’d
      be bad optics!”

      Remember what ‘maintaining our principles’ had as an effect for
      how the story in the film ‘Kindom of Heaven’ worked out..not at
      all good remember?

      Many times in life, the best choice of action IS shitty; the
      important thing to make sure of is that such a choice is
      the LEAST shitty option on the table, sometimes doing
      nothing IS the right choice but that has to be thoughtfully
      weighed against reasonably projected outcomes..but
      where doing nothing has no good outcome and a the
      least shitty option WILL attain the projected outcome/goal,
      choose the least shitty – don’t be enslaved to the “We can’t
      do anything because it’d violate muh principles!” worldview.

      In other words, DON’T be the ‘hero’ at the end of “Kingdom
      of Heaven”!

      And no, letting a parasite affiliated black robed nazgul priesthood
      be the ‘final arbiter’ of what I or anyone else can own or do to
      protect myself and my freedoms from ANY parastie, freelance
      or governmental is NOT an option – EVER!!



      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Matt Bracken

      Well said, General Pickett! For sure you are going to whup them Yankees up on that hill and teach them a lesson.
      Right after that stampeding buffalo herd stomps those blanket-waving Injuns flat down in Richmond.
      It’s a sure winner, even better than Charlottesville.

      Not doing something INCREDIBLY STUPID does not mean doing nothing.

      • ralph cramden

        Christ! at some point the apparent inability to comprehend simple basic prudence coupled with obvious blindness to timing a body has no choice but to reach the obvious conclusion, you can’t fix stupid, although I respect your effort and the reasoning behind it, it appears at this point to be wasting valuable time, sadly people are going to have to learn from the aftermath on the 20th

      • By all means, you first Admiral Peter Peachfuzz;
        rank DOES have it’s privilege, doesn’t it?

        You and your bff Alex Jones are more than welcome
        to show us all how it’s done, with ample time to get
        back to the base tearoom to spare.

        Oh me, oh my a soiree at upscale Richmond!
        Jolly good fun!! Gin and tonics all around,
        compliments of sahib Admiral and his brilliant
        strategist Aesop…jolly good fun indeed!!
        God save the Queen and remember the Regiment
        and the Raj!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  13. Insurance Agent

    Mock them relentlessly, but include truth in the message.

    Identify and elect people of your mindset. And keep them accountable once in office.

  14. Of course he did. As long as you’re in the good graces of Cuckservative Inc., ‘Freedom of Speech’ is never denied.
    CA, I know you’d like all of us “like minded” individuals to fair and equitable allies, and contrary to many of my previous comments, and disparaging personal attacks, I agree with that sentiment. However, I stand by my previous comment that it was Bracken, who got the fear mongering ball rolling, on the annually held Richmond event. And because of “As long as you’re in the good graces of Cuckservative Inc., ‘Freedom of Speech’ is never denied,” his schlock spread like a sycophantic firestorm. Honestly, it makes what happened to Dresden look like a campfire.

    • Matt Bracken

      “I stand by my previous comment that it was Bracken, who got the fear mongering ball rolling, on the annually held Richmond event.”

      Yeah, because 100 gentlemen in years past is JUST LIKE a promised 100 buses and 100,000 angry and many promising to be armed men, some dolts on this very thread threatening to bring 1,000 ARs to aim at Northam’s police.

      Yeah, that’s exactly the same as “the annually held Richmond event,” so it should all go down just swell.

      Are you really that dumb, or are you a federal plant, or just an idiot who is manipulated as easily as a buffalo is triggered into stampeding at an Indian waving a buffalo? Or a matador at a red cape (with a sword behind it)?

      Yep, the same buffoons who thought C-ville would just be GREAT are now promising that Richmond will be even BETTER!

      Animal House Marching Band Scene

      • ralph cramden

        Are you really that dumb, or are you a federal plant, or just an idiot who is manipulated as easily as a buffalo is triggered into stampeding at an Indian waving a buffalo? Or a matador at a red cape (with a sword behind it)? bingo!

  15. Maybe all the gun owners should move to other states, let the criminals take over. Give em what they want, give em what they need.

    • >”Give em what they want, give em what they need.”
      …Infowars-Life Protein Bar?

    • Unfortunately the ‘criminals’ DON’T stay put where they are.
      Just look at the flight out of ‘Califrutopia’ where ‘The Puritans
      of PC’ are and have been fleeing to other states..only to
      infect those new homes with the very parasitism and communism
      that they supposedly were fleeing from in the first place.
      And ‘Califruitopia is just one example among many, and that’s
      not counting the ‘gimmiegrants’ that are being actively pumped
      in by both gov and ‘private charities’.

      Remember the 5 year old retarded girl raped at knifepoint in
      the laundry room of her apartment complex in Twin Falls, Idaho
      by 4 invader cubs…all because Twin Falls NEEDS the ‘benjamins’
      that Ulakaya of Chobani Yogurt makes possible while NOT hiring
      one non-moslem to work at the plant/business there.

      So much for the sanctity of ‘Rawles Land’…..

      No, parasitism and it’s engine communism MUST be ruthlessly
      ripped out by the roots and then burned completely to solve
      the problem.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!


        NG: You said it, brother. The Gem State ist verloren. That corrupt grinning idiot governor, Brad Little, just jumped on the “we need refugees” bandwagon. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Stay tuned.

      • A-sap is the one in the background sniveling and crying

  16. If you decide to participate in the rally, please be careful and watch for the inevitable Antifa plants that will cause a rumpus and make it appear as it our side.


  17. I disagree with Bracken, but also with those going “to peacefully protest”. The only way to stop this is to just declare war on the State of Virginia government. What would they do if 1 million armed people showed up, surrounded and gave their “armed protectors” two choices. One and none. Turn over those trying to overthrow the US Constitution, or be tried with them. What would those cops do if thousands of ARs were pointed their way? They would say the people have spoken, and LOUDLY and turn away. Try the rats pushing this and end it….forcefully like the Romanians did. Extreme? They are trying to overthrow the US Constitution! The response should be extreme. If it is not stopped forcefully it will show up again and again in other states. People just cannot come to grasp that this is the end of our country if we the people don’t act. That is what the dear leaders hope for- we the people ignore what they are doing. They have NO power if we don’t give it to them. What is our country worth? Are we the sons of our founders? Guess I just made the “to be disappeared” list, but at my age I don’t care.

    • Hey, NOG?
      Your keyboard is off a few strokes.
      Why don’t you just type it properly:

      And you could have shortened your message down to the bare essentials:
      “Let’s you and him fight.”

    • Matt Bracken

      “I disagree with Bracken, but also with those going “to peacefully protest”. The only way to stop this is to just declare war on the State of Virginia government. What would they do if 1 million armed people showed up, surrounded and gave their “armed protectors” two choices. One and none. Turn over those trying to overthrow the US Constitution, or be tried with them. What would those cops do if thousands of ARs were pointed their way?”

      Note to the boys and girls down in the fusion centers: try to be more subtle with your messages.
      And if NOG is a legit ‘tard and not just an FBI troll, folks, how do you think the kids in the fusion centers are going to react on January 20 (MLK Day and a govt holiday, BTW) after reading about thousands of ARs pointing their way?

      Do you think they are all going to leave town and hide?

      They are going to get ready about 100X more strongly than the Waco PD undercover SWAT snipers who were set up to cover a meeting of about 200 bikers at the Twin Peaks restaurant. That’s where 9 bikers were killed, mainly by LE snipers with head shots, and 20 more were badly wounded. Then 177 were arrested on million dollar bail, jailed, and bankrupted, even though all charges were dropped a few years later.

      Look at the Richmond Capitol Kill Box in closeup, and try to figure out how many VSP, FBI and ATF snipers they can fit on each roof, in anticipation of 100 busloads (according to the head of the VCDL) of 2A demonstrators. The head of the VCDL recommends not to do open carry on the 20th, but concealed carry instead.

      Yeah, carry concealed into the Richmond Kill Box, like the bikers at Twin Peaks. Let’s see… a disorganized rabble, with a few pulling pistols, being minded by dozens of VSP, FBI and ATF snipers on over watch….yeah, that’ll be great. A big win for our side.

