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  1. True SOBs–the CDC, NIH, and the fookin’ MDs wanting to cover up the efficacy of chloroquine phosphate. ‘Specially that little fooker, Fauci, who contradicted known use studies, blurting out at a presser: “That drug has not been tested.”

    • this. the fire in hell is not hot enough for these jews.

    • Fauci–right now @ 1854 in today’s presser–pooh-poohs, the generic drug, chloroquine phosphate, which has been proven to work, and wants the nation to WAIT for the Big Pharma patented, high-cost, high-faklutin’ (untested) “miracle drugs.” This shrill shill is making his obvious case to sit on a Big Pharma Board with a seven figure salary asap IMHO.

    • The wife of an Arizona man who died after ingesting chloroquine phosphate to protect himself from the novel coronavirus urged the public on Monday not to “believe anything that the president says” and rely on doctors instead.
      Banner Health said the man and his wife consumed a version of the chemical that’s used to clean aquariums.
      “We saw Trump on TV — every channel — and all of his buddies and that this was safe,” the woman, who is in critical care after taking the drug with her husband, told NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard. “Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure.”
      The president has repeatedly touted the pharmaceutical version of chloroquine as a “very powerful” treatment against the coronavirus and falsely claimed it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
      Asked what her message was to the public after what she and her husband went through, the woman told NBC News: “Oh my God, don’t take anything. Don’t believe anything that the president says and his people … call your doctor.”
      Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

      The wife of an Arizona man who died after ingesting chloroquine phosphate to protect himself from the novel coronavirus spoke out Monday to urge the public not to “take anything” or “believe anything” without talking to a healthcare professional.

      “We saw Trump on TV — every channel — and all of his buddies and that this was safe,” the woman told NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard of President Donald Trump. “Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure.”

      NBC News reported that the man, 68, and his wife, 61, took chloroquine to guard against the novel coronavirus, which causes a potentially fatal disease known as COVID-19. It’s not clear how much chloroquine the man consumed, and Banner Health said he and his wife ingested a version of the chemical that’s used to clean aquariums.

      Both of them needed to seek medical care within half an hour; the woman is in critical condition, and the man died.

      The pharmaceutical version of chloroquine — known as hydroxychloroquine — is used to treat malaria, but there is no conclusive evidence it is effective against the coronavirus, which the World Health Organization declared a pandemic earlier this month.

      Trump has repeatedly touted the drug as a “very powerful” treatment for the disease and falsely claimed it had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

      “It’s shown very encouraging — very, very encouraging early results,” Trump said last week. “And we’re going to be able to make that drug available almost immediately. And that’s where the FDA has been so great. They — they’ve gone through the approval process; it’s been approved. And they did it, they took it down from many, many months to immediate. So we’re going to be able to make that drug available by prescription or states.”

      The FDA came out with a statement after Trump’s comments saying it had not approved chloroquine for the coronavirus and that much more research had to be done.

      “Did you at any point hear that the FDA had not approved of it for coronavirus purposes?” Hillyard asked the woman.

      “Yeah,” she said. “But, you know, they kept saying that it was approved for other things.”

      Asked what her message to the American public was after what she and her husband went through, the woman told NBC News: “Oh my God, don’t take anything. Don’t believe anything that the president says and his people … call your doctor.”

      “Please educate the people,” she added, according to audio of the conversation that Hillyard posted to Twitter. “It feels like, like my heart is broken and it’ll never mend. It’s just broke, dead. Like my husband. My husband is 68. We’re healthy. No underlying — no diabetes or lung issues. Nothing.”

      • Uh huh.
        And what other chemical compounds not approved for human consumption were in the fishtank version that aren’t in the RX version.

        This is what happens when shit-for-brains amateur home pharmacologists meet reality.

        Chloroquine as an Rx med has been around since 1934. Literally billions of doses have been ingested, and wiped out malaria in whole populations for decades. Which means it’s open-source, and no longer covered by patent law.

        Eating shit made for fish tanks, not so much.
        Professional driver; closed course. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.

