Z Blog: Over Stimulated

A racket.

Plain and simple.

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  1. The one-month and three-month Treasury bill yields turned negative Wednesday.
    There was only one other period, briefly in 2015, when that happened, but the most recent yields were well below that level.
    A flight-to-safety trade has helped push yields down even though stocks have rallied sharply the past two days.

    you know things are REALLY REALLY bad when investors rush to negative rate treasuries

    what’s the word?

    oh yes- collapse

  2. Denninger nails aESoP’s bogus “pandemic” to a wall:


  3. Juffalo Bump

    Uncanny. The presser is on right now on the All Bolshevik Communist (ABC) channel.
    They are praising Trumpstein and there is a back patting session as the banksters now own this Republica Bananera lock, stock and barrel.
    Not like they didn’t already. The dullards are easily bought off and freedom isn’t for everyone.

  4. (((ZMan))): “the free market exists only in the mind”

    the Jew lies: it exists in a (((financialization rackets)))-supressed reality.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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