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Attached image. Not intended to discourage right-wingers, but to remind them that 80% of the population, most of its manufacturing, and access to abroad by sea is in “enemy territory.” The reds may flounder in the mountains, but mountaineers can’t manufacture their own ammunition or prevent forced urbanization from back there. Nor can they control the open plains running through America’s middle. The red enemy is not totally helpless.



I’d include at the bottom links to Max V’s CQB classes, as well as this little gem from the Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property:

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Suggest also Culper and NC Scout as important training resources in 2020.

FYI: There will be an additional 15 Fighters post on Monday to recap recommendations for currently-operating trainers.

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  1. Don’t forget the Gulf Coast…

    And what will the leftist coasts ship, if not for the products of ‘flyover country’?

    • Michael Gladius

      Slaves taken in raids on rural areas, loot taken from raids in rural areas, narcotics, prostitutes, and a bunch of other black-market items.

      Bear in mind the coasts cover a lot of area and have a lot of workers for big projects. Transportation by sea is a lot cheaper and faster than overland, so they possess the most cost-effective connections to the outside world.

      Plus, if a foreign intervention were to arrive, they have to disembark at the ports, and face no potential blockade. The reds can come and go as they please.

  2. David Kilcullen’s book “Out of the Mountains” is a fantastic read on this topic-and others.

  3. Right wingers ought not fall into the same trap the empire always falls into,namely underestimating your enemies.

  4. Thanks for posting this. I’ve seen an awful lot of talk in right wing circles about running away to some red state redoubt in a central or Midwest “red” state. I have to remind people that human societies live on coastlines for good reasons, that there is no landlocked country that I know of in hundreds of years this been a world power, being surrounded by your enemies is not a good idea…… etc. .

    In other words the concept of running away to the interior of the continent is just strategic idiocy.

    New Orleans has been a fought over city because it controls the mouth of the Mississippi River, and therefore controls access to the interior of the continent. So does this plan ti run away to the Midwest include a plan to seize and control New Orleans?

    Or, are you just going to rely on charity from your enemies to survive?

    • I think most of us understand that when the wheels come off, law enforcement is going to get overwhelmed in those coastal cities and it will be a killing field in every decent sized city. It will be tough enough to survive a major disruption without having to fend off feral diversity. We’ll reclaim the coasts when the fires burn out.

      • Spot on. Power and water: off. The rest is gravity assist.

      • Some people just don’t want to leave their comfort and convenience in the city so they rag on others for doing so…Thing is they are so stubborn that not even the warnings from those who control the water and power to their cities affect them…

    • Calsdad:
      While one might not call Switzerland a world military power, or a world industrial giant, nonetheless Switzerland is a world leader in finance and engineering. And they are landlocked. Ammunition manufacture takes raw materials found mostly in the interior- zinc, copper, lead, nitrates. As regards ammunition manufacture, which states are primary producers of these things? Where are cartridge brass, projectiles, powder and primers made? (Hint, it is not the coast. ) Moreover, the market for weapons and ammunition will be largely internal, at least until order is restored. Highways, rivers and railroads do better for that than sea travel.

      Further, retreating to a safer location allows the final consequences of horrible economic policies to fall upon those who created them and their enablers, creates a larger burden for the statists to manage, and speeds the downfall and collapse of the corrupt. 90 percent of the US population lives in metropolitan areas that contain less than 48 hours of food. Any significant disruption of transport into these death traps means starvation for those trapped.

      Finally, while most if not all seaports come with large cities attached, Team Freedom does not need all of the seaports in the immediate aftermath of TEOTCAWKI. Two, perhaps three, would do nicely. One Atlantic, one Pacific, and one in the Gulf ought to do nicely. Just as the Allies really only needed one port to drive the Axis to retreat, so Team Freedom does not need all the ports.

      I’m sure you will point out that the Left Coast and the Beast Coast could simply buy and ship in the food and other things they need. And pay for them how?
      Dollars don’t spend well in such circumstances. But your employers already know that. Maybe you didn’t get that department memo?