        I’m submitting Mr. Amateur Pharmacist for an Honorable Mention Darwin Award.

        And surprising me not a bit, Idiot Fauci is pimping instead to wait a year or fifty for some vaporware vaccine, that’ll cost $150@, have recockulous side effects, and probably only a half-assed efficacy.

        I told you he was a jackhole idiot in 2014.
        He still is.

        He should have been dragged out of the White House by the heels, and beaten to death with bricks and rocks on Pennsylvania Avenue the minute he yapped about “choroquine hasn’t been tested yet.”.

        • He should have been dragged out of the White House by the heels, and beaten to death with bricks and rocks on Pennsylvania Avenue the minute he yapped about “choroquine hasn’t been tested yet.”…
          We are to busy squabbling to ever be able to form an effective task force to be able to do such a thing so of course it won’t get done along with a whole host of other things…Hope you’re well Brother…

          • Grenadier1

            He would have already been fired by Trump if the media was not pounding on him. They keep asking him “Are you going to listen to the DoKtoRs” even after he repeatedly tells them ” I am listening to everybody up here”. As if Doctors are some how infallible. Then the media sees a stupid fool that took tank cleaner and tries to insinuate it was Trumps fault that a moron did a moron thing (well this drain cleaner says it has water in it so I should be able to drink it right?). They have to double down on the REQUIREMENT that we all wait for government DoKtoRs to tell us we can do something or not and are so desperate they use the most retarded example of “what could go wrong”…..
            Its insulting and infantile. I am sure this mental midget will try to sue the Fish tank cleaner manufacturer for this as well and some shit tier lawyer will push the case. Sums up the state of the Union.

  2. I did some playing around with numbers today.

    If you take the daily new deaths in the USA from this as a percentage of the active cases from 14 days earlier (presuming that about two weeks go by on average from hospitalization to death), it hovers right around 10% fatality.

    If you change the interval to 10 days instead of 14, it drops to 7%. So it’s pretty imprecise. Depends on a lot of things for which there is no good data yet. Still, a ballpark guidepost of sorts, for those cases bad enough to be hospitalized.

    I’ve been reading Angry Karl’s argument-by-screaming that it’s all no big deal and that it’s already been circulating for months and most of us have already had it and had no symptoms, while some people had flu-like symptoms, and only one in a thousand get anything serious (and therefore GET BACK TO WORK, PEONS).

    What I can’t find a way to make sense about that theory is, why would the big cities be getting hammered NOW? It should have STARTED there. And definitely NYC hospitals are talking about a sudden surge of pneumonia patients. Every medical professional who’s talked about treating this makes comments along the lines of “nope, this isn’t something I’ve seen before”. If it had been around since Nov or Dec, that should not be happening. Denninger talks a lot about comorbidities as being the “real” causes of death – and look, I like Dixie as much as anybody, but the plain fact is there are more obese people wandering around in the south than on the streets of New York. If the comorbidity thing was the case we should be seeing it rage through the People of Wal-Mart. No such evidence.

    And also, if it was that minor a problem, there’s still the basic question that got me paying attention to this in the first place: why did the Chinese go from “everything’s fine, keep working and making money, it’ll pass” to “RED ALERT RAGE VIRUS LOCKDOWN”?

    I have trouble buying the 20m dead speculation. Wuhan itself only has (had?) 11m people. 20m disappearances would not be something easily hidden, even in China.

    • In mid Jan I got knocked on my ass and had to go to the doctor I was so sick. I never go to the doctor. High fever, scary short of breath, hideous headache and body aches. I thought I had legionnaires disease from a hot tub I let get away from me. Tested neg for two strains of flu, but doc said, “I still think you have the flu.” Tamiflu prescription ($200) helped.

      I have been wondering if this virus is what I had, but have had similar thoughts as you. Why would it take this long to spread. Why have my elderly parents whom I care for not gotten sick when so many are?

      I am not one of these Jew hating idiots, but I do think that this situation is being milked in every way possible to ‘get bad orange man’ and ‘screw whitey.’ It makes no sense that it has been circulating for that long here and now all of a sudden NYC is about to go full retard.