      And millions of Normie Americans get the message (amplified by the enemedia to the max) that the pro-2A crowd is made up of dangerous domestic terrorist lunatics.

      I can’t decide if the Great Richmond Buffalo Jump is being organized by sincere retards, or just plain fed agent provocateurs who are steering the retards like remote control toys.

      Note to buffaloes: Just out past those waving blankets and brushfires in Richmond is a cliff.

      Not that you’ll listen.

      The matador waves his red cape with GUN CONTROL on it, and the brave but stupid bull charges right at it….and gets a sword in his neck.

      • I’ll ask again, with all due respect as you are a leader in our movement, what shall we do besides get ass-raped each and every day by Red Team. Perhaps I missed your advice that was more than,”Wait”.

        Thank you.

        • You have people? Multiple? 20, 50, 100, hard-core, VETTED, committed?
          You’re organized?
          You know what you’re facing, city by city, county by county, and statewide? AND the feds?
          Your organization (that doesn’t exist and is clueless) is trained?
          Your (non-existent untrained clueless) organization has solid comprehensive contingency plans?
          Your (untrained non-existent unprepared clueless) organization is well-supplied and well-funded for the long haul?
          So, we’ve only identified that you’re completely lacking an S-1, an S-2, an S-3, and an S-4 (If this is unknown to you, you should google the terms). We’ll skip S-5 and S-6, which you also don’t have, as well as leadership from top to bottom, because at this point, you want to be lion tamers because “You’ve got a hat!”

          So maybe, work on all that, and let’s talk more when you’ve got that much nailed down.

        • Matt Bracken

          Be the Indian, not the Buffalo.
          Mosby’s Rangers, not Pickett’s Charge.
          Lexington and Concord, not the Boston Massacre.
          Look up or down the thread for where Aesop and I both have different proposals that do NOT involve stampeding into an ambush.

          • Colddeadhandsdays

            Matt I agree. Yet no one has gone Ranger yet. No one has has gone Rainya Bartiwell yet. Even in Aesop’s CA where the reds have completely taken over. Still nothing. No 4GW…Nada, ZIP. I’m beginning to think the left is right to push their agenda and believe we will do nothing to stop them because we’ve done nothing thus far. Why would they think otherwise.

            Personally in my life when people like threatened me or done me harm things didn’t turn out so well for them and that’s how I’ve chosen to live my life. But I know from experience that 98% of people aren’t like that. So I’m gonna stay right here and now we’re fucked. We’re going to lose we have lost.

      • I am certainly not a fed, just a older retired engineer (hated that job) and corporate pilot, so I thought my mental abilities were not so shabby. My comments did not tell anyone to go attack. I also clearly said I don’t think going in peaceful to Richmond was a good idea, as you pointed out. The only way to stop this is going all out. We don’t have the media. We also don’ t have the courts. Around 58,000 gun laws “legal”? We don’t have a federal government (deep state or whatever you call them owns it). I know Richmond is NOT going to get a million gun owners with AR to show up scaring off the cops. VDRL cannot manage that (no disrespect intended to them). Going all out is not to win a battle, but the entire war. Short of going all out, the message will not be received. That might stop a Bosnia. What I did not do is call you a ball-less coward or a typical liberal arts major illiterate, nor would I. You certainly have disrespected those that disagree with you (excluding a few Abby Normals like that T-fat guy that loves the attention). I have read and followed you and CA for quite a while. This is a side of you I have not seen. Makes me sad. Diminishes your message, I believe, a lot. CA said above the political class has shredded about 8 amendments and and is starting on the Second. Are those amendments lesser than the Second? If they have “shredded” about eight, seems your ways are not working too well. BTW, my daughter stopped breathing just after birth. She is mentally handicapped. But she is a sweet, good person. You are just an ass. Put your message out, but quit burning your influence or you will fail your mission. Isn’t that why you put yourself out there?

  18. I encourage action that’s positive, that doesn’t hand your enemies your heads on a platter, or leave you standing on national TV with your pants around your ankles and your cleats in your wedding tackle.

    I’ve made a boatload of doable suggestions, none of which require running headfirst into a brick wall to “do something” for zero tangible gain.
    And if you don’t like my suggestions, come up with your own. Just make them smarter than an epic faceplant.

    People with memories shorter than their peckers want to jump straight to Lexington Green, but without doing the homework to have that militia ready to stand off the confiscation.
    So what they’ll more than likely achieve is the mob from the Boston Massacre. First you’ll lose the snowball fight, you’ll rack up friendly casualties, then you’ll lose in court afterwards, and you’ll set your own nominal side’s cause back years. The only people rooting for that are C.I.s and undercover agents for three-letter agencies.

    Work smarter than that.

    You don’t have the time nor manpower to fix this if you screw it up royally.
    But you can manage to screw it up so badly you’ll never recover.

    Only a fool antes up to play in a rigged game.

    Come up with a better game, and make Gov. Blackface Babykiller and his gun-grabbing minion bastards fight their battles on your turf, against your strengths (none of which are found in Richmond), when you’re ready for them, instead of walking into the lion’s mouth out of foolish pride.

    All warfare is based on deception.
    If you are weak, appear strong; if you are strong, appear weak.
    The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.
    Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.
    Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.
    He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.
    He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.
    The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.
    ” – Sun Tzu

    Even a cursory glance at those precepts shows that Richmond is a disaster in the making, because they’re doing everything wrong.

    Take a different path, play to your own strengths instead, and leave the other side reeling from defeat, instead of rolling from laughter after they beclown the pro-2A groups that show up.

    Just like on the internet, you don’t have to show up at every slapfight you’re invited to.

    • Aren’t you making the presumption that the people on the ground, in Viriginia … are somewhat stupid?

      I should have thought that there’s a great number of men there, who have intimate knowledge of the terrain, and the ability to plan tactically.

      Of course, I don’t know, but I’d expect that there’s much which is ‘unseen’.

      • I should have thought that there’s a great number of men there, who have intimate knowledge of the terrain, and the ability to plan tactically.

        Objection, Your Honor:
        Assumes facts not in evidence.

        “Tactical” planning for this would begin with cancelling the whole silly-assed idea. It trades away all of VCDL’s strengths to date, to pull off one faptastic Hail Mary that plays to all of the opposition’s strengths, on their turf.

        I’m pretty sure Tennyson laid out this strategy and level of tactical acumen in a poem:

        Lobby Day “worked” when they had an [R] state legislature.
        That isn’t the case any more, which is a yuuuuuge problem.
        It was staffed by small groups of private unpaid lobbyists making their points.
        Not by gun-toting yahoos, 50+% of whom are spoiling to “git some” when they whip out their dic…er, guns, and show TPTB who’s boss.
        So the former model for Lobby Day isn’t the case any more either, which is another yuuuuuuge problem.
        And then, the cherry on the turdmuffin, they’ve invited any number of mouth breathing knuckleheads, helpfully pre-infiltrated by X*500 paid CI/agitators, not to mention actual and faux racists and other assorted idiots, whose entire purpose is to create the plausible rationale to
        a) open fire
        b) make mass arrests
        c) turn this into Charlottesville Klan Rally v2.0 on national TV
        d) make an airtight case in 50 states for gun owners being the exact non-existent lunatics the Brady Bunch and every other anti-gun lobby sees in their fever dreams, except now with actual video proof.
        e) All of the above.

        What on earth could POSSIBLY go wrong with that??

        With no more than that well in mind, ignoring the detailed kill zone analysis by Mr. Bracken of the actual venue in question, back up and take another stab at who’s running the show in VA, and what their probable level of tactical acumen likely is.

        Personally, I wouldn’t call them stupid; it’s really an insult to stupid people.
        I’m thinking of triangulating this somewhere between Gilligan, Homer Simpson, and Beavis & Butthead, from what I’ve heard so far.
        But A Guy In A Vegetative Coma is not beyond rational argument.

        And just to dot the Is and cross the Ts, “ability” without the inclination and motivation is what you get when someone’s sleeping in a drunken coma.

        I hope I haven’t been too subtle on these points.

    • Perhaps you’re just a blogger with a drastically over inflated sense of self importance, after all?

