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    • Steel match at Hawksridge this Satitty…uh tomorrow. PRS type format. 100-1000 yds. Variety of targets & positions. ‘Nuthern in March if this is too short notice. 30 debtbux for members, 40 for non.

      Come on up.

  1. Seeing as they is so oppressed, Maybe we needs to cut Welfare to the third and forth generation in these ghettos and let-R-rip. That why they can take advantage of the huge jobs market and actually work for a living in stead of live on others work.

  2. Succession:”It’s not just for breakfast anymore”

  3. Randolph Scott

    Screw them.

  4. TX Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee supporters respond to her call for MN Rep. Ilhan Omar’s budget proposal that includes funding for an expedition to Mars to retrieve the US flag.

  5. >When you just want to let your brain melt, watching stupid videos on YouTube-
    -“I’m Mike BLOOMBERG, and I’ll get ‘it’ DONE!!”

    • A Longrange Stranger

      Thank you Brad Hill! You are my new super hero. Wow, what a great video to like and share with sleepy patriots every where! We white people are being replaced quickly and silently at an amazingly efficiently pace. I want to stop this criminal insanity right now! I will remember these crimes against white people when the festivities finally start. The simple black folks are not to blame. They don’t even know this is happening. But, you can bet the globalists know what they have planned and executed and now will want to deny and hide from their crimes. So solly, I will remember all of your treachery for many decades! Welcome to the rice fields, Bloomberg!

      • Think of this. The white people from mostly Europe had colonies all over the world but especially Africa and Asia. (James Monroe stopped their colonies in the Western Hemisphere you may recall.) The colonies were prosperous and the natives were prosperous, albeit second class citizens. Then in 1960 or thereabouts the elite decide to end the colonial period. Whites forfeited their holdings under duress. Then the former colonies became sh!tholes under native control and the natives were much less than prosperous and warlords prowled those lands. Now the elites want massive migration from all those places to the nations of the white people. I ask you, what is going on? I think the Soviets figured out how to break the West in the 60’s. Our leaders are corrupt and stupid and they fell for it.

      • There was an episode of Stargate-SG1 whose plot was the stealth genocide of mankind through birth control, a ‘gentle genocide’

    • Just like the South Park bank episode….”’s GONE!!”

      Looks like the cucked scandinavian’s and spewtube don’t
      appreciate the indiscriminate spreading of truth…fancy that….

      “Oy vey, this doesn’t look good,..jacob, the goyim know! Shut it
      down or it’ll be annuda shower!!”

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is it’s OWN Defense!

  6. Johnny Paratroopers

    Are there any Right Wing Jews that support America without destroying the demographics or promoting faggotry and communism?

    Besides Michael “We need to help the Kurds” Savage.

    FYI, the Kurds are Left Wing, Islamo-Marxists.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Israel first, not the nation but the world of Judaism.
      Destroying Christianity is second, by any means and they’re good at it. The brainwashing has been a success, for the parasite has completely taken over it’s host, without the host even noticing it.
      First they destroyed Czarist Russia, then Germany, and now white western European culture. But hey, what’s a little multiculturalism anyway. Good for the whites, but not Israel.

      • Holy cow, jarhead. You actually put a cogent, well-thought statement together there. Never knew you had it in ya.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          You ought to see me when I get on a roll…..
          Just tired of listening to the usual “it’s the Dems fault” shit. Folks can’t wrap their head around who the real enemy is since they’ve been told since birth you can’t name the ones who control you. You either pull your head out of your ass, or watch your grandchildren working as slaves of the tribe.
          Denial is not a survival tactic.

    • Hmmmm…besides the late Aaron Russo, Dr. Allen Sabrosky, Aaron
      Zelman of JPFO, the late Benjamin Freedman and James Perloff,,..not more than what I can count on maybe one hand. Will also throw Dr. Schlomo Sand in for being honest enough in his books to tell the truth about the tribe.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        It’s incredible how brutally honest his videos are.

        But Brother Nathaniel isn’t Jewish anymore.

  7. How are the local community response plans going? If you don’t have a community or a plan yet, you’re on the back foot.

    • It’s amazing how much better things get when you simply go out and meet your neighbors. Play the long game.