      These next two weeks will be interesting.


    “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”
    ~ James Paul Warburg

    It was Manly P. Hall who correctly stated, “The best place to hide a LIE is between two TRUTHS!” (and so it is in society today). Also, Hall states that the most effective deception is the half-truth, because in part it can be contested with incontestable logic. Pretty intense stuff, huh? Clearly, Freemasons are trained, professional and cunning masters of deceit, lies and swaying public opinion for their organization’s secret agendas.

    Epperson goes into detail about how the seal for Benjamin Franklin’s The Order Of Quest was used for the symbol (seal) of our nation. Epperson also quotes and explains numerous statements from Manly P. Hall’s works. This official government seal has been on the back of every U.S. one-dollar bill since the 1930’s. Occultists love to place occult symbols in plain view, mocking the ignorance of the common man, boasting at their exploits as their private orgies and drunken parties; relishing as overlords over a dumbed-down, comatose, society of drug-crazed, out of control, high on prescription drugs, confused, dead-eyed form drinking fluoride for years, et cetera. The average America these days is totally dumbed-down, lethargic, obese, confused, tired, and relies solely upon the television to form their opinions. People worship the gods of sports, video games, gadgets, computers, cellphones, texting, searching for information and television.


    • drumpf pledges to open the country on Easter Sunday

      think about that for a moment…

      publicly proclaiming Easter Sunday as The DAY..

      right in your face- get it?


      Teef: Have you ever read: BROTHERHOOD OF DARKNESS by Dr. Stanley Monteith? It spells it all out. That, along with HOPE OF THE WICKED by Ted Flynn, documents everything with references and footnotes. This NWO thing has been in the works since the Rothschild-Adam Weishaupt connection in the 18th Century.
      Of course, if you tried to expose this in a “Public School” history class, you would be fired and probably receive the Seth Rich Memorial Award. Truly, this corrupt, syphilitic country deserves a huge chastisement and culling. Bleib ubrig.

      • no i haven’t D

        i really don’t read anymore, i have a fuck ton of books i have been buying for years planning on reading during the end of the world. guess i better get crackin

        this IS the end of our world- FACT. mark your calandars… and on Easter Day- the NWO begins- the day of Resurrection

        the Phoenix Rising from the ashes

        how fitting

        and NWO will bribe everyone with promises of payments and forgiveness as long as they obey the new rules for living

        and the peasants will cheer and dance in celebration of their new good fortune- at least in the beginning…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Secret societies only get together to wear funny hats, you’re imagining the rest.
      The stupid sheep could care less if they’re being sheared or poisoned, as long as they’re being entertained during the process. Even when presented with cold hard facts, they brush them aside to revert to the myths of their childhood, when life was a simpler place. Reality is not a place most folks go to willingly. Look at the numbers of grown adults today living in these fantasy worlds of gaming and cult movies.
      The western world as we knew it is toast.

      • yup

        this is the transition

        and folks right at WRSA can’t figure it out

        the occultists need their human sacrifices, panic, and chaos to complete their rituals

        this is what we are all living thru right here right now

      • This. Lost many friends the last 5 years.

        I won’t help them when they come begging for food.

    • (((Warburg))….

      co-founder of “Federal Reserve” along with (((Rothschild))) and shabbatz goyim J.P. Morgan and J.D. Rockefeller; also

      also co-founder of CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, w shabbatz goy David Rockefeller.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Most folks here have no fukn clue who Daddy Warbucks was, let alone the name Warburg. They won’t read books, won’t watch videos, but they know better than we do about Nazi’s, conspiracies, secret societies and anything else we try to show them. Education is a lost cause because it’s anti-semetic and interrupts their niggerball.