      So far the Virginians have been doing quite a bit better than the citizens of say… California.

      I’ll admit that some of your ideas here are good. Your delivery might not be considered haughty and comically egocentric if you had already conquered Europe or led the Mexican people against their narco state, but dude- you bloviate. Online.

      Holy shit guys- Richmond is not a fucking war zone. Richmond is the people of Virginia’s state capital. Dealing with Antifa isn’t the same as dealing with the Mongol Hordes.

      If you’re this terrified of people demonstrating, or if you’re this disheartened by bad optics published by the MSM- at least have the decency not to pretend like you’re some kind or holier than thou rebel.

      • So far the Virginians have been doing quite a bit better than the citizens of say… California.

        Yes, Kay, they have! So why piss away all their advantages so far by taking their show on the road for a half-assed PR fap-fest that has 57 ways to explode in their faces and fail spectacularly, and no way to come out ahead of where they are now??

        I’ll wait while you ponder that not one single reason to justify this TardEx has been forthcoming.

        They lack local support, the VA legislature couldn’t give two fucks, they’ll be infiltrated and humiliated from a pre-written “gun owners are racist mouth-breathing yahoos” script, with video proof times 100, and then the state and fed po-po will push the crowds of opposing sides into Thunderdome, and no matter who does what, it will be painted as “Gun Owners start violent confrontations” and “Weapons of war don’t belong on our streets – witness Richmond”, and a week later you’ll watch 40 years of patient increases in pro-gun sentiment go up in flames, from coast to coast.
        Friendly body count optional.

        All giving shit-tons of political cover to political shitweasels who just need a little CYA blanket to justify stabbing us in the back, in state after state.
        Maybe you’re familiar with the concept that one “AwShit!” wipes out 100 “Attaboys”? There you go. QED

        Nothing good will come of it, the likelihood ranges from bad to disastrous, and if by some miracle that doesn’t happen, that’s the pinnacle of the whole event: “Nothing catastrophic happened. Yay! Us! ‘Murica!”

        Or, local groups could organize like mad, dig in like ticks, do any hundred better, smarter, more effective things, on their turf, with their people playing to their strengths, with zero chance of being compromised, humiliated, or worse.

        Wow, that’s a tough call right there, so I see your point.
        Let’s throw the Hail Mary pass with 0% of winning, and three chances out of four of being intercepted and run back for the other team’s score, instead of marching down the field and scoring a touchdown.

        This is going to make buying Powerball tickets and betting on the Chicago Cubs to go to the World Series every year look like a safe bet by comparison.

        • I dont see these things as mutually exclusive at all.

          The guys that you’ve been so fond of bashing- maybe those dudes are bout it enough to show up to a protest and that’s what they’re capable of doing right now. Showing that there are, indeed, an awful LOT of people that are not happy with their state government’s new declarations.
          Showing the discerning public that perhaps gun owners are just regular people like the humble folks across the country that might see this type of thing on the tv or the interwebz.

          And the dudes that are capable beyond that can start doing what they’re capable of in case .. what is it you guys are saying? People walk into a state sponsored massacre? Not what I would think would be a smart move at this moment in time for TPTB, but I guess anything’s possible.

      • Matt Bracken

        “So far the Virginians have been doing quite a bit better than the citizens of say… California.”

        Yeah, because Charlottesville was just BRILLIANT.

        • They used different tactics on the west coast. That’s why what they’re doing has a lot of us thinking WTF? On the West Coast they used the old Frog in a Frying Pan routine. It’s taken them 20 years to strip our freedoms down to the point they are now.
          Not these boys in Virginia. It’s in your face Fxck You. They are LOOKING for a conflict. Which they should get. But from what I’m seeing Virginia has no Command and Control. Are the 95 different counties even communicating. And if they are don’t answer me here. This entire thing smells do to the desperation of the Libtards.

  19. The downsides to showing up in Richmond are significant and real but what is the downside of not showing up? An emboldened Virginia legislature that will, rightly, believe that most Virginians are more worried about getting in trouble than they are in having their rights stripped. You know who else is watching? The legislators in a lot of other states. If we keep ceding ground to the neo-Maoist Left, they will keep pushing us until we are under the same sort of assault in every state in the Union.

    The ghost of Charlottesville is serving to keep many of us mute and timid.

    • Matt Bracken

      Yeah, this time we’re going to do Charlottesville right. This time it’ll be a big win for our side.

      “General Custer, I think we should not ride down into the Little Big Horn today, but let’s wait until all those tribes break up, and pick them off one at a time, on better terrain.”

      “Nonsense! What, are you a yellow coward? It’s just another Indian camp like all the rest. They’ll run when they see us coming. Bugler, sound charge!”

      • I for one, simply do not have the strength to carry on after Charlottesville. My whole world came crashing down, I renounced my heritage, my race, and I dropped my daughter off at synagogue to find a husband.

        I must be missing something about this. Are the 240s already ripping up there? You guys are acting like going to a demonstration is a damned suicide mission. Time for some fresh air, maybe?

        • Matt Bracken

          So, your answer to C-ville is to pull a C-ville X 10?

          • Yes, pornstashe ‘84 cuck.

            Nothing went wrong in Charlottesville. It was a necessary step one.

            What has happened the last 50 years really was a Jewish attack on whites. Purim. It’s really true even though the truth hurts your mangina.

            The media Jews are correct when they say the deplorables voted for protection from the Jews.

            They need to see that whites are rallying, not giving up.


            • Matt Bracken

              Publius says: “Nothing went wrong in Charlottesville. It was a necessary step one.”

              Folks, glom onto what Publius is saying. “C-ville was a necessary step one.”
              From that, you may deduce that he is hoping that Richmond is even “better”/(worse) from his accelerationist POV.

              IOW, Publius is hoping that the Great Richmond Buffalo Jump is a total catastrophe, and he will be cheering from afar when it happens.

              Then we get to what Publius really wants you to know:
              “What has happened the last 50 years really was a Jewish attack on whites. Purim. It’s really true even though the truth hurts your mangina.
              The media Jews are correct when they say the deplorables voted for protection from the Jews.”

              So, it’s really all about da evil Jooz. So the guys like Publius and Northgunner who are cheering loudest for the Richmond Buffalo Jump (A) hope it’s a total disaster, “winning by losing” in the accelerationist manner, and (B) Are at their core they are Joooo hating Nazis.

              GREAT! Okay, Buffalo Jumpers, are you on with this?

              The guys cheering loudest for the Buffalo Jump (A) hope it goes down in flame and wreckage, and (B) are Nazis.

              Get that?

      • Custer analogy is a good one. Custer charged

        and got anihiliated. Major Reno and Capt. Benteen

        pulled their soldiers back to defensible ground, and

        held out until Gen’l Crook arrived

        with the gatling guns and artillery.

  20. The picture on Virginia state flag kind of speaks for itself…

  21. Matt Bracken and Aesop…. Foaming at the mouth to see it all go bad so they can say I told you so. Matt Bracken is a fear porn pushing asshat who aligns with Alex Jones, and who’s big plan in CW2 is to sail away on his yacht. Nuff said about that. Aesop is the eloquent typing California resident telling everyone who can actually own guns they are fuck tards and to lie down and vote your way out of this.

    No thanks to both of you. I will say that anyone going to Richmond with a weapon is a fool. So the smarter than everyone else duo have a point there. But to tell people not to assemble; which is their right to do peacefully is straight up fucked up and makes me wonder what their motivations are.

    And you have to love their tolerance of opposing viewpoints. Spoiler alert… they don’t have tolerance. Both are just as bad as the left when it comes to opposing views. They can’t handle opposing views so they block and censor anyone that dares to voice a view contrary to theirs. Quite funny and sad at the same time.

    Fact of the mater is… the guns will be given up or you will have to use them to defend against it. No two ways about it. Blather on all you want. TPTB don’t have to go door to door. They will get you on the way to work, to get groceries, drop the kids off at school, etc.

    Tick tock tick tock. We will soon see who’s the smartest in the land.

