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Bronx supermarket, NYC, 1900E, 12MAR2020; vibe reported as “FREAKED OUT!!!!”

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  1. Johnny Paratrooper

    I can see now.

    The democrat cities full of the elderly are going to get sick.
    Plus massive break outs in retirement homes.
    And of course, everyone is still out partying and traveling.
    Like a bunch of dip shits.
    Elderly care and it’s various branches(Like the Social Security Car Payment) is a huge part of our economy.
    If we lose 2 million elderly people, that could be 3 million jobs lost.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      3 million lost jobs might be high.
      The elderly own a lot of stuff and employee lots of people.

      Yikesville 5 miles ahead.

  2. .DJI

    wondering why drumpf isn’t taking credit for the stawk market anymore?

          • NorthGunner

            I’ll go you one better.

            And if this doesn’t show a lack of manhood, I don’t know
            what does!

            And folks thought “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”
            was scary…..
            (wonder what he’ll say/do when she brings home
            Pookie & Rayray at 16 and say’s “Meet muh Babydaddies!”)

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • Dow closes down -2352

          Dow plunges 10% amid coronavirus fears for its worst day since the 1987 market crash

          and i remember that crash back in ’87
          i was working as a hired gun for a large Detroit importing co.
          it didn’t affect me then- and it won’t affect me now

          ah, the memories.. 🙂


      At 11:10, The first ‘Battle Haircut.’ Enjoy.

  3. Another day in paradise…

    10:17:22 AM
    EDT MI Indication*


      Fuck the market, may it ‘Rest in Shit!’

      • except most everyone’s financial future is connected to it in some way, shape ,or form..

        i have enough in hard assets, PM’s, and cash- most everyone else? NOPE

        luckily, in the very near term- physical health, preparedness, wits, and location will be just as good…

  4. Plenty of bleach, Lysol, and other supplies at the local major chain hardware store.

    A word on bleach. Much of today’s bleach is not bleach. Make sure the label does not say “concentrated.” Laundry bleach is worthless. Make sure the label says “kills 99.99% of germs” or “germicidal.”

    Multiple folks at church reporting a slowdown in work, with some idling workers already this week. Several having problems getting components etc shipped to them. This quarter will be a negative GDP quarter. These things take on momentum, not only on the way up (expansion) but on the way down (contraction) as well.

    The problem with the CoVid is the pneumonia. Learn how to avoid pneumonia even if you otherwise get sick. The pneumonia is the killer.

    You should already be getting plenty of direct sunlight and eating you fruits and veggies BEFORE you bet sick. If you get sick, and run a fever, it’s hard to want to do it, but after about three of four days of a fever you can make yourself sweat it out through cardio. I’ve had success shaking a mild fever from flu this way. Also if you get sick; no joking, plenty of Vit C and chicken soup. Get those now BEFORE everybody else does. You body does not, as a general rule, store vitamins and minerals that come from plants. Eat well even if you don’t feel like. “Feed a fever” “starve a cold.” with flu, even if you are not hungry you must force yourself to continue to eat well.

    And above all; Seek ye the Lord. Prayer is simply talking to God. I know it’s weird at first if you have never prayed, but the results are real.

    • Amen on all of that Brother…

    • Uh, Fred?…the Kung Flu causes the pneumonia…it’s not a separate disease, it’s pneumonia due to the coronavirus, and your pneumonia vaccine will do Jack and Shit to stop Kung Flu pneumonia. The vaccine is for community-based strains only. You could get twenty vaccinations for every known strain, and it wouldn’t stop Kung Flu pneumonia for shit.

      Really sorry if this is news to you.

      But I hear from reliable sources that white coats from the Mayo Clinic can confer immunity to all known strains of Kung Flu, because “it’s just the flu”.

      And for today’s Kung Flu update, we turn to Lt. Lockhart:

  5. Tracking the data as is comes out (excluding China) on the Johns Hopkins coronavirus map (, the time it takes for the # of infected to double is now at 4.23 days.

