From Our Manilla Correspondent: “We Are So Screwed, Part Deux”

They know the risks.

They know it kills.

Dawning realization in the mainstream media from Chinese scientists saying that it is a escaped bioweapon.

Yet things continue on as usual.

Damned if you do, and damned if you do not.

Meanwhile the sellers from Alibaba group via Lazada, and Shoppee are pushing massive sales for items direct ship from China.

I seriously doubt my order will ship, but just for grins I placed a order for a digital shortwave radio sent COD.

Of course the package will get sprayed down with lysol, goes without saying if it arrives.

My CNC supplier in China, American guy, went to his factories in China. He has not contacted me or anything. Got orders to fill from stuff shipped before the virus outbreak, and can not do a damn thing.

Good thing we diversified our incomes here.

Sending my wife to stock up on dental supplies for the clinic. I am expecting lidocaine and filling material to get scarce. Gloves are still available, masks are not. Rubbing Alcohol is rationed.

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