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  1. Two excellent posts, thank you.



    WAIT FOR IT……..
    “According to police, Pfister’s antics prompted anger across the globe, with people from SEVERAL COUNTRIES IN EUROPE CALLING into the Warrenton Police Department to report the heinous act.”

    In the indomitable wisdom of boomer cuck wordspeak: LOCK HER UP!


      • Devolution Is Real

        The youtuber who licked a toilet seat has tested positive. Twitterführer Dorsey kicked him out of his fiefdom while the mean girls giggled and updated the daily queef. Darwin is somewhere laughing.

      “In the indomitable wisdom of boomer cuck wordspeak: LOCK HER UP!”

      Not sure exactly what you mean by that…

      The correct response to someone playing these kind of things (licking produce and other items on the store shelves, coughing in random peoples faces, etc.) is an immediate physical counter attack that properly addresses what could very well be a serious threat.
      Either an immediate knock out punch to the head, or (for us non-boxing types) an upwards palm strike to the chin, a side kick to the knee, a hammerfist strike to the side of the neck and finally a backwards throw to slam the idiot into the ground, would seem to be the proper response to me.

      Alas, if one of us was to administer said response to such a deserving individual we would likely find ourselves being arrested and charged with felonious assault and have to spend a lot of money and hope to avoid a criminal conviction and jail time.

      So that is why people pull out a cell phone and record the incident, or forward the idiot’s twitter or facebook video to the police.
      Not wanting to go to jail for putting some deserving idiot in their place is not being a worthless cuck. It is being smart. Even Martial Arts and Concealed Pistol classes will tell you the same thing – if you see something – unless it’s something like a girl or boy getting kidnapped, a person being beaten to death, etc. – best to record the evidence and call 911 and let the police handle it.
      The police have the badge and the duty to enforce the law, the backing of the city attorney, the police union, and the good will of the people (at least the ones likely to comprise a jury). You on the other hand do not have these things.

      Maybe at some point things will devolve to the point where people just skip over all the de-escalation and distancing and call the authorities steps and just go straight to guns when it becomes apparent the police ain’t going to respond. But we are not there yet.

      Although when mobs are smashing in glass sliding doors and mass charging past security guards at hospitals that will probably be around the time to assume we may very well be at that point.

      Really appreciate Aesop’s boots on the ground reporting.

      • DMV GRINGO

        Of course you don’t understand ‘wendy,’ you’re too busy befouling your breath with boomer cuck cock.

        • DMV GRINGO

          “The police have the badge and the duty to enforce the law….”
          Wish I had noticed this before my first response to you, you irrevocably pathetic, statist, turd.
          The rule of law is long dead in America.

        • @DMV
          I’ve been married to the same woman for over 3 decades. She has probably has not left me for the same reason my employer hasn’t fired me. They are keeping me around for the entertainment value. 🙂

          Anyway, I am not into having any sexual activity outside of marriage, with anyone. Although I do understand that guys accusing other guys of sucking penises or engaging in similar male homosexual activity is a popular insult in almost all cultures (especially the more mach ones).

          If you have an issue with my statement “The police have the badge and the duty to enforce the law….” which echos what I have been taught by – and I think all serious martial arts and self-defense firearms instructors, criminal law attorneys and police officers would agree with – then please do tell how you would handle the situation…

          Although I’m guessing you would say something like “Blow them away and keep on walkin'”. But real life isn’t like a video game where you can escape and lay low until your police notoriety drops to zero.

          Real life you have to be thinking of “and then what…” for whatever you do.

          • DMB GRINGO

            “The police have the badge and the duty to enforce the law….” which echos what I have been taught by – and I think all serious martial arts and self-defense firearms instructors, criminal law attorneys and police officers…..”
            The rule of law is long dead in America, you degenerate bulldagger. And to the degree that it ever existed, it most certainly was not enforced by cops with badges.” Just ask Vicki and Sammy Weaver. Whoops!

  3. From the linked article:

    “The US’s is no longer exponential, but it’s not yet linear.”

    This is flat out false. Explicitly, deceptively, intentionally false.


    Scroll down to the “total cases” graph. There’s two buttons in the upper left side of it, linear and logarithmic. Click logarithmic. Now get a straight edge of some sort – piece of paper, ruler, pencil, whatever – and put it up against the screen and see how well that line follows your straight edge.

    On a logarithmic scale, if it’s a straight line, it’s exponential growth. Who you gonna believe, Some Guy On The Internet, or your own lying eyes?

