Denninger Calls Bullshit

But It’s Not Crap Eating!

Italy Is A Disaster!

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  1. Impossibrew

    Italy had the hug a Chinese day so that they wouldn’t be called wayciss and it didn’t end well for them.
    Those refugees that Gadaffi warned about are overrunning Italy with enrichment and improvementation.
    Why it’s almost as if the controllers wanted it to happen.
    Naw, they love us and want to keep us safe.
    No word yet regarding Comrade Pope opening up the treasures of the Vatican for redistribution to the poor and downtrodden.

  2. Zdogg MD? Really?

    Full Disclosure: I wash my hands a lot.

  3. Well, here he’s making an argument that does answer all my questions about his theory, and explains the observed pattern of emergence.

    I’d want to see what kind of correlation there is between this theory and observed behavior of serious cases elsewhere. For example, we should expect this virus to be very bad in India. Or Africa.

    That said, there’s still some deceptiveness here. The Italian deaths for a normal year are spread across the whole country, including some very large cities. The chinavirus ones are concentrated in certain specific cities, only one of which – Milano – is large. So it’s not 1% over 600K, it’s X% over the average for those specific cities, which is a much smaller number than the one Denninger is quoting (and explains the Italian accounts of newspapers that normally have one page of obituaries suddenly having to run ten pages of obituaries for weeks).

    I’m pretty sure Denninger is smart enough to know that. Which means he’s trying to fool his audience by not addressing the issue. He does this sort of thing regularly – he did it in his anti-global-warming argument, for example (and I say that as someone persuaded that the sun is the primary current influence on climate).

    And the big problem with this disease has never been the deaths, so much as the proportion of severely ill patients sucking up hospital resources for weeks at a time. Even if his 1% number was correct, which it’s not, that still leaves the 10-20% spike of severely ill. Again, he’s smart enough to know that, and his not addressing it ilooks deliberate.

    He also claims in another post that China has ended their lockdown. This is simply not true. You need a green light on your phone health app to be able to travel anywhere, and there’s temperature checks all over the place. Chinese hospitals are still requiring people to stand pretty far apart when in line (which Denninger himself noted in an earlier post, but I suppose that’s inconvenient for his current argument). They know the most about this thing, if it was as controllable as Denninger seems to think they wouldn’t be doing that.

    Even if he is totally correct, social distancing DOES achieve one thing. If unwashed hands is a primary transmission vector, particularly in hospitals, the current shutdowns should put a complete stop to it. And the social leeriness afterward should cause hand-washing to persist for at least a while, which would cut down on a resurgence.

    All that said, if he’s right, it should become clear fairly quickly. As with everything else, we will know more in a week or two. Just watch the numbers.

    • no, Denninger is correct. You are playing games with the denominator. It is what it is. There are lies, damn lies,

      and cornovirus “statistics”.

      This is an “epidemic”….of “testing”. And by now

      we all know why (((they))) are doing it:

      1) distract from another vast bail-out of (((Wall Street))),

      2) kill white Main Street, and

      3) extend tyranny.

      • Six thousand deaths spread across Lombardy is not the same thing as six thousand deaths spread across all of Italy.

        Claiming that pointing this out is playing games … well, I can’t stop you from saying that if you want to.

  4. All nurses are niggers.

    All doctors are Jews or Indians.

    Problem 1 right there.

  5. Fur Trapper Dan

  6. One thing has become spectacularly clear.

    The proper response to “Shelter in Place!”

    …is FUCK YOU!

    Pardon the bad language.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Why apologize for saying something? It says to me either you didn’t really mean it, or you don’t have a spine to back it up with, sorta like most PC culture and millennials today.
      Shucks, pardon my French is about the most juvenile retarded thing a grown man can say, says to me he’s afraid to open his mouth in public for fear of a mouth washing. Off to the Girl Scouts with you.
      Weren’t you a vet?

      • LoL, man you would fit in well here among the old battlers at the German club I go to..

  7. European American


    a sane Doctor who clearly gets it, and eloquently and simply states the facts about this hyped up fabricated dis-ease.

    It’s the Immune System. A Strong Immune System!

    Unfortunately, most Americans (Chinese, Italians, etc.) are compromised.

    GREAT VIDEO, watch then pass it on.

  8. If you’re going to read Denniger, go back and pick up at the least his last couple of weeks regarding this “crisis” and how the Italians f***ed themselves. As he puts it, Air Italia was running a Greyhound bus service between China(Wuhan Provence) and the northern Italian region.

  9. Funny, but when Dr. Helen Chu, the director of the Seattle Flu Study, detected the Kung Flu outbreak there, one cluster was six cases at the same dinner party, and she neglected to mention that they had all licked each other’s assholes to spread it around amongst themselves (like you do at a dinner party – at least in Seattle, apparently).

    OR, it could be that as usual, Denninger doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, and is cherry-picking things to make his case. Which is pretty much any time he ventures out of finance and moonlights in the field of healthcare.

    And given the dearth of handwashing in general in the population at large, maybe social distancing is exactly the way to keep other people’s peanut butter out of your chocolate.

    But I’ll drop my objection if Denninger has his keyboard independently tested, and it comes up fecal bacteria-free.
    Until then, his articles probably aren’t either.

  10. Not only will people NOT wash their damned hands-take a look at fingernails. Keneisha and her 3 inch long claws, as an RN no less. There is zero chance that a hand washing will clean under those filthy nails. You’d need a scrub brush, HOT water, and lots of soap with 2 minutes a hand-and even then you would be hard pressed to clean those damned things. Those dragon lady nails are so filthy, and why women wear them is beyond me. Women in the ’30s and ’40s wore lots of bright polishes but they also had short nails that could be hygienically scrubbed clean!! Add to that false nails, wrapped nails, etc. and I am surprised we all aren’t dead.

  11. Sorry I can’t give attribution for my statement as I’m old and memory fails. I read a series of articles 2 weeks ago and it’s author proved to my satisfaction that the Covid virus came down like this.
    The virus was a strain of SARS originally held at Fort Detrick, Maryland. A sample was sent to researchers at UNC, Chapel Hill where they were attempting reverse engineering (I’ve no science background so I don’t even know what the hell that means). One of the researchers was a Chinese national, a PHD in her mid 40s who smuggled the virus to the Mainland where it ended up in Wuhan which is essentially (as I understand it) the Chinese equivalent of Detrick in the USA. The author voiced no opinion as to whether the virus’ release was intentional or not

    • that’s about right. Virus got out of the Chicom bio-weapons lab via some drudges working there who sold infected lab animals to a wet mkt.