Aesop: Liftoff

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Heads up, CA:

Report from on-the-ground Nawlins ER doc says this shit is baaaaaaad.

How bad? 70-86% of patients placed on ventilators die anyways.

After 11-21 days.

Plaquenil (which is hydroxychloroquine) isn’t working on them either.

And now, fucktards ignoring shelter-in-place voluntary quarantines, have triggered R.I. gov. to literally call out the Notional Guard, and they’ll be used to go house-to-house to root out fleeing NYFC residents bringing Kung Flu to the tri-state area. Massholia and CT will be getting into this as well.

Read the comments of the R.I. gov. if you think this is just fucking around, and everything’s really fine.

ROE: Zero fucks will be given.

And the White House is calling for NFY to be quarantined for 14 days.

I say again:

The WHITE HOUSE is calling for New York to be quarantined. From everybody else. For two weeks.

Things are now officially Sporty, and headed for Sporky, as fast as TPTB can shift through the gears.

And yet you’ve still got fucktards here putting out this bullshit:


I’m suiting up in a few hours to see how the wars go.
Best wishes.

38 responses to “Aesop: Liftoff

  1. Jew haters and conspiracy theorists on stage in 3…2…

    • NorthGunner

      And those that are blind to documented history and
      stated facts and reason rush the stage like hopped
      up groupies at a Stones concert in less than that.

      Funny thing is these same folks WILL blindly
      accept whatever their local ‘Mordor on the Potomac’
      decrees and spouts forth…without the least bit of
      question or reservation….the ‘dog/seal/sheep
      training’ has been that effective on them..that’s just
      another reason that the bankster parasite class that
      owns and controls ‘Murieca’ sleep so well..they know
      that they can count on them to keep serving up their
      children on the ‘Altar of War’ in service to them at the
      same time that they shear them year round of their

      Until they wake up and flee the ‘plantation/rez’ that is…

      Reality and history..believe it or not.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Reading books, doing research and questioning the lie isn’t for everyone, somebody has to be a low IQ sheep, it’s a high demand job.

    • good job, hasbara-girl. You got in first. Your check ($2.39 + 10% bonus)

      is in the mail.

  2. Bonaventure

    Top. Men. And top women.


    • NorthGunner

      Actually a cockroach parasite pretending to be a meatbag human.
      Btw, that’s the only ‘pearl necklace’ that such a harridan would
      ever have bestowed upon her…there’s ugly…and there’s downright

      Seriously, comparing that hag to the below TPE life-size doll
      is like comparing a fine wine to freshly squeezed moldy potato

      If there is a hapless man attached to that meatsack, here’s some
      emergency advice: Ditch thot* and get yourself the above doll and
      start living the ‘Waifu Laifu”; you’ll be MUCH happier and live longer
      my dude!
      *thot – that ho over there

      Japanese Sex Doll – Hideko 5’6″ TPE doll, courtesy of Sllicone-Sexy Doll

      Gone MGTOW and NEVER returning to the ‘plantation/rez’!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Bonaventure

        Gone MGTOW and NEVER returning to the ‘plantation/rez’!!

        As evinced by the above quote, and the non sequitur of posting the bang doll…. you’re sick.

        • NorthGunner

          So Bonaventure, are you ready to ‘shelter in place’ with a
          potentially mentally unstable/disease ridden meat bag that
          can, at the mere flip of her momentary decision falsely accuse
          you of:
          Domestic abuse
          Child abuse/child molestation (another reason to steer clear
          of ‘single mothers’!)
          NOT paying her ‘enough attention’ (another form of ‘domestic abuse’ that
          has been pulled ‘whole cloth’ out of the feminist activist’s asses).

          And depending on the area you live in, co-habitation, even for short
          duration CAN/WILL be considered “marriage” (‘common law’ comes
          to mind) which said potentially conniving and self-serving vagina bearer
          can say the three magic words; “I’m not happy” and just like that put
          into initiation divorce proceedings which can:

          turn your bought and paid for home into HERS.
          immediately grant her direct ownership of at least 75% of his property.