  8. Well. this man-to-man talk goes back some 60 years, when my Daddy corralled us testosterone-pumped boys and sounded off about the fairer sex: “Boys, if you lie down with dogs, yer gonna wake up with fleas.” The Southern part of the family had brevity–it always said: “Ya can’t waller with the pigs and not get dirty.”

    We got the message back then, BUT–seems like the Congress Critters and POTUS of recent days past never got that message:


    …why are we referred to as “Yankee Pig-Dogs?”….

  9. The negro will always be a parasite in a civilization created for and by whites. It always has been that way and continues unabated.

    • Aw sheeeeeiiiiiitttttttt!

      • In the “BIG LIES” section:

        EXCERPT: “Jewish ‘researchers’ will typically measure and compare a select, hence unrepresentative, subset of White European Jews with a phony ‘control group’ of racially and socially ‘diverse’ group of Gentiles. Jewish ‘researchers’ will not compare professional White European Jews with professional White European Gentiles or compare a heterogenous group of Jews with a heterogenous group of any race (Yes, there are important racial disparities in intelligence).

        “Israel, the U.S., and U.K. have (1) heterogeneous Jewish populations (e.g., physicians and truck drivers) and (2) more or less the same percentage of non-white “others,” hence a comparison of Israel, the U.S., and the U.K. is apropos and revealing. Predictably the ‘high IQ of Jews’ vanishes.

        “The average IQ in Israel reported in 2019 is 95 compared with 97 in the U.S. and 99 in the U.K. Jews use their “high IQ” lie to mask their hostile nepotism. In the face of the demonstrable Jewish IQ discrepancy, 92 actual vs. 110 claimed, Jewish professional and financial ‘success’ can only be explained by (1) Jews’ hostile nepotism and (2) Judaism’s exhortations of malevolence against non-Jews. What doctor, lawyer, or academic has not seen these Jewish strategies at work? These strategies were demonstrated by Prof. Kevin Macdonald in The Culture of Critique. Our forebears, the Apostles, Saints, Doctors, Popes, and Councils, have warned us about these strategies for millennia. Jesus Christ Himself warned us about these strategies throughout His ministry.”

        …and now for the news:

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          Every Jew I ever met struck me as a regular person.
          Unless you mention something based and red pilled.
          In which case they usually lose their shit like a gremlin from outer space.

    • Imagine, for a moment, if you were to look at that distribution curve and realize that you aren’t even ON that scale.

      How is life for someone like that when they look around them…

      I’ll keep quiet.

      • Hines, Haxo, and other race realists are off the graph to the right. Irritable Architect – who still takes silly cucks and magapedes like Chris Muir seriously – is somewhere off to the left.

  10. The only thing I want to say is

    Clown World is on full display. Imagine anyone trusting these motherfuckers with power.

  11. Looking forbattle rifle white light reviews. For you guys who do shoot, not just talk shit, what light and where on your rifles. I’m redoing all my battle rifle lights, my stuff, is sadly 80s/90s vintage.

    Time to upgrade.

    Sorry I’m fucking tired of politics, and the loosers who participate on the big board. Y’all know how to tell their lying? Their lips are moving.


    • Surefire 6p with a Viking tactics mount or magpul side mount, lots of aftermarket quality led bulbs you could retrograde your current setup with. you wanna go big there is inforce, surefire x300 ultra, surefire scout. It really comes down to pick it your preference and application. I keep short lights(and battery life) on short rifles and qd on rifles that normally don’t need a light but just in case(my long rifle)

      • I use all a combination of all I mentioned above. I prefer the mini scout light on a larue angle qd mount. I’m looking into rechargeable batteries and how much they are drained by different tac lights.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          DO NOT use rechargeable batteries in a Surefire, you’ll blow the bulb!
          Ask me how I know, twice. Surefire had no warning years ago on using rechargeable batteries, now they tell you not to.
          Another thing I like about my Olights, they’re rechargeable, either with fresh rechargeable batteries or by plugging them into a USB port, laptop, car, etc.

          • Olight rules…can’t be beat for twice the price

          • LEDs. Who the hell still uses bulbs? Stay in the truck, some of us been running rechargable 123s in our LED weapon lights for years.

            • SemperFi, 0321

              Bulb, LED, whatever the fuck glows in the front end.
              You obviously missed the part where I mentioned rechargeable batteries.

