NYT: NYC Hospitals & The WuFlu

13 Deaths/Day & Counting

Plan accordingly.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. 13 people at Elmhurst had died.

    “It’s apocalyptic,”

    pikers compared to a weekend of hard ballin in Baltimoar, Chiraq, Detoilet…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yeah, late last yr there were 25-35 dead on the weekends in Chicago and Baltimore and nobody cared, now it’s the end of the world.
      Americans have never had to deal with seriously real death counts like other countries, wait till we’re shooting at Chinks. Could go into the thousands a day, like WW1 for the Brits.

      • That’s 25-35 citywide, over 2-3 days.
        Any hospital had 25-35 at once, they’d call out the Notional Guard, and issue the troops a basic load of ammo.

        The staff would be shell-shocked, and probably run screaming out of the building at the end of their shift. Half of them wouldn’t come back the next shift.

        At the Vegas Shooting, Sunrise hospital treated about 600 patients, 400 of them from gunfire, and of the 58 who died in the incident, most never made it to the hospital to begin with. The ER and OR probably only had 10 patients die there, and none of them arrived with a pulse to begin with. The rest were moderate to minor, and they all went home; most of them, within a day or the same night.

        And that staff was in post-incident stress debriefings for weeks and months. Some probably punched out, and moved to BFE Community Hospital.

        When you have the ER and ICU losing 3-5 patients a shift, day in and day out, it’s going to level the staff, and some of them won’t bounce back.

        In the dept. I’m in, out of 80 or so staff, only 4 have .Mil time, and only another 6 or 10 have the civvy equivalent of working a lot of hairy traumas. The rest are relatively green kids, or middling adults living in a fairytale land where they think the ER is a magical X where bad things seldom happen, and then only in 1s or 2s, not 10s and 20s.
        Last week, we knew Italy was the front line; this week it’s NYFC; and in the next week or three after that, we expect it to be us. And it’s shaking people up already. It simply isn’t real to them yet, and they’re not processing it. Some of them will bend, and some of them will break.
        It will be the end of the world, to them.

      • Yup. Cement heads, for certain.
        1) Worst practice, not best practice.
        2) Violates standard CDC and infection guidelines.
        3) Constitutes reckless endangerment with risk of grave bodily harm, a well as facilitating a pandemic, so probably violates about 18 health and welfare codes, not to mention federal OSHA regs.
        4) Kaiser is a union shop, top to bottom. Docs too.

        Just spitballing, but I suspect whoever wrote that memo just retired for life, whether he knows it or not. And as an employee of a private corp., they have no sovereign immunity from lawsuits. Should sell their house, liquidate their assets, and just move to Costa Rica, or someone with no US extradition treaty, by this weekend.
        They may catch the Arkansas Flu in a tragic hiking accident when Risk Management gets ahold of them.
        If he’s very lucky, he won’t be prosecuted criminally, federally, or both. They can count on getting prosecutorial interest from 8 state AGs and the US Attorney in D.C.
        Kaiser is going to wake up to a crew from 60 Minutes in their front lobby.
        The corporation can take it to the bank they just ate several 6-7 figure federal fines. Probably an eight-figure class-action lawsuit too.
        And come contract time, there’ll be hell to pay for hospital and corporate manglement.

        Frickin’ genius, right there.
        80/20 the CEO calls that person in, and offers them a gun and 1 bullet, on the spot.

    • Thick as a brick

  3. Just drove into NYC for a visit (collect mail etc), Passed by Bronx zoo parking lot. Massive tents and worklights. Not a soul to be seen. My city neighbor/nurse works in Elmhurst. She said they are putting up plywood partitions – no seals or negative pressure.
    This is like Monty Python on crack.
    Again , no one knows anyone that no knows someone who is actually fucked up from this bullshit virus.

    • that NYC vid I put up a day ago has a guy going from one Hospital/ER to another, chatting with ambu drivers etc…nothing much happening. Then he walked over to Javits Ctr. where (((MSM))) sez there’s a 2,000 bed Army-run “coronavirus triage facility” being set up. Place dark, locked up, nothing doing.


    Beck, Lightfoot On Stay At Home Order: Citations To Be Issued, Parks Could Be Shut Down: (So says a degenerate nigger dyke)
    Understand yet ‘Wendy?’ Of course you don’t, you stupid female.
    “Visibly frustrated with reports of gatherings throughout Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot delivered a stern warning to those who continue to get together during the COVID-19 pandemic: We will shut it down and you may be arrested.”

    As the mantra of the boomer cuck, and deluded cultist retards goes, LOCK HER UP!