          And if a man HAS had children with said woman, when she initiates
          divorce proceedings (which 87% of ALL divorces are started by the women), the man can expect:

          The woman WILL weaponize their children against the Father/Husband.
          The woman WILL make false accusations of child abuse/molestation
          against the Father/Husband (her divorce lawyer, often a woman and
          a feminist WILL advise her to do so, even though NO evidence exists
          for the accusation/s…it’s all a legalistic ploy to steal the children from
          The Father/Husband, IF he chooses to go thru ‘Family Court’ WILL be
          considered prima facie “guilty” just by physically being a man. Any
          evidence, documentation and facts that he and his attorney try to
          offer or raise WILL be immediately discounted and not allowed/not
          applicable in the eyes of said court…but wait for it…the $lave $hackles
          are just about to be put on the hapless former Father/Husband via…
          “Child Support”!!! (‘Alimony’ too but CS is the ‘big money win..both
          for the ‘court’ and the female meatbag’s that are serviced by it).

          The return of the wholly insane and odius ‘Debtor’s Prison’ courtesy of
          throwing the man in jail/prison for not being able to pay “Child Support”
          which is an outright oxymoron as the majority of ‘single mothers’ getting
          such ‘support’ stolen at gunpoint from the man DO NOT use the said
          funds to support and look after the children they have but use it as
          their ‘FREE GIRL’S NIGHT OUT’ money…the kids be damned!!

          This also doesn’t mention the direct physical danger that men ARE
          exposed to when in contact with women (remember that I mentioned that
          1/3rd of all women in America ARE clinically mentally ill – that ranges
          from simple depression at one end of the spectrum to the Cluster B/
          Bipolar arena at the other, also included are classical narcissism,
          psychopathy and sociopathy). If a friend is trying to set one up with
          a ‘blind date’ and says, “You’ll love her! – She’s a total freak in bed!!”
          be smart and steer clear as a woman who’s a freak in bed is most
          likely dangerously totally batshit crazy out of the bed too!
          Case in point of this was Jodi Arias, who savagely murdered her
          boyfriend Travis Alexander, here in Arizona.

          And what of his murderess….

          And the commie bint feminists say, “Believe ALL women!”…yeah,
          right, whatever you lying, sanctimonius cunts!!

          So bono,..I can call you bono, right?
          So, you are obviously OK with the current paradigm that states that
          men are:

          And that men in this society MUST continue to be:
          Punching bags (or worse) for women to use.
          Mobile ATM’s for women and their every wish and desire.
          Emotional tampons for whatever crisis or ’emergency’ that women have
          (often of their OWN making, from acting on THEIR desires and NOT from
          ‘common sense/reason/logic’)

          And if men DON’T automatically put every woman in their presence on
          a marble and gold pedestal and then drop to one knee in abject humility
          and grovelling servitude to them, then they’re committing an unforgivable
          offense against womanhood and must be punished for all to see.

          So, how many men reading or posting here have been through the
          dual financial/emotional morbark known as ‘Divorce Court’ or ‘Family
          Court’ and have experienced the above and now see the reality of
          willfully involving themselves with any women in a ‘relationshit’?

          Nope, not buying it…not buying any of the aforementioned commie
          feminist horseshit whatsoever!

          I and other men are NOT obligated or required to deliver our lives,
          honor, or property on the ‘Altar of Vaginocracy’ nor are we obligated
          to ‘take one for the team’ where the insanity of feminism is concerned.

          You may not believe this but feminism was actually started by Christians
          here in America in the mid 19th Century – check out the ‘Social Gospel

          MGTOW as a philosophy is a self-defense creation by men who’ve
          come to clearly see the real time dangers of feminism and the related
          ’empowerment of women’; it’s no mystery that the metastic growth and
          reach of ‘gov’ is directly connected to both the creation of the welfare
          state (again, another triumph of the ‘Social Gospel Movement’) and
          women being wrongfully given the privilege of universal suffrage.

          Men ARE walking away and will continue to do so because the
          issue of interacting with women in this gynocentric centered
          society has proven itself to offer NO rational benefits while
          at the same time being a virtual armed minefield for any man
          that decides to dare interact with any women.