    • agreed

      and both are flaming STATISTS

      another thing

      the vast majority of murkins have put themselves in a postion of total weakness by way of DEBT to their (((betters)))

      i prefer my way instead

      • if you do not command a position of Fuck You

        then you really have NO legitimate credibility

        like an accomplished man would listen to a flunky who still wakes up to serve the beast


        tfA-t lives “the Position of Fuck You”

    • I see reading comprehension is not your forte.
      I know, Ike. Let’s try a spelling bee!

      Nobody told anyone not to assemble. Not once. Not ever.
      We said don’t assemble there, then, when God and everybody knew you were coming, and when you won’t accomplish fuck-all except showing up to be the guest of honor at the cannibal village for Missionary Stew – as the main course.

      You want to assemble?
      Assemble in your home county, on your home turf, with your friends and neighbors, where you already got your own county to declare it a 2A Sanctuary, and get your sheriff to declare full support for an armed auxiliary to stop unconstitutional confiscations. Times every county and city that voted for those “Sanctuary” resolutions.
      Then give it teeth, train up, and make it a real deal, instead of a frothing moonbat mob. Weed out the plants and tards beforehand, instead of waiting to see who shows up in the after-action photos toting fresh-out-of-the-bag Nazi flags, just for the media photo op.

      You don’t like that plan?


      Come up with a better one. No one’s stopping you.

      But what neither you nor anyone else cannot do, ever, is explain what Richmond is going to accomplish besides blowing up in your face.

      Still want to do that?
      Take a blow out kit, bring bail money, and settle your affairs before you go.
      And probably tie dog tags to each foot, just to be sure they can identify the body no matter what happens.

    • Matt Bracken

      I see that General Pickett’s JAG LT wants Bracken and Aesop charged with insubordination and intentionally damaging morale.

      Now, all you good and loyal buffaloes, get lined up in neat rows behind General Pickett for the glorious march up the hill to teach them Yankees a lesson.

    • PREACH

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Matt Bracken is not an “ass-hat” –but he is completely wrong on this subject.

      Aesop however is a sniveler and afraid of some ‘bad press.’

      • Black Pigeon Speaks makes more sense more
        often than A-flop; witness his tiresome, “It’s
        Eeeeebola!! Run for your lives, the sky is
        falling with eeeebola blood rain!!”

        That he, A-flop CHOOSES to continue living
        in Califruitopia speaks volumes….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • “Run for your lives!
          Jooooooooooooos everywhere!!!!!”

          Ya just can’t fool a man who’s already fooled himself, and made a fool of himself.
          Keep pounding that one-note piano.
          You don’t need those other keys at all.

          • Jew spotted.

          • And yet, neither you nor Matt have EVER rationally
            debated or logically countered what I and others
            here have factually documented from the bolshevist/
            zionist jewry, especially when those facts came from
            their OWN mouths and writings regarding their actions
            and documented goals.

            Something tells me that BOTH of you would badly loose
            in a public debate on this subject with the likes of me,
            Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. E. Michael Jones or for that
            matter Dr. David Duke on a debate about the ‘hostile
            elite’ as Dr. MacDonald refers to them.

            Since you, Aesop made the first move above to open
            that can ‘o worms, here’s a video of Rabbi Ben Porat
            stating why Hitler was right about the bolshevist jews:

            Jewish Rabbi Explains Why Hitler Was Right

            So, by stating what he Rabbi Porat now…a

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  22. All the folks that are disparaging the actions being taken in Richmond fail to have any formative plans of their own. If you do nothing but contradict others plans and strategies yet do not proceed with how you plan and act to change the direction of the gun grabbers, well move aside….

    • …fail to have any formative plans of their own??”
      The internet moves pretty fast, Rhett,
      Try and keep up:

      You were saying…?

      Don’t like that idea?
      Your turn.
      Do better.
      You come up with something.
      Only one ground rule: You can’t come up with something that’ll shoot yourself in the foot, make everyone on your side look like a bunch of drooling gun-toting retards, or land them all in jail because half the clowns who showed up pretending to be on your side were actually federal agents and confidential informants, or bought-off “crisis actors” with their own brand new confederate and Nazi flags just for the photo op.

      This should be easy.
      No pressure, right?

    • Matt Bracken

      >>>”All the folks that are disparaging the actions being taken in Richmond fail to have any formative plans of their own. If you do nothing but contradict others plans and strategies yet do not proceed with how you plan and act to change the direction of the gun grabbers, well move aside….”<<<

      We do, and we have, but buffaloes, while great at stampeding in a brainless herd, are not so great at independent thinking or even reading.

      So, Matt, do you have a better idea?

      Okay, we get it. Bracken thinks a mass Second Amendment rally in Richmond on Lobby Day is a bad idea. So what would you do, Matt? Roll over and surrender? Give up your guns without a fight?

      Hell no. I’d continue to marshal our forces for maximum effect at local county and city council meetings. The 2A sanctuary county movement has been extremely effective at getting positive attention through this means. We should keep attending every local political meeting in force. Make your local politicos feel the heat. Keep pressing at the county and city level. Experiment with holding “unorganized militia” flash mob events. Be imaginative, and always use friendly local terrain to your advantage.

      And I’d arrange other types of demonstrations, also on favorable friendly ground, using social media to distribute a strong message. For example, groups can hold and film what I would call “William Tell” events, where local shooters rendezvous and get on the firing line together for firepower demonstrations. The combined sound and fury of fifty or more semi-auto rifles banging away against steel targets at 100 yards would be very impressive, especially if different counties held similar demonstrations on the same day, all filmed and then combined for upload to the internet. The point is, if we want to demonstrate our strength, do it on friendly ground, using technology and social media to spread the message.

      For our side, downtown Richmond is the worst terrain possible for an angry showdown. Does anybody really think that there will be a positive political outcome when thousands of pro-gun folks take dozens of buses and hundreds of cars and trucks into downtown Richmond, to try to change the minds of the very politicians who already hate their deplorable stinking guts? That’s just foolish, in my humble opinion.

  23. I will be the first to admit that I don’t have an answer. These people would not be doing this if they didn’t have the power to. But they do. All this stuff about how they are defying the “will of the people” is bullshit.They ARE representing the majority who elected them: the freaks, the queers, the trannies, the lesbian professors, the immigrants, the blacks, the whores, the soccer moms, the commies. THEY are the majority now.

    Clearly, your constitutional rights are not supposed to hinge on what a democratic majority thinks. This USED to be a constitutional republic. But it isn’t any more. For practical purposes, the government has no limits on its power any more… the only limits it has are the ones it imposes upon itself.

    You cannot ask the courts for redress. They will not give it to you. They ARE the government. Why bother to ask a cancerous old yenta like (((Ruth Bader Ginsburg))) to tell you what the Second Amendment means? She’ll simply tell you that “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” means that you have NO right to own a gun.

    I would be all for protests and riots, if they would work. I don’t think they will. The French were rioting continuously for nearly a year, and that smug little faggot Macron is still in power, completely unperturbed. The French riots got the gasoline tax delayed, and that’s about it.

    Riots and mob insurgencies only work when there is a significant cultural or racial bond. Blacks can do it, because they will not rat out their fellow Negroes to The Man. Muslims can do it, because they would rather die for Allah than side with the infidel. But whites cannot get away with this… the oppressive government is comprised of fellow whites, and their oppression is enforced by highly-paid white mercenaries and traitors who will gladly shoot you dead during a no-knock raid in exchange for 20-and-out with a fat pension.

    So I admit I don’t know what to do next. But as Socrates observed, the first step to true knowledge is to admit your ignorance, and proceed from there.

    • Simply put, violence works!
      It’s why ‘gov’ and other parasites like to utilize the
      bromide that ‘violence is THEIR sole right; any
      commoner be damned if he/she thinks they have
      the same right to use it in righteous self-defense!’


      The first one is expensive; all the rest are free.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • When elections cannot be audited it is foolish to presume that the results of the election are legitimate. Hell, the two-party system itself screams electoral fraud. Why is it we have to choose between the statist from the Dem’s or the statist from the Repubs? Why do these two parties have insitutionalized advantage?

