SLL: The Last Gasp

Opener: No one is more dangerous than the suicidal.

Cui bono?

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  1. Berglander

    80 year-olds gotta die of something.

  2. “Countless people will hate the New World Order and will die protesting against it.”
    —H.G. Wells, The New World Order (1939)

    The New World Order wants the current world-system destroyed to set up their intended new system (their Huxleyan and/or Orwellian world government),

    The New World Order wants the current system destroyed through massive suffering worldwide and through ultra-violent social transformation,

    tfA-t knows for he has been gifted vision from the stars

    • Re: your earlier question in the other thread.
      2 confirmed cases of Kung Flu.
      4-8 more pending test results, AFAIK.

      • the Upper WAS doing good

        until the damn snowbird gypsies flocked back

        now there’s 3 confirmed spread across 3 counties- so far

        Lansing — The number of COVID-19 deaths in Michigan jumped by 19 as the state released new data Wednesday showing 507 newly confirmed cases of the virus.
        The state now has 2,295 total cases and 43 total deaths, according to numbers revealed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services at 2 p.m. Wednesday. The new numbers showed the largest increases in both cases and deaths in a single day yet.

        As of data released Tuesday, the state had 1,791 total cases and 24 deaths.

        tfA-t is waiting for a delivery of 2 moar cases of TP from BezozoN.. tracking says it has been picked up and being delivered today- i have plenty stocked, just wanted to top off for trade later

        except the driver is over-due

        this is the big test…

    • ordo ab chao better known as order out of chaos

  3. Narcissists are ultimately Nihilists.

    Parasites eventually kill the host off of which they feed.

    The scorpion and the frog…


  4. the NWO is the OWO

    tfA-t carries the Bloodline

  5. Sept Of Syncopated Windbreakers

    The New World Odor parasites are inbred “elite” shit stains who coast off the fumes of their ancestors.
    Their praetorian guards will bail when the Weimar Wheelbarrow gets a flat tire.
    They didn’t build a budding police state just to scrap it and the dumbing down of suiceity into complete helpless mongoloids was done intentionally with help from the Frankfurt School comrades and the long march through the instituions.
    Everything will have to be destroyed in order to have the Great Leap Forward redux so don’t let it wipe out your morale.
    You’ll have less distractions and luggage and fight like a honey badger.
    Freedom isn’t free and there will be a fight. Plan accordingly

    • “are inbred “elite”

      YES. it was the only way to keep the bloodline intact

      “Everything will have to be destroyed”

      YES! this is exactly what they want and expect

      NWO is very good at what they do

      Hegelian dialectic


      can you guess which King (above pic) tfA-t descends from?

      fortunately for the peasants, tfA-t believes in Freedom and Liberty

      ALL HAIL!


      • The Joker Is the Trump Card

        A descendent of Vlad Tepes hopefully. Never forget the hot air of naysayers is like a queef in the wind at a public pool in the ghetto during a heat wave.

  6. Just another day, here at the Angry Hermits Forum. Right arm. Farm out.

  7. When you can’t love, you hate. When you can’t build, you destroy. When you’re ignored, you scream. When you can’t tell the truth, you lie. When you can’t reason, you panic. When no one will follow you out of admiration or respect, you compel. When you can’t live, you kill.
    Sounds like Roberts been perusing WRSAs comment threads…😂

    • Bluto Blutarsky

      Does this mean Ann-Margret is not stopping by?
      I have some spare peach mint if that will cheer you up.
      You’re welcome.

      • Ann lives at my house and if I was any happier I just don’t know if I could bear it…


  9. proud muddaphuccin member of the Angry Hermits Order of the WRSA!

  10. What Would Chesty Puller Do?

    01. The creation of racism offences.
    02. Continual change to create confusion.
    03. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children.
    04. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority.
    05. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
    06. The promotion of excessive drinking/drugging.
    07. Emptying of churches.
    08. An unreliable legal system with a bias against victims of crime.
    09. Dependency on the state for benefits.
    10. Control and dumbing down of media.
    11. Encouraging the breadkown of the family.

    C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength, 1945.

  11. Think about this…..
    The right to work, travel, etc…

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  13. @CA

    Cui bono?“, you ask.

    At the risk of repeating myself…

    • cover for the engineered economy collapse
    • loot the treasury…AGAIN
    • “fire sale” prices for the picking
    • martial law = Gentile control
    • “Kill even the best of the Gentiles” —LOTS of Gentiles!
    • especially their Chinese and Iranian challengers
    • “Moshiach now!”

    Means, motive, and opportunity!

    • And just like that time for the daily aryan sisterhood circle jerk to begin.

      • (((hasbara))) Bwilly eagerly awaits his next

        $2.39 check. Unless you’re a shabbatz goy or

        already in Zionist-occupied Palestine, it’s

        long past time to make aliyah. You

        little kike.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Just when we thought you’d disappeared. Go away, take the rest of your new friends and find somewhere else to stick your head in the sand.
        History and actual world events is outside your spectrum of TV knowledge, learned everything you ever needed to know from (((Hollywood))), right?
        No need to wonder why we’re one of the dumbest countries in the world on school tests.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          In easy to understand format, for those of you that don’t read.

        • Not a jew, not from Israel. Actually a Christian U.S. Army Infantry vet. A Christian who doesn’t believe in Zionism or that Israel is anything special. Yes a lot of jews are evil. But I also know enough about history and world events to know it’s not always da joooos. A chinese virus that originated a mile from a BSL4 is not da joooos. Its ignorant as hell and adds nothing to the conversation.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            You obviously don’t exercise your grey matter, instead feed at the trough of (((media))) disinformation.
            Brainwashing isn’t an asset.

          • While you were busy being a “Christian,” did you ever notice that one of the major targets of the Bible is… “da joooos”?

      • Berglander

        A shekel for a good goy.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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