          Bosses/Excecutives no longer dare to ‘mentor’ women co-workers…
          why is that?

          Professional men refuse to be alone with women that are not
          their wives (‘The Pence Rule’)….why is that?

          More and more men are saying, “Be involved with women,
          romantically or otherwise?..hell no bro, just get a doll and
          start living the ‘Waifu Laifu’!”…why is that?

          Simply put, more and more men are tired of the one-sided
          game played by women and the society that panders and
          supports them and they’ve said loud and clear, “No more!
          We’re fucking done with women and their bullshit and the
          bullshit that society wants us to fall on the sword for in
          regard to them! We’re outta here in respect to that and
          we’ll get our needs met with a TPE/Silicone waifu!
          So long game playing wasn’t nice knowing you!!”

          And your cheap attempt to shame men for choosing
          to own/enjoy such a doll as shown in my previous post
          falls pathetically on it’s face.

          Silly Tradcuck wabbit…don’t you know that MGTOW’s
          are immune to being shamed…it goes with being on
          our journey to self-validation and acutalization.

          Here’s a recent add done by TFM for his UK based friend
          Phil Bass, owner of “The Doll House”. Feel free to check
          them out Bono or check out the American based subsidiaries

          Like ‘Ol Lou Reed said, “Take a walk on the wild side.”
          You may just find that you like it…and nothing wrong with that.

          New – The Doll House Ad (Fallout)

          Maybe…just maybe, Alex would still be alive today..if he’d only
          chosen to buy and enjoy a doll that was previewed in my previous

          R.I.P. Alex

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is it’s OWN Defense!

          • HEAR! HEAR!

            i was just talking to one of my mature wymin thots, who by incredible odds, is from the same county downstate i lived in before my great escape- bitch even worked at one of the banks i used

            fucking whore has been married 3 g’damn times

            chatting up a storm and then i had a flashback of crazy #1 and her smoking habit…

            the thought of the ashtrays and dirty car interior sent me into RedCon 1

            fortunately, the cell service here is atrocious and can used for plausible deniability for dropped calls

            ha ha

            she called back 4 fucking times while i was already in the kitchen preparing a banana split with cherry on top

            fuck those rotten cunts

            tfA-t hates them

            and all those “happily married” cucks out there

            they have no choice but to be happy- or else…

            tfA-t knows the score WINNING!

          • Bonaventure

            DollBanger: That was some really good pasta there. Who wrote it?

            BTW, do you even remember a time when you could call yourself an actual man?

    • Where is her Pokémon headgear? I don’t take them seriously unless they have a white coat and the Pikachu headgear.

    • Leana Wen, baby-killer, and

      aESoP, truth-killer: mate them and produce

      the Devil.

  3. Just suited up for grocery / produce run after 2 weeks of nowhere.
    Very few with PPE.
    Shelves well stocked.
    Leaving it all in the back of my truck for a spell as it’s cold enough.
    DeCon tomorrow.

    • NorthGunner

      Unless one IS a boomer with a COMPROMISED immune system
      (more often than not from a lifetime of:
      keeping their lazy ass on the sofa
      NOT staying active/excercising moderately [see the above]
      continually filling their mouths with pizza, pepsi, chips & other snacks
      and ding dongs, ho-ho’s and twinkies and NOT a balanced food intake
      being a chain smoker
      being an alcoholic
      being a hard drug addict

      One ISN’T at a greater risk from covid-19 as long as one ISN’T in the above risk categories…if one is, STOP doing stupid shit to yourself and repair your immune system while you still can! You have ONLY yourself to blame for your bad choices, so deal with it!!

      Ask yourself this question:
      “Did I take greater or lesser protective effort during the mexican based
      swine flu of 2008 than I’m doing now?” Yes or No? If the answer is ‘No’
      which is what most people will answer (and more people in their 20’s and
      30’s died from swine flu then than are dying now) WHY is everyone
      and their ardvarrk loosing their shit mentally and emotionally (mostly
      emotionally) over a ‘non-issue’?