  24. Colddeadhandsdays

    I understand the wisdom of staying with from route and I understand what Bracken is saying but I have to ask what has playing defense gotten us? I’d say nothing. We’ve already taken casualties and we are the only side that has. How many casualties will it take before we actually act? I’m just asking. What would Michael Collins do? What did he do? We are losing this war and by not standing up with you middle fingers in the air and telling him to fuck off right to the faces we’re definitely going to lose.Those asshole fucked up in Connecticut New York lost. Great maybe they never turned in their AR’s but they certainly can’t be seen with them in public anymore they can’t train with them and that’s as good as turning them in. Many of them have been red flagged and has anyone gone down shooting? Has anyone snipes any of the officials will pass these laws? No we’re fucking losing because no one will act.

    I’d say it’s the moment of truth and if not now when? I’m inclined to agree with TL Davis at this point. Show up let the chips fall where they may and if it goes kinetic go on the offensive because you have nothing left to lose. Problem is no one here wants to be a martyr and there certainly will be some. Why don’t some of you older guys who have already raised families show up? Those who are young with families can stand in reserve and if it goes south will act 4th gen. It’s known where all the evil bastards live. We already have the moral high ground and you have to understand that we are already at war and are losing.

    And so my question right here now is if they pass these laws are you going to act or are you going to fucking sit back not turn your weapons in and then never train with them again. Shooting and tactical operations are perishable skills. How are you going to pass them on to other generations at that point? Those of you who say you’re going to do nothing and just leave it to the reader to assume that you will go dark for generation sniper. Cool. I’ve yet to see it happen. I think we’re gonna lose this war because no one wants to fucking confront a blatant in your face enemy who’s pointing at you laughing telling you they’re going to stop for food on your face and you do nothing about it.

    • Matt Bracken

      Mosby’s Rangers, or Pickett’s Charge.
      Your choice.

      • Or continue to shill for gatekeeper/controlled opposition
        Alex Jones as both of you windmill tilt against the Globalists..who interestingly enough you and he both NEVER identify.

        Your choice.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Matt Bracken

      “Show up let the chips fall where they may and if it goes kinetic go on the offensive because you have nothing left to lose.”

      Said like a true buffalo. Smarter folks already know where it ends: at the bottom of a cliff.

      Dude, fight SMART, not STUPID.
      Mosby’s Rangers, not Pickett’s Charge.

  25. This whole discourse is a prime example of why “conservatives”, “trads”, whatever, will never come together to accomplish damn near anything.
    “Should we go?” Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no……..dead….

    The left doesn’t have this problem, there are no rules, as far as they’re concerned. They are united and singular in purpose, the whole freakish nasty lot of them want nothing to do with “us” and they let us know it. They’re not “worried” about what might happen, they know that nothing will!

    • There are bloggers, and there is shit going on in real life.

      VA has so far shown the kind of resolve and solidarity that beats internet armchair quarterback shilling by every measure I can think of.

  26. I liked Aesops idea about forming up deputies. It’s a good one that has legs. That said the idea that we have ANYTHING to lose in the battle of “public opinion” is false. Anybody remember LaVoy? Bunch of cunts said he was foolish blah blah but not a one of them did shit. He did and paid the ultimate price for it. Balls like grapefruits and faith to spare. RIP LaVoy. The rest of you shut the fuck up and let VA do what they gotta do. Jeezus. Lets all wet ourselves over optics? Not me. Not today not ever. VA patriots you are in my prayers today.

    • Finicum is a punchline, who spent his final moments cavorting around in the snow yelling “Shoot me! Shoot me!” and the OSP did. Everyone else in his car is home today, alive, and free to do things. And he died in a misbegotten TardEx op that had a 60% federal confidential informant to 40% legit participant ratio, that accomplished absolutely nothing except embarrass all involved.

      He squandered his life for nothing worthwhile whatsoever.
      The government is no smaller, and no citizen is freer, because of his pointless sacrifice.


      And Finicum did the same thing yesterday that he did the day before that, and the day before that. Which is decay into corruption while feeding worms.

      Finicum was Pvt. Ransom in The Devil’s Brigade, doing an epic faceplant and losing the race with the Canadians, when William Holden walks up to him afterwards and tells him “That was a silly-assed thing to do!”

      If you can’t figure out the problem with that plan, you’re either part of the problem, and not the solution; or else you’re a federal agitator/CI yourself.
      I don’t know you well enough to say which is likelier, but the result in either case is identical.

      For most people, this isn’t a difficult concept to grasp.

      Re-think, or go back to fed HQ and tell them this plan is a non-starter.

      • Well played ad hom on a dead guy who showed up. Put it on a bit thick there chief.

        • A dope is a dope, alive or dead.
          The difference between you and him is you still have a choice about how big a sucker you want to be.

          He’s the U.S. version of the those 5 Iraqi militia goofs jacking around with the IED, until the bright white flash of knowledge opened their minds…at 8,050 meters/second.

          And the only prize he won was a Darwin Award.

          That’s not ad hominem, it’s ad punctum.
          {Used in a sentence: “We not only punctum, we ventilated ‘um too.“}

          When you become the punchline, you end up in a morality fable.
          Dulce et decorum est.

        • and yet he is 100% correct.

      • Special place in hell for you, Aesop. You’re a cunt. You’re not worthy to write the name “Finicum”. Motherfucking Californian.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Aesop’s right.
          This whole country went crazy worshipping a patriot who became famous for doing stupid shit that got him killed. Name one thing he did right……….
          Nothing, and that’s why he died.
          The level of ignorance in this country today is unbelievable. Idiots following idiots. What a way to lead and win.

  27. Milo Mindbender

    Rest assured any groups there have been thoroughly infiltrated, and any call for action is either crom an alphabet goon or their confidential informant.
    Watch out for crowd funnels and choke points, Pantifa will be hunting for outliers to assult with goverment protection if they get caught.
    All of this is pure speculation, but I am not doubting any of it. YMMV, be safe and frosty if travels take you there.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      I really doubt your assertions about infiltration –maybe a few, Very few.
      But to look at this realistically, this is unfolding way too fast for “they/them” to put a batch of snitches into play.

  28. Besides “let George do it,” organize a civil defense plan for the UN DDR and the alphabet agencies. Full organization with an HQ, TOC, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6. Please do not be like the Confederate Command in Kentucky 1861.

    No charismatic demagogues and legends in their own minds. If people in Virg. don’t know who is their best leadership in this matter they should stay home.

    The VDCL should continue with the rally as planned and no additional people. Start the civil defense drills on 19 Jan. 2020. Make them county wide and network with the other counties through the CP TOC.

    Have a plan, a real plan, a plan to win and have a common doctrine and principle to operate the entire affair — a Grand Strategy disseminated to all counties.

    Young men talk tactics, old men practice logistics.

  29. Harald Balzac

    Once this thing(TM) goes to guns all bets are off. Everybody’s right, everybody’s wrong. Tomorrow, next year? Ten? Never thought they could keep it movin’ this long…
    Toughest, smartest guys as likely to get shot first as anyone else. Once the bullets start flyin’ anything can happen…luck is as important as skillz…

    • Colddeadhandsdays

      Bottom line is no one has done anything yet. Our side is losing the war and the left Marches on. When in History has a side who won’t fight won? How did the Russian commies win? How about the Chinese? How about our founders? Yes crowds are bad but you either start sniping the enemy and still lose pretty much in the end or at least come a draw or you take the bastards out. One show of REAL force where the state actors are surrounded and outgunned should be EASY to achieve. If this isn’t it then what will spur that action?

      And Bracken Enemies Books should be the blueprint going forward for partisan 4th G action. As for Aesop, your writing is great and I agree with much of what you say and even on this your points are valid but at some Point when someone is telling you to your face they’re going to violate your rights and possibly come to kill you you actually have to resist.
      It doesn’t surprise me that this is a foreign concept for you since you live in commie controlled California and you’re a disarmed slaves. I know because I lived there myself but I voted with my fucking feet and got out of there. So in these matters you have no credibility. You’re a big talker and if you were bloviating this bullshit to the faces of the guys I know you wouldn’t dig the response.. There’s people who do and there’s people talk you’re a fucking talker. You remind me of the assholes who live in New Jersey and New York Connecticut and other places. Big talkers but won’t defend their rights.

