Open Thread 0910E 28FEB2020

See also this Campbell tactical piece from yesterday:

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AP: The Panic Begins But You Are Going To Remain Calm

NCR: WHO has not a clue, but likes police-state home incarceration

ZH: No Motive To Lie Whatsoever – World Bank’s Pandemic Bonds (wtf?) Enter The High-Morbidity Zone (h/t NCR)

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  1. Five by five.
    Any Corona-Chan developments on the local levels?

  2. New Mexico is beginning to broadcast (vial local television stations) NM Dept. of Health ‘warnings’ but given our close proximity to the boarder and Texas (El Paso to the south) we are in my opinion like an open wound waiting for ‘it’ to happen. Truth, most don’t know, care or otherwise think their lives will change one way or another (too wrapped up in their daily lives)We here (where I live) are very removed from everyday society but the folks who stop by, you never know where they have been or who they have been in contact with (think six degrees of separation). My partner and I could do just fine on all counts for one-two years without leaving this place but those coming here? Who knows…… many ways, NM resembles a third world county – plan accordingly.

  3. Johnny Paratrooper

    “Operation WildFire Pandemic”
    They are doing nothing to prevent our cities turning into Wuhan.
    The largest police state in the world(Figuratively, not literally) and we can’t even stop illegals from raping 11 year olds in our schools.

    My first order as the head of the CDC would be the mandatory cleaning of all schools daily, and the changing of HVAC air filters every 12 hours.
    Plus, general orders, If you feel sick, stay home, and schools should encourage students to stay home.
    I would also order all cotton shipments to be routed to Facemask manufacturing and require triple shifts ASAP.

    Too Late!!!! WTF do we pay for!!!!

    And now look at our stock market. Basically wiped out the last two years of gains.

    • What do you mean “our stock market,” you ridiculous cuck.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Like it or not, if the stock market tanks, we are in trouble.

        • Fuck the ‘Tribe’s’ Shit & Piss Market. The founding of the Constitutional Republic of America (and individual freedom) was not (is not) predicated on creating healthy FunBucks, propped up and supported by a Judean Ponzi scheme. It’s not, and never has been, “OUR” market. Had you been a younger man just over a hundred years ago, without question, you would have been been a Rothschild sucker going over the top…….to be belt-fed perforated AND made into mincemeat.

          • Johnny Paratrooper

            Are you a professional Asshole?

          • SemperFi, 0321

            It’s a lost cause, these idiots love their media bread and circus’s. Keep voting for the right guy, he’ll save you! And we’ll give you the straight scoop every time! Even if we could wake up all of the 3%, it’s still a lost cause, everyone is busy chasing their special squirrels, whether it be religious, ethnic, political, gender, etc, they can’t be rounded up into a cohesive group with one goal. As such, this nation is toast, has been since 1913 and they’re so brainwashed they refuse to open their minds to change or education. Instead, they burrow deeper into their default mode of whatever brand that may be.
            And we’re the bad guys for even mentioning it.

            • …these idiots…

              As they say…

              takes one,

              to know one.

              • SemperFi, 0321

                That’s the best you can do?

                Judging from my lack of world skills, you’re right, I’m the idiot in the corner. Thanks for reminding me.

            • 0321, what do you and DMV, care about us people who invest money. . I have a very high opinion of you, and your one of the few I mess with, cuz your a dam good man, and can handle it.

              I invest money monthly, in a 401k, and in an Ira. My pile has gone up, hugely, and this last week I got trashed. Nature of the game. I’ll keep investing, I hate the markets, yet I LOVE my money working for me. I love stacking gold, and silver, cash.

              My pile of preps, food, weapons piles and ammo piles would surprise even you my friend. Na I don’t believe in the system, or the people running the system.

              I’m pro trump as I would really like another four years of relatively stable times. Do I think the left is trashing the markets, yes to a degree, what’s the answer. It’s simple deal with it.

              I know your mostly gtg, you find yourself in to deep, we will make room for you here. DMV, yea we fight, often , you to are welcome here, if shit gets bad. A lot of advantages to living on a mountain in bumb fuck Southern Oregon.

              DMV, when your not pissing in your Wheaties, you a bright young man. If you want directions up front email me, and I’ll get it to you ASAP. “Any of you guys” need a solid place, to possibly ride this out, contact me. We’ll figure out a place here in the area. You will earn your keep, farming, and guarding several thousand cattle.

              Was in Reno this morning. At Costco, I’ve never seen so many people in any Costco. Was amazing,to watch what was being purchased. Food canned food was being grabbed, most were using the bigger carts.

              The place was like an ant hill, Costco had a great day today.

              Happy trails my friends.