      It’s a ‘Buffalo Jump’..just not like MB mentioned….

      Furthermore, WHY are people giving ANY creedence to the known
      lying, thieving pack of shitweasel parasites known as gov and their equally feckless bought and paid for media shills?

      Live your lives as you are meant to, not how the shitweasel
      parasites demand that you owe them NOTHING!!!

      Tell them and theirs to GFO&ES&D!!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • ???
        I have a fucking houseful to worry about when I get back from the grocery circus.
        If we hadn’t run out of produce, I would have stayed home.
        I built raised beds last weekend. Waiting on the weather.
        We planned and prepared for several weeks, starting in January. (On top of years worth in other categories)
        We pulled our fam out of the hive last week. Two are elderly. One has cancer and had to cancel surgery this week.
        The stuff I posted last night has merit yet I remain a skeptic.
        I’m not a boomer but don’t mind listening to the ones that escaped their programming.
        Too many / too much in all directions at once for ANYBODY to KNOW where these chips fall.
        4D Chess is where WE ALL live now.
        Quit kicking the fucking table over.

        • NorthGunner


          Since you’re already gardening and relatively prepared
          you’re WAY ahead of the curve.

          What you failed to distill from what I said previously is
          this, that the current nothingburger of covid-19 is primarily
          the most dangerous to those who are 59 and 9 months old
          which the majority in that age bracket ARE boomers. As
          long as one HASN’T compromised their immune system
          with doing stupid shit for decades before (and that includes
          little/no excersise and poor to crappy diet of fake food),
          such a person has little to nothing to fear from this current
          bug – the 2008 mexican swine flu WAS more deadly and
          killed more people.

          Did you take any extra ordinary actions or precations
          back in 2008 regarding the swine flu?

          My guess is no; you and your family took just the
          standard and reasonable precautions and everything
          turned out fine.

          Same needs to be done here, not all this ‘the sky is
          falling – it’s covid-19!! shelter in place for the duration!!”
          outright chickenshit that the owned media is fanning
          out of all proportions.

          Again, if you thought I was dumping on you in my
          previous post, you’re wrong as I wasn’t doing anything
          of the kind.

          Folks just need to chill the fuck out on this nothingburger.

          Peace Out.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Bonaventure

        Live your lives as you are meant to…

        Next thing you’ll be telling us, is that you and a rubber bang doll were meant for one another.

        Oops. Too late.


    • NorthGunner

      And here’s this bit of propaganda from the drumpfschtick
      to help throw the sheepule into even more mindless compliance….

      Trump says he’s eyeing coronavirus quarantine for NYC area

      Here’s drumpfschtick…the tradcon’s, fudd’s and patriotard’s hero
      and savior…just like Frank ‘the gimp’ Roosevelt and his fellow
      communist squint eyed hair-lipped narcississtic sociopath newphew

      MAGA + Making America Greasy Again!!

      Folks that insist on still supporting any known globalist bankster
      shill are no different than chickens that march for KFC. On that level
      of indoctrination and outright denial of reality one CAN’T fix stupid!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Northern gunner, see your pimping your ol lady again. How is Barbie the blow up doll. I’m sincerely hoping you,don’t develop a Latex rash, from bumping with that hottie in the night.

        was wondering if you might set Hexo up with your girls twin sister. I know she doesn’t say much, but you and Hexo could perhaps double date you know take the ladies up to lovers leap, and spend a nice pleasant evening together. Reminiscing, sharing war stories, heck ,maybe you could share your secret sex moves, on Barbie. Pull up pornhub, spend a nice present evening just the two of you, with the Barbie blow updoll twins.

        Got a personal question to ask you. Did you by chance wet your bed often as a young man, how about abuse small barnyard animals? By chance were you ever interested in arson related crimes at any point in your life.

        Have a safe sex night boys.

        Uncle Dirt

        • NorthGunner

          Dirk, dirt..whatever.

          Silly Tradcuck boomerfudd, guess that you missed the
          memo that men that have gone MGTOW are immune
          to such pussywhipped emotionally based shaming attempts.

