Open Thread 0615E 26MAR2020

An MD sends: UT: Information and FAQs on Performance, Protection, and Sterilization of Previously-Used Masks Against COVID-19

ChicagoBoyz: Texas Aggie Doctor Reports From New Orleans — Clinical Pearls Covid 19 for ER practitioners [Precis: This is not the flu. It is a horror show of death and disablement that is crowding out all other medical care including an immediate downgrade of life saving cardiac care. Only on in seven people put on ventilators in this hospital is surviving, and then only after 10-t0-12 days of ventilator support.]

Another ER MD snapshot:

ZH Daily Doomer – Updated

WaPo coverage

WSJ WuFlu coverage

NYT Covid coverage (sign-up required but no charge)

Chicago Tribune coverage

Seattle Times coverage

LA Times coverage

Dallas Morning News coverage

Detroit News coverage

MSP Star-Tribune coverage

Las Vegas Review-Journal coverage

Boston Globe coverage

ATL AJC coverage

AJC: As virus spreads, a growing fear of overwhelmed Georgia hospitals

Mises: The US’s COVID-19 Death Rate Is Far Below the Rates in Italy and Spain

MIT Technology Review: We’re Not Going Back To Normal

How Deadly Is The Coronavirus? It’s Still Far From Clear

Dulce et Decorum Est Pro GDP Mori!


125 responses to “Open Thread 0615E 26MAR2020

  1. MEMO TO MR. MODI–Thanks for embargoing and refusing to ship out Z-packs and CHLOROQUINE made in India to the rest of the world. Great “ally.” eh?

    MEMO TO US CONGRESS-CRITTERS AND POLITICIANS–Thanks for off-shoring our needed pharmaceuticals to CHINA AND INDIA. Great “public servants,” eh?

    $1200 checks from Uncle Sugar ain’t gonna do it once all the smoke, mirrors, and viruses clear up. Truth will always get out. Mebbe even more will get out! One way or another.

  2. Karl Ushanka

    I declare WRSA to be an essential information source during a global pandemic.

  3. After the Senate unanimously passed the bill, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was heard saying:

    “I’m proud to announce tonight not a single senator voted against this two trillion dollar rescue bill to save American individuals, small businesses, larger businesses, and to provide considerable funding for the healthcare workers and the scientists and the doctors and others who are trying to solve this pandemic.”

    The Senate just pivoted from one of the most divided periods in recent memory to passing the largest rescue package in American history. And we passed it unanimously.

    Americans deserved this outcome. I am proud the Senate stepped up.
    — Leader McConnell (@senatemajldr) March 26, 20

    ” Americans deserved this outcome. ”

    fuck that turtle bitch POS

    • we’re gonna need a bigger bail-out!

      Dow futures -429

      “That’s A Huge Warning For What Lies Ahead”: Futures Tumble After Senate Passes Massive Bailout Bill

      US equity futures dropped across the board as the US death toll from the pandemic topped 1,000, while Europe’s Stoxx 600 Index dropped led by real estate and energy companies.

      so $2 TRILLION in new debt wasn’t enough to prop up the market and the it fell OVERNIGHT!

      i guess Ann Margaret really isn’t coming- she’s no fool. $1,200. ain’t even gonna get you a whiff baby..

      “no money- no honey”

      “if you want to be with me

      you got to have a Jay Oh Bee”

      • Dow up +812

        Go jewbux!

      • When $2.2 trillion is not enough

        More immediately, it’s possible that a second massive spending bill will be needed just to stop further bleeding.

        “assume the position”

        • irritablearchitect

          Congresscritter #1 sez, “PRINT MORE MONEY!!!”

          No.2 answers, “IT’S NOT WORKING!!! THE MARKETS ARE COLLAPSING!!!”

          Congresscritter #1 responds with, “DO IT AGAIN, ONLY HARDER THIS TIME!!!”

          Reminds me of that old saying about digging a hole.

          The stupid fuckers just don’t understand what it is they’re doing, however, they’re sure more of it is just the answer they’re after.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            “The stupid fuckers just don’t understand what it is they’re doing,”
            No, obviously YOU don’t. If you had even the slightest clue of how the FedReserve/Treasury work, you would understand ((they)) are paying themselves bonuses off the interest payment owed by the taxpayers of this country. The national debt goes up by the trillions in IOU’s, with you as collateral.

            Every day you go to work, you’re paying for their airplanes, yachts and super mansions around the globe, but you don’t get it, do you?

    • Fading Banana Republik

      That is so cute when apparatchiks appear to care about the serfs.
      You can bet that they have a vaccine and solid gold healthcare.
      WLW out of Cincinnati is all Kung Flu now and last night esteemed party member comrade kommissar Fauci stated that they will keep on eye on the southern hemisphere to see if there will be a round two of the CCP flu.