              • SemperFi, 0321

                Dirk, we didn’t get to meet last summer, but I’m impressed with you too. We got off on the wrong foot, mostly on my part.
                All of us are here for the same reason, we believe in freedom and standing up for what’s right.
                But I sure as hell don’t have to be forced to believe in another man’s religion because he thinks he’s more special. That’s between every individual person and his creator.
                Politics is a whole other thing, it involves every one of us living in this country. As you well know, educate yourself, learn history and how we became what we are, not just lies but actual history not pushed by certain political groups or those with a specific agenda. And yes, I’m caustic, had my fill of people telling me I don’t know anything when it’s usually the other way around. I read, listen to elders who’ve been there and done that, not prone to listening to idiotic dogma that never changes.
                We need to learn to open our minds to new ideas, whatever we’ve been doing isn’t working. As I’ve said here for many years, thinking with your grampa’s brain isn’t going to change anything, he probably didn’t have a clue either. And repeating that for generations on end is a sure fire way to lose to those who are fluid and seeking new ideas.
                The first thing I learned in Geology 101 is that the earth is in a constant state of change, that also includes the human mind.

        • This IS the Black Swan you were looking for.
          This is not going to magically reverse course next week, no matter what the (((top men))) in Central Banking positions say.

        • JP

          i’m pretty sure we’re all in trouble anyway you look at it..

          always remember: when in doubt just ask yourself


          what would tfA-t do?

          300 million +

          heh 🙂

    • just picked up some of that pedialyte shit, pepto, stool softener, vaseline, ect. along with moar laundry, dish, and hand soap.. another $200. on TP.. and another shitload of tampons and pads- lol there will always be a little honey who is gonna need some luxuries 🙂 over $2k this week alone on crap i may never need—- it’s good to be tfA-t 🙂

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        I have a fraction of the budget you do. I will need to hit the ground running and gunning for mass effect.

        Unfortunately, I should have purchased more food years ago. But didn’t have the funds.

        • I have a fraction of the budget you do.

          That may be true. But I believe you may have something he does not have, which can not be purchased: A salvageable soul.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            I’d tell you to go fellate the Pope but it seems he’s sick.
            Now that’s the funniest thing under the sun, God’s right hand man has got the flu. Can you imagine?
            And of course you’ve got an answer for that too, he’s meant to die for Jesus, right??? Another human dying needlessly to prove his conviction to God.

            A daughter of hope and fear, explaining to ignorance the nature of the unknowable.

            And of course you’re God’s favorite too.

          • There. Is. No. god.

            face it man, your deity has let you down.. has let down all the faithful..
            unless you are raptured before the flugaloo cometh

            time to join reality and “get right with tfA-t”

    • Maybe they just don’t wanna stop illegals from raping eleven year olds in school. Potato, potato. Hope you’re well.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        According to the religion of my (((masters))), 13 years old is a woman.

        So 11 is just getting there early before the crowds line up.

        • Heh-a shekel for a good goy. I’m glad you’re around. I always appreciate what you have to say.

    • I had the thought to get a couple of uv sterilization lamps, make a business out of running through local businesses on a nightly basis. Cheap, simple, don’t know how effective it would be.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The stock market is a jew run ponzi scheme, and everything else in this nation is owned by a giant corporation that the masses refuse to acknowledge exists. Including us, the tax cattle.
      As Dweezil just said on earlier post, even Bernie won’t change a thing in how this country is run, the Corporation decides how it’s run, not some puppet in the White House.
      And we are being genocided in another “accidental” case of world flu, just like 1918. Anyone that believes the WHO and fedgov are here to help us is a world class idiot, they’re doing everything they can to spread this far and wide. If you can’t figure out how to take care of yourself by now, you’re fuk’d.
      So buckle up, the ride is about to start.

      • “the Corporation decides how it’s run, not some puppet in the White House”

        And that Corporation called the United States is Manhattan Island – Owned by the Netherlands.

        And always a classic:

    • The largest police state in the world(Figuratively, not literally) and we can’t even stop illegals from raping 11 year olds in our schools.
      The police state isn’t for stopping illegals or crime its too keep the proles from ever challenging the state…

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        The politicians opened the flood gates. Not the Police.

        • “Politicians opened the flood gates” Yeah well “JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS” is not going to cut it. The boogaloo is about to begin. You know who’s who. “Not the police”. Right!!! LOL.

        • Au Contraire

          if not for the pooplice, there would be NO politicians..

          so yes, blame the pooplice


        • Wow……you’re also a cucking copsucker.

          • I think he’s saying that without the PoPo we would have killed of the “elite” by now – AS that is who the “pooplice” actually work for.

  4. Brother JP, can’t have it both ways, 364 days a year around here, the govt needs to stay out of our way. All the sudden all the haters are demanding govt interdiction. Amuses me greatly.

