VDARE: Trump’s FBI Targets “White Nationalists”, Although Antifa Is Real Problem


Plan accordingly.

H/t MB via Gab.

13 responses to “VDARE: Trump’s FBI Targets “White Nationalists”, Although Antifa Is Real Problem

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  2. Not sure why the author described the FBI as Trump’s FBI when that organization fought so hard to incriminate Trump and get him removed from office. The Deep State at work behind the scenes.

  3. The Riddle Of Steel

    This isn’t 1917 and this isn’t Russia. Americans were born for WAR and we won’t submit to half baked useless idiot statist utopians or their rent-a-goon squads who think that expensive gear equals badassery.

    • Hahahahaha! Look at California. Anyone still living there and supporting that mess is a complete fucking moron that submitted a long time ago. Never underestimate the stupidity of people.

      • “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” ― Albert Einstein

        went to the murkin mainland today. not one person has a damn clue about what’s unfolding in chinaland much less right there in the “homeland”

        hit the VA clinic to fax in a stack of travel vouchers and asked if i could get my free corona virus vaccine- the reception gurl said “sure”… 🙂

        fucking clueless………….

      • What is the Riddle Of Steel

        Went to the grocery after posting that, it reminded me of some ant colony and I thought to myself well only 3% won the revolutionary war. This is a deep red state but there has been an influx of California, North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia plates here recently.

        The enigma of the steel is that iron will and discipline overcomes all. There is also an indifference to the meaninglessness of the existence of the hive. They aren’t even really alive so they are worthless and useless. They were born to be slaves.
        Even if one has all the best traits and qualities they are of no use without willpower.

    • It’s worked so far, despite what we tell ourselves.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The Russians of 1917 were 100x tougher than we are today, and many had just returned from over 2 yrs of fighting the Kaisers army (of which my grandfather was a member, he spoke highly of the Russians when he was captured). Those people lived under conditions you can’t even imagine, they were accustomed to hardship that left most Americans looking like royalty. And yet the Bolsheviks took over in just a few months, then murdered millions as they set up new housekeeping arrangements.
      You have no idea how empty your comment is, we are one of the weakest societies ever to set foot on this planet and take credit for accomplishments made by forefathers generations before us. Beating your chest in exceptional arrogance is about all that’s left, you must be feeling froggy since that staggering Virginia victory that left the liberals quaking in their safe spaces. They didn’t even blink as they faced the wrath of the great American gun owner in all his fat glory.
      Wait til the left gets real serious, I don’t think they’re going to be the pink haired pushovers you take them for. Go back and study the communist uprisings again before you think you can blow them over with a straw.

  4. This is proof there is a concerted effort to attack anyone who disagrees with the Left. Yet one more attack on the 1A. You know the drill, you talk the way we want you to or… we send it the FBI and their changeable unrecorded 302s to frame you up for protected political speech. Anyone who still believes AG Barr is a good AG hasn’t been paying attention.

    In other news:
    And just how many times has the “red flag law” in the Republican run state of FL been used since passed? I think Trump just moved his residence to FL and you get this!

    Grey Ghost

    • SemperFi, 0321

      So how much longer is it going to take for people to realize our system has been under Bolshevik control for a very long time? From the top down anyone in a position of power has been working against the white middle class, the laws are set up to keep you in your place and in fear of stepping outside your new corrals. This mass immigration isn’t a fluke, it’s white genocide by your own gov’t officials. The mass debt is by design also.
      The politicians are crooked beyond belief, bought off, just as the cops are too, and yet the masses still beg their leaders to vote for the people. The lack of common sense is staggering, how many more times can you vote for something before you realize it isn’t working. Like feeding coins into a slot machine, and never getting a single coin back. One day it will work again, right?
      We truly live in a nation of idiots.

  5. I saw a cousin posting how much he hates white people and blames the entire worlds ills on whites. He then proceed to virtue signal that he only makes friends with turd world people.

    He was ‘educated’ in UW Madison. His FB posts are always riddled with wrong word usage, spelling mistakes etc.

    This is the so called ‘education’ given in American Universities. Less than useless.

    On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 9:30 PM Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” FBI = NKVD. Plan accordingly. H/t MB via Gab. > ” >

  6. This is real simple ……….Andrew Maccabe was let off the hook for a trade to let Flynn walk .
    Plane and simple. Mexican stand off!!!