Quote Of The Last Forty Years (As Well As The Next Forty)

reagan landslide

“…The one thing the ruling class gets right is that the American experiment is unique in world history. No society has tried to combine extreme egalitarianism, the blank slate and democracy into a civic religion. Since two legs of that stool are in direct conflict with human nature, that leaves two choices. One is the traditional radical approach of exterminating everything that does not fit the new morality. The other is to redefine one of the legs of the stool to solve the conflict.

What impeachment suggests is the leg in for redefining will be democracy. The new definition of it will be something like Henry Ford’s choice of colors. The people can vote for whomever they like, as long as the candidate comports with the public morality of the ruling class. Rules will evolve to make sure no one like Trump can ever gain access to official Washington [again]. The political elite will become a closed system with a unique set of moral codes…”

– Z Man, The Virtue Of Impeachment


Simply put, the “experiment” is over.

And you, trad American, lost.


Enjoy your re-election.

It will be your last.

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