    At this time, CDC says we have 1323 confirmed cases in the USA.

    IF we believe the CDC numbers for the USA, this tends to indicate that we had 20 infected people in America, back on 2/13. This ALSO means we’ll break 1 million sick by April 19. With 20% needing hospitalization, and using Aesops’ observations, it will be around this time that the hospitals are simply overwhelmed.

    If we assume the CDC numbers are off by a factor of only four (i.e., not 1323 cases confirmed, but 5000 actual) at this time, We break the 1 million mark (and overwhelming of hospitals) by ~4/13.

    If we assume CDC numbers are off by a factor of ten- 13,000 people actually infected- we hit the wall with hospitals about 4/8.

    The other 330 million people infected AFTER the data where the hospitals are overwhelmed, are ON THEIR OWN.

    The efforts by .gov to quarantine, to “slow” the virus, “mitigate risk” or whatever bullshit terminology they want to use, DON’T MATTER. This monster cannot be stopped, at this point. Unless you plan on being in a bunker for the next 6 months, you’re GOING to be exposed.

    Recognizing that all the .gov efforts will be useless, and that there’s nowhere to run to, to escape the virus, don’t take it out on the .gov agents who are tasked with enacting those .gov efforts. They don’t KNOW that it’s a waste of time.

    As painful as the next few months will be, this is also a good opportunity to help your neighbors, build your “clan,” and restore a sense of community that has been lost over the last… 50 years, or so. Understanding that we’re all going to be exposed, there’s no need to FEAR exposure to the virus; it’s going to happen, you and everybody you know. So stow the apprehension. Protect you and yours, and then help your community.

    The politics of the last few years have demonstrated the stupidity and fecklessness of “leadership” coming from D.C. Even our Senators and Congress-critters have to get together on a Saturday night to share a brain. State governments are NO better. It comes down to LOCAL politics, LOCAL leadership.

    The virus isn’t the threat… The threat is the 2nd and 3rd-order effects. Be READY for them, ANTICIPATE them. Your neighbors and community will NEED a leader, a REAL leader, not a shit-talking politician who kisses babies while stealing their candy. You’re in a situation where you CAN be the leader that your community will desperately need.

    [Geez, it seems like I’m giving a “rah-rah” speech… LMAO. I NEVER thought I’d write something like this… who knew?]

    • You just got promoted to a standalone post with that one.



      My neighbors will not need a leader so much as they will need and want what I and my small tribe have. When the schools close up here(and they will) you will see an uptick in residential burglaries, shoplifting, and thefts of all kinds. I’m betting even here in Rawles Land, things will go bats**t crazy just like everywhere else. This is Greenwoodistan and there are waaaay too many Normies, cucks, BLUELIVESMATTERBOTS, and other assorted flag-waving, KISSMYASSIMAVETERAN idiots.
      The native Idahoans will know how to hold their mud. The Blue Hive transplants will not. The Romans 13 robots will be out in force along with every snitch rat bastard-Leviathan operative who did not prep and is now looking for his/her rice bowl to be filled by TPTB.
      The good news is that I and mine are as ready as we are ever going to be. If my two brothers-in-law can shoot their way out of Boise and bypass any roadblocks on HWY 95, all the better. I have plenty of medicinal brandy. Bleib ubrig.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I left Boise 26 yrs ago, last week. Never looked back, this was the best move of my life to an isolated remote corner of Wyoming. And my friends who stayed are so caught up in their hive mentality they don’t even realize they’re already dead. I tried to get them motivated to move up north to Cascade or even Council, wouldn’t hear of it, Boise had everything they wanted, lots of neighbors in crowded subdivisions and friends to ride Harley’s with, the usual city crap. And now it’s a Commie shithole they can’t fight their way out of, too crippled to move and nowhere to go.
        Good thinking guys!

