Open Thread 0835E 25MAR2020


ZH WuFlu Doomer – Updated

WaPo coverage

WSJ WuFlu Coverage

NYT Covid Coverage (sign-up required but no charge)

Chicago Tribune coverage

Seattle Times coverage

LA Times coverage

Dallas Morning News coverage

Detroit News coverage

MSP Star-Tribune Coverage

Boston Globe coverage

ATL AJC Updates

Iran And Italy Are Paying A Hefty Price For Close Ties With Communist China

WATCH: China’s influence in in US colleges through “Confucius Institutes”

Chicago Boyz: ‘China Virus’ Is Not Just The WuFlu

After the Lockdown: A Global Coronavirus Vaccination Program…




32 responses to “Open Thread 0835E 25MAR2020

  1. New Zealand’s going full Bolshevik:
    As the world’s creme de la creme uses NZ as its island redoubt, they can’t have the serfs taking them to task, after all.

    • Berglander

      A lightly-populated, fertile island with no combat aircraft just downstream from the PRC. I wonder what their future holds?

    • Oh great, “news” from yet another of the (((vowel deficient tribe))).

      Good thing the New Zealanders turned in ALL their AWs, otherwise they’d be adding lightly used AUGs and MARS-Ls to their collections.

  2. Chuckwalla

    Pete it would be useful to see a link to and in particular this article

    Their daily coverage supplies a good counter narrative to the FUD.

    Hope you all are doing well.

  3. Walter Sobchak

    Sedgwick Co. KS Kung Flu cases reported up to 7 as of 0930 CDT. County wide ‘Stay at home order’ that essentially changes nothing is now in place.

  4. But, but, but…I thought Japan “handled” Kung Flu expertly? Having it explode now like Italy is unpossible!!!
    And NYFC and New Orleans, like Italy, are Third World medical care, with millions of old people, just like Italy, right? Fuck ’em all.

    • Mountain Cracker

      Asshop was raised by feral pigs, so he never learned that it’s as much the delivery as the message.

      I keep being proved right, boomers are the new niggers, (am I saying this correctly…baby boomers act like niggers)…”gibsmedat,” “youowesmedat,” and “lissenheruh” or “ahgitsmine.”

      Up to now as long as you and your cohorts got yours, you said fuck everyone else as you slammed the door closed behind you.

      Goddamn swamp-runnin bluegum nigger boomers and (((globalist bankers))) all in a tizzy now because your gravy train is melting through the floor. Time to pay the piper there Squealer.

      And don’t try to sweet talk me again, you still don’t get to fuck me, I’ll never be *that* hungry chicken little.

      • WTH are you even babbling about?
        I couldn’t give two squirts in the outhouse what you think (I’m being generous with that word here) of me, but nothing you’re yakking about has even that little shit to do with anything I’ve said.
        Sleep it off, then try and make a point.

        And stop living up to every hillbilly stereotype, Eb.
        You’re an embarrassment to decent folks from Appalachia and the Ozarks, of whom there are legion.
        Probably some city-folk transplant trying to blend in anyways.

    • Why do you write like this? And post all these dumb images?

    • TheAlaskan

      20m fewer…

  5. …These items, known as personal protective equipment, or PPE, are crucial in preventing the spread of the virus to those who are charged with taking care of us at a time when some experts are projecting hundreds of thousands of coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths…

    …The lack of planning by the government, in other words, is now being translated into confiscation efforts that target private industry. The use of the term “hoarders” is to vilify private industry as a way to justify the government theft….

    drumpf! is a complete bumbling fool and a proven grifter

    yet 1/2 the cuntry still support him

    this speaks volumes of the intelligence of the murkin peepul

    the other 1/2 are even dumber..

    how easy it will be after the carnage to swoop in, take-over, and pick up the pieces of broken amerika..