          Here’s the kicker…any “Waifu” that I acquire WILL retain
          her beauty and enjoyment/companionship value for an
          indeterminate period of time with just minimal simple
          care and maintenance…same can’t be said of bio-women.

          Plus with a TPE/Silicone “Waifu” one is free from:
          Being ‘Divorce Raped’
          Not having to worry if she’ll cheat on you
          Not having to worry about ‘Family Court’ and being enslaved
          to pay for children that statistically AREN’T his in the first place (33%)
          Not having to deal with women’s emotional shit-testing, gameplaying
          and related emotional drama
          Not having to worry about her being mentally ill (seriously) and one
          day going ‘Full Psycho Bitch’ out of the blue and trying to kill her
          partner (ask Travis Alexander about this…oh you can’t..his gf Jodi
          Arias murdered him here in Arizona)
          Not having to worry about her getting a wild hair across her ass mentally
          and deciding to steal whatever she can and ‘disappear’
          Not having to worry about her putting out patently false allegations of:
          Domestic Abuse
          Not having to worry about catching an STD from cheating as a
          “Waifu” can’t cheat on it’s owner.

          All of which women have done and continue to do to men the world over,
          thanks to the gov’s that enable and pander them at every possible moment and turn, especially since women (in America) ARE 56% of the electorate…so what ‘The Vaginocracy’ says goes, until the system has
          a hard reset and women loose that privilege and all the entitlements
          that they’ve been wrongfully granted over the last century.

          What is puzzling me is this however, given the documented
          history of how men have been and continue to be outrageously
          and criminally treated by women in this gynocentric pandering
          ‘culture’, where is your support for men that are the clear victims
          of both the ‘Divorce Court’ and ‘Family Court’ along with all the
          rest of the man-hating crap that current commie feminism is
          hurling at men?

          What threatens you personally so much about the philosophy
          of MGTOW and the men that accept it and chose to save
          themselves and walk away from a outright one sided deal that
          is NOT in either our best interest or favor as men..what threatens
          you personally about the fact that more and more men ARE choosing
          to live life on our terms and self-actuate and discover our own validation
          and that such does NOT come from ‘needing a woman’ to be complete.

          The choice to own or not own and enjoy a quality TPE/Silcone
          synth-con (h/t to R.P.M2 a fellow MGTOW) is a personal choice
          that a MGTOW is free to make or not..some MGTOW’s go even
          further…they eschew ALL contact with ALL women, even simalcrums
          and live as MGTOW Monks..their choice, which I respect.

          So again, how does men choosing MGTOW as a viable philosophy
          and if some MGTOW’s choose to own/enjoy a “Waifu” does you any
          harm or injury…you don’t ‘have any skin in the game’ so to speak,
          so what gives?

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  4. NorthGunner

    And thankfullly, the ‘MGTOW Hanuman of the ‘Net’ has
    spoken the truth about the ‘scourge of covid-19’!

    The panic IS over and reality and common sense
    can reign again!

    “The TRUTH about covid-19; the 2008 swine flu was
    more deadly to more people than the current ‘boomer flu’
    so stop over-reacting and chill the fuck out!”*
    (* not the title of the below video segment but an
    excellent one as TFM has stated this in this and previous
    segments dealing with the ‘boomer flu’, so like his flung
    projectiles, it hits the mark and sticks)

    The Morning Constitutional: 3/18/2020
    With your host, Turd Flinging Monkey (skip to the 01:09:00 to 01:16:08
    mark for where he lays down the truth on this issue)

    You don’t even have to thank me..just say thanks
    to the cigar enjoying truth spouting monkey of MGTOW.

    We now return you to a life of sanity and reason.
    YMMV…and no, no one get’s out alive..but you already
    knew that before boarding the ride, lol.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • FiftycalTX

      Hey, the airlines have all reduced fares on their flights and I hear tourist tours in New York City are really, really cheap. Why don’t you stop being a keyboard commando and get your ass to NYC and then you can tell us about it in about 3 weeks. You want to book American Airlines or United?