      • Michael Gladius

        Most of America’s Ammo is assembled in areas accessible by river from the coast, particularly the Army’s plant in Missouri. The components themselves are overwhelmingly manufactured abroad. So the USA does not have a thriving home-made ammo industry that is out of reach of the Red Army.

        Starting an ammo industry from scratch is actually pretty hard, and any mines/refineries that are somehow operating will not go unnoticed. Same with seaports- hence the point of the picture.

        As for importing food, the entire global finance system is built on 1s and 0s in computers. They won’t be bartering for food (although prostitution and looted goods will still be around), but they’ll have access to food supplies, and can send out raiders to pillage from the countryside.

        Or, they can take advantage of the Mississippi River basin, which has lots of flat, open land that can be farmed using penal (slave) Gulag labor, and the food can be shipped downstream to avoid the mountains entirely. How can team free for stop gulag farms or riverine traffic from the Rockies or Appalacians? See picture for details.

  5. A side note, relevant to assessing information such as this.


    While the cities are on the coast and open to trade, look at them. These Blue Hives are absolute septic tanks. If the “economic correction”- World War Z ever does occur, their potential as a manufacturing base, source of commerce/imports, and livability will be severely compromised for a long time. And, if you have a massive Carrington Event(read ONE SECOND AFTER), the ENTIRE FSSA will return to sometime in the 19th Century. And do not forget, my friends. In these Blue Hives, your uniform is and will be your skin color.
    My focus is to be prepped and independent enough to last out the initial conflagration and culling. The power vacuum which will be created with Amerika’s collapse will be filled by the Chinamen, the Russians, or some other somewhat-stable economy.
    The Kootenai County-Spokane County-Palouse area has a lot of agriculture, a growing manufacturing base, water resources up the wazoo, mining, and a lot of hard-working folks who speak Russian, Ukrainian, and Mandarin Chinese. Plus, the freezing, snow-blown winters do not attract the legions of drones, negroes, and wets from the more temperate climes. The biggest problem we face is all of the Red-Diaper-Doper WHITE expats from Seattle, SFO, and SoCal, who have brought their corrupt syphilitic thinking with them. But that is also being addressed. Bleib ubrig.

    • Hey Dweez, I’m up here in Kootenai County and I’m starting to see and hear a lot of the liberal Washington and California refugees… More bums at supermarkets and tents at exit/on ramps…

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Living in Cd’A and Hayden Lake in the mid 60’s was paradise, 17k pop. and everyone worked in the timber/mining industry. We had massive log booms around Tubbs Hill, used to go catch bluebacks after hopping logs for 100m. There were a few houses at the west end of Fernan, east of there was wilderness where we kids went camping for the weekend in the brush/timber.
        Just fields and fairgrounds between Cd’A and Hayden, don’t even recognize any of it today for all the malls.


        Word. There is a mosque in Liberty Lake, according to one of my contacts. The kids at the school where I sub refer to Spokane as “Spokanistan”. What I do is try to determine WHO is a bigger threat to me and my tribe. Is it some mook in a tent living under a bridge, or is it a city council person who wants to: “reach out”.
        Coeur d’Alene is a lost cause. The Hagadone Corporation and their useful idiots have controlled the school boards and the CDA City Council for some time. The biggest task facing me and mine is to know who is my enemy, where he/she lives, and how much harm he/she can do to my honest earned wealth. Until an “economic correction” or some other cataclysm occurs, nothing much will change in my A/O. The weather is turning so range days will be more numerous. Bleib ubrig, Bill.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Went to school with Brad Hagadone, can still see him in 1966 with his blond hair hanging over his eyes and wearing Puerto Rican fence climbers, the school idol with the new English rock look.
          He’s just following in his daddy’s footprints, not unlike Trump. Climbing to the top of the ladder thru property development and controlling the votes. They won’t be fazed by any of the little people and local theatrics, just like Sun Valley and Jackson Hole, another of The Untouchables.

