Open Thread 1015E 24MAR2020

ZH WuFlu Doomer – Updated

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Vox Populi: Reports From The Frontlines

Barnhardt: Wait Just a Damn Minute – Italian Mortality Figures are WITH, not FROM CoronaCold-19

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  1. “We’ve unintentionally POISONED an entire generation of veterans”

    antimalarial drugs and the cost of prevention DAV magazine

    • “It was clearly known that some people became psychotic and some people became very violent, but at the time, it wasn’t appreciated just how serious these neuropsychiatric effects could be in terms of causing long term disabilities.”

      things that make you go hmmm

      this may explain many “things” LOL

  2. Flamethrower Asphyxiation

    Ann has been delayed but Animal Mother is here and ready for the time of the Spice!
    Keep berserk and take dozens with you.

  3. “East California” reporting in:
    – 720 cases statewide: Seven deaths, five outbreaks at residential care facilities.
    – Chain grocery nearest LUP established “Senior Hour”, 07:00 – 08:00, so Boomer McPherson, the AARP cardholder, can pay the cashier in checks or pennies in relative peace.
    – The “Kingdom of Denver” established a stay-home edict, beginning at 17:00 this evening – coming soon to a neighborhood near me.
    Dispensaries swamped, reactively, by the pot-bum forces of “dudeweedlamo”.

  4. Walter Sobchak

    Not much has changed here in Sedgwick County KS. Still evidence of continued panic buying, a lot of real picked over store shelves. Overall there’s still plenty of food on the shelves. One more case of presumptive Kung Flu reported yesterday bringing the county total to 2. The county has drafted/approved a shelter in place order, but it has not yet been implemented, talk is maybe tomorrow it will be. So for the most part not much has changed beyond schools being closed, some business, some shortages and everyone being a little freaked out and having ‘thousand yard stare’ Kung Flu expression on their face.

    – Andrew Cuomo, 24 MAR 2020 11:17

  6. Wisconsin’s lated you will OBEY! Order…

    Just wait till the Tweakers run out of shit. Should happen soon.

  7. A VOTE for tfA-t is a VOTE for:

    face masks for every man, whoomyn, and chile

    corona virus-negative chicken in every pot

    fresh bread / non-fluoridated water for all

    ventilators for everyone who desires one

    guaranteed TP for the commoners

    a jew behind every target silhouette

    tfA-tbux to every legal citizen

    free EMF protection shields

    elimination of NSA

    GMO free foods

    no chemtrails


    tfA-t 2020

  8. Aesop | March 24, 2020 at 11:46 |

    I’ve had dinner meetings with multiple persons here. Live, in person, at length. And will again, hopefully. Also met some of them in person at the memorial for WeaponsMan in NH a couple of years back.
    If they wish to lay claim to it, or not, that’s their business.

    And seriously, what Russian or Chinese agent would waste a wet fart with writing a blog like mine, let along posting on this forum? The very notion is risible. It’s like something out of a campaign speech by Ross Perot or Ron Paul.

  9. Daily Mail top headline is that Trump insists he’s going to ignore the doctors and re-open everything for business as usual.

    Either hydroxychloroquine is going to save his bacon, and he’s going to succeed on the biggest and riskiest gamble of his life, or this is going to be unparalleled disaster.

    If he succeeds, the NEXT pandemic WILL be unparalleled disaster, because the very clear precedent of “just ignore it and it’ll go away” will be established.

    Also I see the the (R) lieutenant governor of Texas is volunteering grandparents to die for the glory of the economy. Am I sounding leftist yet?

    • Oldtradesman

      Like me, you’ve been categorized as a leftist once you strayed from the GDP, stawk mawket advocacy of Rush Blimpbaugh, Sean Handjob, Sicilian Janine, Charlie Girl, TammyPaul and his boyfriend Rand, etc.

    • as you may have noticed re other issues, Drumpf

      changes his tune every 15 minutes. All “policy” with him

      is a protracted “negotiation”. What he’s working on now

      is goosing (((Wall Street))) up a bit. Just let me check….yup:

      “Dow rallies over 2,000 points”

      bingo. And tfA-t: did Haxo say 20,000?

      yes he did.

      • drumpf is ushering the Fuas into the NWO

        just as all the leaders of all the nations are doing the same

        smooth wasn’t it?

        it’s a done deal

        and the peasants will be happy just to keep their debt bought crap and toys.. get bailed-out.. and even more thrilled just to be alive

        don’t you see it?

        it’s right there in from of you

        NWO is here

        thanks drumpf! you fucking kike lover

  10. Kudos to Matt for the ingenuity.

  11. Solo Acoustician

    Northern Palm Beach County FL: Can’t get bottled water, eggs after about 10AM. Rice and canned goods are thin after about noon. I haven’t seen any paper goods in almost 2 weeks. Got some eggs at 7am when a store opened this morning. Publix grocery store near my house limits bottled waters to 2 per person. I have a 4 person house so we drink about 4 gallons a day. Luckily I have 4 about 4 months water stored and a purification solution. Still. You can’t stay in Hurricane condition red for months on end and NOT have something break.

    All my gigs ended 9 days ago so i’m currently out of work but I have $$ to pay bills. How many others do you think can’t pay rent/Morgage, electric etc next week? I’d say we are 30 days on the outside from a failure of civility….Oh and theres 40K potentially infected New Yorkers flying directly here every day. Spicy Times acometh.

  12. Oldtradesman

    Excellent work Matt Bracken! 🙂

  13. Solo Acoustician

    well the fact of the matter is you didn’t need to shut down the entire country when we KNEW from the data in China, and Italy that the vast majority of the sick and dying were older with comorbidities. Does that mean no one young will get sick? No but from the Italian Data we see that if you are younger than 65 and healthy your chance of dying of this thing is 0.5%. Do you REALLY think we should have shut the entire economy down for that risk or is it more reasonable to have isolated those whore most at risk, let the rest of us keep the economy going and NOT bankrupt just about ever person and business, let the virus burn through us in a few months, most of which would NEVER EVEN KNOW THEY HAD IT and then got on with our lives? The facts and Math say it’s the latter. So the question is WHY did they shut the entire global financial system down? Gee, do you think they bankers could have used this crisis to bring down their ponzi scheme that was mathematically coming down anyway in a few years, and the virus was the perfect cover? Hmm…makes you really think doesn’t it?

  14. Walter Sobchak

    Changes in Sedgwick Co. 1330 CDT: the county has passed the stay at home order effective midnight tonight. Right now it is being billed in the local media as more a suggestion, so not really sure what it means. They’re now reporting 4 cases of Kung Flu so it’s doubled since yesterday.

  15. tfA-t likes this one more bettah

    why does tfA-t have

    a box of green Surgical N-95

    a box of white 3M N-95

    a box of the common ear lop hospital masks

    and four M-17 NBC masks?

    aren’t the peepul who didn’t think about PPE

    the very types who have earned the Darwin award?

    two words

    natural. selection.

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. Pablo Montana

    Who is coming and playing in our backyards, while we all “stay at home”?

  18. Bigdikannon

    Communism is a much bigger threat to this country than corona virus, after 3 coup attempts and an impeachment Trump is still unwilling to aknowlege this.. If Trump were a patriot he would have used this crissis as an excuse to arrest Hillary and the deepstate coup conspirators but instead he wants his fat ass criminal Attorney General to suspend habius corpus to arrest you or me if we speak out against the NWO agenda being implented..What is totally obvious by now is this fake rivalry Trump has with the DNC, MSM and deepstate is political theater and is as real as Trump’s WWE wrestling matches…..We have been had ,and the worst Trump betrayal is yet to come