          • Thank you much, I have a huge stock pile of 123s and just being testing the waters for when the day comes, I’ll stop my my tests cause I could stock pile more than buy new bulbs. Thanks again.

      • Thank you Otto.

        Reread my post, wasn’t referring to you all, on the big board, but the politicians and MSM pukes. Wasn’t dissing you all.


        • Dirk,
          I figured as much, know you are a stand up guy, I like everyone here except Wendy the tranny, even enjoy tfat’s grains of truth

    • Do you have a quad rail on your rifle. If so, mount on extreme front of the bottom or side rails. Get the light as far forward as you can. That way it doesn’t throw shadows. I can’t recommend a light. But anything by Surefire or Streamlight is a good choice. Find a light with a strobe switch if you have a rifle you plan to use for CQB. Very disorienting to anyone in front of it. Which of course gives you a few seconds to identify a target and increase your targets reaction time considerably.

    • Dirk,
      Surefire vampire head. I use several 622v models on carbines. 400v on German roller locks. Tough, proven and the IR mode is more than any pvs 14/7 can outrun.

      Leapers 400 lumen foregrip light, runs 3 hours on a pair of CR123s, and goes for $63.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Anything on Midway USA over 120 dollars and made by a reputable brand.

      Mount it as far forward as possible, on the right side.

    • I have the SureFire M600, Streamlight ProTac HLX, and the Inforce 800 lumen whatever. SureFire is Master Race-Streamlight is honorary.

      • +1 true plus it’s funny cause it’s Asian. You got to be careful on eBay and used cause there are some damn fine, and I mean damn fine surefire scout clones.

        • And…I use the Arisaka Defense mounts on both of them. Just wish that Mauser would start making ARs and AR parts.

    • I like the Inforce brand. Worth a look.

  12. In 1967, Polish mercenary Rafal Ganowicz was asked what it felt like to take a human life. He replied- “I wouldn’t know I’ve only killed communists.”

  13. 89% OF Orthodox Jews support Trump, would like the Kurds and anyone else to kill as many ragheads as possible. They don’t care much for “teens” either. If you don’t like them, you probably don’t like anyone with a comparable IQ.

  14. Isa 46:10
    Dan 2:38

    We are at the place where the ten toes form.

    The world is morphing from individual nation’s philosophical/cultural/geographical/etc designation in an East and West paradigm, to regional governance. The East West ‘reality’ was the feet of iron and clay.

    Nation states are about to be eliminated through debt. Cascading national bankruptcies will ensue.

    Regional governance will be the solutions to the problems the Luciferian globalists have incubated. Ten economic/political/religious zones will be established next.

    Regional governance is the next chapter before global governance. This regional governance is represented by the ten toes.

    The ten kingdomless kings that rule the ten regions will then give their power to the Antichrist (the Antichrist kingdom has two pillars, Marxism and its secular humanism, and Islam: 1 John 4. Satan is forced to build his kingdom on and through fallen men (unlike YHWH who built His Kingdom on the Christ).

    Fallen men following a fallen angel is what their hats are hung on. These Luciferians (the overwhelming majority not knowing whom they serve) are going to be successful in their planned destruction. Everything is going to go according to ‘the plan’.

    The problem for the Lucifer and his children is that they are in the same driver’s seat as Pharaoh was in the first Exodus. With all the coming roller coaster reality and benefits.

    The Exodus that has started at the end of this world’s era is no different.

    The plan being worked is YHWH’s.

    To His ends, for his means.

    YHWH and Jesus are still enthroned.

    Lucifer is still defeated.

    The faithful are waiting on their soon coming King and deliverance.

    Nothing can take the faithful from their hands.

    Let what is happening drive you to Him. Learn first hand what each Kingdom or the Luciferian kingdom has to after and choose life and blessing not death and curse.

    • tfA-t 7:62

      and thou shall be cold by nightfall

      tfA-t 300:000000

      and he saw that it was good

    • …(unlike YHWH who built His Kingdom on the Christ).

      YHWH and Jesus are still enthroned.

      What kind of messianic jew-crap is that?

    • What a load of man-made Pharisaical manure!

      Apparently your Bible is missing parts of 1 John 4, like verse 3:

      And every spirit that dissolveth Jesus, is not of God: and this is Antichrist….”

      The entire chapter builds on that concept. Jesus’ most organized opposition on earth, the group most committed to “dissolving” Him was then, still is, and always will be the synagogue of Satan.