  4. Is it wrong that I’d like to watch a debate between tfA-t and Vermin Supreme?

  5. Attending mardi gras may have been a bad idea this year (frankly I never saw the attraction anyway)? Oh and it’s like 70f down there so I’m thinking that we may need higher temps. Looking to FL for verification of temp sensitivity. They are in the 90’s this week.

    IF “FL” number=100 THEN

    END IF

    *Please note nowhere in that formula does it say “PRINT TRILLIONS”.

    • Have a look at the numbers from equatorial countries for a guesstimate: Hot, humid, near-constant seasons – environmental effects appear negligible.

      • ‘zackly.
        Singapore is sub-tropical, and Oz was in the height of their summer when this started there. Besides the S. American cases.
        Estimated chance of hot-weather mitigation: <10%, based on observed response so far.

        • Info appreciated. Well I guess even spring isn’t coming to save us.

        • how do you know? were you there, boomer? (((NBC))) and (((CNN))) never tell the truth about anything. why would they start now?

          tldr: ok boomer

          • Howzat level of ASSessment and ANALysis working out for you in NYFC, Atlanta, Seattle, L.A., etc., head-up-the-ass soopergenius?

            Back under your bridge. Grown ups are talking.

    • attending mardi gras is a bad idea any year. Are you a degenerate? be a white man.

  6. The highest levels of government are infiltrated by…………Chinese????


    • Berglander

      Yes…the (((Chinese.)))

      • The FBI and Jewish Organizations Invent Anti-White Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory
        ERIC STRIKER • MARCH 25, 2020

        While China blames the US government for the coronavirus, Jewish organizations and the FBI are busy seeding paranoid hoaxes against their national enemy: politically active white men in America.

        According to an FBI report cited by World Jewish Congress head Ronald Lauder, bands of “white nationalists” and “neo-Nazis” are currently roaming the streets of New York City purposely infecting Jewish people, minorities and police officers in a secret plot to spread the modern plague.

        Lauder’s outlandish claim dovetails with the leak of a Department of Homeland Security report uploaded by Sharon Weinberger claiming that jokes and memes about coronavirus they have found on 4Chan constitute a credible “bioweapon threat” against Jewish people. The document asserts that white nationalists are planning to spray Jews with their infected saliva and spend time in public with minorities.

        There is no evidence that this is happening or ever has happened. It is baseless blood libel against white people intended to hide the failures of these demagogues in the midst of a crisis. The hate crimes against random Asians in the US so far appear to be committed largely by blacks.

        Jewish people have been spreading coronavirus among themselves due to their poor hygiene, penchant for international travel, and refusal to follow prescriptions on social distancing [and (((their ethnic bioweapons))) ]. In New Jersey, Jews were arrested in two separate instances for hosting weddings in defiance of temporary laws against large social gatherings. One of the earliest reported contagion ground zeroes in America was a Shabbat dinner. Among the biggest hot spots are Kiryas Joel, New Rochelle, Williamsburg, and various other parts of the northeast with massive Jewish populations.

        As for the “intelligence community,” coronavirus is slated to go down as one of the biggest intelligence failures in American history. The Trump administration’s colossal waste of federal resources on the politically motivated hoaxes of “anti-Semitism and “white supremacy” means that the state had better and more accurate information about the latest 4Chan gags than the highly contagious virus.

        The number of infected people in New York City continues to surge as the president and his administration doubles down on downplaying the potential human cost. The death toll in Spain and Italy has already surpassed China. The only justification Jews and federal agents have to to try and blame an invisible conspiracy of white men, which the media will gladly run with.

      • NorthGunner

        “Dat’s frunnny,…Yew don’ look Chewwish?…..”

        I had to…I just had to….bwhahahahahahahahaha!!!!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Went into town (zip 87901) yesterday for a doctor’s follow up appointment (pre-scheduled). Town was dead (poor choice of words) with little to no traffic – business’ closed through out and by chance our illustrious God-governor proclaimed that ALL ‘non-essential’ medical facilities were to close and pass on their med equipment to higher level facilities. Makes me think there may be (in NM) a ‘coming to your house to inventory’ your supplies in everyone’s near future. By decree, it is not like this type of thing has not happened before … any case, for the few medical professionals left in rural clinics, they will to ‘telemedicine’ for the foreseeable future (again by government decree). People in my little location are starting to become vocal about the ‘situation’ which is somewhat a relief given it will be a bit easier to sort out those who are ‘in’ and those who must be put on the watch list. Interesting times ……

  8. “East California” now has a statewide stay-at-home diktat, as of yesterday; my AO has the second highest number of infected persons (122).
    Katie, bar the door; batten down the hatches – check ammo – as we’re sleepwalking into a world of shit.