    • https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2020/03/25/beck-lightfoot-on-stay-at-home-order-citations-to-be-issued-parks-could-be-shut-down/

      The linked to article refers to gatherings. Having a backyard BBQ is probably going to get the police called on you. Walking your dog not so much.

      Beyond that, I think common sense alone dictates that this a bad time for gatherings of people who don’t have to be together.

      Feel free to go outside if you want to. I certainly am not going to stand in your way between you and the door. ROWYBS – Rock On With Your Bad Self.

      In fact, plenty of people in my area of SE Michigan are still out on the roads and going out to the stores. Looking like a typical Sunday rather than a work day is all that is different.

      I myself have a 90 year old mother I have to take care of and visit every couple of days to take care of food, laundry and trash (reason I did not make it to the WRSA get Drone Strike get-together in Anniston, AL last year) so even though I wear nitrile protective gloves I am certainly not running around completely risk free myself.

      And I do hear you on older people calling the police on every little thing. I slide into a parking space for a few minutes when the two visitor slots are already occupied and jump out to run in and out to drop something off and I get some old guy screaming at me that he’s going to call the police and have my vehicle towed. I just say “Go ahead”. So there are times I think that maybe a plague that wipes out a certain irritating portion of humanity wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

      Anyway, since I find it a bit hard to try to reason with you, know that I am mostly writing this for others also. And along those lines will just post a link to a picture of @MilkteaMomoko on twitter showing how she makes having to wear a mask when she goes out more fun and interesting for her…

      • is that a female or a trans?

        my bet is a trans

        either way

        what a sick fucking world

        where do these things come from?

        and gullible people actually believe there’s some type god?

        what a sick fucking god

        count me out of that cult

  5. I’ve often wondered if tests for cholesterol and diabetes are not rigged……
    based on age, weight, financial status, etc

    Let’s suppose that next doctor visit you are told that it would be a good idea to be tested for the virus du jour……kinda, sorta like “have you had your flu shot?” but this time you’re told it’s being proactive to ensure that the doctor can nip this little bugger in the bud. Of course your MD or PA concerned for your health and well being drips the majic words in your ear to make sure that your health is their utmost concern……

    How many tests come up + ? Perhaps you should be quarantined, perhaps in a facility to keep your loved ones from getting your cooties.

    I’m your Uncle Ernie and I welcome you to Tommy’s FEMA Gulag Health Holiday Camp.

    Are you wearing your tin-foil beanie ? Did you bring your rubber bathing suit, ducky life preserver and rubber gloves ?

  6. Shinmen Takezo

    The reason why NYC is an epicenter of his pandemic is because the city is one, massive open sewer. It is a culture-dish for any kind of virus or bacteria known to man. The main lines of transmission in that city is its moldy, wet, subway system–which BTW has to be continually pumped out or it will flood. Not to mention the filthy alleyways and grimy streets.

    NYC is the complete opposite of say Tokyo–of which the inhabitants actually take off their shoes when entering their place of business (most of them BTW) not to mention their homes. Mask wearing is a common place sight, even when there is no pandemic. And the people there are more hygienic than the filthy spuds that wander the streets of NYC.

  7. From the movie “The Russians are Coming ! The Russians are Coming !” (1966)

    • Whitaker Walt, you and I are only sane men on island. If you shoot me, then what…?

      Great flick.

      • And the American mentality hasn’t changed one iota. Hubris will kill most because ‘merica! untouchable !

  8. How many people die per day of “Other” causes?
    Seriously. “normal” flu, heart issues, diabetes, gunshot, falls, etc.

    How much “excess” is this?

    • All causes: about 7K/day, every day of every year.
      Just flu: 55/day.

      You’re missing the point: That doesn’t crash the entire medical system.
      There are 5198 hospitals in the U.S.
      So on average, a tad over one person a day dies in each one.
      And only 1 in 100 is from seasonal flu.

      Kung Flu swamps the hospitals, sucking up all the beds, so anybody needing any other care may die, because they can’t get in, plus the Kung Flu victims drop too.
      If the Kung Flu CFR is only 2%, in only 100M people (out of 330M), the Kung Flu deaths will equal all deaths from all other causes in a normal year.
      The average US hospital bed sees 39 patients/yr, for an avg. of 9 days. But the average Kung Flu pt. stays in ICU alone for 21 days or more, and many die despite that. So it creates a growing backlog.

      With 62 hospitals in NYFC (more than there are in most states), all their ICU beds are already full, and they’re losing a patient from Kung Flu at each hospital every 2-3 days. Just from Kung Flu. That’s yuuuge.