  15. Sincere apologies, have to edit:

    ‘His Kingdom or Lucifer’s kingdom’ in the last paragraph.

    The grammar cop in me had to fix and didn’t know how.

    • Yo Adino,
      Just remember bub that not all of us here are Christians.
      I’m a very satisfied, gun toting, Pagan. I’m good with live
      and let live yet if someone’s got ideas of trying to start in
      with me because I don’t happen to believe in/worship the
      god you do, me and my Fn-Fal DEFINITELY have something
      to say about goes like this:

      GTFO and ESAD!!

      Is that clear enough for ya?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  16. “They Really Do Plan On Destroying White Americans”

    Indeed, and so doing they destroy themselves too. See former Rhodesia, and SA today, And of course review the distribution curves by Mr. Hines.

  17. Pete, please consider doing a weapons mounted flashlight review. These things are not cheap, want to see practical reviews before I purchase further FL’s.


      • Also interested

      • I like these for indoor use: Since they are found only in the “Sale” section I suspect this model is discontinued. Surefire did discontinue the Benelli M1/M2 forend lights, but forend lights are still available for Remingtons and Mossbergs. First rate lights. Perhaps the price, added weight, and low output (150 lumens) discouraged sales. Maybe Surefire will upgrade the models.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          During the day 1,000 lumens is used as a gimmick to sell tac lights to overweight tactical lard asses.

          For anyone who has actually spent time in the woods at night, 150 lumens is brighter than the sun once your eyes have adjusted to the darkness.

    • It doesn’t have to be fancy bro. I have a couple streamlights. I do like my TLR1 as I can use it on my pistols and my AR and it’s small but powerful. But honestly if shit goes south and you have to replace batteries; you’re going to find AA and AAA before you find 123’s. Get a good light that takes the fancy shit and stock a little up. But always have one light that uses good ole regular batteries and can be attached with whatever you have on hand. Simple shit will get us through. Running around with a fucking light though is going to get your ass a new ventilation hole real fast.

      • I have a TLR-1 that I bought back in 2006 or 2007. There are brighter lights out there-yet this one has been working for 12-13 years now. Pretty amazing.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          Agreed, the TRL-2 and TLR-1 are excellent lights.

          I own four of them.

          Two regular ones and Two St. Tarrant Tactical strobing models.

          I have never changed the batteries on them, and I practice with them almost every day.

    • Surefire. Scout or better yet the Vampire.
      buy once cry once

      Currently has a sale on a Streamlight 1000 lumen combo laser with mount and pressure switch for $99.
      Normally cost 260

  18. A thought…..

    It would be funny as hell if the CIA had provided the corona virus to Canada knowing full well the Chinese had already penetrated that facility with spooks. In so doing, stole the asset and took it home. Lacking the proper protocols it was bound to escape into the wild. That however been provided for as the people it tends to kill are those with limited lung function (aka heavy smokers).

    Who fits that kind of profile? Chinese males. 50% of all tobacco produced is consumed in China. On average a Chin male smokes 2 packs a day, most more.

    Can I prove it? Hell no. That is the beauty of such a plot. The victim can’t admit that they stole the virus that is killing them. But then again I would ask…. prove me wrong.

    • you forgot to add… then the al-CIA-duh spooks followed-up and spread it around the whuhan wet market to make sure it was properly distributed.

      remember- what goes around comes around. the chins have probably already modified it to kill white, obese, tatt’d, neck beards…should be taking hold in murka most riki tik..


    • SemperFi, 0321

      I’ve been saying the same thing too. Most cases of germ warfare have been traced to US labs, remember back when the politicians were getting anthrax letters? Chemical signature was traced to US labs, contrary to what the media was spilling as disinformation.
      Putting the blame on China for this new bug works well for US, in the end we’ll come out of this as world saviors, again. And gotten rid of a few of the enemy, which is what I believe their plan was in 1918, instead it got everyone. Spain had absolutely nothing to do with that flu epidemic, just another case of giving it a name to distract the source.

  19. NH has come a long way since the days of Bill & Nacky Loeb. Who could have predicted that an avowed socialist would score the most Democrat votes in a primary and a gay guy would come in second.

  20. A southern Friend told me something his grandfather told him.

    “Had he known them niggers would be so much trouble he’d picked the cotton himself”.