  7. JustARandomGuy

    The “right/patriot/etc” crowd also needs to come to terms with the fact that any potential urban operations will likely be less kinetic high-speed door kicking and more stick,stones, and molotovs, especially as the surveillance state takes [further] hold. A war of shadows and specific but unattributable acts, less large groups engaged in open field operations.

  8. Just exactly what will the coastal hives be able to do without electric power and potable water???

    • Michael Gladius

      They can raid the countryside and carve a path of destruction through sheer weight of numbers. They can kidnap right-wingers from their country homes and smuggle drugs. They can bring in foreign troops who will machine-gun angry crowds. To name a few.

      • Do you honestly think they can hold together their city let alone send raiders out when their power, water, sewer,food service,garbage removal isn’t operating…I think it would spin out of their control pretty damn fast and that’s just going off of what I have seen when a disaster hits localized areas and the rest of the country is still intact…Which isn’t to say that we shouldn’t prepare for something like that happening which is why I’ve advocated to be building Communities of like-minded people that are self-sufficient and self-sustaining that can defend their area…

        • Michael Gladius

          They control the thrall masters and have the organization to wage an extermination campaign on a shoestring budget. Plus, if their community organizers can recruit the gangs, then they have expendable cannon fodder.

          Easy point of reference: If the Mafia can do it, then so can the Left.

      • Negative. There is hundreds of miles of NOTHING for “raiders” to raid east of the Left Coast cities. They’ll die around Barstow and Tahoe. There is no food for them.

        • Michael Gladius

          If you’re going east of Barstow, you’ve already passed just south of California’s vast fertile farmlands. So yes, if they go east from California’s cities, they’ll hit desert. If they go north, that’s another story. If they use chartered buses to launch raids, then they’re not a feral, untamed mob.

          Also, this does not take into account the entire Mississippi River basin (accessible from New Orleans), New England, the areas near the Great Lakes, or the area between Florida-Alabama. They can bypass the mountains by going through the Panama Canal. So they have a lot of space to raid from and into.

  9. The Urban ‘core’ areas are already effectively ‘burned out’ and occupied by Feral, low-I.Q. welfare cases. the government will let them Riot/Burn/Self- Destruct when it is no longer useful to keep Feeding them. Government will Defend the ‘suburbs’ (where they live and work) with All Means at their disposal, up to Tanks and Helicopter Gunships. No One will Care. At All.
    Chances of any numbers of Ferals making it out to the ‘countryside’ are quite small.

    Where the ‘action’ that matters will take place is the other Border, of the Suburban/Rural interface, an AO of moderate-density of Buildings and People, most of them “Hive Mind” types, having No Ability to Feed, Heat in Winter, or Defend themselves; These are the ones who make up and will support the .gov in Looting from the Producers, and IMO, how Ugly things get will depend on how quickly these Suburban Areas can be Isolated/Cut off from Power, Water, Food and Road Transportation from the Interior.

    Cutting Infrastructure, Bridges, Power/Water lines will have far greater effect on the Enemy than all the ‘small unit tactics’ that the 11b’s and wannabees spend time practicing. Destruction of Cameras, Cell Phone Nodes, and Data Centers will harm the Enemy, which is overly dependent on “Information Technology”. Don’t forget the Fiberoptic Data Lines that connect the ‘Data Centers’ either, they are well-marked, easy to find, and Cut. Repairs take specialized Equipment and Skilled Personnel; Repair Crews are easy, ‘soft targets’.

    • Michael Gladius

      But what if the government decides to offer them a chance to pass through, steal from the countryside with their protection using those modern assets, and firing on anybody who resisted? A mob is not as dangerous as an organized, government-sponsored mob.