        • i built a home on in the “wilderness” on the Clark-Fork up stream of Thompson Falls back in ’91

          when i returned in 2016 i had to use house numbers to find it…


          so many people showed up and built right fucking on top and all around the place




          Word. I have not been down there for almost 4 years. The place reminds me too much of that wretched hive of scum and villainy – Riverside, CA. My wife and I lived there for over 11 years. From a tactical standpoint, the evac routes out of Boise are either east or west. To go up HWY 95 would be a death trap as there are way too many “The Hills Have Eyes” little towns where you would not make it through. You would end up long pork on some white trash in-bred menu. The “May You Live In Interesting Times” meme is very relevant now. Bleib ubrig.

      • NorthGunner


        “The Romans 13 robots will be out in force along with every snitch rat bastard-Leviathan operative who did not prep and is now looking for his/her rice bowl to be filled by TPTB.”

        And it’s those ‘Romans 13’ cucks that through their beliefs and actions
        WOULD drag all the rest of us down with them into a ‘resurrected’ Dark
        Age with all the misery, disease and ugliness that such a period is horrorfyingly known about.

        Here’s T.F. Monkey once again to speak truth..this time about
        what WILL without a doubt ‘freak out’ the ‘religious normies’
        whether they’re Christians, Muslims or Judiast’s.

        “Religion is a product of human nature ~ Religion is a Type 1
        Falacy (logical error)” The TFM Show – 3/7/2020 (00:44:13 to

        Of course the ‘true believers’ WILL be triggered…
        And they can’t or won’t dare to hold a reasonable logical
        discussion of what TFM discusses above, especially with
        him online.

        The worst part is that they just don’t seem to get the
        picture that there are those of us that just want to be
        left alone and unmolested by their actions via their
        religiousity…I don’t bother them and I don’t want
        them to ‘save me’ or otherwise bother me..period!!

        I mean, if it’s ok for them to virtually ‘get in my face’ with
        their preaching, then they shouldn’t be surprised when I
        share such musical gems with them as a response:

        Opie Show – F me in the A cause I love jesus by Garfunkel and Oates – @OpieRadio @garfunkeloates

        The BJ Song

        Garfunkel & Oates – Handjob, Bland Job, I Don’t Understand Job (Live on KXLU)

        Garfunkel and Oates gets “All Over Your Face”

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. There is an inverse correlation between der normies panic level and der stawks. As stawks go down normies begin to soil themselves. This and the economic secondary explosions are the only reason to watch. These fuckers have never seen a bear let alone a bear market. When you get to close to a big bear you will realize it in that moment but it’s waaayyyy to late then. Even black bears are fast as fuck. He either decides to fuck you up or not. His choice. I carry a 44 on chest rig with hard cast when i’m in their world but I have no illusions regarding his ability to fuck me up anyway. It just makes me feel better that I might get a shot off at him as i’m bleeding out. Coin toss as to whether they even clear the holster at this point.

    • NorthGunner

      The ‘stock market’ is almost all mass perception as
      mentioned by Ken Royce/Boston T. Party over 10
      years ago.

      Anyone who’s still in the ‘Market’ after John Corrizine
      screwed inviestors in MF Global out of..wait for it…
      1.6 BILLION dollars with NO personal repercussions
      to him (he still walks a free man) is NOT paying attention.

      WHO runs ‘Wall Street’ again?……

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Spoke with good trauma nurse from the Orlando and
    surrounding area last night.
    Highly concerned and alarmed of lack spaces and equipment,
    not to mention oxygen delivery.
    Asked if any people testing positive in her area, and she said
    no, with concern and doubt.

    “Put on the whole armor of God”

    Shields Up……

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  9. Bonaventure

    Henceforth, all who do not enthusiastically participate in a widespread panic about the coronavirus will be known as virus sympathizers!