  9. Whipoorwill

    So, is it ok to smoke someone who willfully licks or sneezes or coughs as an act of terrorism?

    • Rationally and morally required… but “legally” prohibited, reason and morality being determined by your masters.

    • NorthGunner

      “So, is it ok to smoke someone who willfully licks or sneezes or coughs as an act of terrorism?”

      Hmmmm…depends on what and how one defines, ‘willful licking’…

      For myself, if the young lady below showed up on my doorstep
      to ‘conduct a survey on the opinion of attractive ladies willfully
      licking men during the current panic mongering’ I wouldn’t turn
      her away…would also cue up Aerosmith’s “Love in an Elevator”.

      Sneezing or coughing…that’s what kleenex(((TM))) is for..among
      other things…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • DMV GRINGO

        So goes the chant of the retarded mantra.
        LOCK HER UP!
        LOCK HER UP!
        LOCK HER UP’

        • NorthGunner

          Oh don’t worry…I’d have some ‘hard labor’ for her to
          do…quite sure that the lady above would pass her
          ‘Oral Exams’ with flying colors and graduate ‘Sigma
          Cum Loud’ (probably would be mutual!).

          Spare the ‘rod’ and all that,….lol.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. meh…all i know is midsouth shooters supply had ramshot tac 8 pounders in stock, and plenty of large rifle primers. not at gouging prices either. i just ordered the fock up. i use 42.5 gr under the 1 fiftys, and 41.0 under the 175 smk’s , for 308 love to all the ne’er do wellers
    this virus BS is an overhyped crock of govt shit, and makes the perfect cover to finally put the FUSA in the ground. is it open season on the 300 lb, rascal driving, pepsi chugging, oxygen tank sucking type 2 diabetic fucking boomers yet?

    • NorthGunner

      “…is it open season on the 300 lb, rascal driving, pepsi chugging, oxygen tank sucking type 2 diabetic fucking boomers yet?”

      Because ‘ya haaaad ta ask’…….

      Uh-oh! It’s ‘Grampa Goomer, the boomer-tumor-nator…
      running amok in Wally-world again!! (he’s still pissed that
      his Rascal(((TM))) doesn’t treat the speedbumps in the
      parking lot like his ‘Real US0fA WW2 Jeep in N. Africa’,
      dadgummmit!!..that and the store’s STILL outta Camo
      patterned Depends(((TM)))..double dadgummit!!)

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  11. Trump added that those suicides would “definitely be in far greater numbers than we’re talking about with regard to the virus.”

    President Trump on economy: “We can’t turn that off and think it’s going to be wonderful. There’ll be tremendous repercussions. There will be tremendous death…probably more death from that than anything that we’re talking about with respect to the virus.”
    — CSPAN (@cspan) March 23, 2020

    huh? wha?

    i thought murka was enjoying

    teh Greatest eCONomy Evah?

    tfA-t for King 2020

  12. oregon farmer

    Will there be ANY accountability for this horror show for the People’s Republic of CHINA? And for the Chinese Communist Party? Or will Western Wokesters circle the wagons to protect their commie buddies and just scream racism racism racism to shut down much-needed retribution?
    At this point the CCP leadership deserves to NUKED. And that fucking cesspit of 1.4 billion eaters of dogs, bats, rats and cats needs to be walled off from the rest of the world.

    • I’m good with that.

      Make extra effort to not buy one damn thing ‘made in china.’

      Fuck them. Go back to stomping rice patties.

    • At this point the CCP leadership deserves to NUKED.

      what’s the hurry?

      there still be more suffering, misery, and death out there to be exploited

      need. moar. pain.

      lookin like NWO will come by both conquest AND consent

      daddy (((Warbux)) must be smiling right now

    • Ask yourself if there will be any accountability (this side of Christ’s Judgment Seat) for the jUSA’s innumerable false flags.

      Ask yourself if anyone with at least a room temperature IQ believes any (((.gov))) narrative.


      “Will there be ANY accountability for this horror show for the People’s Republic of CHINA?“
      You irrevocably deluded cucking retard.

    • agree. it’s time to nuke China, Israel, India, and cut off Africa from all contact.

      • Berglander

        It would be more fun to just let the Arabs go in and destroy their cousins. And get a lot of themselves killed as well. Kind of a win-win.