    It’s here to stay for awhile. Assume a cure will be found around election time. Timing IS everything.

    We’re at the VA house, at Reno VA doing post op stuff. The guy in the next room flew in from Vietnam, three days ago. Is hacking and spitting up lungers all day and night long. Up shitting all night, the head has Hershey squirts and blood, and fecal matter inside the bowl. He walks bye, smells like he has pinched a loaf in his pants.

    I’m jaded, but he looks to me like he’s patient zero.



    • Johnny Paratrooper

      It’s not outrageous to ask OUR government to do THEIR jobs.

      Which we know is long since past.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Dirk, I’d like to say get the hell out of there ASAP! But maybe not good idea at this point to spread it around either.

      Went to my surgeon yesterday for 1 month checkup on my foot surgery, all is well and told him I’m not coming back again, he laughed and said better to hole up in my small town than hang out in the populated areas, he get’s it.

      Just went to the dollar store to check up on a food shipment I placed a month ago (cases of canned goods that still haven’t arrived, I make my own dog food of rice, veggies and elk burger), the kid there says nobody seems worried about food or necessities, absolutely no rush on anything. Got my buddy at the welding dealer to grab me some more nitrile glove boxes before they sell out too.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Just talked with my buddy at the welding supply, he called to tell me he grabbed me 2 boxes and some for himself, the boss smiled and said nothing. They still have a lot of the thinner blue ones, all masks are sold out across town (Riverton WY).
        The boss said someone tried to buy up all the gloves and masks in a 3 state area on a massive buy out of the local welding stores and the manager nixed it, said they were keeping them for local distribution. Looks like someone wanted to clean them out and quadruple their money on the internet. The price gouging has started.

      • this sucks

        i just damaged a filling in a back molar..

        appt to repair 1 month out


        • SemperFi, 0321

          Felt some pain in my jaw last Thurs evening, called dentist (75 mi away) Fri morning and they got me in Friday 4pm to pull a rear tooth. It was just a stump, crown had come off so the tooth wasn’t worth saving. Jaw still hurts today but one less thing to deal with, glad I got it taken care of now.
          Rest of teeth are sound.
          If it’s not one thing it’s another.

        • Just throw money at it.

          Seems to work with everything else in your life.

          • i know i can get into another one here, but he SUCKS. fucker is more concerned about his sons cigar and whiskey bar over in the the city. i went to him 2 Xs when i got up here and he always made things worse. the bastard shouldn’t be a Dr. now i go to an old dude and he’s golden- i will call monday and see if he can get me sooner.

            • Johnny Paratrooper

              Everyone says you are a bullshitter.
              But I can tell by the heavy details of your stories that you are being honest.
              Liars are not typically creative people.

              • SemperFi, 0321

                I came to that same conclusion too, after we’d been sparring partners off and on.
                He just likes to poke the normies. 🙂

        • Mortal after all that shitpoasting.
          Godpeed, anyway.

  5. Sitrep East TN.

    Today 2/18 -No Change, concern is growing rapidly among church members. The TV seems to have folks getting more edgy about this. Still full and productive activity around my AO.

    2/27 -Church full (prior) wed night, not oblivious, but not deterred either. Working class neighborhood busy and productive today.

    2/26 -All quiet. Grocery stores well stocked. Regular flu going around but not bad – same as usual, sinus infections this winter seem prevalent (it’s been wet, mold spores are the usual suspect on that one). Nobody seems to care all that much, pretty sure the dot gov will drive panic soon though.

    General to this AO -One great thing about ’round here is the distinct lack of diversity in the med fields, ie: workers actually work, people are actually knowledgeable and helpful and caring and get things done in a timely manner with a pleasant attitude. Lot’s of folks around here don’t get easily deterred from what they need/want to do.

  6. That’s the other thing, say 1/3 of the US gets it, and at the current 3.4 percent death rate that’s 3.4 mil dead Americans. Now, that’s totally sustainable economically and socially. BUT; people are stupid, and panic, and do dumb things and think dumb things, and blame the wrong things other wrong things, so, because of behavior and perception, that number is way more than enough to crash the economy and ruin any sitting government, again, not because 3.4 mil mostly old or immune weakened die, but because people are idiots.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      If the Bio-weapons engineers were smart, they would have designed this thing to be even more deadly on round two.

      First round is meant to weaken and destabilize, while burning up resources on the frail and old.

      Round two will leave the smart and strong lacking the needed treatments.

      • True. And sometimes the bio is just to soften the battlefield. Commie dems win and promise to fix everything with a commie full on roll-out could be wave 2.

      • The second round seems to be the case – Have read that those that get it the 2nd time are much more likely to die. And it seems to be quite a few that are coming down with it the 2nd time.