    Vibrant cultural enrichment!

  21. Nothing lasts forever……..

  22. Mountain Cracker

    Well I hope a day is coming where we don’t take any more shit from Indians, dune coons, niggers nor Mexicans. Great grandfather was right. Keep these motherfuckers in the mud hole and productive for YOU or this is what you get.

    The parasitic boomers and asexual millennial fatbeards can’t be bothered to speak up to save white people they sure as shit are not going to thin the herd when necessary. Good thing real Whites do well when outnumbered with solid kill ratios.


  24. Do they know what happens to them if whitey says “NO MORE” They think they will take it by force. I believe we haven’t forgotten the savage ways of our ancestors. All through history we excelled at killing our enemies efficiently and brutally. Matter of fact we’ve done everything great! Even now we’re replacing ourselves with lesser beings very well.

  25. I am sold on Elzetta have two Charlies and they are fantastic. Sold my old surefires off.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Many years ago when I was still in the scuba business, all my gear was Scubapro, expensive, top of the line life support and worth it. Getting dealer discount didn’t hurt either.
      Most folks today can’t/won’t afford Surefire, $389 for a flashlight!!! Fine if you’re buying it with a .gov credit card by the case load. Reminds me of all the UnderArmor groupies too. Buying the most popular brand name isn’t always the best choice.
      I went to visit the VA clinic and Sparks one day, came up missing my $90 Olight, that hurt. There are plenty of good brands out there that won’t break the bank and offer incredible cost/value. Olight is one of those, and their warranty is outstanding, just burned out an LED bulb on my 3 month old S2R and they replaced it with a new flashlight, along with the newer style bulb.

      • +1. Olight is some good kit, especially their alternative charging option stuff. Vikingpreparedness on YouTube and patreon has reviews galore about all types of models plus tons of prepper survival stuff. Really good guy.

  26. “No cultural appropriation” needs to work BOTH ways. Time for them to give up all their White boy toys.

  27. Mountain Cracker…I like the cut of your jib.

    nobaddog…we will be the best at re-replacing ourselves too.

  28. Name (required)

    Orthodox jews want Christian soldiers to die fighting Israel’s enemies. They are all genetically and spiritually descended from the Pharisees. There are no “good ones”

  29. “Are there any Right Wing Jews that support America without destroying the demographics or promoting faggotry and communism?”

    No. There aren’t.

  30. “…… virtually all of China – and all those critical supply chains that keep companies across the globe humming and stocked with critical inventory – remain on lockdown. …”

    “…Neil Ferguson, a researcher at Imperial College London, estimated that as many as 50,000 people may be infected each day in China, and more recently warned that we could still be in the “preliminary stages” of the outbreak….”

    “,,,With everyone (grudgingly or otherwise) now admitting that the Fed’s repo and QE4 was responsible for the miraculous surge in stocks since the start of Q4 2019 (with the occasional exception of a handful of idiots),…”

    the Shit has officially Hit the Fan 🙂

    tfA-t has seen the future- and the future is “have NO DEBT, lots of gold and silver, live on a self sufficient island, and shun all people” 🙂

    carry on.


  31. i am using inforce lights on all my stuff. the 800 lumen ones. i have been very happy with them. primary arms and midway both have great prices in them when they are on sale.i like them the best, because i can move the guard over the switch, and not have them turn on, when i dont want that. a 1/4 turn of the head also locks them out. i dont need to mess with tape switches or other stuff.

    • Can’t really complain about the Inforce I have, except the SureFire and Streamlight dual fuel lights have a lot more throw. Inforce did a great job making a product that actually thought about what a light should be.

  32. When I was a young kid of about 8 or 9 years old, I asked my dad why he wouldn’t swear in front of a woman, or why he was always trying to help them lift stuff. I wanted to know why they were treated differently. He explained that it was a sign of respect, and that a gentleman treated women with respect; it was how he was raised. He told me that men did not hit women, yell at them, or lie to them. I asked him if that is because women were weaker than men. I have always remembered what his answer was. Here is the conversation.

    My dad. “Little man, see that building over there…”

    Me. “yep”

    My dad. “That was built by men. The roads were built by men, the sewers, the airplanes, all the things you see around you were built by men. Everything in this city was built by a bunch of men who went to work everyday to make this for us.”

