Winter, 2020

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  1. thesouthwasrght

    It may just be me, but Aesop could effectively reach a bunch more folk if he weren’t such a condescending cocksucker. The smartest man in the room schtick has way worn itself out. Just sayin’.

    Carry on, and let us realize this dream of multiculturalism and dieversity.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I told him years ago I admired his writing style, he’s smart too. But having to have the last word, even when he’s wrong, gets pretty tiring.

      Aesop, lighten up, you’re one helluva fine teacher.

    • Good advice and for good reasons.

      Read it and heed it, Aesop. You are too right to limit your reach through arrogance and effrontery.

      Who d’you think you are? Don Rickles?

    • Perhaps it’s just you.

      This was my blog Monday:
      This is TPTB yesterday:
      I was on that topic firsthand as early as Friday last.

      So call me when you’re a full week ahead of the curve on a topic, and in the meantime, maybe wrap your head around the concept that it’s not a “schtick”, my posts aren’t a fluke, and I frequently am the smartest man in the room, however fleetingly. (To be fair, being smarter than the media or the CDC isn’t that hard.) That and five bucks gets me coffee at Starbucks, but it also means I won’t point you in stupid directions or pass along Fucked Up Dope. That’s the MSM’s job.

      Just an alternative theory for your consideration.

      But if you have suggestions or informed opinions about things, including this topic, by all means, share. You won’t hurt my feelings a bit. No one (least of all me) told you you were stupid, and given that you probably don’t work for the media or the CDC, you’re probably pretty smart. Even average smart puts you ahead of them anyways. My commenters and a few other bloggers regularly point me in great directions, and no actual information on a given topic is turned away nor treated with contempt.

      If you want Sunday high tea manners, OTOH, you’re SOL. I learned my social graces in my formative years from gunnery sergeants decidedly lacking in hoidy-toidy manners, and I’m not writing to Emily Post’s audience. If anything I write, let alone the style in which I address it, gets anyone’s panties all a-twist, I want to heartily and sincerely urge them to get over it.

  2. Matt Bracken

    Along with Dr. John Campbell, I find the daily COVID-19 videos by Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity to be very informative, way more credible than most of the loony sites, but still a week or more ahead of the overly cautious MSM sites that only run officially vetted govt propaganda.
    His latest offering:
    You Can Catch The Coronavirus More Than Once, And The 2nd Time May Be Deadlier