      And I agree right now the people in France have more balls than anyone in this country but that said they still haven’t really done anything. They can very easily going to the halls of government and pull the socialist traitorous bastard’s out and hang them. This is what needs to be done in Virginia as well as Washton DC. And I agree right now the people in France have more balls than anyone in this country but that said they still haven’t really done anything. They can very easily go into the halls of government and pull the socialist traitorous bastards out and hang them. This is what needs to be done in Virginia as well as Washington DC.🖕🏿💀🖕🏿

      The communists ARE coming and WILL pass their laws. Then if there is no resistance you won’t ever be able to be seen with your Guns in public again and there WILL be isolated incidents on guys getting red-flagged and shot in their beds. The reds are absolutely confident of this fact and will carry out these actions. Thus far there have been exactly ZERO repercussions on the traitorous bastards.

      • No, genius.

        When someone is telling you they’re coming for you, laugh in their face, but believe every word they say.
        But (as any million cops would tell you) watch their Effing HANDS.

        When they actually come for your guns,
        if you’re organized and trained in advance
        if you have people who’ll actually muster when called up
        if they know what to do, because they can at least hit the side of a barn without tripping over their shoelaces or blowing off their own foot, and
        if you have the personnel, intelligence, training, planning, logistics, communication, and civil liaison (O, holy shit, almost like all those articles I wrote on the S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4, S-5, S-6, etc. functions months and months ago on this very site and my own blog had some actual real life application!!!)
        THEN AND ONLY THEN please, by all that’s right and holy, muster your hardasses on the village green, and behind every fence and tree, and let the minions of jackbooted thuggery know if they take one more step across the county line and in your direction you’re going to blow them to Hell, and bayonet the corpses afterwards “just to be sure”, that no prisoners will be taken and no quarter asked nor given, and that you will then march on their political masters and hold a Special Recall Election up against a handy wall, in defense of your Natural Law pre-constitutional God-given and gunpowder-guaranteed holy rights.

        So, slick, whereTF are you on accomplishing that mission-essential task list, and how many of those boxes can you check, like 77 guys in Lexington could one fine spring morning in 1775, because they did their fucking homework??

        I’m betting you’d score right around 0%, but I’m an optimist.

        But that’s based purely on the fact that you’ve already voted with your feet once, and once someone turns tail and runs, especially with nothing much at stake, it’s pretty easy for them to do it again when things get sporty.

        But don’t you worry none, those of us in occupied territory who didn’t cut and run at the first whiff of adversity are pretty well-armed (my current state of defenseless weaponlessness hereabouts would probably only be enough for arming a small banana republic, but in terms of the national average for gun owners, I’m a pretty solid overachiever). So maybe not so much yakking about things about which you know Jack and Shit would be a more prudent option.

        And I also don’t plan on running into the bear’s cave to poke a stick up its ass just because some double-digit IQ “leader” declared it to be a soopergenius brilliant plan.

        • Colddeadhandsdays

          I’m more squared away on every single one of those points than you are genius. I was actually trained by .gov I was actually a trigger puller. I’ve actually done grievous bodily harm to other human beings. I’ve been tested more times than I can count and I’m still alive. You haven’t. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about flat out.

          Again you make some good points and you do have a solid plan but I don’t believe that is possible did you feed the collectivists working within their system. That’s where you and I differ. I believe this is going to guns and it’s definitely not gonna be your fucking generation that fights it. You guys have proven yourself so useless Ineffectual cowards. My generation has actually been fighting for the last 20 years. We are pretty based and jaded. And the fact that you think we are all so stupid as to march in the Richmond observing the marquee the Queensberry rules of engagement, illustrates your bloated ego. Whatever.

          The fact that we have no leaders is actually a strength because unorganized, spontaneous, random resistance, sniping, burning and gene pool ending is what the leftists have in store for them. This is going to play out.

          Bracken, not everyone makes a living being Bracken. Some have to be anonymous so they can keep feeding their progeny as long as the trucks are still rolling brother. 👍

      • Shinmen Takezo

        You are completely correct.

        • Aesop appears to be a FED troll at this point.

          • Notice that Mr. Bracken never calls Aesop an anonymous internet tough guy or dares him to dox himself…hmmmm….maybe they have the same schedule at JIDF Patrol.

            • Matt Bracken

              Aesop’s not attacking me, asshole.
              So, from what distant state are you encouraging the Richmond Buffalo Jump, which you hope will be even “better” than C-ville?

              • So show me where I encouraged anyone to go. It’s cool-I’ll wait.
                Anonymity for those who say nice things to you, doxing for those who don’t. Check.

  30. Im with Matt Bracken on this one. This VDCL rally on the 20th has all the trappings of being a complete shit show, the way the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville was. If I had to guess L.E. will let Antifa scum run wild and will actively herd participants into confrontations with Antifa. I would be very wary of going to something like this. If you don’t care about getting arrested for defending yourself, then by all means….

    • Matt Bracken

      Thanks, it seems like the buffalo stampeders outnumber the thinkers on this thread.

      • No you’re absolutely right about buffalo jumps. You’re right about a lot of things-just not everything.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Actually, that’s my forte. Spent years searching for and mapping bison drive lines and jumps. Just got done talking with BLM last week over permits, we’re digging another one about 8 miles from my house this summer. Dates to the 1600’s with 3 distinct kill levels and has miles of rock cairn drive lines.

        • there’s 320 million debt-enslaved functional retards in Fusa

          so a few million get wiped out here n there

          where’s the problem?

          you have to start somewhere to come up with tfA-t’s magic #

          let the cleansing begin

          tfA-t has things to do and places to go

          can’t have any fun with that many morons obstructimg his view

          tempus fugit 🙂

  31. Slow day on /k/, I take it?

  32. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  33. The Virginia state government has all the credibility of the Iranian government. IF IF IF the Lobby Day goes through, I’d be on a rooftop OUTSIDE the perimeter of the .gov. Our Roof-Koreans are watching the goons that are watching the “lobbyists”…….. I hope the event gets cancelled two days before so only the plants, tards, and agitators show up to beat up on each other. There are no rational actors in Richmond government.

    • Excellent post. Snipes watching their snipes. The VDCL has had ample time to prepare. Roof top Koreans watching the govt snipes. I read Aesop and Matt their views are noted and understood. However taking back our God given rights have to start somewhere. Yes there are hazards to be sure. But let them take the first shot, not US. Once that happens then the full fury of the 2A comes to realization. If not now when? When WE are corralled into cattle cars?……Too late people. Like Solzhenitsyn implied….Coulda, Woulda, Shouda! And to all those angling for an in.. I am too far away to participate so fire away.

  34. The only suggestion i have for the people going to Richmond is if somebody raises a KKK, NAZI or white supremacy Flags politely ask them to put it away. The 1st time, 2nd time not so politely. Everybody watch who is in your hoola hoop. I live in another commie state and i bet our politicians are watching this very closely. If y’all get screwed it wont just affect VA.

    • Colddeadhandsdays

      Fuck the optics. Every single leftist politician in Virginia is in violation of their oath, any law they pass is unconstitutional and therefore void. You have no obligation to adhere to any void unconstitutional laws. Any law-enforcement officer that follows them is the enemy. I took the oath in the Army and it’s for life. If this shit comes to my state I won’t sit back and do nothing brother, just run roughshod over all of us and our rights unlike some people here are giving advice. Virginia is the test case for the south. Make us proud. If this shit comes to my state I won’t sit back and do nothing father communist run roughshod over all of us and our rights unlike some people who are giving advice. Virginia is the test case for the south. Make us proud.

  35. OverMountainMan

    The Californitard and the Floridiotard again are given the floor at WRSA to spout their advice. They’ve shown reluctance, however, to provide any actual evidence of their Do-Nothing-Plan having produced a single example of success.

    The Raccoon Tear is great at mocking people, but what ground has the Do-Nothing-Plan gained there in California? Like he is fond of saying, let him show his work. He and Bracken both like to say to only fight them on your own turf. Well, Vickie Weaver & all the Branch Davidians could not be reached for comment on the brilliance of your “wait til they come to us” plan.