        • Maybe just maybe our side isn’t so good at the Winning Friends and Influencing People and that’s why people continue to remain ignorant…Also the other side has been doing propaganda and brainwashing thing for so long that it’s an art to them…Hope your doing good Brother…

          • do you really want the ignorant(apathetic) people on your side?

            if they aren’t smart enough now, then why would they be samrt enought later?

            they’d just go back to chewing their cud and swilling their sud

            losers- lose

            you can’t fix stoooput

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Ohios’ gubernor Deswine announced yesterday that he has prohibited the new drug from being used in Ohio . He also has joined hand in hand with Bloombergs group Moms Demand Action to implement a 7 point plan of gun control . I’ve had about all I can take . Time to sell out and go elsewhere . I can’t find more than a handful of folks that even give a fuck in this state .


    LA County Sheriff orders gun stores to close; adds 1,300 deputies to patrol: https://www.foxla.com/news/la-county-sheriff-orders-gun-stores-to-close-adds-1300-deputies-to-patrol

    “We will be closing them, they are not an essential function,” Villanueva said. “I’m a supporter of the 2nd amendment, I’m a gun owner myself, but now you have the mixture of people that are not formerly gun owners….”

  7. Sept Of Syncopated Windbreakers

    We interrupt this program with a special bulletin:

    America is now under martial law.
    All constitutional rights have been suspended.
    Stay in your homes.
    Do not attempt to contact loved ones, insurance agents, or attorneys.
    Shut up.
    Do not attempt to think or depression may occur.
    Stay in your homes.
    Curfew is at 7 PM sharp after work.
    Anyone caught outside the gates of their subdivision sector after curfew,
    will be shot.
    Remain calm, do not panic.
    Your neighborhood watch officer will be by to collect urine samples in
    the morning.
    Anyone caught interfering with the collection of urine samples, will be
    Stay in your homes. Remain calm.
    The number one enemy of progress is questions.
    National security is more important than individual will.
    All sports broadcasts will proceed as normal.
    No more than two people may gather anywhere without permission.
    Use only the drugs prescribed by your boss or supervisor.
    Shut up. Be happy.
    Obey all orders without question.
    The comfort you demanded is now mandatory.
    Be happy.
    At last everything is done for you.


      Agreed……..but your factual eloquence is wasted on the deafened ears of posers, of which 99.999% of the patriot/militia/conservative right is. Even now, their oft chanted mantra of dodging can kicking, “local, local, local,” rings hollowly false as always; as communist/statist turds are rampaging, riding full bore, over the whole of America’s AO’s.

      • Grenadier1

        I am sure that you will have a huge following when you hit the streets and start popping the steppers. We are all waiting for you to lead us. You are correct in everything you have said. So we will follow you when you make the jump and begin the attack. Let us know the time and the place where we should begin resisting and the targets?

  8. SF Bay Area: Anxiety is palpable in general pop. Tempers high; road rage increasing; polity, social cohesion evaporating. Must admit, I’m enjoying it.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Buddy of mine was with Mike 3/27 and Alpha 1/5 thru Aug ’69 at An Hoa, used to tell me of Go Noi Island and the Arizona Territory. Sadly he passed a yr ago.

  9. Six Trillion to jump start our Studebaker of an economy….

  10. Normal flu seasons do not overwork health care systems and follow on downstream receivers of said failures in the form of undertakers and crematoriums (including mobiles) in the country’s they sweep thru – every year – to the point of failure.

    Normal flu seasons do not require .mil to assist in the above.

    Tell yourself this is no worse than the flu in light of those facts.

    Are Marxists and Moslems going to use a bad situation to further their agendas?

    As sure as the sun comes up tomorrow.

    Does the fact enemies of all we hold dear are using a tragic situation to their advantage negate the actual 4th Turning tragic world changing situations we face?

    Sure as Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny are delivering a safe and viable vaccine to Trump at 8 a.m. sharp tomorrow.

    Not letting a crisis go to waste does NOT mean there is not a crisis.

    Finding truth in the piles of BS is getting harder.

    That means we all have to be smarter.

    Question everything. Trust only those with a proven track record. Or data and facts like .mil activation to deal with corpses, and crematorium emissions, and literally millions of missing Chinese cell phone users.

    Pay attention to the cold, hard, facts.

    Do not pay attention to known, blatant lies nor wishful thinking.

