Moving Pass The Quarantine

The ‘cure’ – of bankrupting entire industries through the loathsomely-termed “lockdown” – is worse than the threat.

And it increasingly appears that “curve flattening”, as advocated, has failed, with major hospitals continuing to fill to capacity and beyond.

Discussions of months under quarantine are madness, when what really is needed is massively-more testing and other rational disease-management tactics.

Thoughtful people are sensing a larger agenda at work.

Are you?

16 responses to “Moving Pass The Quarantine

  1. Hey if we hand out trillions to big corps the peons will realize we’re crooks who would hock their dead grandmothers’ vag on the sidewalk if we could. Hmmm ok, I know, let’s tell them they’re getting FREE CHECKS from us! They love that and no one ever figures out it was their fucking money in the first place!. We are the wonderful and magnanimous leaders of FUSA and we are here to help you with KungFluBux for all! REeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. Pandemic suppression may indeed fail.
    Probably because too little, too late, and kabuki theater screening at airports, when we should have shunted everyone into mandatory quarantine for 30 days before entry was allowed, starting in early- or mid-January.

    If only the CDC hadn’t pooch-screwed the test kits so hard that the dog will never walk right again.

    So if the answer is to throw caution to the winds, and open all the things, cases, and deaths – even if just a fraction of the whole – will skyrocket, and the much higher percent than deaths, people requiring hospitalization, has a very good shot at destroying health care in this country for any area that’s swamped, meaning anything life-threatening after that point will be fatal.

    And doctors and nurses, being older than most people entering professions, will die at a higher rate too. If you thought there was a doctor and nurse shortage before, just wait until you lose 10% of them for months, and some permanently. Which also makes salaries for the survivors higher. Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand is going to bitchslap that part of the economy. The only saving grace will be all those people dying might cut the cost of Medicare, and keep Social Security solvent for another few years before it teeters and falls over.

    And opening the floodgates again will guarantee that this comes back, in waves, which will knock a given percentage of the country on its ass, over, and over, and over again, just without killing most of them. Let’s sign up for that, please.

    With no recognizable healthcare where that happens, probably through next spring, at least.

    Riches for me, even 7-day-a-week employment if I want it;
    plague, financial ruin, and death for you/us all.
    No medical care, as such, for anyone, for perhaps the rest of 2020.

    (And if we have back-and-forth quarantines, and then not, and then another wave of outbreak, serially, take a wild guess how many front-line people in health care will say “F**k it; I’m out. Call me back when you’re serious.”? My guess is 25-50%. We’re not draftees, we can walk when we want. And will.)

    What’s not to like?

    Unless TPTB triage all Kung Flu actual and suspected cases out of the hospitals’ normal system, and open up government ghetto Kung Flu Treatment Centers.

    And of course, seeing how the Deep State was weaponized to go after Trump, no one can possibly think that such a pandemic gulag would ever be subsequently weaponized to weed out the Deplorables, can they?

    Sheer coincidence, no doubt.

  3. #trumpbux

  4. “Unless TPTB triage all Kung Flu actual and suspected cases out of the hospitals’ normal system, and open up government ghetto Kung Flu Treatment Centers” – Aesop

    “Hold my beer”- Cuomo
    His plan is to have hospitals double their capacity (and please I’m not political the guy is doing the best he can given this fucked up scenario & IDGAF about party bullshit ever.

    On the other hand they are allegedly working Javits, Westbury and Westchester convention settings into “ghetto Kung Flu Treatment Centers”. But that should have been started last month. Fun times ahead.

    Nobody wants to be seen saying ‘go die at home grandpa but to save the med system that is what they would have had to do. Note I’m using past tense. I think we are already past that window. Hoping I’m wrong.

    Meanwhile in DC pirates gotta plunder…….

    Meanwhile on wall street we await der unemployment numberz……
    (oughta be a doozy and will be used to promote the rreeeeeeeeeeeee)

    Meanwhile on main street we await der majic fiat debtbux chex so we can all buy massive amounts of take out……….

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    What I find amusing is the number of people assuming the fedgov actually wanted to stop the WuFlu from coming in.
    Every single thing they have done so far has only helped to spread it faster. As if that was their original intent.
    Exactly how much more lying and deceit will it take for the American normie to wake up to the fact his own gov’t is both evil and corrupt? Never happen, can’t open their minds even with a crowbar.

    • the Fusan gubimint has done a swell job of corralling the tax cattle into their pens with threats of hobgoblins and viruses

      they’ve heaped moar TRILLIONS of jewbux debt upon their saddles and bailed-out and enriched their crony capitalist (((system))) yet once again..

      “moving past the quarantine”?


      why would anyone think that’s in (((their))) plans?
      now that they’ve got them were they want them…

      fat, dumb, scared, broke, caged, and pitiful was the whole idea

    • ab-so-fucking-lutely. My sentiments exactly Jar-head…

    • Much like 9/11.
      Instead of simply identifying the countries that wished us ill, and announcing a 24/7/365 carpet bombing campaign of all of them, until the rubble bounced, and they were suitable for re-introduction of buffalo and endangered species, to start over from scratch, which only would have had people lining up around the block to build the bombs for that, we went the route of the Constitution-shredding Patriot Act, the DHS, and the FISA court charade.

      If government was serious, they would have destroyed terrorists’ right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not that of you and me.

      Now, this Chinese-engineered Franken-virus comes along, probably due to nothing more difficult than the stupidity of Gilligan Wang selling infected rabbits at the Wuhan Wet market, and once again, they unfailingly pick the most freedom-restrictive and destructive choices, instead of solving the problem decisively, with minimal fuss or disruption.

      The only solution to this ends up being against a wall, or at the end of a wire noose hanging from the nearest light pole.

  6. Ruger has come out with a new 9mm pistol that takes Ruger and Glock mags. The back of the stock has a rail for mounting a “brace”. The firearm is called the “Charger”. MSRP of $799. Wish they had come out with this 6 months ago. This is almost half the price of competitors models.

    • good luck buying any gun right about now..

      don’t you read?

    • Looks neat. Probably not going to be available online or from brick and motar stores for a while, but after the quarantine might be something to look into.

  7. Let me get this straight…. So they are telling us with their so called “bailout package” to support the economy, they are going to give me $1200 bucks, that they already stole form me 30 years ago and every year thereafter, of which I’ll not have to pay back but my grandkids will be on the hook for, plus another $12,000,000,000 on interest and “handling” fees…… And our modern generations falls for this shit???? All I can say is prepare yourselves, welcome to the Gulag, here’s your broth, now get to work………..

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  9. I never ascribe to a conspiracy what I can attribute to the evil, selfishness, and greed in Man.