    If we want *no more brother wars*, let’s quit giving the podium over to this wet-blanket brigade, happy to cast aspersions on any action not measuring up to their optical-purity test, who seem only interested in managed defeat. Hearing their impassioned regurgitation, has me wondering about their motives, too.

    Here’s some advice back at Aesop & Bracken: both you union flag wavers swore that oath to abide by, protect & defend the CONstitution, yes? These politicians are undeniably enemies to that rag, yes? Before blessing the rest of us with any more advice, how about you guys team up with your sooper ninja operator skillz, and pull some weeds from that garden? You are perfectly within your mandate as warriors for the Republic, to execute traitors. Do it. Earn our respect. Release your inner Eric Frein! Until you do, your advice rings hollow.

    Or, were you absolved of that oath?

    • >”Well, Vickie Weaver & all the Branch Davidians could not be reached for comment on the brilliance of your “wait til they come to us” plan.”
      Interesting that Faux News is airing a “documentary” on Ruby Ridge tonight… with over a week until Lobby Day, too.
      …Almonds are activating.

    • “Let’s you and them fight.”

      Jesus Christ On A Pogo Stick, did you really think that genius plan up all by yourself? Or did the Special Agent In Charge write it out for you to copy down?
      And whose idea was it to leave out the obligatory “neener neener” and “triple dog dare”? Isn’t that policy in the Internet Idiot’s Manual or something?
      (If that was just an oversight due to your enthusiasm, maybe one of the other Idiots hereabouts can lend you their copy, and you can re-post.)

      I said fight them in your county, not at the state capitol nor wait until it’s on your own front porch. Your ignorant misstatement ( you don’t sound smart enough to have done it on purpose) is like three times the stupid for the same low price.
      Take a chance on the third grade, bumpkin. It’ll pay you dividends someday, I promise.

      And understand: idiots are not my brothers.
      If they’re kin to you, toddle off and stand next to them. The enemy may not have enough targets, so you might come in handy. Which would likely be a novelty, but life always manages to surprise me.
      Walk tall.

      But please, stop making me miss the No Comments policy here already.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Bracken is NOT a tard’.
      But he is completely wrong on this subject.

    • Matt Bracken

      Great advice, General PIckett.
      Just like your great advice about Charlottesville.
      And now your advice is to quadruple down and go for C-ville X 10.
      Yeah, just brilliant.

  36. My suggestion for the citizens of Virginia,BLOAAFT!

    Buy Lots Of Ammo And Firearms Today!

    My apologizes to the creators of BLOAT.

  37. SemperFi, 0321

    Well, one thing is for sure. We live in a nation of idiots who don’t even know who their real enemy is, still chasing whatever squirrels the Ziomedia sends them after.
    Good job folks!

    • Isn’t it just amazing what over a century of carefully
      produced and employed bolshevist jew indoctrination
      and propaganda can accomplish in regards to not
      only making people actively hate their own people
      but pray and work for the very destruction of the
      civilization that their forefathers dreamt of and built.

      And that they perceive their slavery AS freedom….
      This goes far beyond mere idiocy my brother!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • SemperFi, 0321

        The Tel Aviv Syndrome here is staggering. Helping and enabling in your own destruction goes beyond any sense of reason and yet they are hell bent on speeding up the process thru their own ignorance and stubbornness to change.
        Three cheers for our handlers!

  38. Still a big circle jerk I see…Then we wonder why we lose…Sad That…

    • Ain‘t it tho? Hit me up; I‘m home this coming week. Snow n stuff.

    • Who’s this ‘We’ kemosabe?…

      I ain’t your injun and I’m not on your rez either!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • who we? white man

      tfA-t is


      here on the island, he’s assembled a dozen strong and bright young men- mostly vets, who meet once a week and enjoy a couple of free drinks on the house

      they still haven’t been informed about why…

      it’s best that way

    • Try /arg/, then. At least, you’ll get a laugh.

  39. I must have missed it, did Clair Wolfe say “ now it’s time”?
    If it is….better Mosby than Pickett.

  40. Fellas, some of you could take a page out of CA’s book. If you want to persuade people on your own side to take a certain course of action, it helps to not call them names. It might make you feel better to say idiot, tard, stupid; but it really doesn’t help the people trying to get useful info out of your posts/comments.

    I’m seeing assumptions that Antifa will be there, but no evidence. Gun issues are not a primary motivator for them, and I haven’t seen any online organizing/planning. They are not secret ninjas any more than us. By all means, post any links or screenshots of any OSINT you can find. It will be useful to everyone.

    Let’s try to learn something from whatever happens. Be willing to be wrong, whether about the big picture or about the details, because no one knows the future.

    • Antifa are tools.
      Soros is the paymaster.
      So, you figure he’s taking the month off, or what?
      Just wondering.

      Best day of this, and nothing goes wrong, you can also count on nothing good happening.
      That is a “win” for VCDL.
      No minds changed. No votes switched.
      VCDL blows money for nothing, and their chicks for free.

      It’s a giant fizzle.
      Mitt Romney’s campaign.
      Ross Perot running, both times.
      The comet Kahoutek.
      3D TV.
      Flying cars.
      World’s biggest nothingburger.

      They’d be no worse off than their best outcome if they just sent their leadership to Vegas with the same amount of money they’ll squander on this stupid idea, and told them to buy alcohol and get laid by hookers.

      And then Gov. Blackface will yawn, and the VA legislature will pass more anti-gun laws.
      So they’ll be poorer, and worse off, and have wasted a month they could have been organizing to stop this every time it’s tried.
      Rallying more bodies to their cause.
      Cementing their support at the local level, and making sure their sheriffs and council members are solid, not hollow men, or weak sisters who’ll switch sides the minute things get hard.
      And fighting every single law in court, to the hilt.
      And organizing to vote the bastards out hard next election.
      And recruiting, vetting, training, and rehearsing their operations with more and more members, so they could use them for political action, or if it comes to it, direct physical opposition to gun grab enforcements.

      But…naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that’s too hard.
      It’s like, WORK!

      I say Road Trip!
      And here’s the VCDL after-action report to their members, 3 chances out of 4:

  41. Virginians put a lot of effort into 2A sanctuary counties/towns. Why haven’t they expended the same energy in planning to recall the elected Democrats once they’re sworn into office??

  42. Pingback: 2 Versions of The Ambush by Matt Bracken

  43. Well… I think that we all knew it was going to come to a head. The question is how big a goat#@)€ is it gonna be? I think avoiding crowds is smart. The big demonstration is an opportunity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I think Aesop’s suggestions are a better course of action.
    Unless of course the demonstration results in defenestrations. Then it’s just the next step in the process of fertilizing the tree of liberty.

  44. The VCDL has tour busses scheduled to take people to Richmond. $35 a seat. How EASY will it be for Law Imposement to redirect said busses to a central location, like a sports stadium parking lot, and have the occupants disembark their motor-coach and go through a Safety-Check area????? Corral the busses, only a select few ways in and out of the “inspection area”, away from media eyes in a controlled environment ….. talk about loading yourselves onto the boxcars…… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cancel this “Lobby Day” NOW!!!!! There is NO REASONING with unreasonable men (the VA legislature)!!!!!! They are NOT rational actors…….

    • Shinmen Takezo

      You are a freakin’ coward.
      Please fall to your knees and recite a prayer to calm yourself down.

    • Very astute observation, and, unfortunately, it seems many of those who can’t wait to, “burn it down,” aren’t rational actors, either. WAY too many, “You go, boy!” types barking about going into what Matt B correctly calls a ‘kill box.”

  45. I will not disparage anyone who chooses to stand for their rights anywhere that might be but my three words of advice are;


  46. Bracken and Aesop are Feds: Change My Mind.

    • Colddeadhandsdays

      I love how people on here seem to naïvely think that we can vote our self out of the situation. Newsflash: the reason this happened in the first place is illegal and legal immigration. Demographics is destiny. The entire government is at fault here and we the American people are to blame for not policing our government. We should’ve pulled every single one of them out of office and hung them all 30 years ago or more. There’s no way to peacefully reverse this trend. Anyone who says there is is a naïve old out of touch boomer soon to be off the earth anyway. They are also cowards because bearing the former in mind they should be the ones to storm the state house and eradicate the communists. Those of us who are younger have no respect for you or your failed methods.

