How The Chinese Regime’s Silencing Of Whistleblowers Turned A Local Outbreak Into A Global Epidemic

H/t to Maggie’s for this blunt discussion of whodunit.

Hint: It was the mass-murdering totalitarian Han devils who intend to pay the West back for the past 350 years.

For the go-forward, Aesop drops this meme of advice:

8 responses to “How The Chinese Regime’s Silencing Of Whistleblowers Turned A Local Outbreak Into A Global Epidemic

  1. I know I didn’t do it. Scouts honor. That’s about it. Three choices for culprit:


    Has anybody noticed the 9 trillion dollars uncle sugar has pumped into the veins of the elder fiat junkie known as wall street? Does one think der banx would be harmed or benefit from a culling of useless eaters and a firehose of monetary opium?

    Gun to my head it was the chinks but I try to stay open minded about such things having seen the dubya show years back.

  2. Matt Bracken

    Thanks, China!

  3. there is NO more evil a cuntry than USA

    occams razor points to one direction

    Event 201 isn’t a myth

    unlike these gods floating about

  4. Thanks for that delightful update, T-fAt. Or should I say, Gigantums. You do realize of course, the thicker you lay on, the heavier it gets, and less likely to take flight. Question: Why does a god-emperor such as yourself want to live in the most evil country in the world?

  5. Read a short time ago about a “scientist”, in a lab on the East coast somewhere, working on viruses of some sort. He was told to cease by the lab as it was to dangerous. Lo and behold a few years later he shows up in China, with funding from Bill Gates and some other whom I can’t remember at this time.
    Have also read and heard that this “virus” had a patent, meaning some one owns it and is man made. A lot of info points in that direction. It is NOT out of the scope of imagination that this is a man produced virus that simply got out of hand mistakenly (or on purpose).
    Considering Chinas secrecy and unwillingness to be forthcoming with any info a scenario such as this is not out of the realm of possibility. Consider worldwide the increasing encroachment of china into foreign governments and look closely at the industries and resources they are investing heavily in. No I don’t have documented info, just keeping my ears and mind open to different possibilities, considering options and following where available info leads. What you get from all media sources is designed around their agenda, whatever it may be….. keep your mind open…..

  6. Major takeaway from daily Cuomo presser is “Average time on Vent = 11-21 DAYS”. That’s a fucked up number right there.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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