    Being a young kid, I was rather proud that my gender was responsible for all of this, and I said, “Is that because we are better than them?”

    My Dad. “No, little buddy. Because every person we have just walked by, every person in this city, was built by a woman.”

    Today, my dad would be considered a misogynist.


    Bill Buppert

    • well the sooner than shit ends the better it will be for men. artificial wombs will be the biggest thing since condoms and hookers.. “”modern”” wymin are trash- PERIOD

    • As the father of two daughters I love it man.

    • And as they gave been known to say,

      “Therein lies the rub”.

      Showing respect for others, in the traditional sense is…


      Clown World 2020



  33. I too am for succession , and while many people mention the possible inclusion of some of the Canadian middle provinces they rarely mention the possible inclusion of some northern Mexican states namely Chihuahua and Sonora. Please hear me out before completely dismissing me as a crackpot. There is and has been large white communities in northern Mexico for a long time now. Many of the northern Mexicans hate the gov. of Mexico for raping and plundering them for years and at the same time being bought off by the massive cartels. Northern Mexico has always flirted with succession.
    The land is rich in minerals, agriculture and oil and gas etc. The people racially are different then the rest of Mexico, their Indians are non Aztec and are part of the tribes that we have in the southwest USA , their mestizos have more European blood then the rest of Mexico , and I don’t just mean Spaniard either. Northern Mexico has had several waves of immigration from the French , Irish , Italians, Germans , Basque , Dutch etc. Even some Chinese -but that is another story(and a little sad). In fact Mexico stopped asking people what their race and ethnicity was on their census because the north was fucking it up, and instead just went with the old “let’s all get along because were all just ( Spanish / Aztec mestizo ) Mexicans” , Which is super funny if you have ever seen the Mexican upper ruling class -They White !!!
    What about the culture you are probably thinking,isn’t that area full of narco cartels ? The answer is yes , no and kinda . Lets be clear the drugs do not originate from here it is just were they collect and are distributed from, kinda like a Walmart distribution center. The drug trade is owned and controlled by people why are not really from those areas and of their culture. The northern Mexican culture is much more closely related to southwestern, rocky mtn. and American plains culture. So much so that I think there is more commonalty between someone of a northern Mexican ranching/farming background and a midwesterner ,then a midwesterner and an east coast liberal yankee. Northern Mexico is a cowboy and farming culture at it’s core, can you say the same about Americans from the beltway or New England or the Jersey trash ?
    I would like to hear some impute from those of you who actually live in or are from the southwest boarder regions and bonus points if you have a connection to the LDS or Mennonite communities in northern Mexico. I personally think that most of the problems in “la frontera ” could be cleaned up pretty quickly if we were allowed to- but that is just my opinion. If you have read this far thank you for your time, and thank you CA for the platform on which to post this.

  34. Name (required)

    From the previous WSRA post

    Ezra Klein
    27 Morrill Ct
    Oakland CA 94618-2231

  35. Shinmen Takezo

    Wrap your heads around it…


    Zicam swabs, Vitamins C&D, reviewing your preps, staying away from crowds, and staying away from Chinatowns, Chinese restaurants, and China Mart! This Corona Kung Flu has legs and TPTB cannot get out in front of it. The MSM will do whatever it can to squash the truth. Stay vigilant. Have a plan. Bleib ubrig, my friends.

  37. We have nothing important to say. We have something important to do. Quit talking. Start doing Peace be upon you..

  38. More discussion of light mounts with brands and model names please.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Did it. Moving forward, I laid the trail, follow it.

        • Not trying to be shitty Pete, love what you do.
          Cheap gear is exactly that. Everything breaks, cheap shit breaks quicker.
          Surefire, vampire head, because everyone will figure out what happens in the dark eventually. Lots of batteries, quality rechargable, nothing but LEDs. That gets you to phase 3 alone.

          If you shop around, you can get surefire weapon lights for a decent price.