    Unless failure is desired.

  11. Berglander

    Something I keep thinking of-every time there’s some kind of disaster, we see Hollywood type after Hollywood type and the ultra rich pledging millions to help the Ethiopians or the Sumatrans or the Syrians. I don’t recall seeing anything at all about this. Have you?

  12. Bonaventure

    More than ever, its hard out there for a pimp..

    ADL Petitions Congress For A Federal Bailout Due to Coronavirus


  13. “…Most people are little bothered by the fact that the state is violating their freedom massively. They regard it as necessary and good. They do not question the state´s authority to restrict our freedom at all. Rather, they denounce those who want to move freely and make use of their property rights. When two brothers were seen playing soccer in the garden of an acquaintance’s apartment block, the police were called…

    …If people are just scared enough, they entrust themselves to a (temporary) dictatorship without grumbling. They give up their freedom in the hope of being saved by state leaders advised by wise experts. Fear makes people controllable. Instead of protesting against the violation of their property rights, they clap their hands every day at 8 p.m. in Spain. Initially, the applause was mainly to show support for doctors and nurses, but in the meantime cheers for the police have been mixed in….

    There is a shortcut to serfdom, and it is called fear.”


    • Grenadier1

      This is the peak of hurry up and wait right now. Everyone is looking to see an end to this and when the return to “normal” will be. The longer that looks to be an unknown people are going to start doing risk calculations. They are going to figure out that the real risk from the virus is actually low.
      Now for the degenerates this means they will begin to come out at night to pillage and rampage.
      What the rest of us have to do is figure out if we are willing to risk it to go out and do what needs to be done or not.

  14. With regard to INTEL. ELINT is shit. HUMINT is all. I should probably clarify that to say, it’s fine to read internet accounts but you MUST use your sources of real people to solicit what they have heard from family members. The only thing that public source ELINT (and I’m not talking actual spook type elint here but rather interwebz and newz sources) should be used for is matching words with responses. When you do that you can discern the actual direction to a greater degree than most. Watch what they say and then what they do. But call your best friend who’s wife is an ER nurse. Call your buddy who’s dad is a doc at a hospital somewheres.

    In my mind the tipping point is: full beds/no more vents. The apple cart goes shortly after they stop taking patients because “healthcare is a right” blah blah. On the other hand der paperz tell me that NYshitty has 211 cops positive and almost 3000 out sick. Meanwhile der mayor is releasing “non violents” from Rikerz. Sounds legit right? CONgress is working on 6 trillion in wutang-theft-bux package and Larry Kudslow tells us there will be tons of “oversight”. Thanks Larry! How bout a little lube for the murikan sheeple eh?

  15. I am just curious in watching all this shit storm go down if:
    1) when ‘they’ take a swab for tsting if that also includes DNA sampling for future identification purposes and, 2) is this is the beginning of a ‘cashless’ society given that paper/coin can spread this virus. I do not doubt that this virus is real and spreading but it does feel like the great heard of sheep is being prepped for a big ‘follow up’.
    Have to go into town today for a doctors follow up visit (sucks to be me) given where we live is (self) isolated (cows can be good company). Will be curious to see what town is like (zip 87901). Hopefully all the meth heads are staying home …….

    • yeah..

      my dentist appt was canceled yesterday due to MI governor whitless suspending all non-emergency ANYTHING for 2 weeks

      fucking CUNT

      bet she gets to keep her fucking dentist appt

  16. Maybe the virus hasn’t really taken off in the Chicago area yet. No one I know is sick.

    • Right.
      And in 1946, no one in Germany could recall any Jews getting hauled off to a concentration camp, either.

      I don’t know anybody that’s died from this virus in the whole world.
      I also never saw a baby pigeon.
      So does that mean neither of those are a thing either?
      Or is that just anecdotal non-data, worth about $0/lb.?

      Just asking.

  17. Alaska Paul

    Rather than call this the Corona Virus or COVD-19, or Chinese Virus, with the way Congress acts, it should be renamed the Bozonic Plague.