        Have found this site to be very up to date on the happenings:

    • Point of order: That’s a rosy scenario.
      At a nominal 3.4% death rate, that would be 10.2M dead Americans, if 3/3rds of America gets it.
      The base pop. is over 300M now.
      (It’s actually 330M, which would be 11.2M dead, if it goes everywhere)
      That works out to >200K dead, every week, for the next year, and five times the current annual death tally of 2.6M from all causes. And it’s 30 times the total deaths we suffered in all of WWII.

      And even at the rosy estimate of “only” 3.4M additional dead, that’s double the current U.S. annual death tally, and >65K/week additional dead, for a year, which is another Vietnam every week until Feb 2021.

      Go long on body bag companies and Caterpillar bulldozer stock.

      This is not “just the flu.”

      Take your vitamins.
      Wash your hands.

  7. Have one gallon of distilled water and
    making it around .24 ppm of colloidal

    Will impregnate clean air filter with the colloidal
    silver and set to dry, and the rest will be to drink
    or use for further remedies as needed, plus share
    with friends as needed. Even to nebulize if need be.

    “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  8. While we should be looking at local developments always, wait until someone takes this to Mecca in a couple of months.

  9. Milwaukee’s health Czar = “Top Men”!
    What could go wrong with 4 unreported Chinese travelers under “voluntary self quarantine”?
    ffs, what is this costume?

    every level of Uncle Sugar is fucked at the Molecular.

  10. Spicy times approacheth.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I never looked at it from that angle, but maybe there’s a method to their madness, looking at more bottom feeders to die off. High density, low IQ areas hit hardest?

      • and like Paulo said

        “Chatter of paper bills$ being destroyed in
        many countries due to how it can travel and spread hand
        to hand.”

        this could certainly be another- if not THEE motive…

        do away with cash and you do away with real freedom

        old peepul- non productive
        low IQ
        hard currency

        it’s a threefor

  11. Heard something interesting this morning:
    Permeate one’s nebulizer with both iodine and hydrogen peroxide for a buffering inhalant.
    Can anyone medical-savvy confirm?

  12. A lot of paranoia, a lot of people saying the sky is falling. The same people who said the march in Richmond last month was going to be a disaster, the mother of all buffalo jumps, it would be a false flag blood bath. How totally wrong they were about that. Now the are medical experts predicting the end of the world over covid. Not buying it.

  13. Oldtradesman

    Aesop has been posting good stuff lately. Maybe I shouldn’t have treated him like an asswipe. Former jarhead, was he? Maybe I was being the asswipe by judging him prematurely and not looking at the whole picture.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      A lot of us here have had to eat some humble pie over the years.
      I don’t agree with all he says, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fight next to him. Overall, he’s one smart MF’er.

    • Buckle up. It’s completely here now. In a month all of these folks hating Jew,blacks,browns, and everything they see will know it’s live.
      And their beloved hate-cult hopefully dies with them.

      Best of luck to my fellow strap hangers and true Americans.

  14. Chatter of paper bills$ being destroyed in
    many countries due to how it can travel and spread hand
    to hand.

    See where that is going and how it goes…
    But right now is just chatter….

    Not to mention all the squeezing happening
    behind the scenes.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. Second U.S. coronavirus case of unknown origin confirmed in Santa Clara County; third reported in Oregon

  17. Since it’s ‘Friday Night Movie Night’ and no one has seen
    fit to mention this, here’s the ‘in-flight themed movie’…enjoy!!
    BYOP and beverages of choice!

    Virus – 1980 Full Movie

    And how many out there know that Dean Koontz
    wrote a thriller in get this, 1981 called “The Eyes
    of Darkness” which has the following side plot:

    “…Yet this book has a virus that is scarily linked to the covid-19 aka the coronavirus. The virus is called Wuhan-400 a lab made biological lab made weapon that has pneumonia like symptoms similar to covid-19. It also predicted that the virus would start at around 2020 then mysteriously disappear and reappear in 10 years then disappear forever..”

    Dean Koontz – “The Eyes of Darkness” – Wikipedia

    Dean Koontz wrote a novel in 1981 that just happens to
    list a bio-engineered viral agent from Wuhan that goes
    active in 2020?…..WTF?!?


    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • My apologies, here’s the FULL version of Virus for
      people to watch (please understand that there are
      no subtitles for the Japanese portions of the film)
      without these scenes the movie is incomplete and
      the entirety of the story is severely lacking:

      Virus (Fukkatsu no hi – ‘Day of Resurrection’ Full Version 1980)

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  18. “so don’t delay, act now. supplies are running out. allow, if you’re still alive, six to eight years to arrive,”

  19. Not a good time to be living in a hive!