Aesop: What Happens Now?

Some Things We Should Be Able To Agree On

TINVOWOOT is a no-shit thing, save as a situational tactic.

If you want to keep what you have now – let alone achieve a modicum of actual, non-Orwellian freedom – you are going to have to be ready, willing, able to fight to the death against the Reds and win.

And then do it.

Nothing less.

Because the Reds aren’t quitting until they win.

How many have the names, addresses, and imagery of Communists in your AO who need special handling?

How about the intel needed on whether the popo in your area will be pension-guarding, sympathetic, or actively hostile?

How’s your PT?

Rifle and handgun competence?

Teamwork skills (followship and leadership)?

Keep working.

The Virginia Commie Blues is coming to your state.

And politics are just a tactic.

Not a path to victory.

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