  13. Friend of mine works at a local, suburban hospital in GA. He said they got all geared-up, converted lots of rooms to negative pressure so they could treat people, closed the hospital to all visitors and stopped all non-essential surgeries.

    He said “I feel like we got all dressed up for a party, and nobody came.”

    Contrast this with Aesop’s daily “you’re all going to die” and make observations with your own two eyes. Grocery stores are thinner than normal, but still have plenty of food. Construction is still happening. Traffic is blessedly light, but still there.

    Oh, and our ‘county commissioner’ a old, fat white lady, sent out a memo that could have been authored by Der Fuhrer, “ORDERING all civilians” (meaning not people like her) to do this and not do that and generally give up on life and connect to the government ventilator.

    FUCK OFF. Pardon my bad language.

    I’m working. Washing my hands, not picking my nose, keeping away from people as much as I can, but I’m fucking working and going about my life.

    I want a Five Guys burger and frys so bad I can almost imagine my saltine crackers tasting like it.

    No Masters. No opening day of baseball. Soon to be no job for many….

    Start being civilly disobedient and go back to work.

    • Baseball’s still a thing?

      What’s Masters?

      • I try not to be like the guys who are 24/7 doom and prepping and make it a policy never to read a post by tfat, just skip right over his worthless BS.

        There are still things to enjoy and be happy about. My youngest daughter caught a toad over the weekend and her delight makes lots of bad things better.

        The world is certainly changing. Maybe it’s ending.

        We’ll be fine in the end either way. Looking forward to celebrating Easter with Mass on the internet, and then smoking a turkey…

      • irritablearchitect

        “What’s Masters?”

        Just another fucking silly game that is played with a little white ball being chased about into a small hole by old, slovenly, fat men.

        I’ve never been able to stand golf, and I think it’s because there’s no pain involved.

        • “Just another fucking silly game that is played with a little white ball being chased about into a small hole by old, slovenly, fat men.”

          Silly comment. Competition is essential to survival, both mentally and physically. Golf addresses both.

    • Pardon my bad language
      Five Guys burger
      No Masters

      you semenrog and millions just like ewe are the problem

      • SemperFi, 0321

        This fascination with sports and monkeyball doesn’t make any sense to me. I’ve watched for the last 40 yrs in Idaho and Wyoming how they import blacks to play on the college teams, while the local white boys don’t qualify. I worked at the Boise airport with blacks who were hired in LA by the college scouts, brought up to play ball for BSU and rolling in white pussy and an elevated status they never had in LA. Univ. of Wyoming is the same way too. And somehow all these good white patriots don’t see anything wrong with that???
        The entire brainwashing and degrading of our society is just brushed under the rug, as long as we can keep watching “our” favorite teams play every weekend. What a fukn sellout to every white kid that trains and wants to play, only to be sold out to some imported black player.
        I stay away from anyone who watches sports these days, they don’t have their heads on straight. And the football has a higher IQ.

        • sports are for IDIOTS

          i never liked them


          i was too busy working to get ahead

          did i say sports are for idiots?

    • Reading Comprehension: still a thing, everywhere but here.
      95% of everybody probably won’t suffer much at all.
      It’s what happens to the other 5% that’s the problem.
      That’s only about 15 times it’s been pointed out.
      Perhaps pictures would help.

      But glad to hear that all of GA is now Kung Flu free, and you can go about your business without any further thought. I guess the story yesterday, that ATL’s ICUs are all full up with Kung Flu patients, and so are the ones in Albany, wasn’t anything to worry about. What’d they do there that cured them all in one day?

      And, say, weren’t you the guy yesterday that wanted all those Kung Flu patients (that you don’t have today) to be housed in hotels, so they could infect and contaminate the entire buildings, making them cesspits of disease going forward, and forcing them to be burned down, torn down, or nearly so, once this is over?

      So I’m guessing your friend more’n likely pushes a broom at that hospital, rather than being anyone masterminding things. Probably he doesn’t get much news from more than a couple blocks away, most days, either.
      Just spitballing.

      Maybe poker’s not your game, Ike.

      Glad you’re still working though.
      You go get your critically essential burger and fries, now.
      Wouldn’t want a paltry worldwide pandemic to interfere with a working man’s luncheon. Bless your heart.

      • You would be tolerable if you didn’t try so hard to be a jerk all the time.

        You really don’t have to be miserable all the time there guy.

        • I think the point is just because you aren’t seeing any effects in your AO yet, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. At some point you will most likely see signs that it has arrived in your neck of the woods.

          I get your frustration, but unfortunately thanks to the Chinese communists and there death scientists and our inept, corrupt and incompetent CDC and other .gov apparatus we will and are feeling the effects now. My advice if things are still currently calm in your area, use the small window of time to make final preparations. The window is closing quick on that.