    tfA-t wil be a benevolent King


      The Leviathan can sign and ban all it wants. When their Orcs and Orcettes are in self-quarantine or in the hospital parking garage triage center coughing up their lungs, who will bell the cat? NYPD is already experiencing absenteeism due to COVID-19. Other Blue Hives are not far behind. Amerika will end up a crook’s paradise. If any of you have caught the Netflix series CONTAINMENT, you will see art does imitate life, or vice-versa.
      In other news, I returned home from COSTCO about an hour ago. I arrived there 45 minutes before it opened. The line was about 30-40 deep. As I was standing there waiting, an employee came out and announced they had no toilet paper or paper towels-no deliveries last night. About 10-15 folks walked away.
      Once inside, there was plenty of food. However, the only canned meat they had, other than tuna and sardines, were cases of canned corned beef and, of course, spam. The supply of Women’s Depends was rationed to two boxes. I buy them there because it is the least expensive. By the time I walked out, at about 1015 hours, the parking lot was jammed.
      More straws in the wind: Here in Rawles Land, the school closures have been extended through April 20th. The grinning idiot Governor has pushed back the tax filing date to June 15th. The court system here in Kootenai County just announced a moratorium on issuing bench warrants if you fail to appear for your court date, as they do not want to put you in jail and have to deal with you if you are testing positive for COVID-19. My A/O will turn into a criminals’ paradise.
      You can call this situation a hoax. You can call it “just the flu”. You can accuse the Chinamen, the Mango Emperor, germ warfare labs, or boiled bats. At this point, all arguments are moot. It’s here. It’s contagious. It’s killing people. It’s disrupting lives. And, in the eyes of the Deep State, the NWO, (((Banksters))), (((Wall Street))) and the rest of the shills and useful idiots; it is a heaven-sent opportunity to destroy this country and turn us into disarmed tax slaves for the rest of our lives. Bleib ubrig.

      • my (((BezozoN))) TP order arrived late today- but arrive it did

        soft luxurious Charmin Ultra Soft MEGA Rolls- cases 2

        i must have a couple hundred rolls at the fort.. 🙂

  6. Japan was not bothering to do any testing. That’s what happened there.

    Radley Balko is still a voice of sanity in the wilderness. I miss The Agitator; it was a daily stop.

    I’ve been using
    which is less Atari but more functional. The USA has not been below 24% day-to-day increase in recognized cases since March 1.

  7. Walter Sobchak

    1130 CDT Sedgwick Co. KS. Now reporting 10 cases of Kung Flu. Looks like a ghost town out there today. Some people still out, traffic is really light and a lot of empty parking lots.

  8. Bonaventure

    London’s ExCel Center getting prepared for 4,000 beds, 2 morgues?

    Related article:

  9. SemperFi, 0321

    Remember “No one is coming to save you”?
    This is just like catching a bullet, it get’s you or it doesn’t. Then you ride out the healing or you die.
    I’ve had 3 episodes of fever and 1 of coughing in the last 8 weeks, every time I wonder is this the big one. Nothing I can do except ride it out and take my meds. Where I live there is no hope with hospitals 75-100 miles away.
    My sister in Idaho is recovering from severe pneumonia for weeks now, her sister in law came down from Seattle with the kids and after staying a week, waltzed out of there and my sister had pneumonia, overnight. Local Dr. never asked her 1 single question related to Covid-19, like he was clueless or didn’t want to know. And this is a high dollar ski town where Arnold and Spielberg live.
    Shit happens, and then you die.

  10. North Texas…….Gorgeous spring day, like yesterday. Going out to make some vitamin D for a while, like yesterday. County No Go Away from Home “order” til 3/31. Streets deserted at noon…… Family members not living with me have the Chinese Flu. I’m close enough to DFW to see planes all the time, fewer every day. Been working and testing my preps all the time. Exercise every day, two times. Not sorry for being a Boomer. Sorry for all those people that feel they have to blame SOMEONE for the shitstorm. Not being able to deal with adversity is a terrible thing. But that’s what children do. Caution: Pointing fingers and and laying blame (falsely) will lay the ground work for teaching your children to point and blame YOU. Meanwhile,,,,,,,,It’s a Beautiful Day. Go give a listen and chill, motherfuckers.

  11. I’m gonna guess an overlay of the hot spot map and international airports has an extremely high positive correlation.

    The best thing we could possibly do is bail those asshole airline bearers of pandemic tidings out.

    What could go possibly go wrong?

  12. I’ve taken a hint from Aesop and procured my own dead-tree copy of Clint Emerson’s book, in other news.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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