      • Matt Bracken

        “They are also cowards because bearing the former in mind they should be the ones to storm the state house and eradicate the communists. Those of us who are younger have no respect for you or your failed methods.”
        Can’t wait to see you on TV in Richmond, making your stupid macho boasts come true.

        But of course, you’re just some anonymous keyboard commando posting in secret, afraid to use his name.

        • Colddeadhandsdays

          That’s not how I fight Matt. I’m in FL like you and I suspect WHEN it comes here we’ll both do what we must. I agree with 99% of everything you say and YES this does have the potential to be a buffalo Jump. It’s obvious. But I can never disparage anyone for going right into the lions den and given the bastards the finger lawfully: I didn’t say March on Richmond…

          When they pass these laws and 10’s of thousands of people become criminals overnight then we will see what happens. No one went unintended consequences or enemies foreign and domestic in Connecticut New York or California when they passed draconian gun laws they just went out with a fucking whimper. Like I said, I can respect her younger man who still trying to raise a family not fighting but a lot of the older cats in the liberty movement have no damn excuse. We’ll see how it all plays out but I’m not hopeful.

      • Troof!

    • Matt Bracken

      You’re a fed, encouraging simpletons to charge at the red matador’s cape and get a sword in the neck.

      Change my mind.

      • LOLOLOLOLOLOL I never gave anyone advice, one way or another, regarding this issue.

        Looks like da nerve been touched.

    • “Alex, I’ll take Alex Jones Style Gatekeepers and
      Controlled Opposition for $1,000 please.”

      Also, is it just me or does anyone else smell bacon?….

      ‘Nuff said.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Matt Bracken

        “NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!”
        So what’s your true name, tough guy?
        Still just keyboard instigating the buffaloes into C-ville X 10 in Richmond, anonymously?
        Isn’t that sort of the opposite of the truth? Kind of like lying by omission?
        So what’s your real name? How about a picture, and a location?
        Then we’ll have a bit of respect.
        Until then….you could just as easily be a fed troll in a fusion center.

        • Man, openly pushing for folks to reveal their real names seems to be your theme tonight bruh. Do you get a $hekel for every Murikan you dox or wut?

          • SemperFi, 0321

            He’s all for Muslim bashing, thinks we should nuke them into the stone age because they’re all trying to kill Christians, but if you say Jude he goes ballistic. (((Cohencidence)))?
            I’m in favor of spraying the entire middle east, including Israel, with bacon grease. Not 1 American should ever have to die in that shithole.

          • Matt Bracken

            Berglander: “Man, openly pushing for folks to reveal their real names seems to be your theme tonight bruh. Do you get a $hekel for every Murikan you dox or wut?”

            How touchingly naive. Are you over 21? Did you graduate from HS?

            You are only keeping your ID secret from the other folks posting on WRSA.
            Down at the fusion center, and all the way up to FBI HQ, anytime they want to check, they click on your screen name and your complete history comes up, starting with your driver’s license photo and home address, then continuing into your work history, military history, criminal record, and school records.

            Or are you so naive that you think some infantile trick like using a VPN is uncrackable by the feds? Hell, the feds subsidize the VPNs just to encourage more fools to use them, so they’ll be more candid online, feeling they are kept hidden.

            Which is a joke. Everytime you post, your name, address and DMV photo comes up on the screen at the fusion center.

            You are only hiding from us here on WRSA, not from the FLEAs.
            That’s why I post in the clear. They already know who we are.

            • My GS-12 says “Sticks and stones.” Oh and also xe wants to know when your next book is coming out.

        • Shut your fucking mouth.

          Anyone who mocks a patriot and fails to understand the need for anonymity knows nothing and is entitled to less respect than a mosquito.

          Nice pornstache, tool.

          • Matt Bracken

            I’ll repeat what I told Berglander for your benefit.

            You are only keeping your ID secret from the other folks posting on WRSA.
            Down at the fusion center, and all the way up to FBI HQ, anytime they want to check, they click on your screen name and your complete history comes up, starting with your driver’s license photo and home address, then continuing into your work history, military history, criminal record, and school records.

            Or are you so naive that you think some infantile trick like using a VPN is uncrackable by the feds? Hell, the feds subsidize the VPNs just to encourage more fools to use them, so they’ll be more candid online, feeling they are kept hidden.

            Which is a joke. Everytime you post, your name, address and DMV photo comes up on the screen at the fusion center.

            You are only hiding from us here on WRSA, not from the FLEAs.
            That’s why I post in the clear. They already know who we are.

        • You know Matt it’s a great thing that a guy like me CAN get a boomer like you so triggered, nice to be living rent free between your ears too!

          Cognitive dissonance much?

          No, I don’t have to dox myself to any zionist/talmudist enabling shekel seeking hasbara goy such as you.

          Now stop wasting my time and go give your fellow gatekeeper BFF Alex Jones his obligatory ‘reach around’ goes with the territory.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • welcome to the club

            morons have a fit trying to “be rational” in an irrational wirld

            tfA-t’s advice

            be a crazy mother fucker- they will gasp and clutch their fake pearls

    • But seriously.
      We can’t use common sense and logic to get you out of a jackassical position you didn’t use logic and common sense to get yourself into.

      I’d say get some Vaseline and a crowbar, and try and break suction on it all by yourself.

    • Matt Bracken

      “Berglander is a GS-11 fed sitting in a fusion center: Change My Mind.”
      (Wasn’t that easy?)
      At least I put my real name and face behind my posts.
      So who the hell are you, tough guy?
      Are you going to be in the buffalo stampede into Richmond, or are you just encouraging the buffaloes to do it on your behalf?

      • OK Boomer.

        • A lot of irony in that stupid meme.

          • I super hate to ask this…but what’s ironic about it? Serious.

            • To start with, labels such as boomer, millennial, gen-x, etc. serve to obfuscate, not enlighten. It is intellectually vapid whether used to dismiss boomer’s, millennials, gen-x, or any other subset defined by an arbitrary date range. Those born in the years 1946 – 1960 are lumped together as “Boomer.” That includes me. But I have little in common with early Boomer’s who faced the draft when I was among the first group that didn’t have to register. I have little in common with later boomers whose music was dominated by disco rather than the early 70’s music of the Stones, the Who, Pink Floyd, etc. That disparity of experience, and many more, is common to all of those generational labels.

              While it is true that the world deteriorated during the time the “Boomers” were most influential the same can be said for every “generation” since the civil war – including whatever label applies to you. The first generation of that time got suckered into WWI and gave us the Federal Reserve. “The Greatest Generation” got suckered into WWII and gave use FDR’s massive expansion of government and a SCOTUS that overturned virtually every precedent that previously limited federal power. There is no case to be made that post-boomer generations have done anything to break that weaken the constant assault against liberty.

              One might excuse, to some extent, the failures of the pre-boomers. There was no knowledge of the symbiotic corruption between government and crony capitalists. Communication, information, and travel were comparatively limited. Those excuses don’t apply to the post-boomers.

              Whatever valid criticisms you direct towards the boomers should be tempered with consideration for things you probably overlook. Consider the overt political assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcom X, (and, probably John Lennon) and the attempts on George Wallace, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan. Quite the bloody streak. Yet, despite this intimidation, and the killings at Kent State, large numbers of boomers took to the streets in defiance and actually forced the end of the war in Vietnam and the draft.
              This stands in stark contrast to the broad acquiesence to the multiple new wars started in the Middle East over the past 3 decades. The passivity of the post-boomers in this regard has endured despite the vastly increased access to information and communications.

              In every generation there have been the willfully blind and the heroic. There have been accomplishments and failures. Every generation seems to see with great clarity the failing of their predecessors and blinders on their own failures. This serves to divide people thus serving the purposes of the corrupt – whether they be communists or crony capitalists. In this day and age, with all the accumulated knowledge of the world at your fingertips, thanks to the work of the boomers you dismiss, you do not see that you are turning your ire and disdain towards those with whom you should be in alliance – Red-pilled people of whatever age. In doing so you make the same mistakes made by your predecessors whom you mock. That is ironic.