          • It’s not that we’re not seeing effects yet, we actually are. The fact that some hospitals in Atlanta are struggling does not necessarily equate to Aesop’s DOOM predictions. It would be a surprise if they didn’t struggle. They are run by the inept and the corrupt and are more a minority jobs program than health care centers. The hospitals in in rural S. GA are struggling because they’re small, poorly supported and attract lesser talent to staff them. Most are eeking by financially thanks to overlord Obama, so when a wave of ANY kind hits, they struggle.

            The problem with Aesop is that he’s looking for statistics to back up his opinions and carrying on like an emotional teenager instead of looking at information objectively, and rationally.

            Most people who get this are not going to die. Some will. Someone posted the other day that this reeks of Orange Man Coup 3.0, and I happen to agree. I think that is where a lot of the angst is being generated, and excitable personalities like Aesop feed on it.

            I lived on the coast for many years. Every year during storm season, certain people go berzerk and gin up doom and try their best to spread it. Those personality types are doing the exact same thing now.

            Stating information that doesn’t support the doom cloud agitates them, and we get the emotional outbursts that are all over these threads from him.

            We are as prepared as we can be. We have had food set away since before this started up, and bolstered it more 5 or six weeks ago.

            • you’re not looking at the BIG picture

              it’s not orange man coup 3

              it’s world take-over NWO style


              “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” J. Edgar Hoover

              Conspiracy Too Monstrous To Conceive


            • I don’t think Aesop is trying to gin up doom and fear, I think he is just trying to warn folks what will happen to our healthcare system if this goes worst case scenario and the hospitals are overwhelmed. Then instead of just some people dying it’ll be alot more than that. We can see it happening in some European countries right now and it seems to be starting in some cities in this country. Hopefully this virus will be contained to some of the hotspots that are happening now like New York and not spread to all areas of the country, although I have my doubts.

              The Trump haters will definitely use this as opportunity to take him out in November, count on that. They wouldn’t care if millions die in America to make it happen. Doesn’t mean they’re behind it, just a perfect opportunity for them. Glad to hear your family is well prepared, I’m probably in the same boat as you, about as well prepared as I can be and can ride this out for a few months. We just got to watch things closely because its fluid and changing everyday. Things could look a lot different in a week from now. Never know when civil unrest could start. Stay vigilant and on high alert. Take care man

              • SemperFi, 0321

                Uhhhh, Trump is part of the problem. He’s in on the whole banking scam too.
                Get that thru your head, you’ve been played. Acting like he’s helping middle America, while enabling the banksters to rob us blind. What part of that don’t you understand?

        • And if you didn’t take a swipe at me after you invent things I didn’t say, and instead read what I did say, you’d save a lot of time and misunderstanding.

          The situation is miserable. It isn’t that way because I told you about it accurately.

          Even the boneheads that were yapping “Hoax!” 24/7 for the last two weeks seem to have finally caught a massive cluebat upside the head.
          People clogging up ERs and ICUs in ten cities tend to do that to people arguing from a position of deliberate ignorance. That or maybe they’ve got the Kung Flu.

          If you want happy news, smuggle in a virus that only kills stupid people and communists. The only thing I know that does both is sitting in my arms rack.

          Meanwhile, less than 2 weeks sitting around, and most people are already losing their minds.

          • is there a typical demographic getting the serious form of the virus?

            do you see certain commonalities?

            nutritional habits?


            possibly sexual orientation?

            i’ve read certain blood types are more prone- type A

            high blood pressure
            cardiovascular disease

            there’s still only 3 confirmed in the Upper- none serious enough for hospitalization

          • I’m not looking to have any back and forth with you, no interest in that, so I’ll just leave it with this: “The situation is miserable….”

            For a small minority, yes, it may be, but for the vast majority of humanity, it is not. I think it is you that is miserable, and it colors your outlook on things and how you respond to events.

            I say this not to be a typical internet asshole, but to suggest that there are other ways of observing, processing, and reacting.

            You have flown into ranting snark more times than not, and it does nothing to help you, or anyone else here. All it does if fuel a fire you’re dancing around.

            People can share information, agree or not, and not be total dicks.

            • I’d believe that if you could get one thing I said right, instead of just making things up out of your underpants because it suits you.

              Total dick move.

              I haven’t put any words in your mouth, so if you’re not just a typical internet asshole, show the same basic courtesy.

              And this “may” only be miserable for a “small minority”?
              How’s your retirement looking now?
              What’s next week’s paycheck going to be?
              You’ll be making next month’s payments for rent/mortgage, food, etc. out of savings? How long can you continue that?
              What about the Free Shit Army?