      Sabotaging infrastructure is not a guaranteed tactic. What happens if they erect 12-ft high concrete walls to protect their workers from sniper fire, as happened in Iraq? What happens if the government uses scorched-earth tactics back at FreFor, both physical and demographic? Forced urbanization is how the Bolsheviks won the Russian Civil War, despite a rural insurgency in Ukraine that had artillery and airplanes.

      • One of my Drill Sergeants always answered “If” questions with “If my Aunt had balls she’d be my Uncle…”

        How times and propaganda changes in 20 years…

        What happens if the coronavirus that is now spreading in every metropolis is more deadly than the Spanish Flu?

        Why did the Norks shut down the border to the country that delivers their lifeblood?

        Did the Ching-Chongs lock down 46 million at the start of the Lunar New Year celebration for SARS?

  10. It won’t be a case of 3 islands (east coast, west coast, the middle) living peacefully. If the socialists were amenable to live and let live then we wouldn’t be in this mess. The socialists want control of everyone and everything. They will leave the coasts and wage war in the middle. And in return the middle will go to the coasts and wage war.

    The coasts will send formal armies. The middle will wage a guerilla war – a middle full of people trained and experienced in insurgency like no nation in history. Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, on ultra steroids. It will be ugly and painful for all, but it won’t last long.

    • Michael Gladius

      The middle Island is flat, open land with only rivers providing natural barriers. On the plains, dismounted infantry are easily encircled by motorized/mechanized/armored/airmobile units, as the Italians learned in North Africa. Guerrilla warfare here will not be nearly as effective as in the mountains, since movement is not canalized. And if fuel is rationed, then where will FreeFor get theirs? If it’s black-market, how will they conceal their supply chain?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Nah…..the flu is going to wipe us out before we even burn out any barrels. And to think we spent all these years stocking up ammo and don’t even get a fireworks show to end it all with.

      • Nah. Self quarantine is order of the day. Fly the yellow quarantine flag. If the outbreak occurs just stay away from crowds for a month or two. You do have larder for at least 60 days don’t you? However, IF it is a a bioweapon release (accidental or on purpose) it could be a longer timeframe depending on how fast and how long it was designed to last.

        I’ll probably regret this but I’d like to see Aesop’s analysis of the coronavirus outbreak.

        Grey Ghost

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I’m former NBC NCO, been to school and understand how it works BUT, I have friends who can’t stay home when they’re sick, yell and scream at them all you want, they will not listen or understand they’re Typhoid Mary. Short of shooting them at your front gate, they will infect the rest of the group. So there will be cracks in your quarantine theory.

          • agreed

            humans are pathetic filth

            i hear the flu is going around the island and the bar flies are sick and still showing up to talk about their fabulous existence…

            bottom line: they spread their snot and phlegm wherever and to whomever

            the very fact they can’t survive one week without a cheesy little paycheck insures the very best outcome for the peasant class

            tfA-t wishes coronavirus was lethal 🙂

          • I’m so stealing that “Typhoid Mary” comment.

        • Based purely on ChiCom information so far (which is an oxymoron like government intelligence, or jumbo shrimp):

          It’s probably orders of magnitude more likely to affect you than Ebola has, to date.
          It’s also those same orders of magnitude less likely to kill you than Ebola was.

          If you’ve been prudent, it’s a hiccup.
          If not, depends on whether you get it or not, doesn’t it?

          Remus: Avoid crowds.
          Commander Zero: Be somewhere else.
          Aesop: Wash your hands.

  11. This has been a good thread. I thank everyone for their insights.

  12. The defeatism that is often here, that the Coasts are lost etc. is astounding. The British Empire had far more power in the 1770s. Outcomes change when leaders do. Win the hearts and minds and find new ways to win them and territory will again belong to Team Liberty. Who’s got more conviction? Commies or Freedomistas? Your choice.
    Side note: Territory is already being regained. Keep your minds and ears open and be ready to join.

  13. Catholic cult garbage worshipping false gods bearing no resemblance to the official Jew book. lol.

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