Doom Connectivity

Now that I am a bit more caught up in several of my lives, I can handle some backlog tasks.

Anyone in the commentariat who wants me to pass on their email to someone else, send a note to, use “connection” in subject line, and put the handle of the party you are trying to reach.

I will ping that party with your email.

What happens after that is a matter between consenting adults.

I’d rather do this in a batch then onesie-twosies, so please drop your notes nlt 2359e on Thurs.


26 responses to “Doom Connectivity

    • So what’s the solution, (((Matt)))?

    • “Buffalo Jump!” Couldn’t resist…

      • Matt Bracken

        Watch this 1 minute video demonstrating an analytical tool available to civilians showing just the cell phones on the beach in Fort Lauderdale over 3 days in early March, and how just those phones spread across the USA in the following days. Then imagine the far more (like orders of magnitude) powerful tools available to FLEAs, and how they were (and still are) being used against those who attended the January 20th 2A rally in Richmond to collect information on participants for future use.

        In the history of counterinsurgency, insurgent groups have frequently been stage-managed into holding massive rallies and national strikes which were then used by the govt forces to collect information about the leadership structure of the insurgents and so on. This is not a new CI strategy, but today it’s far more powerful given the technology available to the govt forces.

        It probably feels very good for a gorilla to charge out of the jungle at a hunter in a clearing and beat its chest and posture, but the gorilla does not realize the hunter is just deliberately taunting him to make him break cover in order to study him for a later hunt.

    • Right on.

    • Nearby Marine

      That is absolutely correct. Everybody that is waiting to join in the Boogaloo is ready and excited to ID their chat room friends (I mean targets) and get down to nut cutt’in.

    • Sgt. Schulz

      May be more truth there than we want……..

  1. Cosmic Jazz Philharmonic

    I have no email but I can send via telepathy. Recon and situational awareness are strong suits and they have never failed me.
    Will keep you posted on Red State conditions until the controllers install the social media credit score and facial recognition to get online.
    Because we live here that’s why.

  2. Bonaventure

    • why are you still barking up that god tree?

      look around you

      your hallucination has failed you and anyone else who believed and followed, but you’ll still reason away reality right till your last breath

      the only god is in your warped brain

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Saint Guido, the patron saint of misguided religious zealots. Refuses to comprehend the world has moved on since the middle ages.

      • Bonaventure

        why are you still barking up that god tree?

        look around you

        your hallucination has failed you and anyone else who believed and followed, but you’ll still reason away reality right till your last breath

        the only god is in your warped brain

        As I’ve said before, it’s never too late to repent and atone.

        Even for you.

        And everybody here knows you can easily afford taking 20 minutes out of your busy day of non-stop $hitposting to atone.


        C’mon… It’s as plain as the nose on your face.

        Despite your façade to the contrary, you’re a tortured soul. This is obviously manifested, and evinced, by your constant $hitposting and assertions of self-grandiose.

        I’m not the only one here who notices it.

        • the only torture i endure is the bat shit crazy wimyn i’ve survived and a couple of other ‘things’ that can never be spoken of

          sorry dude- after 50+ years of believing, i finally gave up

          your god failed

          • Bonaventure

            At least you don’t deny that all you do is $hitpost.

            But don’t fret… you’ve still got time.

            Use it wisely.

      • aConsensualist

        >>>the only god is in your warped brain

        Why, what’s the alternative? Where else but a mind?

        Oh yeah—“There.”

  3. Bonaventure

    Paging nurse Betty… Paging nurse Betty…

    Imperial College Study Author Shifts: Actually, I Think The Coronavirus Death Toll Will Be Much Lower Than Expected

    • another young White life snuffed out by aESoP’s (((Pandemic))) of Fear:

      Corona-chan only wants to cull Boomers, same as

      Ebola-chan only wants to cull Niggers. aESoP!!

      have you no shame? Your hysterical outbursts are

      now killing thousands of innocent young White people!

      • Bonaventure

        Emily, who was described by her family as ‘talented and a little bit crazy’, signed up to be an organ donor aged 12. Three children will benefit from her gift of life.

        Um, yeah, she didn’t die. At least not naturally. Organs are never harvested from a cadaver; only living tissue can be transplanted.

      • described by her family as ‘a little bit crazy’
        Understatement Of The Year Award contender, right there.
        And, not having spawned, she also qualifies for a Darwin Award, First Class.
        BZ to the insaniac little bint.
        Another Useless Eater off her meds. Bon voyage.

    • Uh huh. And how do the other 20 authors of the study feel?
      Did they all recant as well?
      Or did the minions of “Hey! STFU! You’re scaring the proles!” at the Ministry Of Disinformation manage to flip one guy?

      It’s not like hate speech is a criminal offence in Britistan. Oh wait, it is.

      His latest also relies entirely on last-minute handwaving about how “this is really much better, because we imagine everyone’s already got this.

      One was peer-reviewed science.
      The second is “O, shit! I’ve angered TPTB! Let’s turn this down and pretend everything’s gonna be OK!”

      Major cities in the West watching their medical services get swamped kind of undermines the latter one.
      Let go of the straws you’re grasping. They won’t save you.

  4. Anvil Of Crom

    Doom or be doomed.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Walter Sobchak

    1650 CDT Sedgwick Co. KS
    Not a lot of changes here. We’re up to 16 cases now as the virus continues its inexorable creep. Everything changed here on 3/13, and it hasn’t been ‘normal’ since. People are out and about and don’t seem to be taking the stay at home order suggestion seriously. Drive thru is still open but all dining and bars are closed. I’m still working and will continue to work, I’ll get their BS ‘papers’ if that becomes necessary. I don’t even want nor give a fuck for the goonerments ‘papers’. Store shelves are still stripped bare, the promised ‘re supply’ has yet to materialize. It’s been two weeks. No ground beef or chicken, no eggs, no bread. There’s still quite a lot of stuff, it’s by no means desperate yet, still it kinda feels like the calm before the storm. I’m good, feeling fit and ready to go.