              How long can you stay home, and still have an employer with a job you can go back to when this is over?

              I’m working full-time and then some, but even if I wasn’t, I could probably ride this out for the rest of the year. But I’m in a pretty small minority in the country in that respect, and it’s something I’d rather not have to do either.
              So I’ma go with this is a major shit sandwich for a least 60% of the country.
              So far.
              I may even be lowballing that hugely, too.

              That’s not “dancing around the fire”.
              But I am telling you you’ve got a nation of people wearing gasoline-soaked jumpsuits, and the knowledge should inform your thought processes a wee bit.

              So maybe observe, process, and react to that, instead of dragging me into your own rants using made up statements as an emotional tampon excuse for why you feel the way you do. Dragging me in to explain why you’re not happy is a tell.

        • Can you imagine what she’s like in real life? Constantly trying to be funny, trying to seem like a badass, trying to seem smart and claiming to be smart (but actually being wrong in the stupidest ways e.g. on this pandemic, the Richmond 2A rally being a trap, Andy Ngo covering Antifa in Portland…). No self-awareness whatsoever. It isn’t tolerable, which makes him miserable, which makes him more intolerable, and on and on. It might be actual brain damage.

          • and you would be wrong

            most here think tfA-t is whacked out of his mind

            and they would be wrong

          • Yeah, brilliant Rip Van Winkle reporting there, cheesedick, thank goodness this pandemic has turned out to be a total nothingburger, huh?

            Only $2T in stock losses, and another $2T spent in a fiatbux spending spree, should do wonders for what your dollar buys you next year.
            A few more nothingburgers like this, and you can sit back and wait for the missiles to fly.

            Life moves pretty fast. Try and catch up.

      • Skeptical Dog

        Aww…Nurse Betty is all butthurt now that the apocalypse hasn’t arrived on time.

        • Are you still here trying to sound smart?
          I thought maybe a sphincter spasm suffocated you.

          And actually, New York seems to be getting things off to an early start.

          I’m sure it’s not really happening though.
          Gotta be smoke and mirrors.
          Just ask you.

      • lolzozl stupid boomer STILL thinks (((NBC))) reports the news.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          They watch this and 2 minutes later, go right back to their news. You can’t fix stupid.

  14. One of the secondary effects of this BS quarantine documented:

  15. Czar Of Recon

    Why are we in this hand basket and why are headed south in such a hurry?
    Milk and other items are back on shelves at das Grocery and the first hour is reserved for older comrades of the glorious people’s collective.
    We’re all socialists now. Forward! Yes we can.

  16. Pablo Montana

    Who is coming to play in your backyard, while you are “stay inside/at home” watching Netflix?

    • Situational Awareness

      Nutflix is the terrible awfulness and they stay connected in wireless watcher even when teevee is off but I was overruled on shared machine.
      They overpaid the half breed Kenyan gloryhole server sobama to make agitprop against America.
      We are infiltrated at all levels down to local and it won’t end well.

      • Nutflix is the terrible awfulness and they stay connected in wireless watcher even when teevee is off but I was overruled on shared machine.
        Shoot it just shoot it then burn it down…

        • Merlin's Silver Helmet

          A good idea. It is the damn bluray DVD that has shitflix feature built into it. I blast headphones as fam drools over that agitprop crap.
          They also watch PBS (Pure Bolshevik Scum) and I visit WRSA to get a dose of reality.
          I’m starting to think that this whole family thing is overrated.

          • Are you not the head of your family? If you’re just a member of it then you can always say goodbye…

  17. Good morning, slept like a log, great nights rest. Decided to have a Irish coffee and watch the sun come up. Bitchen, glorious start to the day.

    All indicators are, another fantastic day on the mountain. 49 degree high today, not a cloud in the sky. Geese on the move, can here the trash truck a couple blocks away.

    Fillet Minion tonight, baby red spuds, and a Caesar salad. God has surely blessed this great nation.

    All the old guys gathered at the mail boxes yesterday afternoon, bitching about the useless younger generations, not sure what triggered that, yet found it amusing.

    When asked, all I could do was point out that it was our gen, who were their models, taught them their work ethic. Which almost instantly rained on the bitch fest.

    I really need to learn to be more sensitive sympathetic to others observations, which I don’t agree with. , under these conditions.

    Can’t wait for another Hexo and Tfat charged rant day. I’m honored to be in the presence of such scholars, such worldly men. If only I had their in depth knowledge.

    Haven’t watched the news, or listened to talk radio in at least a week. My life’s really mellow, but then I do live on THE mountain. Sensible place,owned and operated by sensible people.