      While Grandpa Jed dies from a heart attack in the parking lot, because there’s no bed to unload him to in the Kung Flu-swamped hospital they arrive at.

      Depending on how widespread, it’s 20-100% more than normal, and they usually only have 10-15% excess capacity.

      Thus, they’re getting their @$$#$ kicked, and they’re going to have to triage people to die, not counting the ones who die despite all efforts.

      That’s simply not what we do.
      Doctors and nurses aren’t trained to be the guy at the Auschwitz unloading platform deciding on-the-fly between who goes to the labor pool for work, and who goes straight to the showers.
      But in NYFC, they’re approaching that point right now.

      Normally, people bring us a relative, and ask us to save them, and we say “We’ll try…”

      Now, we’ll have to say, “Nope, sorry, no can do. No room. Bummer, dude. Say goodbye to Granny. She’s done.”

      • And one of the problems is that NO pol yet is giving the aircover to Team Med that should be given:

        “We are adults. We have to look beyond today to next week, next month, next year, and the next decade. We have passed a bill today that will give liability immunity to all appropriate medical personnel to make hard decisions, based on sound medical judgment, as to who receives and who does not receive medical care. The bill also creates a presumption that persons over the age of 60 will be triaged and will receive [insert med tech term for more than just some acetaminophen and a prayer] only if by doing so, all younger patients in similar or more serious medical condition are already receiving the care that is appropriate for those patients.”

        Until such time, Aesop and everyone else needs to unass.

        • Government, being all beyond that magic line, hasn’t yet wrapped their head around that need.

          They’re still in denial, as if things are going to operate under the old rules forever. (They’re not, kids. You heard it here first. And there’s no Tooth Fairy nor Easter Bunny either. Sorry about that.)

          By the time they figure it out, a certain percentage will be the ones on the ventilators.

          As I said above:: this is new to everyone. No one’s left alive who went through the 1918 Flu Pandemic, and they haven’t wrapped their heads around the idea that this is really a thing, it’s actually happening, and then processing what’s going to happen next. And then. And then. And then.

          They’re still working on wrapping their heads around this being more than just the flu, and failing miserably even at that, except for a few steely-eyed missile men who can do the math, and see where the graphs point.

          Look at the commentariat here, and extrapolate that same range of reactions to the greater population. Until people in life jackets on the Promenade Deck feel 33-degree sea water lapping at their shoes, no one thinks the ship can really sink, and then suddenly everyone realizes the obvious truth, and wants a seat in the lifeboats.

          But by then, most of them have already shoved off.

          It gets ugly after that.
          Just as suggested 1-2 months ago, in plain English.
          That isn’t ego, and it sure isn’t happiness talking.
          Just a resigned sadness that people can’t even have the truth pounded into them, until they put on their blindfolds, get on their pogo sticks, and insist on exploring the minefield for themselves.

          As you’ve only said on this page a few hundred times:
          This is where we are.
          Imagine where we’ll be.


          I’ll be working the ER as long as there is one, or online, reading and blogging reality, because some people still find it useful.
          It’s simply the best use of my efforts, for the time being.
          If I had another option at this point, I’d be there already, with the drawbridge up, and I’d have far better things to do everyday to occupy my time than warn people here.
          That day is coming, believe me.

          If anyone here has that option now, or gets it at some point, listen to ,Rawles’ decade-old advice, and GTFO ASAP.

          • i’ve been behind the gates for a week now

            the ferry has cut it runs by 50%

            i don’t NEED anything…

            but i have to go to the mainland for mail very soon

            i hate the very idea

            just wow

          • @Aesop
            In your opinion, between the people who believe a total quarantine / lockdown is the answer, and that gov. enforced quarantine / lockdown is a police state abomination to a free people, what would be the best thing we could do at this point.
            To answer for myself (I think it’s only fair) I think once past the point where closing off the borders and identifying and isolating the infected was past, I think I’d just let people go on about their business they way they chose and let this thing run its course until it burns itself out.
            A lot of innocent people will die (but that will apparently happen anyway) so lets just get it over with, burn the dead bodies and eat the cost and move on as soon as possible.
            Your thoughts on the best course of action?

        • aESoP cannot unass. He

          is a hysteric. Perhaps

          elektroshock therapy would help.