    KD – 2020 03 12 AccountabilityVirus

  11. I didn’t say anything about a vaccine; except for the one meme I made below. I don’t take vaccines. They jacked me with so much of that stuff even before they started pumping me a series for the Anthrax, that I’m done with that.

    Can you explain to me, how pneumococcal, a bacteria that attacks, among others, flu weakened people and manifests itself in humans by growing in the lung tissue, and CoVid, a virus, can coexist in the same surface and/or airborne cell structure? If I listen to my evolutionist friends correctly they tell us that bacterium and Virus are in the oldest battle that the planet has known, going on for billions of years now, and that they hate each other, and don’t coexist, as racist as that may be. Can you share with me the biology or chemical structure that concludes that they do indeed exist as one life form, or two separate life forms in the same structural DNA please?

    And regardless, I maintain, that the practical basics will always be the place to start.

    Thank you.

  12. Johnny Paratrooper

    The big surprise is that we are ready.

  13. sell,sell,sell, burn! burn ! burn!

  14. tfA-t is really starting to smell putrid rot coming from drumpf and his minion agents

    i have a certain sixth -ense and it’s giving me tingles and jolts…

    it seems to me these fucksticks may very well be running a sting on the world population

    tfA-t just doesn’t trust drumpf anymore than he did ohomo

    they’re both on the same (((team)))

    i know what i’m going to do if and when some losers in cheap suits and gubmint badges show their puny punk ass persons at my gates…

    you have been warned


      Teef: This is just my guess. And this time, I hope I am right. Once this COVID-19 goes full World War Z, there will not be enough military and police Orcs and Orcettes to do much of anything. They will be running for their lives, just like during Katrina. And remember, that fiasco was local. Outside of NOLA and the Gulf coastal areas, things were okay and help was sent.
      I hope I am right not because I wish for chaos. I hope I am right because I would rather deal with my idiot neighbors than a bunch of trained thugs with badges who would just as soon shoot an old man as look at him.
      Folks like you who have had the opportunity and resources to relocate away from the fools, liars, and ignorant white trash I run into on a daily basis are fortunate. When it all really explodes, keep a journal. I plan to as long as I am upright and breathing. Down the road, someone will want to know what really happened to this corrupt, syphilitic country. Bleib ubrig.

      • i was just having this conversation with my other half at the supper table tonight

        the paid thugs are gonna be fighting for their breath as Covid seeps into their trachea’s way before SHTF

        they’ll be wondering which 5 mph over the speed limit criminal infected them… and with very little care from tfA-t – so will their wives and kids 🙂

        live by the law die by the law

        how ironic

        and fitting

      • SemperFi, 0321

        It appears EVERYONE will get sick, well, except for Bill Gates and Co. and if that’s true, there won’t be enough LEO/.mil to handle anything as far as keeping order across the board, even the legal sector and politicians may end up finally finding themselves feeling nekid.
        Chaos is not good, and yet for us, it’s exactly what this country needs to wipe out the high level corruption killing this country. And the next sucky part, the masses are too dumb to capitalize on the fedgov weaknesses. No brains or cohesion to see a way thru to throwing off those chains.
        So maybe there won’t be any silver lining for those that come thru this bug fest.

        • the punk merc thugs and their traitorous fat belly leadership will fall apart like the cheap chinese brain-fucked stooges and double chin marshmallow tyrants they really are 🙂

          frankly, tfA-t isn’t impressed with anything they can field unless it’s tfA-t…

    • it seems to me these fucksticks may very well be running a sting on the world population

      • SemperFi, 0321

        For all the chaos it’s causing, the kill ratio really isn’t much, from a weapons point of view. Look how many die every year from cars, cancer, flu, and accidents, including surgery.
        One thing I always see missing from any charts or discussions on job growth is the population growth. So and so may have raised the work force by ______%, but the birth rate usually outpaces the job growth, so in reality, it was ZERO. The bug may kill 5-10% but birth rates are enormous, especially among the 3rd worlders.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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