    Good day.


    • trash trucks?



      you Dirt, live in a hellhole

      enjoy your mountainous ghetto


      • Tee tee tee, haters gotta hate. Must suck living on an island you gotta leave daily, to procure sustaimable”goods, and your mail, back to the mainland. You are the islands target, rich whiteout, palace full of goods, guns and ammo.your toast bro!. That you haven’t figured out yet, tells me a lot.

        Met the old boys from my neighborhood, at the mail boxs today. Had a bottle of ice cold Fireball. Paper cups.

        Lined em up, smooth smooth. These old guys enjoyed the Choir practice.was surprised most hadn’t drank, or heard of fireball.

        Thinking this well become a Thursday debrief, most are Korea and nam vets. Wonderful folks. I’m honored to have them as my neighbor.

        Tee you,get fire ants their?


        • daily?
          all of my important post is on auto-pay

          i can stay here till the end of the world without NEEDING anything

          i buy shit by the dozen and the case

          you’ll think of me while you’re being skinned alive by one of your buddies grandkids ‘friends’ who you never knew existed until they start the carving..

          sucks to be you

        • Dirk, try Jack Fire – much better than Fireball. Or, so I read somewhere…

    • This Isn't Facebook I Am Not Your Friend

      No one was asking for a play by play.

  18. Freeillinois

    This virus has allowed the greatest theft of wealth in the History of humanity.
    But there is a bigger problem;. we had crops loses do to weather . conditions last fall. We need to get a crop in the ground this spring.
    We can survive a bad crop but we can not survive “NO” crop.
    Nations are now stopping exports of food stuffs do to this virus.
    In 1957 the Hong Cong Flu killed 130,000 people and we were not under house arrest or lock down.
    If we have a “NO” crop scenario this year like the democrats are suggesting with their 6-18 month shut down;1957 will look like a walk in the park.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Nobody wants to tie all these loose ends together and say, we were fuk’d on purpose. Instead, let’s just listen to fedgov/media narrative and accept it was an accidental flu from China, that somehow accidentally had all these perks laid out for the politicians and banks. Yup.

      How much dumber and blinder can people get?

      Oops, just thinking out loud, forget I asked that.

  19. Where’s the bill? Full text of stimulus hasn’t been released but vote is expected today

  20. NorthGunner

    And who could ever forget Tex’s ‘Lil Red’?….

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

  21. North Texas…… actually counted more planes in the air yesterday, and larger ones. Weather is sublime. Little traffic, county went stay home EVERYBODY at midnight, have to have work papers now to move around, other than grocery or doctor, or caregiver missions. So, not everybody is staying home. Gas is $1.68. There is food in the stores, and the cops have changed their shift times for some reason. They seem to change the main force at noon-1pm. Probably because of the decrease in traffic. Seamrog is right. And I’m glad there are guys like him.

  22. Regarding the Texags link, a few takeaways.

    1) Dry cough. All the people I’ve seen talking about “I had this bad flu in January” mention wet cough. Therefore not covid.
    2) “If you’re in my ER, you have it”. Everyone showing up already has the disease at various levels of severity. This would not be happening if it had already raged through the population and gotten us to 50% antibody levels, as Denninger insists. Instead it’s acting like it’s exploding in a completely unprotected popoulation.
    3) All those people coming into the ER having it already are not catching it in the hospital; they get it before coming in. That torpedoes Denninger’s theory about hospital staff not washing their hands being the or a primary vector.
    4) Aerosolizes easily. Denninger claims the contrary. One of these two people is treating lots of these patients, the other is a guy running his mouth at maximum volume.

    Denninger’s bullshit call is bullshit. He is deluding himself at maximum speed. The next few weeks will provide further data. If it continues to contradict him, do not expect him to ever admit it.

  23. Gun stores in my AO are shortening their business hours. Closing their ranges. No ammo unless you are picking up a new gun. Restricting the number of customers in the store at one time. Call before you go. Cook County, Il. and nearby counties.

  24. Johnny Paratrooper

    My order of Grits, Kidney Beans, and Black Beans showed up.
    150 pounds each. Going into buckets with 02 absorbers right now.

    I loaded all my magazines using visually inspected ammo. That took, no lie, about 3 hours to accomplish for the long guns and short funs.

    I have an order of 450 pounds of Red Winter, Golden Summer, and Fall Wheat in the pipeline somewhere.

    I need to zero 4 guns, but all the ranges in MD are closed because of this virus.

    Such is life.

    Never thought I would say that.

    I’m set for 6 months.

    I still need NBC/CBRN masks.

