A Hard Look at the Remaining Hospital Capacity Across America





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  1. Chuy villanueva

    First aid 101. If it’s contagious, then separate, and isolate. So cruise ships, and military ship museums become instant hospital overflow sites. Common area squad bay hospital design went out after the 1918 flu, and WW2, except in nyc, or with democrats with no cause and effect genes.

    • When Orange Man had all the hotel CEO’s do a press event with him, every one of them said they would be literally closing all of their hotels.

      I don’t understand why the coronapeople can’t go there and ride it out. Use area restaurants to prepare meals for them. The vast majority will not die. Make them stay there until they are healthy, and let people go on with life.

      • Because hospitals are all linoleum and tile and stainless steel, and hotels are all carpet and sheetrock and draperies. One is easily cleaned and disinfected, the other one isn’t.

        If you’re willing to foot the bill to burn the hotels to the ground when this is over to sterilize them, or strip them back down to the timber framing and rebuild them from the framework up, they’d be great places to put people who’re coughing and sneezing, and occasionally throwing up and shitting themselves.

        Otherwise, probably not so much.

        Some cities are vouchering homeless people into motels and hotels to get the homeless out of their common hovel/future plague pit shanty towns, while throwing a financial bone to the hoteliers losing their shirts in this shutdown.

        That will turn out well.

        Wait and see how much of that $2T ends up going to replace general destruction, broken toilets, piles of shit and garbage in every nook and cranny, as well as missing wiring and copper pipes when they finally manage to evict them after this is over.

  2. It’s clear that it’s already tight. First hand reports. Won’t get better from here and I postulated the other day that when they begin refusing admits it’s over in the hives. DiBlasio looks like he’s been shacking up at rikers in gen pop. Got a hunch he’s bumming right now. Waiting on a live presser right now.

    • SOrry it’s a replay from earlier. They are a sixth of the way toward their 15k ventilator goal. Maybe they should call Mnuchin. Just like calling Saul.

  3. Jumpalo Buff

    A fam member has got the been exposed warning. Working in certain fields is a little more riskier than others during great leaps forward.
    All appointments got pushed back to June and unless something drastic occurs I’ll skip out on those.
    The people’s hospital tells EMT to go elsewhere over the radio during a fool moon or the stupid human playoffs.
    It has ten floors but the tenth floor is reserved for those who are about to be sent home.
    There are probably several thousand plus total beds and the emergency room triage area takes up the entire first floor.

  4. Max Rockatansky

    Bwahaha! From the Nat Review article, Keisha Lance Bottoms.
    I picture something similar to that Milwaukee Pokémon looking wahman in charge of Kung Flu fighting from a previous post.
    We are so fuxxored that it isn’t even funny.
    Just walking about you can see how degraded modern man and wahman is compared to our ancestors.
    Sorry ancestors, we couldn’t keep it.
    One can only manage the affairs of their own life even as society degenerates into some mutant THX 1138 vs. Idiocracy hybrid.
    Remember those Graham Kill House Rules always and Thank You for posting those up.

    • Right. There are so many jokes in “Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance! Bottoms!” I can’t number them.

      Holy shit, that’s a summary of a great deal of what ails this “society”/”Culture.”

      Weapons free, fire t will.

  5. I found out eons ago (VN circa 1968) that if one gives all hope of ‘getting out of it’ alive, then one is open to do whatever is necessary no matter how horrible, violent of perverse. One learns these things in the killing fields where all ‘rules’ are suspended. Hope the few good people who occupy this site also know these things are willing to do the same for their clan/tribe. My father (WWII Pacific Theater) knew this and was respectful of my change of attitude when I returned back in the day but this a lesson not forgotten either in memory or deed.
    If ‘spicy times’ are either here or coming, many out there will also learn this brutal but necessary lesson. or die.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I’m on board with you, understand completely. I don’t suffer from delusions of lofty grandeur or high moral ground. I still think back to my grandfather, a WW1 vet of the Russian front and captivity, sitting in a strange city, Berlin in 1946, watching his wife die from a broken heart of losing 2 of 3 sons and the ravages of mass gang rape. Fucking unspeakable horror to go thru. To this day, I cannot imagine what it took to bury his wife and head west, looking for his surviving son in a US POW camp in France.
      But look at many here, not even down to bustin caps and the hand wringing is terrible. Thought they were Rambo last year, now scared shitless the flu could get them. Laughed at me for resisting taxes, while they themselves haven’t the balls to send the irs a nasty letter ( I have a file cabinet of letters to irs agents). They cower behind their cpa. If you haven’t got what it takes today, you sure as hell won’t do it tomorrow.
      This nation isn’t ready for a CW2, they can’t even get thru a bad flu season.

      • tfA-t died decades ago

        he eats death with a side of fries and a spot of mayo

      • Yep; especially: “If you haven’t got what it takes today, you sure as hell won’t do it tomorrow.”

        This is a known fact of human history. If you won’t publicly and loudly stand up before shootin’ time, you will run and hide when the bullets fly. Happens every single time.

      • Kay_de_leon

        On point.

      • Agreed. Considering this a ‘run up’ by TPTB to take the temp of a nation of sheep is plausible (IMO). Having been in ‘marketing’ for most of my life, I can see the promotion and message being presented and the accompany chest beating, cowering and compliance …..not to mention most worried about what they never considered to happen to them personally (out of toilet paper yet?). Some quietly go about their business (call it preparing and seeing the government of whatever flavor as their arch enemy) and those who nurse off the tit of government. Sheep or wolf? Dependent or independent? Free man or serf? Many looming choices and hard decisions coming up fast ….

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Something that the 2A crowd never thought thru at Richmond, it was a recon by TPTB to see who and how many, besides all the other intel they collected. Most of this is being done to draw out the low IQ chest beaters, any smart man will sit low and not expose himself. But nobody will educate themselves on guerrilla ops or even basic recon principles. “Let’s go have a parade and show off our cool new militia gear”
          NEVER, NEVER,NEVER do your enemies recon/intelligence gathering for them.

      • …BTW, back in the day I was a 0844/0848 ……just so you know ……

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. It’s all bullshit. Why would ((((NBC))))) be telling the truth suddenly?

  8. Lolzozoozoz yeah believe the (((national review)))).

    Good one.

    This is a hoax.

  9. Henry Ford Health System: 282 COVID-19 patients being treated at 5 Michigan hospitals

    Henry Ford adds beds, shifts patients to boost capacity for COVID-19 patients
    “Henry Ford Health System is re-configuring space at its five hospitals to relieve the pressure of an influx of COVID-19 patients at its Detroit and West Bloomfield hospitals, system officials said Wednesday.”

    Detroit police civilian dispatcher, captain die of COVID-19
    “”The captain was in his 50s and had no known health problems that could have contributed to his death.
    A 38-year-old civilian employee died Monday after suffering bronchitis-like symptoms…”