      • NorthGunner

        Hey there Tex,

        As long as they allow me to open carry my Glock 17 and spare
        mags on the airbus and then fibble off as I wander down Manhattan
        in broad daylight totally un-molested by any badged orc or orcette,
        no problem, you’re on!!

        What’s that, you say doing so isn’t’d rupture cuomo the
        commies laced undies..

        Nah, only a fool ventures totally unarmed into known ‘enemy territory’.

        If I want to experience NYC, I’ll just put the Kurt Russel movie on..
        same with LA. Good flicks!

        Keep believing the parasite owned and operated media/gov though..
        you might get a few extra sheckels for being a ‘good goy’.

        I’m putting my $$ on what TFM’s said, you’re welcome to do otherwise.
        No harm – No Foul, live and let live.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. ProGunFred

  6. Montgomery county, PA, checking in. Went to three grocery stores today to fill immediate-use foodstuffs. (I wore nitrile gloves and a surgical mask) stores were active but not busy, nor crowded. Some holes in the shelves were TP, paper towels, paper napkins. Bottled water shelves had some, mostly the higher-end designer waters. Gatorade type waters were plentiful. Meats, cheeses, breads were all good. Eggs, milks, biscuits were fine. Bakeries were 3/4 stocked. People were quiet but not fearful or nervous, just focused. Vehicular traffic was light, and has been all week. Gun stores are open by appointment only. Strip malls and indoor malls are all closed, unless there is an essential business in there. Drug stores are fine all about town. Restaurants doing a drive-up and delivery business. Comcast/Verizon coverage spotty at times, seems everyone in the world is occupied with their gadgets. (geezz) Have had a lot of rain this last week, but am preparing garden beds for planting. Fishing gear is good to go, several lakes and good rivers & streams nearby, thank God fishing is pretty much a solo sport. Haven’t seen an interstate to evaluate traffic but state roads are having no problems. State Liquor stores closed but beer distributors are open. Haven’t been to wally-world in a while. Electric, gas, and water services show no signs of strain. Police activities in town and surrounding areas are lower, from listening to scanner traffic. Ambulance calls down, FD calls down. Doctors and hospitals are doing lots of telephone interviews in lieu of F2F appointments. Lots of people staying home from work, mostly telecommuting if they can. Trash collection services operating normally. (( Big BIG shout-out to those guys!!!)) Can’t think of much else to report, feel free to ask questions or request updates.

  7. Jagdverband 44

    Conquered by commies without firing a shot.
    But they did have traitors within working tirelessly to destroy this republic.
    Enjoy whatever it is that you enjoy while you still can.

  8. Local media filler material:

    1) N. Los Angeles county: 17 y.o. turned away from urgent care while requesting Kung Flu test, lacked proof on insurance (urgent cares are not ERs, thus exempt from EMTALA provisions, so no pay, no play). Six hours later, he died of Kung Flu complications (like not being able to breathe) in an area hospital.

    2) 25 y.o. found dead of Kung Flu resp. failure at home after self-quarantining. Now sleeping at Forest Lawn.

    Good luck hanging on to that “boomer flu” mentality, snowflakes.
    So, BTW, who passed that rumor, originally…?

    • FIFY

      • NorthGunner

        I’m voting ‘Corona Chan’ in 2020
        Removing the stupid, the retarded and the weak
        while leaving the smart, young and healthy.
        What’s NOT to like!!

        Corona Chan and Camacho 2020
        C’mon scrotes, you know you want to!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Fuck me…. you faggots here are all on board with the corona chan blues too?!?!?!?
    I thought for certain WRSA would by this shit. I am in fucking Alaska and my POS REPUBLICAN governor is try to ground me to my room. The fuck is wrong with all you faggots. You must all be obese over the hill fucking larpers. I swear there aren’t 100 real men left in this shit hole of a country. Right wing dissident scared of the sniffles cowards. Bring on the beer flu and you faggots are begging for martial law and uncle sams money. Fucking pathetic.


  11. You have to take the hydroxychloroquine early! Anyone on a vent is already too fucking late, and that was true before Covid19.