Open Thread: 0815E 27FEB2020

Whaddya got?

Local sitreps especially.

Insty link dump 0802E 27FEB2020

WuFlu latest counts by area as of 0640E 27FEB2020

(Via Gab)

92 responses to “Open Thread: 0815E 27FEB2020

  1. Don’t forget to brush up on your comms… HF, VHF, UHF — digital, cw, and SSB. Good way to keep up with what is going on around the country without the shit filter of leviathan. With zero sunspots 40m 30m and 20m will be best for long haul comms and 80m for “regional”. VHF/UHF for local/tac stuff.

    Good to go for months right now but will be topping off the water and ammo. Then sit back with some popcorn.

    Grey Ghost