    Yes, the daily change for yesterday was a 25% growth as opposed to 30% the day before and 38% the day before that … and 25% the day before that. It’s fluctuating within a certain range and since March 2 has stayed very firmly in that range, not falling below 24%. To say “it’s not exponential anymore” you need multiple days – like, a week’s worth – of consistent movement in the same direction.

    That’s not happening yet. You can see it, right there on the screen.

    As for South Korea, the comparison is invalid. They did contact tracing for EVERY case, tha’ts how they controlled it. The USA isn’t even pretending to do that.

    • @Rollory
      “This is flat out false. Explicitly, deceptively, intentionally false.”
      Going to and checking, yes, it is still looks to be logarithmic.
      However, I don’t think Robert of SLL is being “…deceptively, intentionally false.”
      Everyone is trying to make sense out of this and looking at this in their own way.
      Broadly speaking, there seems to be two different lines of thought on this:
      A) This is very serious and all means available should be taken to control the spread of this. and
      B) This is in comparison to other things not serious enough to justify restricting freedom of movement, enforced shutdowns and lockdowns of businesses and huge financial bail-outs (paid for by the U.S. taxpayer of course).
      I don’t think anyone posting the articles that are linked to on this site is intentionally being deceptive. Just that everyone has a different way of looking at things. Taking on the impossible task of trying to predict the future medical, personal, societal and political effects of this rapidly evolving pandemic and all the fallout from that is a very difficult thing to do, and people are going to disagree.

      • Berglander

        Good explanation, Wendy.

      • All right.

        He made a very clear statement that is very clearly not what the data shows.

        If he looked at the numbers at all, he would know that.

        … I started writing this intending to grant him some sort of benefit of the doubt but – the numbers just are what they are. He is saying they are something other than what they clearly are. Where’s the room for benefit of the doubt in that? This is the sort of shading the truth you expect out of a politician or a bureaucrat. Or an ideologue.

        If he had two more days of downward trend and the % had fallen into the high teens I’d have no problem with the statement. As it is, no, dishonest is the only way I can characterize it.

        • Robert Gore

          One other comment, Rollory. Where I come from, you don’t question someone’s integrity unless you absolutely have the goods on them. My statement was honest, as your own words prove (see my other comment if you haven’t already). If you’ve got a shred of decency you’ll apologize, but I’m not expecting it.

    • Robert Gore

      “Yes, the daily change for yesterday was a 25% percent growth as opposed to 30% the day before and 38% the day before that…”

      By mathematical definition that is no longer exponential growth. A defined, stable exponential growth function has constant day-to-day percentage growth. Who are you going to believe, the numbers themselves or someone trying to fit their hypothesis with a piece of paper to a small scale logarithmic graph on a computer screen? Sort of almost fits doesn’t cut it mathematically, a function is either exponential or it is not.

  4. Berglander

    Have hope, folks-Luckily, we have a recent and well-studied previous case that we can take lessons from. The Spanish Flu. Estimated 500 million affected worldwide, 5 million dead, 675,000 dead in the United States from a total population of 103 million.

    Of course, our society looked a lot different then. It was a major setback and things changed, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Folks adapted and made things work, even on the tail of the Great War. Things will change with this one as well, doubtful that it will be the end of the world. Ain’t nothing wrong with preparing for it.

    • The main difference with 1918 is that nobody knew it was coming.

      In this case, the politicians all know perfectly well that in a year’s time they’ll be facing questions along the lines of “you had X months of warning and did NOTHING?”

      And they know that “but I was trying to save your 401k” won’t be acceptable to those that lost Granny.

      It’s not a great position to be in, but it happens because our political system is so focused on the short term.

      • Berglander

        Amen to that!

      • More than a few of dindu ‘nothing.’

        Some of the really wily ones dumped their stocks and bought really shiny ones…one of them even bangs the guy who owns the NYSE.

  5. tfA-t still thinks Covid-19 doesn’t rate the over-reaction

    your chances of dying of corona are far less than a white man walking thru Chicongo at night alone

    now that these traitors have gotten away with ML lite- they will keep the pressure on and turn up the volume on the next so-called disaster

    this wasand IS a blatant attack on freedom and the ultimate bullshit story to cover for their systemic financial failures across the board

    $2 TRILLION for (((me))) and $1,200 for ewe

    such a deal

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  7. Yet, Roberts numbers are stale, and his calculations of death rates are wrong. If htis was as tame as you suggest Robert, Just the flu bro, why are the morgues in NYC full? Why are most of the major hospitals where I live already full?

    Your math does not pass the smell test much less my damn calculator test. Go back to school and try again.

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