    Right before my eyes, a Blue Hive is being culled. The Communist Mayor and the Communist Governor are blaming the Mango Emperor. This proves the point made by Michael Savage, years ago. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.
    Instead of taking the responsibility of living on top of one another and existing in a metropolitan environment which has been a seething mass of disease-ridden humanity for many generations, the health professionals and politicians are whining and playing the blame game. The only scary thing, which is starting to present itself in many of the Blue Hive s**tholes across Amerika, is the growing flight out of these dumps by legions of infected sheeple.
    With the real estate market starting to tank up here in Rawles Land, red-diaper-doper babies from Seattle, Portland, SFO, LA, San Diego, and other “wretched hives of scum and villainy” will plop their corrupt, syphilitic-thinking, Democrat backsides in my A/O. This could be a for-real ugly nightmare. Stay vigilant. Bleib ubrig.

    • my real estate agent on the island lives at the other dead-end of my road

      he’s the premier agent here- life-long resident. he told me he screens buyers and steers undesirables away. this place is mostly conservative and any progs are gonna have a surprise waiting if and when the hammer drops..

  10. New York’s Alright if You Like Saxophones. And Tuberculosis.
    Have a beer with FEAR.

  11. Many great observations here–a recurring theme–NYC and LA. Let’s examine:


    Expanding on the latter point–washing hands to them is a mystery and to many as well is the concept of heterosexual relations. Anything goes. ANYTHING. Let’s not touch on the manifold perversions of the LGBTQ and XYZ clans, who spread this cv19 virus like a chain gun. Their battle cry: “Up yours!” with be their death song.

    Wonderment: why are we not seeing the actual STATS on the die-offs? Yeah, yeah–that HIPPA law protects the guilty–but, exactly who are the victims? Elderly, sure–but the “immuno-compromised?” Yep–the code word for: HOMO.

    Methinks what we’re seeing here in the complete flowering and fruition of PC in that the blue hives of squalid filth and depravity at every level are “wall papered over” and blame is shifted to a virus. Sleight of hand as it were.

    Yeah–the cv19 is serious shit, but the “shit-eaters” and “shit-transferers.” like the undocumented (illegal) workers in produce fields as well as backroom kitchens AIN’T WASHING THEIR SHIT-STAINED HANDS and serving up your produce, food, warehouse handling, meat packing and the like.

    But, NOOOOO–you can’t say a word about it. Until Karl Denninger did yesterday; read his piece as well as the the comments–enlightening. For those believers here–LA and NYC–“Sodom & Gomorrah.” For all others, take your pick: Nature/Fate/Karma cleaning its house of CRAP.


    • playing in poop- bad

    • SemperFi, 0321

      There’s plenty of normal white conservative cowboy types right here in my little town who don’t wash much either. Walk around the grocery store on a normal day and the stench from some of them leaves your eyes watering.
      Funny how that finger pointing works, they call me a dirty hippy on account of my hair and beard, I wash and wear clean clothes daily, they stink and bathe once a week, but I’m the “dirty” one. I guess being a brain dead redneck makes you more special than others.

      • bathe once a week? you’re too kind

        quite appalling the non-hygienic lifestyle so many practice

        i rarely see another human on a daily basis- maybe a car/truck a day

        but when i do see them, whew whee WTF?

        their ‘blue’ jeans are black and shiny from the grease and soil, hands and nails disgustingly filthy.. and most have a fat snow cow by their side with a brood of snot fingered little nasties sliming everything up

        real. men. LOL

        when working, i wear work clothes, i don’t wear those same rags in the house and never out in public, i try to keep a very neat appearance

        cleanliness is next to tfA-tness

  12. U.S. death rate is 8.2 per 1000 people
    that’s 8,200 per million people
    NYC has 8.5 million people
    thus 69,700 people die in NYC per year (8200 X 8.5)
    191 people per day on average.
    so, there’s been a 7% jump in deaths per day from 191 to 204

    Shut down the economy and place all citizens under house arrest and charge anyone found outside with domestic terrorism.

    • And that medical system can’t handle a 2% jump, let alone the 10%surge in hospitalized patients in the ICU, without crashing the whole thing.

      Load a C-5 or a 747 10% over max gross load, center the load too far forward or aft of centerline, and takeoff on a hot day, from Denver, then get back to us.
      Or, ask a pilot or engineer what the problem is there, and listen to them.

      Bitching about reality isn’t wrapping your head around it.
      It’s reality.
      It simply is.

      Deal with it.
      This virus likely isn’t going to kill you. Odds are at least 33:1 against that.
      But 330M dumbass motherfuckers?
      Especially their shit-for-brains “leaders”??
      That’s another story entirely.
      God help you if you’re laid out by the virus when they come calling.

    • The Paulo that wrote this above is not me:
      “Shut down the economy and place all citizens under house arrest and charge anyone found outside with domestic terrorism.”
      Just in case someone thinks I would write crazy crap like that.