    • OLIGHT PL-Pro Valkyrie

    • For a real bomb proof quality (me and Johnny paratrooper can vouch for ied damage ones) surefire m951 used ones are usually cheap on eBay, they aren’t officially stolen because they are not serialized and not expensive enough to be on property books so they always disappear or whenever they are replace are “destroyed”(here ya go private, supply has batteries). You can retrograde with a LED strobe bulbs with 500lum for $20 so total $75-$100 now new ones will be more but for a painted and scratched one repaint it. The m600 scout lights are on the used market too but are more and more popular to clone for air soft though still surprisingly good quality just no surefire warranty. Larue/arms angle/offset can be attached to both light bodies. I do not recommend tape switches for lights only for ir laser because a negligent discharge of white light is far more easier with one and they are prone to breaking. There are lots of good ones, this may be America first BS but with streamlight made in China and others, I was told that China had a back door to all electronics but that sounded like a sales pitch to a young buck sergeant

  39. Thank you my friends, I know the question is ambiguous, and subjective. I’ve asked here, for opinions on rifle mounted lights. I spent all day researching, and agree with 0321, many many light of extrodamry quality for reasonable parts. I will take the time to research each and every light, you men suggested. My rifles are all quality builds, will likely have multiple brand name lights purchased and spare.

    It’s interesting to watch the natural progression of ability and quality these lights have achieved.

    I clearly remember the English Iranian incident, where pagoda team SAS, made entry into the embassy, with huge flashlights silver tapped to their MP5ds. Seems like from that moment to present has been a whirlwind in technology. Yea as a young police man I tapped a huge flashlight to my issued folding stocked, mini 14, with auto, three round and single, round capacity. Still have that Streanlight on top of our fridge, for emergencies. Gotta be three pounds, and 14 inchs long. All I can do is laugh.

    I took a chance and purchased a Streamlight TLR-1HL, and three others today. I did not purchase any Surefire Kit. My 80/90 lights are Surefire and Streamlight, still in great shape, just don’t have the lums, I ” think” I need.

    That gents IS my problem I really don’t know what I need. I just know that I need at lest half my carbines and short 308 rifles to have a light.

    Thanks, please keep your light selections coming. Also if you don’t mind where your mounting the light, and how your discharging them, when needed.

    I’d mention to one of the guys here that I’m not a push pad fan. The problem with that statement is this. That was 20/30 years ago. Like the lights, I have to believe the push pads are far superior to back then.


  40. Go get yourself some training this Spring

  41. Surefire
    In that order. Whatever your budget can stand.

    Grey Ghost

  42. Please have patience with this fool, but WHY oh why would I want a white light on the front of my rifle, for anyone out in front of me to see? Seems it would make it easier for them to shoot me. Indoors clearing rooms, buildings, yes it makes sense. But outside???? Seems to me that starlight and/or IR would be a much better idea. Serious question, would appreciate serious answers. Thanks in advance……

    • F-15, the ability to identify a ” foe” in the night is critical. To temeperarly stun that foe, could save their lives. It is rare these days that buildings are not searched with short rifles, rather then pistols. And with NODs, if available.

      Understand that our police within the US, have in deed been militarized. I’ve seen some of these knuckleheads make a simple contact on the streets, will being cover via a backup officer sporting an m4. Truly scary shit.

      An old friend dropped by the other day, he’s the swat team commander. We got to talking about the changes in kit, and mentality.

      He straight up told me, these new breed cops, are flat fucking scary. Most have zero business, in the business. Told me all the old dogs, ” my old crew” can’t stand being their, or aroumd these knuckleheads.

      My old agencies just scored 23/24 pairs of PVS-21s from the Crane lend/lease program for police depts within the US. They pay crane 100.00 a year per set, that 100.00 covered breaks wear and tear.

      PVS 21s are why he stopped by. I had a set hand reciepted to me from some friends,from 2005 to 2011. Wanted me to go over the practical application of how to better use this kit. They even got the HUD, package with em. HUD- Heads Up Display. This is some fucking hi tech game changer kit. I knew of that HUD stuff, did not have it, with my set.

      Jack is also second in command over at Thunder Ranch, Clint Smiths famed shoot school, in Lakeview Oregon. He and five other old friends are instructors over there.
      He recommends Surefire, white light for rifles. After review last night I’m just not going to spend that kind of money.

      Last night I purchased from Amazon, one Elzetta white light. Two Olights, two Inforce white lights.

      Sigh, I still need a dozen more lights.

      Again thank you all.

  43. A reader sends:

    Here’s one old-school method, use as you see fit. M7 blade cut off, rear portion of left grip panel cut and replaced with weaver base. Light was state-of-art fifteen yrs ago, Pelican brand.