    And my next order of food will be whole peas, oats, and sugar/salt

    • Kay_de_leon

      Don’t forget the coffee, my dude.

      I might park some money there, being that I’m a little too poor for gold.

      One perk of living where I do is that lots of people just outside of town have no problem turning the back yard into a range. Shit rules out here.

    • These tsunami warnings are bullshit. Look, the water level’s actually gone down a little.

      • The water level dropping is your ten minute warning to run the other way to get to whatever high ground you can get to in that time, as when it returns it’s bringing all that energy back with it and then some

    • I would think that where most people are on this depends on what they are seeing in their own areas and lives right now.

      But for the best overall picture and useful information I would be inclined to take the word of those working in the hospitals that are hardest hit by this as to whether this is more or less like a regular flu season…

      Bergamo, Italy hospitals

      New York City hospitals


    Headlines with a Voice

    The Party’s Just Getting Started
    Published on Mar 26, 2020

  26. Further data:

    In March 8-16 of 2019, 23 people died in Bergamo.

    In March 8-16 of 2020, 330 people died in Bergamo.

    For six other towns in northern Italy, the totals are 73 deaths in 2019 and 613 in 2020.

    This is what Karl Denninger wants you to believe is a 1% increase.

    The man is a liar.

    • There you go again, using fancy facts and logic.

      Maybe he was adjusting for inflation.

      Maybe the 2019 Italians were all big fat guys, and the 2020 ones were all skinny little guys.

      Hollywood calls this “creative accounting”.

    • no he isn’t. Denninger is using the same numerator, but a much larger denominator than U are. And he’s right to do so. Remember, what he’s ultimately concerned with is the attendant (((Wall Street))) economic wipe-out of (white) Main Street. USA Nationwide.

      • It’s called “The Looting Phase” of Empire.

        Prepare for “The Shooting Phase” if you are so inclined.

        Compare it to Idi Amin, except he, being African, cannibalized his people before looting and scooting to the Middle East.

  27. Love the nose art at the top of the thread. Would’ve been beautiful on a pre-Lemay B-29. Erste Klasse!


    Update from the Gem State: The grinning idiot in Boise has just put the state on lockdown. All staffed shooting ranges are closed as “Non-essential”; as if practicing my self-defense techniques are not critical. I guess I will have to go into the forest. The CDA Daily Fish Wrap listed a number of businesses which are exempt. I’m sure those which employ the Muzzie “refugees” which this moron has imported to: “…help Idaho’s dairy industry” will make out just fine. Right now I am madder than a fat man with a broken tooth at an ice cream social(h/t to Keenan Wynn). Bleib ubrig.

    • there was muffled talk at the top of not running the boats(lakers) this season due to corona- we’re talking Yuge $ operations. USCG has set the rules. shipping and locks are now open for biz since yesterday.. if any crews get sick- it’s over, as in ‘holy shit’ over… fingers are crossed, but i’m not very optimistic

  29. 404th Fighting Keyboard Commandos

    Still talking?

  30. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

      • Berglander

        Suckers…I do all my banking online.

      • (((they))) got you fucked if you do, and fucked if you don’t

        only thing you can do is hedge, diversify, and make contingency plans

        i’ve done all that and then some

        the petro$ is toast- anyone with a brain knows this

        the military is fubar- anyone with a brain knows this

        murkin infrastructure is obsolete- anyone with a brain knows this

        russia is smart enough to sit this out- for now

        the wildcard is the chins- we just don’t know what they have planned…

        by no means are they out of play

        these guys know their Sun Tzu better than anyone

        like Top said- buckle your chinstraps

        • SemperFi, 0321

          For those that still think flag waving is a viable option, think about this for a moment;
          WHY are we still living with an obsolete infrastructure, much of it dating to the 1950-60’s????????
          Because our dear leaders and corporate CEO’s were too busy filling their pockets and giving themselves ginormous golden parachute retirement plans with your money, instead of investing in the future of this country. They never gave a fuck about you or this country, greed was their god, and now the banksters are making their last move before the collapse.
          And I thought only the environazis were going to freeze to death in darkness.

        • Kay_de_leon

          What do you consider to be some safe best right now on the diversifying front?

          Ps. Any good insight from anybody on this would be appreciated. Tips and tricks regarding how to deal with potential coming shitstom is preferable to doom and gloom almost every time.

  31. We’re allegedly on lock down in Illinois. Especially Chicago and Cook County. Tomorrow we’ll be put on double secret probation. The media has people convinced that they’ll be arrested if they go out.

  32. That “Helena Handbasket” picture would make a great ‘pin-up girl’ decal for a WW2, 1/48 scale fighter or maybe a B-17G. Is it copy-righted????